Friday, July 31, 2009

some new ones

Today I took some new photos of the kids and Nana because she realized (because of Facebook) she didn't have any with Parker. SO, I sat in my CHAIR and shot a few. See, I didn't over do it.
Okay, I stood up to take this one.
Look at my circus performer! We love our new backyard. These were taken last weekend when the kids were here.

AND my baseball performer, I mean pitcher!

And we got one of these when we got home from the hospital. It was delicious! and very creative from some special people.
So how are you doing?

I am hearing this a lot lately, and I don't really know how to answer. I am having a bit of an issue with walking and still having a bit of discomfort. I can't stand for long periods of time and I still can't pick up more than 10 pounds. I struggle with what to tell people. Some times I think they ask, because they are suppose to. Then when I AM HONEST and don't just say 'fine' people don't know how to respond. I think I am going to start saying 'fine' because it is much easier to take peoples reaction.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The recovery

Has been a bit rough. The kids came home over last weekend for about 24 hours, and it was tough. Stacey and Mamma earned badges I am sure. I am not to lift over 10 pounds, 10 POUNDS! My baby is that x 2 and more! I am having no problem doing nothing. I feel guilty though as I should accomplish so much with 2 weeks with out kids in a new house. I should be unpacking, arranging, decorating, finish painting! All of those are NOT included in the doctors orders. I have caught up on GH, watched an entire season of Tori and Dean (it seems), and needlepointed. I also nap at any time I feel tired. I eat when I want and what I want, but have some amazing people that have been bringing dinner. I miss fixing chocolate milk, or laying with the baby, or being asked if a little princess could change her clothes, again.

Mom is here now, the washer is going and I have someone to talk to, so I will leave the computer for a while.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Surgery

I will disclaim: the male readers may want to jump over to Just saying.

5 years ago I gave birth to a sweet 9lb 12oz baby boy. No one knew he was that large. My doctor sure didn't know it or she wouldn't have decided to remove him the way she did, leaving me with a very long recovery and scar tissue. Also, the sneezing, coughing, and laughing was alarming.

When I got pregnant with Emaline (8lbs 12 oz), I struggled mentally thinking about the birth of another child, what it would do to my body. I was led to a wonderful doctor who monitored me and the size of my baby and suggested we go the route of a c-section to not do further damage to my body.


Baby number 3 (7 lbs, 6 oz), c-section done. But with the pregnancies came pressure to some of the organs in my body. After a long day of shopping, or being on my feet, I would feel 'discomfort' and need to sit down. After Bowden, I really wanted to start exercising to get rid of this baby weight. One night, during a family walk, I told the fam to keep on and that I was going to jog the rest of the way home. I made a few steps and knew something was wrong. I waited a few more steps and tried again. Same thing occurred, pain in the female region, only to be described as something or somethings were falling out.

I went to my gyn for the good ol annual. I mentioned to him the problems with my bladder, and the pain I felt during my jog. He examined me. I already knew my options for the bladder but when the doctor explained to me about the jogging pain... I felt faint. I actually had to lay back down because I thought I was going to pass out. I am 33. This sounds like something I should be dealing with in 20 years!

Dr. New and I discussed the 'quality of life' term. I so want to run with my kids, which I have never done unless planned. I want to jump up and down, play soccer, chase the kids, sneeze! with out having incontinence, plus my 'other' organs need to stay where they are suppose to be.

SO, this past Tuesday I went in for surgery. I was an emotional wreck. I kept telling them that I am nauseated, and anxious. Anyone who would listen I told them, nauseated and anxious. I was fearful. My friends were praying for me, this was a big decision for me. My kids are so small. I won't be able to lift them for 6 weeks! After Stacey hugged me and they began to roll me back....I guess I fell right to sleep.

Dr. New lifted my bladder, vagina, and rectum. Sound fun? The urologist inserted a sling on my bladder. Dr. New also removed a lot of scar tissue, more than he expected that I had from Parker's birth. One of the side effects to anesthesia I have is that I itch. I ITCH like crazy! No medicine they gave me would take away the itch. That has been hard.

My kids are at camp Nana this week, and next week they will go to Aunt Dee's and Mammy's. Then after that I have had lots of friends offer to help during the day with the little ones. It is hard to not have them around, but very emotional if I think about not being able to help Bowden if he needed me. Or if he hurt me. I would not want to upset him. Stacey has been amazing. He has been very understanding to the pain I have felt over the years, and prayed for me during this decision making process. My grandmother has been here for the past few days helping me get around.

So there you have it. The mysterious surgery. When I was doing some research I learned that they really don't know statistics on how many women have what I have, because women don't talk about it. Women don't tell their doctor what is happening to their body or their friends. I hope that me blogging about this, does open a door to someone else who may need to talk to their doctor, or to someone else about what is going on in their body. They aren't alone and they don't have to 'live with it'.

If you are reading this and can't believe I wrote all this on the Internet, just remember I am on some pretty major pain medicine! Thank you all for your prayers!

Bowden's first attempt of 1 year photos

I quickly took Bowden to take his 1 year photos since he is changing so much before my surgery (blog about surgery to come later). He was a trip! All he wanted to do was to walk, then fall down, only to walk and fall down again. It was getting real hot as well. We will need to try again, when I am feeling a bit better.

Friday, July 17, 2009

It is a good reason

I haven't been a good blogger! We moved! Through packing, rearing of children, moving, being without internet...the blog has suffered!

Here are some photos of the kids in their new rooms.My pirate/monkey/jailbird! He did not want to be in his bed, even for a photo. He was all over the place, and this was the best I got.
This was his cowboy face!
Miss Thang.
The boys are sharing a room again. I love this photo. Can you tell which one is teething?

The below photos are from the old house, during the packing process. I gave Parker and Emaline a box and asked them to pack it for me. Really just trying to keep them busy. Parker packed his horses, LIKE THIS!
If you can't tell, they are all standing up in the bottom of the box. He cried when Bowden reached into the box and removed one of them, causing a domino effect.

And the below photos. It is really hard to pack when you have this on your legs! OR UNPACK for that matter!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July 4th!

These bad boys are ALL out of order, but come on! It is 1:13 AM!

My 2 big kids got their face painted at the Trophy Club carnival.

Parker did the spinning thing.
Bowden enjoyed his fan a bit!

The cousins.

The way the parade went! Bowden checking us out in the back from the front.

4 good friends.

And, just so you know it doesn't just happen once! HE CLIMBS INTO EVERYTHING! This time Parker was there, and the roof was OFF the barn this time.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bowden's birthday party

Happy first birthday Bowden! We celebrated sweet B's birthday last Sunday at MIL's house!

Lauren and Lindsay


MIL created this little arrangement with the invitation.

The table, but as I look at it, this picture was taken before I finished.
Stacey doing some grilling.
Jim (FIL) was gracious to share his birthday with Bowden's birthday party.

These cups were a hit! I made some lemonade and the kids just kept refilling at the spout! I wrote their names on them and probably saved a ton in juice boxes!

I love this photo. I took the cake away, and he relaxed!Then GOT REAL MAD, but not for long!
We had a pinata! The kids LOVED it! Bowden and Isaiah were some of the most excited!

Bowden would cheer and encourage everyone! I LOVE HIS FACE here!

Isaiah loved it!

Once the candy came out, Isaiah would bring candy piece by piece to nana.

Isaiah didn't want to leave the party!
The best kisser in the world puckering up!

More kisses!

I had to include the next 2 photos because this is what I am dealing with. Bowden loves to crawl with things in his hands, all over the house. He especially likes the WII controllers. I found this one in his fisher price hippo thing.And the above photo. Feel his pain, or mine! He crawls into everything! E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! He even tried to crawl into a large gift bag today! He crawls into the dishwasher, the dryer, a basket, between chair lets, toys, and BARNS! I know I was a bad mom when I left him and went to get my camera, but COME ON! I had to document this!