Saturday, August 27, 2005

Stainglass, liver exercise, and hope

This past weekend was one I have been looking forward to for a year. Really. Last year I attended the Women of Faith conference and came away with a heart renewed for Christ my Lord. This year, the anticipation was eating at me. I couldn't wait to go, to hear the women singing, to be with my sisters of faith, and to reopen my heart to what God wanted me to take away from the speakers and performers. I love being with my sisters from church. I love the girls weekend. But what I wasn't expecting was the flood of tears that streamed my face every 10 minutes. At first, I thought it was my condition (4 months pregnant). I truly had to believe my Lord was teaching me things through each song and each word. Some not so easy to hear, but itsn't that what it is all about. I loved an illustration about stainglass. I will not even try to tell you the story, everyone hears and processes differently, or at least I have a gift to reading too much into certain things and creating stories from from very little. However, what I want to share are my pieces. You see, I have many pieces. Some of them are pretty, and some of them are EXTREMELY broken. Some of the pieces I broke, and some were broken for me out of my control. BUT, that is me. That is what makes me who I am. I am the ART that God created. Some of you who were there might be thinking, that I truly do have a gift to STRETCH what I heard, but remember that is what God taught me.

Hope. Hope for me. Hope for Stacey. Hope for my friends. Hope for my family members, and hope for PARKER. FORGIVEN. Simple message worth repeating....FORGIVEN.

I learned that laughter is possibly the only exercise for the liver. I need to learn to laugh at things much more often.

Tears. A flood. During the entire conference I was a hose. I wish I could explain, but I know that I am not great with words. Many things tugged at my heart. In song...didn't matter which one...they all had the same effect. Hearing 16,000 women sing in unison was AWESOME! A word I don't use often due to my earthly father teaching me it's power. I just lost half of my I will have to write about LISA in another blog in the future. She was my tears story, but after 30 minutes of writing this was all I could recover. I do need and want to say one more thing.

There were many things that were truly hard to hear for one reason or another. There was one point in the conference that I wished I was sitting by one of my sisters so that I could hold her hand. I know that she was surrounded by women who loved her, but it didn't change my heart from wanting to comfort. I know that you are touching the hem daily. I love you GH, you know who you are. (You know that I am not good with words, so I hope you know what I was trying to say.)

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jenny biz said...

GH knows who she is:) She felt amazingly strong during that skit and she knows it is b/c of family and friends that were praying her through that 20 or so minutes. Thank you for your encouraging words. The weekend was amazing!! Lisa made me bawl also. It was beautiful to see her heart in worship. Nichole Nordeman was and always is powerful and Avalon's song Adonai always bringgs my heart to it's knees. Though we weren't sitting next to each other, our spirits were very close!