Friday, June 28, 2013

Bowden's Birthday Day

My sweet baby turned 5 this week. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?? He wanted a rockin' mohawk- check. He wanted DONUTS- check. He wanted to watch a movie on Netflix- check. He wanted to swim with his siblings- check. He wanted Whataburger for dinner- check. He says check after things he says- check.

This guy brings JOY, the busting at the corner of the mouth JOY!  He calls himself a "JEANUS" and if you don't speak Bowden, that is 'Genius'.  He loves anything that deals with a ball- soccer, baseball, basketball, OH and Karate or ninja warrior. Every day is an adventure. Every day is FULL of LEGOS, singing worship songs acapella, "Oh YEAH" is said about 20 times, he likes to hold things behind his back, and THEN ask me if he can have, use, play, or eat what is hidden behind his back, he loves to kiss me, on the lips, which is awkward sometimes- just being honest. He has learned how to ride his bicycle without training wheels, and is excited to be with me at preschool one more year! OH how I love you Bowden Owen Pearson!


This girl has been losing so many teeth the tooth fairy CANNOT keep up! Seriously!
 She pulled this one all by herself. I did end up tying a string to it because it was at such a tricky place to get a good hold.

 She was so proud. We took a picture with her fairy door, even though we know fairies don't need doors, but we wanted to let the fairy know she was welcome.
 Now, tooth fairy day 2 days later (June 26th- Bowden's birthday), she pulled her own tooth in the car coming home from swimming........ FAIL! That silly tooth fairy must have been so busy going all over town and thought the message that Emaline had lost another tooth would be ludicrous, she skipped our house, so we thought. Emaline had left her/him a note asking if the fairy was a boy or girl and thanking them for bringing the $. She awoke to nothing. NADA. She was so disappointed. Well, little did we know that that silly fairy left a note for her in the car! WITH $. TO change things up a bit.

and that tooth fairy said that the color of the paper revealed their gender, and Emaline was super excited to use the $ at the concession stand at basketball camp.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Six Flags

We have season tickets to Six Flags this summer. It was one of our Christmas presents from my mom. The kids had never been, but we went 2 days after Christmas, and it was crazy busy- fun- but crazy busy. We didn't get to do much since it was so busy. In fact, we only rode 3 things that day. Fast forward to Monday- when we did it big time! We got there and headed the opposite direction we did in December. He rode the Sombrero first, then the conquistador (which I realize isn't called that any more, but it is what it is!). Bowden was quite scared on that one. We then headed to Log Ride, again, with the name chain. In this line we experienced a commercial on the tvs you can watch in park when you are waiting in line. It was about a sasquatch, and beef jerky. The kids behind me- probably 5 years old- yells out- "He just got kicked in the *ss!" I was floored when all his grandmother did or say was "Hey now."  That was it! And the "hey now" wasn't even in a firm voice.  WHAT IN THE WORLD! Please people. Be a good example! AND train your kids with the Lord. Don't let you kids talk like that. Back to the rides!  Then to the mini mine train. We rode that one back in Decemeber. The kids loved it. Bowden and I rode in the very first car! THEN we headed to the Judge Roy Scream! I was convinced that they kids would ride with no complaining. I knew they would love it.  Not so much! Bowden was tall enough and since he is my thrilled seeker kid I knew he would be on board. As we walked up, the kids started freaking out! Not Parker, but the other 2. From crying to begging not to ride it! Well, this mom of the year made her kids ride! They have to over come those fears some time, and Monday was the day! The below pictures were actually staged, well, the big kids were.

As we climbed the first hill, I raised my hands like any 37 year old mom would do! Well, that was until Bowden reached up and grabbed my arm and held it for life! I kept feeling my arm getting tighter and tighter... well, that was because my sweet Bowden was sliding under our seat belt and bar!!! I quickly grabbed him and braced him with my arm and all was safe. The look on his face was terrified! Emaline kept yelling the whole first hill, " MOM, did you trick me and are we on the Texas Giant??" No sweet girl, it is the Judge Roy. So what does any mom of the year do, yep, I made them ride it again!There wasn't any line, so we quickly made the look around and got back in line. I did bribe Bowden with candy, but after I braced him better we did great! Emaline said it is now her favorite ride there. Bowden says it isn't!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Running moms Rock

So Amanda had this idea to get a team together for Running Mom's Rock, and we did just that! We didn't have just 1 team, I think we had 5! Here are some friends from preschool. We were SUPER MOMS! And costumes were encouraged, just in case you were wondering.

MORE preschool teachers!

Amy- my coteacher and friend!


I got 57th in my age group, not too bad! or 244th in the race. It was the start of an annual event. NOW, put October 5th on your calendar for Jenny's Run for HOPE!!!