Saturday, June 27, 2009

A sweet family

Bowden's friend Jackson was born 1 week before he was. We got to celebrate with them right before they moved!
Bowden pushing J around!
Emaline loved Ms. Angela!
My friend!
And trouble. The 4 with out their little brothers. I wonder why I didn't think about putting the boys in the photo! Silly me. I will cherish this. and AG, this is the photo I am sending to callea! We love you!

You can see more photos of their family on the photo blog!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bowden!

You sweet thing. Today is your birthday! I was a mean mommy and took you for your 1 year appointment this morning! Your weight is in the 50th percentile, your height was above 75% and well, your head....above 95% to hold in all your brains! Bowden, you are a joy! I love to watch you throw a ball and chase it down, just to throw it in another direction and chase it down again. You love to crawl 90 miles an hour! Nothing seems slow for you. You love to pick up a remote and point it at the tv to change the channel. You like to crawl with things in your hands, making some lovely noise across the kitchen floor. Your brother and sister can make you laugh like no one else can. You aren't real big on eating big kid food, but you love your baby food. You don't like to be confined in your high chair or shopping cart. You can crawl out of each, and if you can't you let anyone around you know that you are unhappy! You ARE the best kisser in the world. You try to say what we are saying. You love to walk under tables by holding onto chairs or knees of the people sitting at the table. You LOVE to be outside. You DO NOT like to sleep. If you sleep in the car, you don't transfer very well, or sleep long after the transfer. TO this day, your daddy hasn't slept through the night since you were born. You have the best daddy in the world to get up with you EVERY TIME you let us know you are tired of being asleep or want a bed change!
I love you B man, B, stinker, best kisser, and my favorite, HOT STUFF.

Monday, June 22, 2009

tough day

Saying goodbye. to friends. to family. tough. day.

Don't get me started. Tears. Just stop it. I mean it. Don't DON'T cry one more tear Paige Pearson.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day gifts

We did some homemade gifts this year. We made blackberrys for Daddy and Buddy! I didn't think Bop would know what one was! I found this idea on another blog I have found and am addicted to the website. It might have come off of the sight with that new button down on my blog on the left. I thought some of you might enjoy that website! The kids totally helped with this project. I guess you can tell that from the keyboard. At first I laid my phone out and we were trying to match where the keys went, then I just gave up and told them to have it!
WE also made pen/pencil cans for the men at work. Also taken off of one of my new favorite blogs. I had to adjust it a bit and photoshop'd some scrap to make it fit. EMaline cut these out all by herself. In fact, that is what she is doing in the below post with the amazing outfit.

I hope you guys had a great Father's Day! I know we have the best daddy and grandfather's!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The kids

I owed you some photos since the last post was missing some!B LOVES to help me with my laundry. Here he is relaxing into the clothes.
And, if you tell my daughter to go pack her own bag to go to Nana's...this is what you will find:
Shirts still on hangers
4 pairs of shoes, complete with furry boots
AND 3 pairs of pants! EVEN VELVET!

AND if she dresses herself...beware... of strip pants with WESTERN BELT
Ribbon flip flops
AND DON'T forget the red ruffle swing top! And you have to love parker's face! Sorry this one is out of focus but I wanted to use this one because of Parker's face!

Have a great Father's Day weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shorts, Wendy's, and Kissers

Emaline has been refusing to wear shorts. REFUSING! She doesn't seem to mind the heat and I couldn't convince her otherwise. I gave in and went and bought her some light weight yoga pants so that she can be a bit cooler than her jeans. The girl even pulled out some velour pants a few days ago! She even wears pants to gymnastics over her gym suit! WHY you ask? She doesn't want her thighs to show! I was able to get her to verbalize this to me after a huge fit yesterday. HUGE FIT! Now, I might be a bit on the heavy side for me right now, but I really don't complain about it to her. Even if I have to change clothes because things don't fit, if she is around, I really watch my attitude and my words. I don't want her to be self conscience and see her body anything from perfect (I wish I did). All that to say, not sure where she learned to hide her thighs! Tonight was the first night of a sports VBS camp that her and Parker are attending. I sweet talked her into going and picking out her favorite pair of shorts. She came back and said:
Mommy, here they are. But don't worry, when I wear them I will not look at these (rubbing her thighs)! Where does she get this stuff?

Parker on the other hand, is going to be cut off from radio and tv. We had gymnastics, that ended at 5 and camp started at 6 so we had a treat and ate out tonight. I cook all week and then we eat out on Fridays, so eating out tonight was a big treat, depending on how you look at it. I told the kids the plan, and Parker immediately asked if we could eat fast food. I said sure, that was the plan since we don't have time for anything else. It went like this:
P: mom, can we eat fast food
M: sure, that is the plan
P: can we eat Wendy's or Subway (2 places we never go, not because we don't like it, just don't go there)
M: Sure babe.
P: great. I want Wendy's because it is better than fast food.
M: What did you say?
P: it is WAY better than fast food, that is what the radio says.

Guess where we went and ate? He said it was the best food ever. OUch.

B. ALMOST 1! I can't stand it! He is so mobile, and QUICK! He has a temper, must have got it from his daddy. He loves balls, and he can throw them! He will throw a ball and chase it down only to throw it again and chase it. He loves to wave and clap. He loves to be like Hudini and escape from shopping carts and strollers. I spent an entire Target shopping experience holding a standing almost 1 year old in the front of the cart. People were looking so strange at me, like I was encouraging him, or didn't I know the saftely rules! After 8 times of rebuckling, I just gave in. It was easier! He loves to eat. He loves to push chairs across the kitchen floor. He loves to hit the TV and rearrange all the WII remotes. He loves his sister and brother, but lets them know when he was had enough. He loves to kiss me! Probably because I tell him he is the best kisser in the world. Stacey understands, don't feel bad for him.

We have another contract on another house. Hopefully this one goes through!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Swim Lessons 09

Another great year of swim lessons with the Kalebs's. Here is Emaline floating.
Parker floating.
Emaline and Kaleb diving for sticks.

THese 2 are out of order. Emaline jumping off the side and swimming to Kaleb.

The kids swimming!
Parker learned the crawl stroke and br*!@t stroke and master diving for sticks! Emaline was great swimming with one arm. She is left handed and seems to move the water with just the left arm. We had a great year, and I feel confident a more safe one!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Annual Reunion

Well, here we are. Mindy, Justin, Elisha, Brian, and yours truly. This is our 3rd annual Memorial Day get together. This year we missed Justin's bride Debbie and their sweet girls Molly and Sadie. I get to go meet Sadie in a few weeks and CAN'T wait to see her. You can read about their family HERE

Last year I was weeks away from having Bowden, and in that blog post I asked who would be the next one, and it was Debbie!

B's favorite toy of choice...a ball! AND a basketball at that!
The boys having a great time.

All the kids in attendance.
Looks kind of cruel to me!
They boys were all about night crawlers!

Next year we will tripod it (or let Marlee take it!) to get all of our spouses.