Saturday, December 31, 2005


What a year!
Parker turned 1
Parker had tubes in his years
My last year in the twenties
Found out Parker was going to be a big brother
VBS at church
Went to Florida with Mom and family
Nanny Betty Passed away
Got to stay home another year with Parker
Celebrated 5 WONDERFUL years with Stacey
Anniversary trip to Colorado
Early birthday trip on a Cruise with MIL and SIL
God making me stronger
Incredible friends and a great bible study
Adding a room in our house
Charlie Brown
Thanksgiving of thanksgiving
A warm Christmas
A healthy pregnancy
I know this should be so much longer, but I am thankful for a wonderful year!
I can't wait for 2006 and all of it's blessings in all forms.
Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2005

No More DDD!

My precious son has an addiction. Seriously. I have contacted Betty Ford, but they do not treat this kind of addiction. I have really been cautious of how much TT (TV) my son watches. I would turn the TV on around 10:00 to channel 13 and all of you mothers know that it the dreaded purple monster. He also gets to watch Barney during his breathing treatments. Before I had children I always told myself that my kids would not watch Barney. Don't know why I didn't like him very much, just didn't. Not so. I like the purple monster. He teaches great skills and captures my son's attention. From a previous post you know that my son brought Christmas to a halt when he demanded to watch Barney while we opened presents. It isn't like he watches it A LOT! Why does he think he should watch it hourly? Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to chunk the TT out the door. My son found the DDD (DVD) that he received for Christmas (not from me). It wasn't quite 10:00 so I thought why not, I can shower and get my shopping list ready and then we can go to the store. So, when I was ready, or course my child wasn't. I saw the biggest fit from Parker that I have ever seen! He kicked, screamed, pulled, and hyperventilated for about 20 minutes. His face was blotchy, and wet! Stuff oozed out of every opening. I worked up a sweat trying to change his clothes all because I turned off the TT. Spanking wasn't working. Didn't phase him. Didn't make him mad, or even change his expression. I finally carried him to the car, buckled him in, and came back inside the house to breathe. So today, NO DDD. In fact, no Barney. My son even pulled out the breathing machine as a hint. So he got his daily treatment, but with Maya and Miguel. What has happened to my child? What powers does the purple monster hold? I laugh and say that Parker is grounded from TT. Is he too young? I can kind of laugh about yesterday today, but not easily.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Great Balls of FIRE!

If you have seen TV lately, you know there was a HUGE fire in Kennedale, Texas. This fire was in my sister in laws back yard, literally. I received a call around 3:00 that my husband was on his way over to help out. I had been asleep and was a little out of it and just said be careful. Call after call the details became so scary and I found the live coverage on TV.

My SIL and family were cleaning up Christmas when they decided to take a family nap. Kids upstairs, and SIL and BIL downstairs. They hadn't been laying down long when they heard a knock on the door. BIL wasn't going to answer the door, he was resting, then BANGING on the door got his attention. He went to the door to be met by a police man telling him to GET OUT! Looking out their back windows they saw the flames. SIL ran upstairs, grabbed the kids and went to safety. BIL, FIL (father in law) and husband all helped the firefighters. They were very short handed. They used water hoses to protect their house. They lost their fence and yard. It truly is by the grace of God their house was spared. There is smoke damage and a back door was on fire for a very short time thanks to FIL who saw it and put it out. Husband is sending more pictures, but this shows some of the damage.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005!

The 3 of us. The last Christmas with just the 3 of us. It was wonderfully exhausting. We had a Christmas lunch on Christmas eve with Stacey's grandmother, grandmommy. Then Christmas Eve night we went to my mother's for Christmas. Parker loves his new dancing clucking Elmo. It even tells jokes. Then we went home to go to bed for Santa to come. Parker woke up exta early on Christmas Day. Not what we had expected since he had gond 2 days with out a nap the days before. Parker loved his new table and chairs and bath paints that Santa left. The 3 of us ate Christmas breakfast at his new table. I made French toast and a cinnamon bread thing. Then off to Stacey's parents for Christmas lunch. Parker fell asleep on our way over to their house, but of course was wide awake by the time we got to the front door. Parker wasn't really into the Christmas spirit there. By the time we ate, all Parker wanted to do was go upstairs and watch the purple monster. He threw fit after fit. The only way we got the picture above is to let him eat a chip while we took the picture. He really needed a nap, but wasn't about to miss any excitement. He wouldn't open gifts and really wouldn't do anything we asked. Finally we put the purple monster on downstairs and he was content enough for us to open gifts. He has been playing farm with his new John Deere items ever since. I really feel sorry for the guy. We haven't let him rest to recover from his illness. He is still coughing and has a runny nose. His treatments are going much better. This morning he even WORE the mask of the neb while watching the purple monster. That purple monster has such magical powers. Just this morning he is beginning to act like himself. There seems to be so much to blog about. I guess I should have new blogs everyday for a while.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Have a Jolly Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Get well my child!

My child has been on every antibiotic since he was 8 months old! Seriously. I thought that after we had tubes put into his ear on his 1 year birthday we would be done with this sickness stuff. Not true. Since then, the ears have always been clear, but we have been infected with other illnesses. From strep to bronchitis. Parker has been nursing a bad cough from about last Thursday. His snot was clear (sorry for the details) so I thought we were okay. This week snot turned colors and cough wasn't better. I decided yesterday to call the nurse and see if they would like to see him. She asked how close we lived to the office. This I am learning is a good thing to live so close to your doctor. They got us right in. My poor guy has bronchitis and probably has asthma, although they wouldn't actually diagnose him yet. We had to do a breathing treatment at the doctor's office, NOT FUN! Picture an 8 month pregnant woman and a nurse holding down a 31 pound 22 month old. Parker and I were both crying and sweating like pigs, and the nurse was trying to convince me that he was doing a good job. As my favorite Nurse Kami discussed that the breathing machine would be coming home with us, and tears rolled down my face for I could only imagine all that my sister had gone through as a child with her asthma and didn't want this for my child, I cherished holding Parker. His next breathing treatment was at home in the comforts of his daddy's arms, mommy holding the mask over his face, and his favorite purple monster singing to him from the TV, things were a little better. A little. We will continue with our next antibiotic, steroid, and breathing treatments for the next few days in hope he can breath without labor.

This morning as I check through blogs, I am thankful for Parker's health. Although we have struggled with colds, virus', ear infections, we haven't had to deal with such agony as others with sick children. Please pray for all the sick children out there.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy weekend and 1 month away!

WOW! Let me take a breath!

On Friday, we had Hunter's 2nd birthday party which was so much fun. Hunter is into trains right now, so Denise got him a ride along train for their house. Hunter won't touch it, but Parker sure did love it. Maybe a little too much. Parker had a hard time sharing.

After the party, off to the grocery store to purchase baking goods. For some reason I got this itch to bake, and to bake for my baby shower hostesses. So Parker and I baked strawberry bread, pound cake, snickerdoodles, and pecan tassies. Then decided we needed to eat dinner at home, so I made a casserole. I was whipped after a long day!

Saturday morning our church had breakfast with Santa. Parker again didn't want to be held by a strange man dressed in all red and we have a picture to prove it!

Saturday lunch, I had the privilege of helping throw my friend Anne a 30th birthday party. We held it at the Rosegarden Tea room in Arlington, well, actually Pantego. We had 12 of her friends there, ate tea room food and cake. She is so loved.

Saturday night we had our church class Christmas party progressive dinner. We met at the Ladewigs for appetizer, then to the Edmondson's for BABE'S fried chicken, then to the church to play games and dessert. We had so much fun, but again was so tired.

Sunday morning church and lunch, followed by my baby shower. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The hostesses did a great job making sure my day was full of fun and good cake. You can't have a great party without cake. Baby girl and I sure were spoiled! I was overwhelmed with all the generous women who came to shower us. It was a busy weekend for lots of other people too, not just me, but these women made time to help us celebrate this child of God.

Sunday night we had Christmas with my dad and Sidney, Wyatt and Lauren. I knew this Christmas would be different because Parker would be older, but WOW was it fun. I loved watching Parker open each present and be amazed of what was inside. Some highlights: a blue slinky, a dancing monkey, light up frog, frog chair/sleeping bag, big brother shirt, bathtub light, a harmonica, an accordion, a kazoo, a blue tube, clothes, and light up shoes! He loved handing each piece of trash to Lauren for her to put into the trash sack. He is really consumed right now with trash. When I opened a great gift, new pots and pans which are RED, I hugged the box out of exhaustion and excitement, Parker came over and helped me. His words were different though, he said "OH NO!" and would hug the box. I am not sure what that meant. Some other gifts I loved, due to my love of my home town, was a throw blanket with the Paris, Texas logo along with landmarks on it, hot chocolate mugs with the place Stacey and I were married on it, a Paris, Texas key chain, and those to die for Pecan Pralines I blogged about previously! I love Paris, but don't worry, as of now baby girl's name is NOT Paris!

Today, I shall rest. I was kind of hoping all the hustle and bustle would bring baby girl a little early, but it only brought heart burn, I think. Parker and I are chilling playing with our new monkey and harmonica. I think I may try to fit into the tube today, but maybe I should wait until Stacey gets home! I can't believe it is one month from yesterday that baby girl should bless us with her presence. I thank God for this healthy pregnancy and for the many friends I was able to spend with weekend with!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The picture says it all

This is what I found after nap time today. Before I begin with the story, YES he is still in his pajamas, sometimes we HAVE pajama day. Now to the story. I would like to point out the distance between the bed and the crib on the right. That is the space I try to maneuver in when I try to sneak out after Parker has fallen asleep (see earlier blog about being worth it). I have blogged many times about my son telling me he is "SHEWWEEE!" Well his most recent POOP time is nap time. Earlier this week, Parker woke up and banged on his door to let Mommy know he was awake. As I opened the door Parker handed me his changing pad along with a diaper and said,"CHANGE!" What a smart boy! In the picture, if you look to the top you will see the changing pad on the floor along with the diaper that he put there for me to find when I came in. He was ready for me to change his SHEWWEE! My boy makes me laugh.

The crib is up in baby girls room and the bedding Stacey's grandmother made is almost on. My husband has a unique gift to tying perfect bows! I am truly impressed. I will post pictures as the nursery begins to finally take shape. Doctor said everything looks good with one month to go. Just big! Baby girl's head is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule just like her brothers! Parker's head statistic is always off the chart. The nurses always look at me strangely while they remeasure his head for check ups. I have to explain it has always been that way, off the charts!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What to write about...

I wasn't sure what to write about, but knew I needed to update my blog, so when I found this on Jenni's blog, that it was my answer.

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate with marshmallows
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Wraps
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? WHITE, but no offense to those who choose the colored ones
4. Do you hang mistletoe? Nope
5. When do you put your decorations up? Right after Thanksgiving, but his year before because I wanted the house decorated when we returned from Paris
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Broccoli casserole...I think
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? Clarksville, Texas Cousin Family Christmas'
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? WHAT????
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? No
10. What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for him? The burnt ones
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? LOVE IT
12. Can you ice skate? YES!
13. Do you remember your favorite gift?, but I really liked the Yankee Candle of the Month Club my sister gave me a few years ago. LOVED IT!
14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Right now, it is enjoying Parker enjoying Christmas, he loves lights.
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? I will not choose just one!
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? I love looking at Christmas lights
17. What tops your tree? Stars springing from my tree, and above them are my snowflakes that hang from the ceiling.
18. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving? giving
19. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? 'YES, we need a little Christmas, right this very minute, we need a little Christmas NOW! ' Always has been my favorite!!!
20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? I like the ones that don't taste like peppermint, it is striped other colors and has a more delightful taste

So, now you must respond. I tag you all.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Worth it?

Parker has been doing great with is big boy bed, most of the time. It does take work though. In his crib, I would just lay that sweet head of his down and out of the room I ran. Not a cry or whimper. Now when we lay him down for nap or bed time, it has become a work out for dear old mom. You see, we got him a trundle bed so that he could start sleeping on the trundle then move up to the higher, much larger bed. At nap time, we say our good byes to any toy we were playing then move into his bed with a ritual like this:
pull out trundle, breathe breathe, (mommy is 8 month pregnant)
get all lovable toys (CHE CHE, dog dog x2)
tuck Christmas quilt into trundle to prevent any damage to the head if he rolled into the side board
lay down Parker
lay down mommy, difficult, but not impossible and sometimes taken advantage of
Parker stroking mommy's hair
Parker patting mommy on the back
Parker laughing at mommy's hair
mommy laying Parker back down
mommy stroking Parker's face
Parker getting really tired
Parker falling asleep
Mommy adoring her sweet child's face then remembering all the stuff she needs to do
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Parker waking up
Mommy half on bed half off bed pretending to be asleep
Parker back asleep
Mommy managing to get on all fours in floor and crawl out of room!

This work out has become a daily nap time event, and does require a medal.

Night time is very similar, but daddy does the workout then. I KNOW it isn't as entertaining to watch, so sometimes I am called in to tag team. This morning called for an extra workout as my child woke up at 6:00 am, Stacey usually takes any nighttime hour, but had bible study this morning and was in the shower already and didn't hear the cries for entertainment. So off I went. This morning's workout was a little different because I couldn't coarse my child back onto the bed. He would reach out for me(I was already laid out on trundle) and try to pull me off the bed and would use the word "OUT!" I am not sure if he wanted me out of his bed because I was taking up too much room, or he wanted to embarrass me by pulling me into the men's bible study. I managed to get my sweet child back into bed and asleep by following the above mentioned routine. Now I am AWAKE! Looks like I will get an early start on my day.

Stacey got both coats of paint on the nursery yesterday! LOTS OF PINK! Too much pink. I know it will tone down after I add my chocolate brown accents on the wall and the black crib with dark bedding, but now it is PINK! Again, maybe pregnant women shouldn't pick out paint colors. The last color I chose was named FUNKY YELLOW! And yes, it was funky. We were going to pain the entire utility room that color, but after seeing it on one wall, one wall it was!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I always have a hard time deciding on what to do for Christmas Cards. Last year's card was a hit with Santa Baby! Parker wore his Santa hat and made this face, that was just priceless. My scanner is not hooked up right now, or I would attach it. Last year at Christmas time, Parker was still stationary. He didn't crawl, and sure didn't walk. He didn't like hats (not much has changed) but he kept it on just long enough to get a picture. So yesterday when I tried to reenact last years photo, because I thought that would be cute, well, it just didn't work out. Parker wouldn't sit in front of the tree, and he wouldn't keep the Santa hat on. I turned on Barney to try to keep him still, which worked, but then he wouldn't look at the camera, only the TV or would say CHEESE. So, here are a few of the ones that Daddy loves, but mommy said 'aren't card quality.' You may be asking why he isn't clothed, well, last years picture he wasn't, but maybe I should try to put some clothes on him so that when we are doing card pictures 10 years from now he won't be trying to show off his pecks in tradition!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Parker slept the night in his big boy bed. He did wake up at 3:00 am with a cry, but after some cosoling from dada he went right back to sleep, but didn't get up from the bed( he slept on the trundle part of his new bed). Last night as the 3.5 of us laid on his bed to assure him he was safe, I was thinking of everything I needed to do, like shut all the doors and maybe put up the gate, but then thought that he can't open his bedroom door so we should be fine.

This morning as Stacey was getting ready and I had just turned on GMA, I heard a noise. Stacey started towards the room and I told him he had to wait on my pregnant self. I rolled myself out of bed and guess who met us in the hallway, yep, PARKER and CHE CHE (CHARLIE BROWN DOLL). He was so happy. He was yelling, "Where is momma?" and doing his monkey dance.

So now that I know he can open his door, tonight the gate will be up and all doors will be closed and locked to divert him from any exploring. I don't think I like him getting so big!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Yes, baby girl now has a destination date! January 18th looks like the day that baby girl will bless us with her presence, unless she decides to come earlier. I am really feeling at peace about my c-section, but I reserve the right to have anxiety later.

Tonight we are attempting Parker's first night in his big boy bed. So far, so good. I will let you know in the morning how it goes!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Daddy's Shoes

I just couldn't resist posting these pictures. Last night Stacey was working on a home project and I was his assistant. Parker was not amused that his assistance wasn't needed at the moment. So, I sent him on a treasure hunt, asking him to find Daddy's shoes. This is what I found next! I left my 'post' (Stacey was in the attic) to run get my camera. Then my son, the character that he is, started posing. All I have to do now is get my camera and he says, "cheese!" I get this really cute face with it too.
Now I know why camera men use it.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

I love Paris! I don't think I can say it enough. I would move there in heart beat. A lot of my family lives there, and some of my cousins have recently moved back to make the town feel like home. Stacey sometimes gets offended when I refer to Paris as home. He thinks Keller is my home. I have to remind him that I live in Keller, but my home is Paris.

This year was the first Thanksgiving without Nanny Betty, but her presence was definitely there. I love the story of how her daughters have asked her for years how she made the turkey and dressing and she wouldn't tell them, they asked her to write it down...and she would just laugh. Gay (her daughter) was getting ready to fix the turkey, when she opened up the roaster instruction manual only to find a typed and laminated recipe 'how to' card dated from 1996! You know that old lady was laughing in heaven. Lunch was wonderful. Parker loved playing with his cousins and seeing La La. He met cousin Braxton for the first time all the way from Iowa, they are 6 months apart. Lyneil and I are also expecting again this time, this time 4 months difference. Parker LOVED jumping on the trampoline with Braxton and feeding the fish with cousin Franklin. Cousin Missy and her family weren't there because she is too close to her due date. They were missed. Buddy and her family weren't able to come due to her health, I missed Marianne's hug. I look forward to it every year! I love my family.

Some other highlights from the trip...Taco Delight (it is a Paris eatery), driving around looking at Christmas lights, Stacey hunting with cousins, Gay's hug, running into high school friends, spending time with Dad and Sid, seeing Wyatt and Lauren (brother and sister), needlepointing, shopping the downtown square, eating Texas Turtles (a candy that was out of this world), and spending time with Stacey without a 'to do' list.

I can't write and upload pictures without mentioning 'only in Paris.' Where else can you...well, you will see!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving 2004

Last year was a year to be THANKFUL for. Not that this year isn't, so let me explain. About this time last year I went for an all night scrapping thing with my fellow scrapper Kelli. When we returned home around 12:30 am I was met at the door by my sweet husband. I knew something was wrong, not that he doesn't usually meet me at the door, but at 12:30 he should be asleep. He took me and sat me down and told me that he had to call 911. WHAT!? He put Parker to bed (like he does every night, so sweet) to have Parker begin to scream a scream he hadn't heard before. He rushed into his room to find Parker stiff as a board and his eyes rolled. Stacey's brother suffered with seizures, and this is what Stacey was looking at when he looked at Parker, so he called 911. The fire department is just down the street and were here in a matter of minutes. Stacey said they were wonderful. The firemen checked Parker out and then cancelled the ambulance which was in route. They agreed that Parker had probably had some sort of seizure, but Parker was sound asleep by the time they left and Stacey wanted to discuss what we should do when I got home. He had tried to call my cell, but it was too loud in the store and I didn't hear it ring. He didn't know the name of the store where we were, so he couldn't call the store to get me. I hugged Stacey and was so sorry that he had to go through that alone, knowing he had lost his brother the year before to brain cancer, then had to see Parker have something similar. Then I went to Parker's room and picked up my baby and held him so tight. He was exhausted. All of this happened on Friday before Thanksgiving. The weekend was full of phone calls and going to Cook's to see what was going on with sweet Parker. Cook's wasn't sure that he had had a seizure, they weren't real sure what he had. We didn't like our answer. We called Parker's doctor on Monday morning (Parker and I were in Paris by this point) and they wanted to see us right away. We drove in to Plano for that doctor to be concerned. He schedule a brain scan thing and we needed to come back on Wednesday. So we drove back to Paris, and then back on Wednesday. It was the saddest thing ever. Parker had all these wires attached to his head, then wrapped in gauze. I would attach pictures, but they make me sad. Parker didn't really mind them though. He didn't try to pull on them when he was awake. We were suppose to make him sleep, but all of the excitement of the hospital and wires being attached, that really wasn't going to happen. The lab tech kind of gave us a hint that there was nothing to worry about, which set our hearts at ease knowing that another doctor would have to look at the results and let us know after the holidays what the test showed. 2 WEEKS LATER we received the results that everything looked fine. To this day Parker hasn't had any thing like what Stacey experienced that November night, thank God. So, I am thankful for Parker's health.

Last year was also our last thanksgiving with my Aunt Betty. She was really my great aunt, but I thought of her as my grandmother. Our Thanksgivings have been held at her house since I was in middle or high school, I really can't remember. I do remember all the fun we had at her house. I remember when we raked the back yard instead of the front to have a pile of leaves to jump into. Then we moved to the front yard to have the tree to climb and jump from. I remember the Dallas Morning News reported being stuck at her house because of the ice storm. This year will be different at the Cagle thanksgiving, but I know it will be wonderful to be around all of my cousins who I see 1-2 a year. I will miss cousin Julie, who has to work as a TV anchor in Waco this year due to ratings. I am so thankful for family. Have safe travels.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


If you know me, you know I don't like to read(except Junie B. Jones). Reading puts me to sleep. However, I know that I need to read, since I was a reading teacher and so I bought a book back in September. The title is CAPTIVATING,Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge. I bought the book while we were in Colorado at Focus on the Family. I knew my Stacey had read Wild at Heart and loved it, so I thought it was a pretty safe bet. I haven't spent the time to really read the book, a little here and a little there, I love the book...and then there was this morning. Parker is sleeping a little later due to his medication, so I took the opportunity to read a little before I needed to start getting ready, and can't wait to share what I learned. Hang with me, I may jump around.

The part I read this morning is called A SPECIAL HATRED. It is about the assault on Femininity and that it cannot be understood apart from the spiritual forces of evil we are warned against in scripture. The mean old Prince of Darkness. Who did Satan go after...EVE!

In Ezek. 28:12-14,
"you were the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you:
ruby, topaz and emerald,
chrysolite, onyx and jasper,
sapphire, turquoise and beryl.
Your settings and mountings were made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared.
You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones."

Lucifer was gorgeous, and it was his ruin. Pride entered his heart. He craved the worship that was being given to God for himself.
"Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor." Ezek 28:17.
Satan fell because of his beauty. Now his heart for revenge is to assault beauty. He destroys it in the natural world wherever he can. Strip mines, oil spills, fires, Chernobyl. He wreaks destruction on the glory of God in the earth like a psychopath committed to destroying great works of art.
But most especially he hates Eve.
Because she is captivating, uniquely glorious, and he cannot be. She is the incarnation of the Beauty of God. More than anything else in all creation, she embodies the glory of God.

The Evil One also hates Eve because she gives life. Women give birth, not men. Women nourish life. And they also bring life in to the world soulfully, relationally, spiritually- in everything they touch. Satan was a murderer from the beginning (john 8:44). He brings death. His is a kingdom of death. Ritual sacrifices, denocide, the Holocaust, abortion- those are his ideas. And thus Eve is his greatest human threat, for she brings life. She is a lifesaver anda life giver. Eve means "life" or "Life Producer."

Okay WOW! I haven't ever heard this part! The part that touched me the most is about Eve being the "LIFE PRODUCER" and that he singled her out, not Adam, but Eve. He destroys all things beautiful. In our bible study, we have been talking about being intentional. Satan is intentional. I can't wait to share more as I make time to read (I know this doesn't sound like me) and hear more about what the Eldredges' have to say about the woman's soul. As women, we need to pray for our hearts, and our beauty. Satan is attacking us daily, he is seeking us out. He uses men to break our beauty, oh, that was another part of the chapter. You guys should really read the book! Don't wait on me to give you a summary!

We had a great Thanksgiving Feast tonight at church. I love my church family and am very thankful for my friends there!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Lions and Tigers and Strep THROAT!

I have this problem. I always think my son just has a allergies, or is cutting teeth when he ever has a runny nose. There was once when my son reached 103 temperature and we ended up in the ER to find out he had double ear infections and I thought he was cutting teeth. Parker ended up getting tubes in his ears for his birthday last year after having 8 ear infections in 4 months! He has been doing great. He does have pretty severe allergies and we have been referred to an allergist. He takes a prescription every day, but the past 2 weeks he has been battling a runny nose. I called his doctor to be told he had allergies and try one of the antihistimines that we have been prescribed before and if it doesn't get better to come in. We still have a runny nose, and today he had a cough so I called and got an appointment. He has strep throat. I used to consider Parker as a pretty healthy child, but now that I have had to call his friends and playmates to tell them he probably has infected them, for the inteenth time, I am thinking I need to change my thinking.

Last night HONEY AND BUDDY (Stacey's parents) took us the Shrine circus along with Parker's cousins. He had a grand time riding the neigh (horse) and the elephant. Buddy bought him a glow in the dark flashy stick thingy, which is a huge hit even today. He liked the lions and tigers, but could care less about the clowns and barely clothes girls that hung from the ceiling by ropes. We did have a first, Parker and I shared his first sucker ever! It was a great caramel apple sucker, and he loved it. So, after Parker was diagnosed with Strep his doctor told me to contact my OB! Sounds like I just have a few days before I go down. My OB's office closes at noon on Fridays and I called at 1:00 so I am out of luck over the weekend. I am drinking lots of orange juice to combat the sickness I will gladly share with my son. Check out the picture.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Parker's Prayer

When we all sit down to eat at the table, Parker extends his arms across his high chair to grasp our hands and then bows his head for prayer. It is the cutest thing. When we have said our prayer Parker applauds, or he doesn't. If he doesn't, that means we must try again, our first prayer wasn't good enough. This has gone on before 3-4 prayers long before we get some claps. Now Parker says AMEN at the end, which is so cute. Last night I was putting the dinner on serving dishes and hear Parker talking in his high chair. I look over and he has his head bowed and is mumbling up a storm, then announces AMEN. He said a little prayer all by himself. When Stacey and I sat down, he reached for our hands and Stacey began to pray, only to have Parker say his prayer again while Stacey was still talking. Parker was just talking away, and then announced AMEN. Stacey thinks we may have a preacher on our hands. Watch out Joel!

Monday, November 14, 2005

My little POOPER!

I know that I shouldn't really be posting this...but I just can't resist ( but you really aren't surprised because I have posted about this before). Parker went POOP in the potty for the 2nd time! He goes teetee almost every night in his potty before bath time, but this morning we were playing farm and blocks in the living room when he grabbed his diaper and said SHEWWEEE! His code word for poop, since poo poo seems to mean tee tee for him. I asked him if he wanted to go in his potty and his response, no surprise to anyone who knows him, was NOOOOOO, which means yes! So we took off to the bathroom, I stripped him down and he sat down on his seat. Seconds later, we have tee tee (or poo poo), then he stood up ready to streak through the house. I sat him back down and began to sing our favorite song about a bus and wheels and babies. He stood back up clutching my knees, which meant something was fixing to happen. I sat him back down and SHEWWEEEE! I better stop the story right there, because things got messy. Really messy. All of our excitement (Stacey was working from home this morning and came into the bathroom to join in the festivities) caused Parker to be frightened and loose bodily control and we won't even talk about what happened to mommy. Let's just say showers and a load of laundry later he finally has his poop reward of a carbonated beverage, COKE! YEAH PARKER! YOU ARE GETTING SO BIG!

The picture below is one of the ones I tried to post last night.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bath Time and other random thoughts

Here is a picture we took tonight of Parker's bath. (COULDN'T GET PICTURES TO UPLOAD...SORRY!) He loves his bath with his MELMO bubbles. He really loves to help, and right now he likes to help wash his hair and rub in lotion. I love some of his new words as he approaches 21 months. I love how he says "SHERRIOOOOS" translation Cherrios. Milk is still MULK. I love how he tells everything BYE BYE. Even the moon is, bye bye moon, bye bye choo choo, bye bye car, bye bye church, bye bye! He loves to tell me bye bye and hide in the closet, which I thought would be frightening for him since it is in the dark, but he seems to be fine with it. He loves to knock on doors and say KNOCK KNOCK as he knocks. When I put stuff in my hair, like mousse, he wants some too. Daddy doesn't like it so much that I give him some, but it can't hurt! I love how he holds my hand when we cross the street or when we are watching Barney. Parker doesn't feel great right now. His allergies have been eating him up since we returned from Waxahachie. His little nose is raw. I turned the picture into black and white so you can't tell how bad it is.

Baby girl is getting uncomfortable in her home. She is moving so much it hurts. I am out of breath walking to the kitchen, and wake up about every night around 2:00 with HEART BURN! I am not sure what she is trying to tell me, except that she is going to be different from her brother. Parker was such an easy pregnancy. Delivery, different story.

Saturday night we went to the Jeremy Camp concert with some friends. We had a great time, although not all of his music is up my alley. Stacey loved it and joined in with David and JENNY in the mosh pit, however Scott and Kelli were pretty calm. The entire church became the mosh pit during the next to last song and the entire room began to shake. I became alarmed for my safety! Jenny is suffering this morning from all of her yelling and head banging. I was very surprised by my friend's energy. She seems like such a nice girl! All kidding aside, her love for the LORD was definitely expressed through her jumping up and down. Another highlight of the evening was seeing 2 of my former students from Coppell.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Major Savings!

Today began Albertson's Super Double coupon days! For those of you who are not on the in...that means Albertson's will double any coupon up to $2.00! I also love Triple coupon days, where they triple all the way to .75. Parker and I had a play date this morning and then off to shop. I had collected my coupons and made my list. I began on the opposite side of the grocery than I usually do, the pharmacy/dry goods side, which could have been my problem. Parker began screaming then, and didn't stop until reached the entire other side of the store where he then could turn and reach the .99 lb seedless purple grapes that was now on top of all of my other loot. I got some major bargains. Their pork tenderloin was buy one get one! That was a 10 dollar savings! 12 packs of Cokes, 3 for $8.88. Diapers that were already on sale, I got another 4.00 off. Some of my purchases we to stock up, like tooth paste and hair products. I normally would never buy these item from the grocery store, but with $2 off, I am buying things for 1.00 or less. I love the check out process. I love to watch my total grow and grow. The cashier asking me if I have a preferred card, and my answer is yes, but I don't give it to her. I let her sweat. I want to wait until the very end. I see my total. Lump in throat. Hand over card. Hand over coupons. SEE $51.40 in SAVINGS!! Now that is savings. Let me know about your savings this weekend. I know many of you are playing!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Such Fun!

I have spent the past 2 days with Stacey's grandmother and aunt preparing for baby girl's arrival. Mammy (Stacey's grandmother) is a seamstress. She has a gift with fabric and machine. She made Parker's bedding and as I left Waxahachie today, baby girl's bedding is almost finished. I am not sure I was much help, I cut fabric to the dimensions she requested and tried to keep Parker from pushing the sewing machine pedal. It is becoming so fast. Probably a little over 2 months and she will be here. There is still so much to do to prepare. Finish the utility room, pick a name, move in all my craft stuff, pick a name, paint nursery, put up Parker's big boy bed, set up nursery, pick a name, celebrate Thanksging, and Christmas, and New Year's! Where has all of my time gone?

On another note, those of you who were praying, yesterday was successful. Thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thanks Friends!

God is good.
He is my rock.
The Joy of the Lord, is my strength.
Please pray for tomorrow.
Thanks friends for all of your prayers.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hurting Heart

You know when your heart just hurts? Things happen in your world that you have no control over, but you know God does. That is where I am. I don't understand it. I am trying not to. I am praying for the situation, and I am praying for me. Does that sound selfish? I find myself all to often praying for others, and forgetting to pray for myself. How can God use me in this situation, or don't let Satan work on my heart, or how will this mold us in the future, these are some of the prayers I am praying. I am kind of tired of being clay, but know the mature way to think of it is that it is who I am. I am being worked on by the Master. I just don't like my heart to hurt.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Pooped from the ZOO

This morning we were invited to visit the ZOO with Parker's friend Jackson, which he kindly refers to as Jack. Jack has a season pass that he bought just for when a friend wants to tag along, and today Parker was that friend. We had perfect parking and perfect weather. The boys had so much fun. Parker loved the elephant and the monkey, but was mostly impressed by all the "wa wa," translated: Water. Yes, my son was most impressed by the water! The lion was asleep or I think he would still be roaring. Another great thing we did was feed the birds. I am a little uneasy entering the bird tent thing since I was once attacked by many birds in Downtown Fort Worth about 6 years ago, but that is a blog for another day! I know that Anne is laughing now! Back to the zoo. We paid our $1 for the popsicle stick with bird feed on the end and entered the tent with a very unhappy door monitor, it seems one of her birds had gotten out. Holding our stick out to attract the birds, Parker was taking it all in, until a bird landed on our stick! Parker got so scared! I don't think I have ever seen him quite make that face and shake his entire body like he did. I must say that when 2 birds attacked our stick, I even let out a yelp. We had a great time at the zoo, and thank you Jackson for inviting us.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

More Charlie

I just had to share this picture from tonight's Trunk or Treat/Harvest Festival. My Charlie had so much fun! He really got in the spirit of holding up his spider bucket to collect all the sweets that I probably won't let him eat (so...who will?). One of Stacey's coworkers gave Parker the Charlie doll, which he carries with him everywhere right now. Thanks Amy! And also a big thanks to Uncle Wyatt, who I know doesn't read this, but the shirt looks great. Kindergarten Mommy, you did a great job putting tonight together! It was a huge the way, I will be washing egg out of Stacey's shirt tonight, along with his shoes and pants! He had a blast.
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Pumpkin Patch Part II

You may be thinking you didn't see a Pumpkin Patch Part I, and you are right. The first pumpkin patch experience this year was a disaster for the 2 of us. Parker wasn't feeling great and it was hot and CROWDED at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch a few weeks ago. Last year I got some great pictures of him there and was SO looking forward to our trip this year! Parker cried, wanted to be held, wanted to throw pumpkins out of baskets, hide in pretend jail and monitor the door. I still took many pictures, which tell the story of the day, but aren't even 'okay.' See below picture:

Today we went to The Pumpkin Farm in Colleyville. The weather was nice and I thought Parker might be a little cooperative since he slept in. And was I right! I got a few great shots of my pumpkin man! He loved the hay house, and the rusty old tractor. I loved the fairy tale pumpkins...I had never seen them before. The Farm wasn't as crowded by FAR and Parker just loved to roam. We didn't ride the hay ride, but it sure looked fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Doctor Visit

Today I had my 27 week check up at the OB's office today. Things went okay. You see, I think putting on 8lbs in one month didn't sound so bad since I have been on a cruise and a vacation to Colorado since the last time I saw the doctor. It is also Halloween season, so I have put away my share of Baby Ruths, Sweet Tarts, Sprees, Brownies, Cookies, Butterfingers, well, just about anything that contains sugar! I am always hungry right now. He didn't saw anything really bad about my weight gain, but before when he would see me he would say, "Your weight looks good." Today he said, "Your weight is okay." I know the difference in GOOD and OKAY! So, I will limit my sugar intake and hope for the best.

I got to see baby girl on the sonogram again today. I get one every time to monitor the baby's size. Today baby girl really showed us her face, then her femur. The doctor commented on how long the femur looked, and by the way, I am not sure if I am spelling femur right. It sure looks weird. He said the baby looked like she was going to have long legs. So I asked the question that dwells inside me daily, "So, is she going to be big?" He then measured the femur. I am at 27 weeks, and the femur measured the end of 29 weeks. He then looked at me and said, "You are probably going to have a big baby, just going by past history, so stop asking me crazy girl!" Okay, so he didn't really say that at the end, but that is what it felt like. So, a basketball player I am hosting! Stacey said he was sad, he wanted a dainty little girl! I told him, there is nothing about me dainty so he didn't need to get his hopes up! All joking aside, I don't know what I would do with a small baby. I had trouble holding Mindy's twins a few weeks ago because I thought I was going to break them.

Overall, a great report. I did take the Gluclose?Spelling? test today, so I will wait for those results. Thank you God for a healthy pregnancy so far. We will set the c-section date the next visit. YEAH!!

Monday, October 24, 2005


This year for Halloween we took everyone's suggestions from last year and this and Parker is going to be Charlie Brown. He looks so much like him. My brother made his shirt and I turned black sweat pants into shorts, although in the picture he is wearing pair #2 I bought just in case I messed up on pair #1. It was cold here last night when we had our first Halloween event so Parker wore his pants. He loves his Snoopy dog. He isn't familiar with the Peanuts gang, so I am glad he is bonding with his costume.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Mam...we have a suspicious package...!!!!

Today Albertson's started their Triple coupon sale, so of course Parker and I were there. As we drove up, we noticed a fire truck and a police car. I thought maybe there had been a fire, heart attack or even shoplifting. We got in our cart and shimmied our way through stocking up on things that ended up being free or almost free. As we were checking out, one checker asked another checker what was up with all of the police. I looked outside where the police and fire presence had been multiplied by many. The other checker said that they have a suspicious package outside and are waiting on a bomb squad! BOMB SQUAD! All I wanted was my free Spray and Wash. After saving over $35.00 we went to leave. Only we couldn't leave out the door closest to our car, it was blocked. So I headed out the other door where we were met by a really nice officer and an Albertson's employee. They nicely told me that the Albertson's employee would help me to my car. I was directed out of the way, in fact, away from my car. I nicely told the man that my car was over there by the fire men parked by itself, obviously in the wrong area. He nicely took me the long way to my car. I told him that I heard there had been a "package." He said yes, but probably somebody left some trash or something, but to be safe they had called in the authorities. He loaded all of my groceries to my car and then a fire man came over and told me that I could not reverse. I would need to pull forward and exit straight out of the shopping center. Can you believe that!? What fun we have had and it isn't even noon! I never even saw the package, but had great service out to my car by a friendly employee. I sure know how to find the excitement! Who knows, the story might even make the news.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

God is so good. Period!

When my faith is low, or I begin to doubt or worry God always provides.
Thank you Lord for providing today.
Forgive me for not coming to you first.
You are my provider.
You know the desires of my heart.
Thank you.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Home from Paris

Well, finally no other trips on the calendar until Thanksgiving. We (me and Parker) returned home form Paris today after a very eventful weekend. Check out this picture I took yesterday after the wedding in my dad's backyard. Parker 20 months!

On Friday, Parker got a haircut, we took his Halloween shirt to be made by uncle Wyatt, and went to visit Bop and Sid at the store. Saturday morning we had breakfast together and played. Bop and Sid were off to work. They came back to get us around 2:00 for my cousins wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful in Clarksville, Texas. Parker was...okay during the wedding. This was an old church, with very old air conditioning. We were all sweating. When the minister asked us to be seated after the bride had made it to the alter, Parker yelled back at him, "NO!" That was funny. Then Parker decided to throw his pacifiers over pews. That was not so funny. When the minister was doing his talk, he mentioned peace in the heart, well Parker thought he was meaning, "PEACE OUT" like on the Jack in the Box commercial. His wonderful Aunt and Uncle taught him that on our Destin vacation. So, Parker starts holding up his fingers and reciting, "PEACE!" After the wedding and lots of CAKE, we went back to Paris to rest and change before we went out to dinner later that evening. At this point...Parker is beginning to show signs of not feeling so good. His nose is running and he is extremely cranky. Only momma would do. He went right to sleep, but that was short lived by a 5:45 am wake up. He was up! No more night night. He was having trouble breathing. I was trying to blame a temperature last week on his 2 year molars. Now, I am not so sure. The gums are definitely bulging, but this congestion is new. I think I will call the doctor tomorrow.

We decided to skip church this morning due to Parker being sick. Bop and Sid watched him so that I didn't have to take his germs with me to visit my new friends Logan and Lauren. They were born on last Sunday to my high school friend Mindy. Their birth weights were both over 5 lbs! When I was holding Logan today, all I could think about was Parker was double her size when he came out. They both are doing great, and so is their mother.

I am off to bed after watching a wonderful episode of Extreme Home Makeover. I love that show. It makes me cry every time. Hopefully Parker will sleep well tonight. It is glad to be home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


For my 30th birthday, my mother in law took me and my sister in law on a cruise. I decided to take the trip early because baby girl is coming in January and I turn 30 in February so I didn't want to leave the newborn. Our trip on the ship was great. We docked or ported or whatever in Ft. Lauderdale, then headed to Key West and then on to Cozumel. I didn't get sick, except one night I just didn't feel quite right while eating dinner in the dining room. The room overlooked the back of the ship which was glass and you could see the beautiful water. Something about it just made me quite...uneasy. From then on I took my meds before dinner so I would be okay. I love to say that I had an affair on the trip, but I am quoting a guy on the ship who was making fun of the cramped quarters in the bathroom. I had an affair with the shower curtain! The shower is about 2'x2' if that. As soon as you turn on the water, the shower curtain attaches itself to your body, like press and seal saran wrap. No joke.

I loved the critters the statesroom attendant made every night for us.

We had fun shopping at the ports, however, I didn't find my below border prices anywhere. We ate at Margaritaville in Key West. I had a cheeseburger in paradise. We mostly sat by the pool and enjoyed watching the people and trying to figure out their stories. My mother in law and sister in law read books, I read a few pages of a book. I mostly slept. How peaceful to hear the ocean breeze until the cruise entertainment girl screams over the speakers, "Men's belly flop at main pool!" Also, a warning to those who like to sleep in the sun...just because you fall asleep in the shade, doesn't mean you will be in the shade when you wake up! Just ask my legs!

Like I said, then trip was for my birthday, and I stated to my traveling companions, that under no circumstance was there to be a song and a cake like we had heard in the dining room night after night. Well, guess what? They didn't listen to me. So, I showed them, I stuck my face in my cake! Really! I have tried to upload the picture like 4 times, and nothing is coming up, so you don't get to see it right now. But trust me, it happened.

The waters were beautiful and went on forever. It was such a reminder of God's creation.

Some great memories from the trip: 11:30 pm chocolate buffet, great weather, beautiful sunset, topaz waters, food, Randy and Sonja (our waiters), virgin peach daiquiris (or course), food, devils mint body scrub and massage (even though mine was lemon and something due to being with child, it was wonderful), food, spending time with family, sleeping, food. I am sure I could come up with something else, but those are some highlights.

Yesterday, Parker was running a fever. I think it is gone now, but he still isn't acting like himself. We think he is cutting his 2 year molars. That is all he is missing in the teeth category. I am so glad that Jami finally made her blog and that Kim updated hers! Jodi, I will help you later. I am trying to clean the house, because I leave this weekend for Paris (Texas) for a wedding and want to come home to a clean house. Oh yeah, my BF from Paris had her twins last weekend, Logan Elise and Lauren Olivia, both weighing over 5lbs each! WEIGH to go Mindy! I will hopefully get some pictures of them this weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I was...TAGGED!

Before I blog on my 30th birthday cruise (which was early due to January baby coming), I found myself tagged! So here I go...

First Memory: our garden in Clarksville.
First Kiss: It must not have been very memorable.
First Concert: Michael Jackson, Jackson Five Tour
First Love: My dad
First thing I think in the Morning: How long can he call 'Mamma' before I answer.
First Book I remember loving: book? If you know me...
First Pet: Miss Piggy, the goat.
First Question when I get to Heaven: explain the light before the sun. I just don't understand. And many other, I am sure deep questions
First word I think of for Vacation: not now...I just got home
First Best Friend: Amanda LaRue
Last Time I dressed up: Friday night at our Formal night on the cruise
Last thing I ate: sweet tarts.
Last CD I bought: Veggie Tales
Last time I cried: Looking at a video of Noah Whaley on
Last time I told someone I loved them: 8:45 to Parker and Stacey
Last really fun thing I did: Cruised the Caribbean
Last thing I watched on TV: some news show on the boat as we were waiting to unboard. First I had heard of the earthquake.
Last Halloween Costume: don't know
Last Concert- Third Day, Women of Faith Nicole Nordeman and Avalon
I think I am suppose to "TAG" someone I tag JAMI HENDERSON and Jodi, who really needs to update her blog!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Anniversary Trip

We had a wonderful time in Colorado. I left off on Friday before we headed down to Colorado Springs. We stopped at Focus on the Family headquarters and visited their welcome center. It was a cool place to visit and we highly recommend it. After doing some shopping there, we headed to the Broadmoor. As we entered our room, we were in awe of its beauty! We also liked the note and bottle of liquid they left for us with a flower. The note was from the vice president of the hotel congratulating us on 5 years of marriage. I, of course could not drink the liquid in the fancy bottle, but I did take a picture of it. We went to dinner at Charles Court and had a wonderful dinner. I even sampled eggplant caviar! While I took a trip to the ladies room, Stacey asked our waiter if he could get 5 flowers delivered to the table, and the waiter told him anything was possible. So, I got 5 flowers!! Stacey's highlight was dessert! We had blueberry cobbler, but it wasn't any blueberry cobbler, it had orange in it and a special glaze. It was truly delicious. After dinner we went and sat outside at one of their outdoor fire places. It was so peaceful, until we met the people across the way from us. They were so much fun! His name was even Paul Pearson!

Saturday morning was so relaxing. We went for breakfast, then I went to massage, and Stacey went to play golf. I met up with him on hole 10, and introduced myself to golf courses. I had gone to driving ranges before, but not graduated to the actual course. What a course to start on! Stacey had borrowed a few clubs from his dad for me, since I couldn't use my left handed husbands clubs. I joined Stacey and his group of 3 other men, who were so nice to let me join them. I hit a few holes, and must say that I impressed the men!

That afternoon we sat outside in some lounge chairs and just enjoyed the weather and time there. For dinner we decided to introduce ourselves to the Golden Bee. It is a sing along tavern, and your waitress comes along and slings bees on you! No kidding, just look at the picture! We enjoyed the singing, but I have to say, we had a bum crowd.

Parker had a great time with his Bop and Sid. They went to the park numerous times a day and enjoyed grocery trips to Albertson's. I think he ate better in those 4 days then ever with me! He also now enjoys playing in BUBBLES at the kitchen sink. Parker is so blessed to have wonderful grandparents who take great care of him. I can't wait to continue to hear the stories. I missed Parker so much and am sad to leave him again in 4 days on a cruise. I am trying to get in all these trips before baby girl gets here!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Greetings from Colorado

This morning we left Dallas for Colorado, just me and my husband , for work and play. Tomorrow is our 5 year wedding anniversary. We left Parker for the first time with my dad and stepmom, not just the first time with them, but for the first time ever. It was really hard. I cried last night, I didn't sleep, and this morning I snuck into his nursery and stared at him this morning saying a prayer for us both. I then stood outside of his room crying before I had to leave. It really was a difficult time for me. However, I have only called twice...yeah me! Or should I say they have only answered the phone twice. Parker had a great day! I really was relieved to hear it. If I would have heard he had cried or thrown a fit when we weren't there to greet him when he woke up...that would have been the hardest. So, now that I know he is enjoying us away, I can enjoy myself. Today while Stacey worked I needlepointed on Parker's Christmas stocking and watched my favorite daytime story. It was nice to not have laundry or dinner to worry about, just some really needed down time. Tomorrow we leave Denver and head to Colorado Springs for 2 nights. I get to have a massage and Stacey gets to play golf.

5 years. Wow. It really has flown by. Before we left Keller, Stacey surprised me with a traditional gift. He did the research to find out what the 5 year gift is wood. Last night I received a WOODEN basket full of very festive pumpkins and acorns and candles. He picked out each cute pumpkin to fill the basket. He has always been very thoughtful husband, for which I am so thankful. God has truly blessed me with an amazing mate. Thank you Love, for 5 wonderful years, and many more to come.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Parker and I are in a weird phase right now. He has gone from sleeping until 9:00-9:30 am to more like, 6:30-7:30 am. This is really cutting into my sleep patterns. REALLY! So, at 7ish now when I start hearing Parker scream from his bed, (not a hurt scream, a I really want out of this bed scream) I yell back at him from my comfy bed. I yell something like, 'YES PARKER!' Then he replies with, "MAMMA!" And then I say, "PARKER." Now here is where I am seeing some major progress in his communication. He used to say, "MULK!" or "WAFFLE." Now he replies with, "WWANNASDGDOSKE MMORRWRECXEOZ MULK!" Translation: I would like a sippy cup full of cold milk please my dear mother of mine who really doesn't want to be awake."
What communication! He now knows or is beginning to understand that he needs to make a sentence. I am just glad that I was blessed with the abililty to understand this too cute language. Oh how I will miss these times. When baby girl gets here there can be no more communication 2 rooms down, because her room will be right in the middle. We must get walkie talkies to minimize the noise that could come from our morning wake up calls/conversation about breakfast.

On another note, we are remodeling an area of our house to accommodate our new addition. My office/craft room will become the nursery, so I need some craft space...and I will be doing my crafty things in the laundry room! Parker was right in the middle of it! I just have to show you!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Wowie WOW WOW!!!!

That is one of my favorite things to say, I think, apparently.

Doesn't that sound just like her. One of my friends blessed me with 2 new Junie B. Jones books and I stayed up last night and read, Junie B. Jones, First Grader Shipwrecked. I have to say I was glad that I was home alone. I laughed out loud! I learned about her new bestest friend, and I learned that Lucille hasn't changed at all since she entered the first grade.

I sure have missed her the past 2 years since I am not teaching. I know that she doesn't always use the correct language or words, but you just have to hand it to Barbara Park, she channels 5-6 year olds greatly! For my friends who have been introduced to Junie B. just remember to always look ahead for some slightly inappropriate words, like darn, and stupid that you don't want to say out loud in front of young ones. Look for more blogs containing my special friend as I read my other book! Thanks friend!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Spring Creek

Spring Creek just opened a new restaurant really close to my house. I am not much on barbeque, however, my husband loves it. I called him on Monday to tell him that it had finally opened, and we already had our first meal there last night. We met some friends there...but I wasn't sure what to order, since I am not huge on the menu. I ordered a baked potato loaded and I have to say, it was good. The real story here is Parker. I wasn't sure about the menu for him either. I ordered him a kids plate with ham, and got him some green beans and beans. Of course we also got him "COKE," he refers to anything besides his milk and juice to "COKE." It really was lemonade. We put the cute bib on him and gave him a fork...and he was gone. He ate the entire time we were there. He had beans from armpit to nostril. He also liked their high chairs. He could "PUSH" off from the table and really move across their floor. Stacey had to rearrange the seating arrangement because Parker kept entering the walk way with his "PUSH." He was so cute putting 5-6 beans on his fork and making it to his mouth without losing one! We still brought some of his food home because we needed to leave for church, which he finished at lunch. How do beans get into the nostril anyway? It happened again at lunch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Youth Ministry

I put Parker down for his daily nap, sat down at my computer to do my twice daily BLOG readings. Did I say twice, well multiply that by some number. I went to one of my favorite BLOGs to read and read what this wonderful man wrote about Youth Ministry. I cried. I then went to the comments. Read all of those...weeding out ones about bird fajitas. I cried. I have to say my heart hurts. Not hurts...steams. I still am not sure that is a great word. You see, my experience with youth ministry hasn't been great, and that is an understatement. So many times in the church, Satan finds a weak person to use to strangle out spirit of the believers. Satan knows how to pick them. He finds someone who can hide behind a title, use his position to slither into families and rip them apart. That was my family. Our Church of Christ youth minister used his position to sexually molest many young boys in my church. (I mention the denomination because nothing like that happens outside of the Catholic church, right?) . One of those boys being my brother. It is sickening what Satan uses to break families and church families. He know just what to do. He strikes at the innocent.

We were attending a small church in a small town outside of Paris. Things were great, we were young...I think I was about 6 when we received a summer intern for a youth minister position from ACU. I don't even think we had a real youth minister before him. He came in, won us all over. I remember having him over to swim with us and cooking out dinner. I have some very vivid memories. He was an outdoor kind of person, and my family really wasn't the outdoor type, although that was how my dad was raised. He loved to take the boys from the youth group on camping trips, fishing, and hunting. Our intern had to go back to college and finish his degree. I remember our family making him cookies to send off in a care package. When he graduated, our church hired him full time. Years went by. We moved to Paris, but the relationship between my brother and the YM was very strong. There were still camping trips, and hunting (he even bought my brother a gun to keep at his house). Every summer, our Paris youth minister still had activities with the other YM from the small town, they still went to the same Christian camp together so all the boys could be together.
I will never, never forget the night when I was in high school sitting on the bed talking on the phone when I 'had a beep.' I clicked over. It was my brother. He asked if our current youth minister was at our home, and I said yes, he was in the living room talking to mom and dad and I had been sent to my room and instructed not to come out. He asked if I could hear anything. Well, I could hear my mom crying. My brother assured me everything was going to be okay and that he loved me (he didn't say that often or should I say never). We got off and I unplugged the phone so that I could put my ear against the outlet which let into the living room (I was a nosy one) where the adults were sitting. I could put everything together. For the past 10 years, my brother had been sexually molested by our old youth minister. I quickly moved my ear...I had heard enough. To make this long story a little short, we went to court. The YM plead guilty, but don't think that made things easier or shorter. There were also 6-7 other boys in the youth group that were molested, but did not press charges. I would love to tell you that my brother has over come this with flying colors and praises GOD and loves Him. Not true. My brother has had the hardest life. My parents separated a year or so after court, then divorced, my sister started using drugs (since rehabbed and clean), my brother to marry, only to divorce. My brother and sister still search for happiness in all the wrong places, church didn't bring them much hope and love and safety. Not everyone has had a wonderful youth minister who took them to wonderful spiritual places. I see the hurt in my brother, the innocence that was stolen from him, the inability to trust, the distance he has to anyone who cares for him. All because my brother trusted a man who represented god and hid behind his position and his wife to work as a slave of the devil. Some day I know God will use my brother to talk to Youth Ministers from all around the country or use what has happened to grow. But we are far from it now.
I know that God has a plan for him.

In the BLOG I mentioned earlier, he asked for prayers for youth ministers. I want to add prayers for protection for our youth. They look to their youth ministers for such spiritual guidance, and led the wrong way....well.
I am not sure how I will handle Parker in a youth group. I will pray for his safety, and his openness to communicate with us. I will pray for my heart to allow a YM to be involved in his life.

I hope all of this came out okay. I cried the entire way through it and have tried to reread it to is just hard. So many more many more details that it could be a book. I ask for prayer for my family who still seek to find God in their lives due to the destruction.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Who Needs Sleep...

I do. I always have. My mother used to call me her pumpkin, not due to size, but I would put myself to bed around 8:00 always, even if it was Christmas or I had a friend over. I needed my sleep. In college I heard of staying up all night studying, but not me. I would convince myself if I didn't know it by then, it was too late. Plus, I worked through college, so NAP time was out for me. I am currently having sleep deprivation! I cannot get comfortable through the entire night. I might catch an hour here or there, but I am awake the rest of the time, wondering if...There will be another full moon tomorrow night? Am I eating right for the baby? Is there something wrong with the baby? Does Parker have a concussion? When was the last time I changed his crib sheet? What will our Christmas cards look like this year? What will I fix for dinner on Monday night? Is Wyatt really coming in town tonight? Will Parker quit throwing his body around in tantrums? How early should I start reading our new bible study? Have I already forgotten what I read last week? Should I reread the pages I already read? These are just a few items that ran through my head just last night. I also use that time to pray. I have been guilty many times before to use prayer as a night time sleep agent. One of my college professors said that if we do fall asleep in prayer it is usually one of best nights of sleep. Well, not last night. My prayer kept getting longer, and the more awake I became. A new strategy I must find. I think it is way too early to begin to blame this on baby girl. Now I must get ready for church before Parker wakes up. Stacey has already left this morning to go pick up our friends from LA to bring them to church, so it is just me and Parker this morning. I have gotten us both ready in record time the past 2 weeks and made it to church on time. I tell Stacey he must be the kink in our system!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Boy ain't FAT!

Have you ever had a stranger insult you or your child? It happened to me tonight. Parker and I were shopping at Wal-Mart when we are almost run over by an elderly woman shopping wrecklessly. As I lifted my eyes to give her a gaze, I see her lean over into Parker's face and say, "Ain't you a FAT one!" Then she pushed her cart away. I was frozen. She didn't say, big or hefty, even chunky, but FAT! Who was this lady? Did she feel a calling to stop childhood obesity? I really wanted to say some words to her that can't be found in the old or new testament. My boy, my precious boy does weigh in at 29 lbs and can I comment on the size of his 'knowledge.' His head alone must make up most of his body mass. I let this old lady get to me. I sunk my head and kissed Parker's knowledge and finished our shopping trip, but that old lady's voice has stuck in my head all night. Does she know what record weight he entered this world, and that we have slowed down tremendously. I put my rather thick boy to bed moments ago, and I am right behind him after I eat the rest of the Nutter Butter package of cookies, hey, I have a reason to be FAT!

Monday, September 12, 2005


What does that number mean you might ask, well it has nothing to do with my pregnancy. It has nothing to do with gas prices. It has nothing to do with money. It is my latest bowling score! Our church had a date night last Saturday night and we decided to go bowling at Main Event. Kristi is our reigning champion, so I was trying to keep up with her. When my ball just wouldn't leave the center of the alley. It followed those little arrows all the way down until...STRIKE...STRIKE...STRIKE....STRIKE! Yes, that is 4 strikes in a row. My college course of Bowling had finally paid off. The last score I had on the screen was below 50 or something, and my brain wasn't going to use my college course to start adding the score in my head. I wasn't sure what my score would be. Then Stacey yelled out, "166!" All I could think about was a blog I had read recently bragging about a bowling score of 155. So, in all of the excitement, I turned to my freinds and yelled, "I beat Stephen Bailey." Only a few knew what I was talking about because they too are avid Blog readers. Stacey had his ego hurt that I had beat him. He went to the Head Bowling guy and asked that the screens be put down to watch the UT football game, knowing that mean COSMIC bowling. The lights went down, things started to glow...I couldn't see my arrows to align my ball with. The next 2 games are nothing to brag about. The girl lane, (we bowled boys and girls) got tired and all of scores started creeping lower. Our intensity and energy went out. One of our fellow bowlers began to just work on speed. She was able to reach an 18 mph though. What fun! I am still boasting of my score! 166!!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I hate to admit it, but sometimes it bothers me that Parker says Dadda before he says, Mamma. But, to be honest, I can see why. My husband is incredible. He hasn't slept in days. I am not sure any work is getting done either. You see, he has fallen in love. He has fallen in love with about 50 survivors from New Orleans. He calls, he goes, he makes meetings, he organizes, he prays, he delivers, he drives. My husband has such a heart for the Lord. Stacey brings home a special smile, when mine is almost turned upside down. He makes us both laugh. He brings home dinner when I am too tired to cook. He brings us love. Parker loves his daddy and I do too. Dadda is loved by both of us! Here is a special picture I took today.

On another note, for those of you wondering. Parker has gone on the potty 2 more times! Only wet though, tonight being one of those times.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Today I hurt. Today I feel desperate. Today I feel angry. Today I feel judgemental. Today I want to go back before Katrina hit and evacuate everyone, regardless of color. I am tired of the blame game that is getting so much coverage. Today I am tired of turning on the TV to hear this has become a race issue. What we need to do is GET THE PEOPLE OUT OF NEW ORLEANS NOW! Where are the buses? Why aren't there miles of buses one after another to get the hurt, the children, the women? Then there are the bullets! A group from my home town went to help volunteer, they were on a rescue barge when they were fired upon. They had to turn around and their rescue efforts postponed. It is probably a few that is causing such chaos, but now we have a shoot to kill order. Which...I have to say...if I was being fired upon I would want to shoot back. These volunteers and rescue workers can't rescue. Helicopters can't take the sick away due to gun shots. What is happening? Last night after refusing to watch any more news I started channel surfing. I happen to stop on MSNBC for some crazy reason because I didn't want any more stuff on Katrina. They showed this lady holding a child, the baby looked around Parker's age, who was sick or dead. This baby's head just rolled around on it's mothers shoulder and chest, lifeless. I screamed. Literally. I prayed out. I cried. That scene has played over and over in my head all night and this morning. It is haunting me. I can hardly type about it because it was so hard to watch. I just don't understand. I know that I am not suppose to either. I don't even know where to go with the rest of this blog. We are trying to help. I wanted to donate, but find that the Red Cross only wants money. I have formula, Pedicare, baby food, that Stacey took up to Reunion Arena moments ago and called me when he left. He said that the Salvation Army is taking anything. You can drop off goods there. Stacey said there were more police men there than he saw refugees, and he saw lots of refugees. He asked how he can help and if he can come back and volunteer and they welcomed him. We need to pray. Today. Pray Today. Stop the violence today! Rescue TODAY! Praise God today for our health, safety, our family, and know that it can be taken away in seconds. Pray that people's hearts, not only their wallets will be opened and that Christ can be seen in many people.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's a GIRL!

Today we had our official half way sonogram where we found out that I am carrying a little girl. I was shocked because I thought I am better suited for boys...however, God must know differently. I love this picture of Parker. He is sitting in front of 2 blankets. These blankets are special because I bought them about 3 years ago. My mom and I used to visit Hot Springs before out school years began to get the baths and spas. There was the cutest little children's store across the street from our hotel. I fell in love with these 2 blankets. My mother told me that I should buy them if I liked them, so I did and put them away. Of course the camo one came out of of hiding about 18 months ago, and now the very bright color block one gets to come out.

This photo is pretty special too. When we found out we were having a little boy, we went straight from the doctor's office to Baby Gap to buy his first outfit. Today we went to Gymboree, my favorite store for little girl clothes. I love all of their coordinating outfits. Stacey got to pick this outfit out and he did a great job. I just had to put back about 4 other of the pieces that also matched this outfit...he was a little out of control.
Now I have to start thinking girl...pinks and purples I suppose.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

God bless the effort

As I returned home from Paris (Texas) today, I was tired. Parker was tired. We had a LONG 2.5 hour trip home. The air conditioner was up full blast the entire way. Parker slept a total of 25 minutes in the car, his only nap of the day. He was up until 11:00 last night, and I was up until 12:00 for 2 nights in a row and 2:00 am before that. Dead tired. When we got home, I was hoping to carry Parker into his bedroom for maybe an hour of sleep...he was't having that. Cry...cry...moan...MOMMY...cry...cry.
So I went to get him out of bed. I decided we needed something to drink after our long drive and Parker agreed. As I walked towards the kitchen...I see an There is really a puddle of water standing in the middle of the kitchen. 3 or 4 surrounding puddles are there as well. I try to evaluate the situation. The freezer and fridge door are closed. No other sources that I can find. The water doesn't lead to an appliance. I called Stacey to ask him WHY there was water standing in my kitchen floor upon my arrival. I wasn't very nice to say the least. I had gone through a tough 3 hours...WHY WATER?? He said that he had run the dishwasher that morning before he left for work. But the water didn't lead to the dishwasher. I was too tired to investigate any more. A few hours later, and after Stacey had gotten home, I decided to unload that dishwasher. Top drawer, clean and put away. Bottom drawer, not so clean. I decided to run it again. As I opened the cabinet under the sink, I realize what is sitting in front of the dishwasher detergent, yep you guessed it, dishwasher LIQUID. My beautiful hearted, fantastic husband put DISHWASHING LIQUID into the dishwasher. It must have been like in the movies or commericals due to the standing water and how far it reached into our kitchen. I took the bottle of liquid to Stacey and asked him if he put 'this' into the washer, and he said yes. He still didn't know what was wrong. I explained. He laughed, then I was able to laugh. As I started the dishwasher for the second time...more bubbles poured from the bottom of the dishwasher. Parker loved it. I only wish that we would have been here earlier in the day to experience the major bubblefest. Thank you Stace for being helpful, and I am sorry I wasn't so nice, but I didn't say any words that can't be found in the New Testament!!! LOL!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Stainglass, liver exercise, and hope

This past weekend was one I have been looking forward to for a year. Really. Last year I attended the Women of Faith conference and came away with a heart renewed for Christ my Lord. This year, the anticipation was eating at me. I couldn't wait to go, to hear the women singing, to be with my sisters of faith, and to reopen my heart to what God wanted me to take away from the speakers and performers. I love being with my sisters from church. I love the girls weekend. But what I wasn't expecting was the flood of tears that streamed my face every 10 minutes. At first, I thought it was my condition (4 months pregnant). I truly had to believe my Lord was teaching me things through each song and each word. Some not so easy to hear, but itsn't that what it is all about. I loved an illustration about stainglass. I will not even try to tell you the story, everyone hears and processes differently, or at least I have a gift to reading too much into certain things and creating stories from from very little. However, what I want to share are my pieces. You see, I have many pieces. Some of them are pretty, and some of them are EXTREMELY broken. Some of the pieces I broke, and some were broken for me out of my control. BUT, that is me. That is what makes me who I am. I am the ART that God created. Some of you who were there might be thinking, that I truly do have a gift to STRETCH what I heard, but remember that is what God taught me.

Hope. Hope for me. Hope for Stacey. Hope for my friends. Hope for my family members, and hope for PARKER. FORGIVEN. Simple message worth repeating....FORGIVEN.

I learned that laughter is possibly the only exercise for the liver. I need to learn to laugh at things much more often.

Tears. A flood. During the entire conference I was a hose. I wish I could explain, but I know that I am not great with words. Many things tugged at my heart. In song...didn't matter which one...they all had the same effect. Hearing 16,000 women sing in unison was AWESOME! A word I don't use often due to my earthly father teaching me it's power. I just lost half of my I will have to write about LISA in another blog in the future. She was my tears story, but after 30 minutes of writing this was all I could recover. I do need and want to say one more thing.

There were many things that were truly hard to hear for one reason or another. There was one point in the conference that I wished I was sitting by one of my sisters so that I could hold her hand. I know that she was surrounded by women who loved her, but it didn't change my heart from wanting to comfort. I know that you are touching the hem daily. I love you GH, you know who you are. (You know that I am not good with words, so I hope you know what I was trying to say.)

Thursday, August 25, 2005


As it was, I was preparing homemade lasanga for tonight's birthday celebration around noon today, when my sweet Parker walked up to my leg and said, "I SHHUUWEEE." Well, convinced it was a false alarm I grabbed the back of his diaper to see if there was damage. None there. So hearing the voice of one of my beloved friends in the back of my head, "he is ready to go poop in the potty," we run into his bathroom dancing and singing a special song, "POOPOO IN THE POTTY." I had put his potty away thinking I bought it way too prematurely, so from behind a guitar of all things, I pulled his potty out of the closet. I strip my son down and sit him on the potty. We wait. He plays with the plastic red guard in front, (note he is playing with it). He stands up, I sit him back down saying, "Parker's going poop in the potty," as only a grown woman who is losing her mind would. Parker stands up again, this time when I sit him down on the toilet the nice red guard thingy comes off in his hand. I don't think much of it at the time. In his eyes, I sense is coming...I see the pushing. HE STANDS UP..."NOOOOOO!" I sit him down and again affirm that PARKER IS POOPING ON THE POTTY!!! My protection gone...the red shield being held in his left hand, luckily a shirt is there to absorb any damage that came my way. Then my sweet little boy gives me the "ALL DONE" sign in sign language and low and behold...WE HAVE POOP IN THE POTTY! I sang and I danced and Parker is now frightened that I am talking so loud and screaming POOP all around the house. I called Daddy at a business lunch to tell him there is POOP IN THE POTTY. You see, Parker is only 18 months old, I know we are way too early for this and today was probably just a freak thing, but we had a party for ourselves anyway. What a milestone we have made today, as I gagged my way back into the bathroom to disgard of the POOP and Parker thinking I am sneezing and telling me over and over, "YOU SNEEZED." We have a lot to learn, the both of us.

Monday, August 22, 2005

I love it when...

I love it when Parker says, "Bye-bye" then hides from me in his closet only to push the doors open to scare me.
I love it when Parker says, "I want.." and he really does want it.
I love it when Parker acts like a monkey, taking big steps and making great big sounds.
I love it when Parker pats his nose with one finger.
I love it when Parker scares people on command.
I love it when Parker uses his sign language to ask for help or milk, to sign please, more, or thank you.
I love it when Parker tries to jump (let's not tell him that he really isn't leaving the ground).
I love it when Parker brushes his teeth. He thinks he is so big.
I love it when Parker tells me he is "SHUUUWEEEEE!!!!"
I love it when Parker accomplishes new things, like climbing on top of Mommy's bed.
I love it when daddy comes home and Parker screams and laughs for him.
I love it when Parker plays with the dog-dogs.
I love it when Parker sees his friends and gets so excited they run in circles.
I love it when Parker says, "CHEESE".
I love it when Parker goes crazy for the water hose, water bowl, or puddle.
I love it when Parker cuts his eyes at me as if he becomes invisible when he does it.
I love it when Parker shows me his light, so that I can sing 'This little light of mine.'
I love it when Parker calls my name for no reason at all~ momma, momma, Momma, MOmma, MOMma, MOMMA!!!!
I love it when Parker wears my shoes.
I love it when Parker sees Ms. Jenny and gets so excited he can't contain himself, even running across the aisle at church to see her DURING CHURCH.
I love it when Parker goes to the front of church during Coins for Christ and drops his coins in 1 by 1.
I love it when Parker kisses me.
I love it when Parker can find something I ask him to find. It is just amazing how much he understands.
I love it when Parker pouts and cries at 10:30 when Barney's over. He is so attached to the purple dinosaur.
I love it when Parker copies me...killing crickets, wiping counters, sweeping, washing my face.
I love it when Parker says, "Church."
I love it when Parker hugs his 'dadda.'
I love it when Parker sees a highly ranking family member (grandmothers, great-grandmothers, grandfathers) and smiles from ear to ear because he feels the warmth of their love.
I love it when Parker says, "night night," which he said to me an hour ago and I already want to wake him up so we can play puzzles some more.
I could go on and on, but must stop because it is making me too sad. Kelli's blog made me want to cry about little ones growing and before you know it they are 4! Which inspired me to write this piece to remember this stage at 18 months.