Friday, November 18, 2005

Lions and Tigers and Strep THROAT!

I have this problem. I always think my son just has a allergies, or is cutting teeth when he ever has a runny nose. There was once when my son reached 103 temperature and we ended up in the ER to find out he had double ear infections and I thought he was cutting teeth. Parker ended up getting tubes in his ears for his birthday last year after having 8 ear infections in 4 months! He has been doing great. He does have pretty severe allergies and we have been referred to an allergist. He takes a prescription every day, but the past 2 weeks he has been battling a runny nose. I called his doctor to be told he had allergies and try one of the antihistimines that we have been prescribed before and if it doesn't get better to come in. We still have a runny nose, and today he had a cough so I called and got an appointment. He has strep throat. I used to consider Parker as a pretty healthy child, but now that I have had to call his friends and playmates to tell them he probably has infected them, for the inteenth time, I am thinking I need to change my thinking.

Last night HONEY AND BUDDY (Stacey's parents) took us the Shrine circus along with Parker's cousins. He had a grand time riding the neigh (horse) and the elephant. Buddy bought him a glow in the dark flashy stick thingy, which is a huge hit even today. He liked the lions and tigers, but could care less about the clowns and barely clothes girls that hung from the ceiling by ropes. We did have a first, Parker and I shared his first sucker ever! It was a great caramel apple sucker, and he loved it. So, after Parker was diagnosed with Strep his doctor told me to contact my OB! Sounds like I just have a few days before I go down. My OB's office closes at noon on Fridays and I called at 1:00 so I am out of luck over the weekend. I am drinking lots of orange juice to combat the sickness I will gladly share with my son. Check out the picture.


Kelli said...

He is a little trooper because strep throat is miserable! Parker is a healthy little boy. I am a firm believer that the second winter after birth is the hardest because the babies are walking, talking, eating, touching and playing with everything.

jenny biz said...

Hope Parker feels better soon and that you DO NOT get sick!!
Glad you guys had fun at the circus! I can't wait to take Malaya!