Monday, July 31, 2006

Catch up picture time!

I realized tonight that I had many pictures on my camera that I wanted to share. Here are a couple.

Emaline and her friend Carter. He is already trying to make a move! Watch out!

Great friends!

Bath time is so much fun now that sister can sit up in her bath seat. Lots of splashing. And yes, that is a pool floatie in the back ground. Parker likes to pretend he swims in the bathtub.

Ethan and Parker in their "castle." Matthew was there too, but wasn't involved in this shot.

Doesn't she look Fabulous! SO happy. Aunt La La brought this outfit back for her from a trip. I usually put a head ornament on her when she wears blue, but it had disappeared by the time I got the camera out!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thirteen Things I have done since Stacey has been in Colorado.

1. I left my 12 pack of Cokes in the cart at Target. Okay this actually happened before he left, but notable.

2. Got to snuggle with my #2 guy while watching a superhero movie. He normally isn't much of a snuggler, but tonight I soaked it all in. Maybe it was the drugs. Check out number 6.
3. Tried to explain to a very special person that it isn't right for you to wash off someone else's sidewalk chalk design just because you were tired of looking at it on THEIR driveway.
4. I tried to wash off our Crayola SideWalk paint from Saturday, it ain't coming off. It is stained. We will be borrowing a power washer because I actually made a 13 for a post with the paint and now it seems to be permanantly on my drive way. Oops. Sorry honey.
5. Went swimming.
6. Applied sunscreen horribly! If you know me, this happens a lot. I ALWAYS screw this part of swimming up. I have been known to leave an entire hand print on my back...funny how that happens. Today Parker was the person in subject...sorry man. Your arms look awful with those red stripes on them. You can see my fingers on the back of his arm though. I gave him some medicine to hopefully take some of the pain away.
7. I, being the coordinated person that I am, seemed to launch myself backward from a floatie into the air with arms and legs aswingin (a swinging). Let me walk you through this one. A sweet friend had this cute hot pink intertube thing. I pranced my self right down to the 3 foot drop off so that I could leap into the air and sweep the hot pink tube under me and float around like a cool mom. Only the float had a different idea. It seems my bottom is too large to fit into the hole, so instead of letting me rest in the floatie, it lauched me upside down and backwards only to be tossed around like a ragdoll. It must have been quite a sight due to the reaction I received when I came up from air and to take my bow. If a complete stranger can laugh out loud, it must have been funny. Don't worry, I was okay.
8. I went to eat dinner down the street with friends. So fun. Always a blast at your house.
9. Let Emaline take her first ride in the wagon. She did great.
10. Got caught up on Treasure Hunters and Project Runway.
11. Made a disaster of the house. Usually I clean. Not this time. I hope to get it cleaned up in a few hours before Stace gets home.
12. Cleaned strawberry milk shake from my beige carpet. You see. Parker didn't know that only mommy can push the straw up and down to help defrost the froze milk shake. (It may not help at all to push the straw up and down, but it made me feel like I was helping). You can probably see where this is going. He punched the entire bottom out of his cup, not just a hole, but the whole thing. And not just one stain, multiple ones as he brought it to me.
13. Didn't answer the door when someone knocked last night. It could have beens someone real nice bringing me sweet tea, but I don't think so. I hung out in the back until I thought they were gone. Admit it, you all have done this.

Love you, miss you, see you Stace! Next time I get to go! Really!

Don't ask why the cow, just liked it. Have a great Thursday Thirteen!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

and some steak and potatoes please...

Emaline has been a little cranky lately. My first thought was OH NO not another infection. At Emaline's 6 month check up I asked the doctor about teeth she said (other than the 2 she already has). The check up went on. 20 lbs and above the 97%tile in head (duh) and length as well. I have a big girl. At the zoo yesterday I had a family stop and ask how old she was...6 months I said with a grin, with the pregnant lady only to drop hers and add, oh, she is big! I am glad sweet girl doesn't really know what that means. She is too young to join Curves. Doctor also told me I wasn't feeding her enough solids. Okay. I upped her intake of solids. We switched from rice to oatmeal (to hopefully solve some constipation issues she has had since I weaned the girl). Crankiness has continued. Yesterday at the zoo and at softball games she was not her typical self, although it is becoming pretty routine for her, it isn't her best side. Then I saw it. Tooth number 3! On the bottom. She is starting the Tooth per Month Club if anyone wants to enlist.

I tried to attach a picture...but blogger must be a vegetarian!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Can I have a sucker?

We have been working with Parker on potty training for quite some time now. I haven't been too serious, I didn't want to be the Potty Nazi, but today I thought I should get a little more serious. This past week Parker interrupted lunch to let me know he needed to go Shew wee, YIPPPEEE. Off we went to the potty and let me tell you...he really needed to go. To reward him he got a sucker and got to wear his super hero underwear. About 10 minutes later I was rocking sister and Parker walked over to the chair so I picked him up ~only to find out the the super heros were wet. I asked him if he went poo poo (our term for #1), and he said yes, in mommy's room. Great. I went to mommy's room and asked him where the accident happened...he showed me the spot. We talked about those super heros and now they had to go away for a while. He got so sad. I thought he was really getting this. He will usually go when we put him on the potty, but he just doesn't tell us when he needs to go poo poo. Today when I was at Target along with this side of America (WHY?) I bought some great incentives. I got super duper glittery pipe cleaners, an alphabet puzzle from the dollar spot, some new crayons, and some new colored pencils. I thought this would do it. I showed them to him and explained that they were his gift when he went shewwee in the potty. All afternoon he wanted to go get his new toys. Sorry dude. Tonight after bath time he went right in there and gave us a shewwee. YIPPEEE! He picked some of the pipe cleaners. We taught him how to twist and turn and make a circle, even to transfer himself into a bug. He played with them all of about 2 seconds and asked for a sucker. Maybe I can use all his new toys to make a sucker!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Do you like it?

The new template....I have never been pleased with the ones that blogger provides, and then I clicked on someone's comment on another blog and her background was so cool. I clicked on a button on her page and it took me to free templates. I thought this one was fun to finish out summer with. Enjoy the flowers! Just don't try to smell them, you might hurt your nose!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

13 TV shows I admit to have watched or watching!

11. Dukes of Hazzard
12. Regis and Kelly
13. ER

I got tired of posting pictures okay! First I had to find them...then I had to save them...then I had to upload them. So here they are. My 13. The picture with all the people in it is the cast from Project Runway. Love that show. It was great last night. you remember Blossom!? We used to have a family night of sorts with all boyfriends and girlfriend at my house and watch Blossom and Fresh Prince when I was in High School. Too funny. I love the southernness of Paula Deen and I like to watch Rachel Ray. I haven't cooked anything of hers though. And Treasure Hunters...although I don't know the kid, the blonde on the right is from Paris! My hometown. When I was home for Memorial Day, he was written up in the town paper. So cool. And don't get me started on Santa Barbara. My mom used to tape it during the day and we would all sit down and watch it together at night. I love Ed as I know I have stated many times before. ER when Clooney was on and Dr. Greene, and Benton. Those were the days. I never wanted to be Daisey Duke. I always wanted to be able to drive the car and slide across the hood and jump through the window. That is what you get when you have an older brother. Watch out Emaline!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy 6 months baby!

This morning before it hit 104, as my weather bug reads now, we headed to the park for Emaline's 6 month photoshoot. We had a great time. I am very please with the results. In six months she has 2 teeth, and I think 2 more on the way, she has captured all of our hearts, had surgery, been to the doctor more times than I have in 15 years, and continues to laugh and grow. We don't go for her 6 month check up for a couple more days, but at last report she weighed in at 19.6! She likes solid foods, carrots the best so far. She can sit up on her own for minutes at a time with out falling over. She also likes to reach for things and put them straight in her mouth. She has lost most of her dark locks except for a few strays. Another bald baby. Parker makes her laugh and smile just by looking at her. I love these kids!
Thank you baby for a wonderful 6 months. I love to see God in your eyes...what a miracle.
We went to Grapevine Botanical Gardens for her pictures. We were quite a sight. The grass was wet, so the back of my shorts looked like I had an accident. Too funny. Emaline loves being outside, so the trees moving kept her busy. Check out her pucker on the middle right. That is daddy's favorite. I have to agree! You may be asking what was Parker doing during this time, well, jumping on my back while I tried to take her picture, so I gave him a prize...COKE!
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Ask Me what I did today!

Well, thanks for asking. Last night my husband informed me that I would be receiving a package this morning between 10 and 10:30. I was thinking flowers. It has been a long few weeks with VBS and Emaline's doctors appointments. So, this morning we didn't shower, we were on our way out to wash the car, a fun outdoor activity we enjoy. The doorbell rang. I went to get my flowers only to look out the window and see 2 familiar people. 2 people I wasn't expecting. 2 babysitters! (Thanks Laura and Emily) What!? They were holding a sign, and it said 13 reasons I love my wife!!!! Great kick off of our Thursday 13's. The 2 babysitters were holding a camera, however, one look at me and then my threat of taking a picture, they reconsidered and waited on me to shower before they had their candid moment. The 13 reasons stopped at 8 and then said that I had a massage waiting on me at 10:45 so I better get going! Not without a shower! A massage calls for shaven legs! The girls took the kids over and off I went to an incredible experience~ there is a very special woman at our church who uses her gift to treat young mothers, so cool, and that is where I went. After my hour long massage there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and another note...the other 5 reasons. I felt so relaxed after my treat. Really. When I looked in the mirror after my massage, I didn't recognize the girl I saw (not just the fact my hair was everywhere) but the dark circles were gone, I just looked refreshed. So cool husband! On the bottom of this list, it told me to go to church and I would meet a friend there who would then give me my next surprise. Yep, she was there. I got in her car and OFF we were to Cheesecake Factory for a lunch for 2. No high chairs or sippy cups, just us. Husband picked up the tab. SO cool babe.

Can I just say you are the BEST hubby in the world, to realize I needed some time by myself. Some time to relax, and a good meal. Thank you. So thoughtful. What did I ever do to deserve you? God has blessed me with your friendship first, and our marriage second. Thank you love!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

13 Things I love about VBS!

1. Parker asking if we are going to bible school today...a term my grandmother uses.

2. Seeing adults act like kids.

3. Teaching the kids about Jesus and his birth.

4. To see creative juices flow from people you sometimes don't expect it.

5. Getting to work with incredible christian people, may of which read this blog!

6. Ice cream supper~and thank you JH for my homemade peach by request. INCREDIBLE!

7. Getting to know people better. This one I love due to the fact that you just can't form relationships during Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. I got to know many people this week with this avenue.

8. Getting to see the kids dress up and having their picture taken.

9. Seeing God glorified through servanthood.

10. I love working with my husband, through carpentry and craft! Thanks for all your hours and hard work!

11. Late nights. I usually hate them. I am usually one that likes to go to bed when the sun goes down, or used to. I have broken all habits and been such a late owl and kind of liked it.

12. Sonic Cokes. Thanks JB.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy July 4th!

July 4th was a great day of family fun and excitement. Our church held a pancake breakfast for the City of Trophy Club. I went to help and Stacey brought the kids up later. We went to the parade and Parker enjoyed the candy. We came home and took naps, ate lunch out and went to Target. YIPPEE! That is where we decided instead of buying Emaline a new carseat, brother could get one and she could his. $$Saver. After that we went to the Trophy Club extravaganza. I am not really sure what they called this time, but I like the word extravaganza. Parker loved the inflatable events. Below the collage makes me smile replaying it in my head. Parker isn't a GREAT climber, so it took him FOREVER to make it the top. We celebrated, along with the parents of other children who Parker slowed down because he was taking too long, each time he reached the top.
Doesn't this picture just make you smile!
My boys!This was taken after he slid down the big slide. We were so happy for him.
Gangsta baby. This was our attempt of not letting the fireworks scare the baby. This baby did just fine. Parker didn't like them at all. He kept climbing on me, saying 'don't like this show.' He still talks about it~mama, I don't like fireworks. Your right honey, you don't like them at all.

Sorry this post is SO late. Stacey had to take my pictures off of my camera onto his computer and email them to me. And, if you know me, it took 12 emails to get ALL my pictures to me. YIKES! I guess I took lots of pictures. VBS is in full swing. I can't wait to show you pictures. The kids are having so much fun! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

13 Things that make me go HUMMMM!
1. Why can't I get my pictures off of my camera?
2. Why did Blogger upload 2 pictures of Emaline?
3. How come when I try to do the word verification I usually have to retype it twice?
4. Myspace.
5. What do you do with a 5.75 month old who weighs 20 lbs and can't sit up on her own and has moved into a big girl carseat when you go shopping or out to eat?
6. Parker pretends to be a superhero by wearing my high heeled sandals.
7. Laundry.
8. These little bugs that have infested our home.
9. Baby shoes.
10. Bows. If I could get the pictures off of my camera, I would love to show you the bow that Emaline wore on the 4th. It was the entire size of her head. I am not a real bow person, but thought that she needed one on Tuesday. While eating dinner at a community outing, a lady tapped me on my shoulder to inform me that my daughter had pulled her bow over her eyes. I wonder how long she had been that way!
11.How did my cell phone end up in Parker's closet in his shoe?
12. How come spices are cheaper on the Mexican Food aisle than the baking aisle?
13. Why am I still awake!?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Devil wears...a Bugs Life

Last night I was able to get away with some great girlfriends for dinner and a movie. Thanks Lynley for getting the tickets early so we could get in to the sold out movie. It was so nice to escape the craziness currently unfolding at my house with another infection by sister (a blog by itself probably coming on Monday when we know more). It was good to eat out at a girly spot and then see a girly movie. A really good movie. When I returned home, my incredible husband had bathed both kids and put one to sleep. The 2 big kids (Stacey and Parker) had climbed into our bed and had used the projector (the same one for the Mavericks game) to shoot A Bug's Life on the wall in the bedroom. SO much fun. While I was gone, Daddy took both kids to Donalds for dinner, then to Target for Emaline's prescription, and to Blockbuster to get the movie (he didn't know that we own the movie). They even bought me an outfit, not at Blockbuster, but at Target! Thanks family. You made a great night even better. This morning as Parker woke up he ran into the bedroom to watch his BUG TV he called it. So, Stacey has already go it going. I am headed to get some more Pancake mix. Enjoy your weekend.