Monday, June 28, 2010

What the kids say!

Today, I was smiling from ear to ear over some sweet things the kids said. I don't want to forget, so here you go.

After Parker's surgery, I had had enough Boomerang and other cartoon networks so I introduced him to the DIY network, Do It Yourself. Now I have him hooked. He records the shows and watches them. We received a blessing today, RAIN! (1.63 inches to be exact!) We were so happy, since we had been praying for it for weeks. All 3 kids and I sat on the back porch and enjoyed the rain, even singing praises. The gutters on the back of the house are currently full of pine needles, so the rain was pouring off the back of the house. This is what my Parker said::::::

MOM, LOOK! We have our own WATER FEATURE!

Not sure, but I think I will begin deleting his DIY episodes!!

We were going to load up and meet MIL and FIL for FIL's birthday dinner during the down pour. Emaline puts on her rain coat with hood when she pats her head and says::::::

I love her!

If Bowden could give me a complete thought, other than "YOU'RE MEAN!" he would make you laugh. Not sure where he learned "YOU'RE MEAN," but I immediately say, "You're the QUEEN" and guess what, he repeats it! SO, he says "YOU'RE MEAN" and then says, "YOU'RE the QUEEN!" I'm trying to train him early.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's day we went to visit some great friends who have moved back to Texas! They do live in AUSTIN, but hey, we will take that over Chicago!!! These pictures are a bit out of order, so I will give you the schedule first:
Friday: arrive, eat delicious fajita dinner that Angie and Ryan fixed for us. Stayed up late talking
Saturday: woke up early and ate amazing breakfast that Angie made, headed to lake to pick up boat for the boy's father's day gift, relaxed, went to Salt Lick, watched movie
Sunday: went to church, lunch, then headed home

We went to Salt Lick. SO GOOD. Carter sure thinks so!

Bowden liked the butter. Not the bread, but the butter!

I was there! SEE!

Angie was excited about her sandwich! Bowden's favorite part was when we were leaving the musician had started playing, and he wanted to dance. DANCE, but he said sing. He kept saying: I SING! I SING! As I pulled him through the hundreds of people.
On our way to the boat!

Here we are on our boat!

Some swimming.

And the father's! RESTING!
One note about church. Angie and Ryan go to the same church as Colt McCoy. In the bulletin on Sunday, there was a note that announced a shower for Colt and his fiance. It said something like this: all teens must be accompanied by an adult, please out of respect for couple, no video, no cameras, and no autographs. Stacey wanted to stay for the shower because Colt was going to speak, but after all the restrictions he decided that we should just head home. Okay, so I'm joking a bit on that part, but I thought it was nice the church was celebrating him just like a normal guy. Another church note: we went to get the kids from children's church and Bowden passed me, gave me a high five and took out in a dead sprint through the hundreds of people standing in foryer and headed straight for the door of the church we have never attended before. DEAD SPRINT! He didn't slow, he didn't turn around and check to see where I was... he was gone. SO, guess who else hit a sprint: ME! I did say excuse me as I pushed my way through! BTW, this has now happened 3 times! AUSTIN, Sports Camp, and tonight at Christ Haven. DEAD SPRINT! I thought I would never harness a child, but I am considering it. Well, maybe.
Thanks Merriman Family for hosting us. We miss you very much!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Parker woke up from nap time and was NOT feeling good after his surgery last week. I rushed around finding his meds and during all the commotion Bowden woke up. I picked him up, ran outside to get a Sprite for P and came back inside. Emaline is now awake looks at me and says:

What is on Bowden's face?


I look at him.

I smile.

Then I go to his room where I begin to see the damage. I sat Bowden down on his bed and RAN to get my camera...

He doesn't sleep here. He sleeps in the bed. I had just stripped his sheets so he was pouting.

See the discontinued sheets from Company Store!!! COVERED! I already wanted another set for the bunk beds... now I am on a mission to find new bedding for both boys.

We still don't know how the marker got into their room. But it did, and B found it, and created art. It took 3 days for all the marks on him to come off and the verdict is still out if I can get it out of the sheets.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer of Kindness

This summer we are focusing on kindness! I totally stole the idea from katherine marie! If you have not added her to your google reader, then stop right now and do it! Look at her new veggie theme! HMMMMM... look for that soon on my blog.

The table. The bible verse we are working on this summer.
We had center type activities. Emaline got to trace her name.
These were our kindness cards. We keep them in our car and leave them in places that might bring some joy to others. On the inside: Buy yourself something sweet. Have a happy day. God bless you. Like I said, TOTALLY copied Katherine Marie. I keep glue dots in the zipper bag with the cards with money taped on them, and when we see coke machines, newspaper machines, or gumball machines, we attach.
This was another center. We matched lower case to upper case, and even addition and subtraction to the old cd with paper on it.
AND THE FOOD! We had Lemonade, yellow peppers, lemon pudding, bananas, POPS, bananas and macaroni for lunch. We also had FUNYUNS, but you know what, they aren't very yellow, but the bag is. Macaroni isn't that yellow either... oh well.

Watch out for the kindess spies. That is what they call themselves, that or elves. So cute.

Kindergarten Graduation

Back at the beginning of June, my BIG BOY graduated from Kindergarten!

Ms. Isaacs.MY BIG BOY! Now, please know he dressed himself. He did it well, but I also know some of you are thinking, enough with the blue vest. It is his favorite right now!

AND NOW the comparison from the last day of school to the first day!

Excuse me, while I take a moment to myself and bawl my eyes out!

Back to the blog.

The fan club for the day.
He told his principal that when he grows up he wants to be an illustrator! SO COOL! I didn't know what he was going to say. When he graduated preschool, JUST ONE YEAR AGO, he wanted to be a COWBOY! Not a Dallas Cowboy, but a horse cowboy. WOW, we have come a long way in one year!
They did a cute song to the tune of New York, New York called: First Grade, First Grade. SO creative.It was a tough year learning to be a mom, and not the teacher. We had lots of miscommunication, or lack there of. Oh, if I were to go back to the classroom now I would be a much different teacher.

We thought we lost a library book, paid for it, and guess what we found last week in the blankets....Lucky the Leprechaun! Can we get a refund?

Parker, I am so proud of you and all that you accomplished! You received the Character award for the second semester! You also received many other awards proving that you are kind and helpful at school. You have lots of friends. You are reading at the highest level they test for in Kinder (at our school). You are in the gifted and talented program. You own my heart. I love you!