Thursday, June 29, 2006

13 Snaps

If I had 13 snaps today, these things would happen.

1. Parker would stop this crying whining thing.

2. We would know what is going on with Emaline.

3. Baby Katlyn would miraculously be healed.

4. VBS would be ready and organized.

5. I would have sweet tea to drink right now.

6. My car would be unpacked.

7. The piles of laundry would be spot stained, washed, dried, hung, folded, and put up.

8. My friends would get a warm feeling of just how much I love them.

9. That icecream bowl from last night that is still on my night stand would just disappear. Who wants to clean it anyway at this point. I think I am only going to use paper products from now on. I know that you probably think I am gross for leaving it there, but I will take it to the kitchen as soon as I finish this, I promise. I won't wash it though, not until tomorrow.

10. All of the shoes in the bottom of my closet would just JUMP up onto the shelf.

11. I could have a massage.

12. My pajamas would put themselves on me.

13. I would go to sleep right n...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It is 11:50 pm and as I sit and type...I am sipping some SWEET TEA. It happened like this. I climb into bed, chatting with asleep husband. I say, "was that a knock on the door?" he said" huh" I said "I think that was knock" he said "I will go check" (in his boxers!) While on way to door, Doorbell rang. SO, there must be someone at door. I didn't hear any voices. Stacey comes back into bedroom and tells me I need to come to the door. I said, "NO!" He said, "YES" and I said "NO" (this goes on for what seems like forever.) Finally I grabbed my robe and headed to the front of the house, and round a corner and am faced with Preacher and wife and Sonic SWEET TEA! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! WHO READS BLOGS THIS LATE AND WHO DRIVES TO GET SOME CRANKY GIRL SOME SWEET TEA AT 11:45 pm! The neatest, sweetest people in the world! THank you so much Joel and Kim for making my week. I do really think it made my week. Love you guys!

Side note: I will now be awake for some time due to the Route 44 caffeinated Sweet Tea and will be making unexpected bathroom breaks. Next time I will ask for steak. And I should say that Stacey did go clean my icecream bowl as soon as he checked my blog. I love you too babe. Now I must go enjoy my tea.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

5 months and counting!

I love this picture of her. She is really trying to sit up all by herself. I believe she will be our daredevil!
Sitting back and chilling!
Check out those thighs! At 5 months she weighed 18. 6, and today at the doctor she weighed in at 19.4. Yes, I said the doctors. We were there because sister just isn't herself. I know you don't believe me looking at the pictures, but she has been screaming for 30-45 minutes at a time for the past few days and sleeping only 10 minutes to an hour ALL DAY LONG! They are sending off for some cultures just to make sure she didn't catch something during her surgery last week. She just seems like she is in pain.

I just looked at my blog counter~ over 10,000 visits WHOOOHOOO! I am glad that I am able to keep in touch with so many friends and family through Blogger. I enjoy reading blogs and keeping up with people from all over Texas and even Iowa (HI COUSINS)!

Happy Birthday A.M.!!! Thanks for being a great friend who inspires me to be more creative and a better cook! I do think you should get your own blog though. I would love to read stories about your boys. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some time

I have some time. Yes, time. I know there is so much that I could be doing. Kids are asleep. Husband is dozing. What should I do? and here I am, blogging. I think I could nap, but what is the point? Sister will wake up in about 20 minutes and need me. I could go shopping for VBS stuff, oh yeah, sister will need me. So, here I am.

My brother turned 32 this week. He is an old guy. I love him bunches. I really need a more recent picture, this is when Emaline was born. We have seen him since, and will go eat with him tonight. Maybe I should take my camera. Happy birthday Rooster!

Emaline is doing great. More herself every day. She sure is sleeping a lot.

After a train birthday party this morning (happy birthday cousin Tanner) during nap time, Parker decided to rearrange his room. Good job son, but next time let's not balance the ceramic items on bed posts. He is still asleep. He knocked for me earlier and when I went to check on him I saw the new decor. Yes, he knocked, he can't get out on his own. It's kiddie jail. Well, I am now thinking of all I should be doing. Must get off this time sucker. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thirteen Things about the past week

1. Emaline's surgery went well. We got answers about the blood we have seen in her diapers. Looks like her very first infection irritated her bladder so bad that it hasn't recovered. We have pictures to prove it. It is still causing problems, now 3 months after the infection.
2. I don't have to worry about the Mavs season any longer and am excited about next season.
3. With Emaline's surgery out of the way, Mav's finished, and my mind at ease I can now focus on VBS.
4. I am not looking forward to baseball season (don't tell my husband, but I think he already knows this about me).
5. I have the best friends in the world. Thanks guys for all your prayers, dinner, calls, and emails about Emaline.
6. Parker now says the word "SHOOT!" I think he gets it from that Citibank commercial with the 2 old ladies on the couch talking about their motorcycles. Stacey and I love it and stop to watch if it comes on. I think he caught on. He says it like this," OH MY SHOOT!"
7. I could never work at Cook's Children Hospital. That is where Emaline's surgery was. A great facility, but it makes me SO very thankful for healthy children.
8. We had a fun father's day with Stacey. He wanted to eat CHEESEABURGERs for lunch, so we did. WE love you daddy!
9. Lots of birthdays falling around us. One of our friends turned 30 and another 1! Happy birthday MM and JP.
10. My husband has figured out how to project our tv onto our wall in the living room to have the biggest viewing screen on the block. I am sure we will sell tickets for upcoming football games. Stay tuned. (Notice I didn't say baseball)
11. Emaline likes to laugh out loud. This is making me smile as I write, because I took a break typing to get in the floor with her and play. We even called LaLa and Daddy to hear her sweet music.
12. Thank you for 'knocks' on the door. My sweet friend and reader JH just brought by cute little strawberry pies. YUM! I am so glad we live close to our friends.
13. I am excited about our Women's ministry at church. I believe our new name is :Iron Skillets. I missed that part of the meeting to know the meaning behind it. I know our men's ministry is called Iron Men, so we are the Iron Skillets. I love it.

Here are some pictures for surgery day. I thought she looked cute in her gown.

Well, blogger must be a Miami Heat fan because it won't let me post my pictures. I will try again later.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I couldn't watch...

but from the sounds in the other room the game is now over. From the silence in the other room, we did not win. Why am I getting tearyeyed? Seriously. I LOVE the MAVS! I wanted this to be our year. I was planning the trip to the parade. I wanted it for Avery. I wanted it for ME! So, there will be next year. Now, I get to go to Birthday club on Thursday, and don't have to plan my life around the finals. Now. Now I get to sit through long, long baseball games on tv. Why is the off season in basketball so long!? Can football come sooner?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Summer FUN!

Summer fun at MIL's house. Emaline's first time swimming, and she had a blast. We made some accommodations with her float and she liked it so much she went to sleep. Parker's new love of goggles is indescribable. He hates sunglasses and it is hard to keep a hat on him, but he loved the 'blue glasses' and carries this picture of him around like it is his favorite toy.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Father's Day

I like Father's Day. It is great to reflect on special men in my life. Some of them aren't with me any more, but just as special. Let me start with my dad-
BOP as Parker calls him. A great Godly man with a keen sense of style. We had a very special relationship for many years. He has cried many tears with me. He has celebrated many life steps with me. I love you dad!
Stacey. A GREAT father! I love to watch him handle the kids. I look forward to watching him in the coming years as we grow in our faith and in our SKIN! Just kidding love. You and Parker have such a great connection, it makes me smile just thinking about it. And I can only imagine what it will be like when Emaline gets older and can wrap you around her finger. You are in trouble. Thank you for being such a great earthly father and being such a Godly example to the kids and me. I love you!
Pappa (Papaw)- My mom's dad. An incredible man. A tall, slender, nice looking man who wore a shirt, tie, slacks every day of his life, unless he was at his farm, then he had on starched wranglers and shirt. A service man, car king (could name any make and year), a great husband, and an incredible grandfather. He loved his work, and so did we. I was able to stay 2-3 months with my Pappa and Mamma every summer while I was in elementary school, and we looked forward to PAYDAY! He made the best grilled cheeses and sliced peaches. He lost a short battle with cancer in 1999. I miss him.
Daddy Harry~ my dad's dad. He died when I was very young and I don't have too many memories, but one I remember was his love of fishing. I remember pretending in his boat that was parked in his garage that we were just like him. He died of a heart attack on a fishing trip. I love to hear stories about him and his ranching.
Buddy (Jim or FIL (stacey's dad)-I love to see Jim being grandfather. He loves my kids, he loves his kids, and he loves his in laws. I am not sure he knows ( until now) how much I appreciate the love he has shown me.

Thank you God for the strength you have shown me in these men you have placed in my life. Thank you for allowing me to be loved by these men. Thank you for allowing me to honor them.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thirteen Things I love about today:

1. Hearing Emaline spit raspberries at me this morning

2. Having Emaline reach for me and smile

3. Hearing Parker waking up and showing us his animals right away

4. Parker asking for his KAY_YA (chocolate milk)

5. Feeding Emaline this morning (isn't God wonderful?)

6. Having Stacey's help getting the kids ready (not that he doesn't help, he does, a lot, but he usually is gone before we get up. Just wanted to clarify!)

7. Stacey taking the kids to MIL's house so I can tutor

8. Getting ready by myself today, slowly!

9. Going to MIL's house for a cousin swim today

10. Seeing KQ's blog about the MAVS so creative!

11. Game 4 tonight! GO MAVS!

12. Eating Popcorn. I just really want popcorn today.

13. Reading everyone elses 13's today. I look forward to the creativity!

If I could add one thing from yesterday, it would be me asking Parker what he learned at church and him telling me 'love' and then saying 'szeesus.' He even put this great sentence together that sounded like this: szeesus loves Parker! Thank you church family for teaching my kid about love. SZEESUS LOVE YOU!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Zoo Trip

Sorry for the 2 posts in one day thing, but all my pictures won't post like I want them too. Today was fun, hot~ Thanks zoo friends! The train picture was at the end of our long hot day, can you tell? And please look at Parker's flamingo or 'bingo' stance as he likes to call it.

Neighborhood car wash

Don't tell anyone, but I have started using child labor! Good work, and the car looks great. Thanks Hunter, Molly, and Jackson for coming to the Friday night car wash.

Friday, June 09, 2006

13 thoughts while driving home from Waxahachie today

1. Will my blogger be working today since it wasn't the past 2 days!
2. Why is it 108 degrees in my car
3. As I am stuck in traffic on 35W
4. Why is it taking me 2 hours to get home from Waxahachie?
5. Can I reach the left over fried chicken?
6. Sure had fun with Mammy and Dee
7. Dinner sure was good last night
(fried chicken, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, fried okra, salad, biscuits, gravy, fresh corn, sweet tea, butterskotch pie, and banana pudding)
9. What will we do with Parker's new cows, horses, and bull-we are running out of farm space!
10. I hope Parker stays asleep the entire way.
11. Please stop crying Emaline...I know it is hot!
12. It sure was fun spending the night in Wakahachie for the Mav's party.
13. I don't think I will get to sleep in tomorrow!

I am feeling better about the pharmacy issue. The reason I LOVE/D the Target pharamacy is because everytime I went to pick up meds, the PHARMACIST would come to the front and expain all the side effects, ask if Parker/Emaline had been on the meds before, and answer any questions I had. They have even called to check on him after he was on antibiotic before! See why I loved it! It wasn't like all the times before when I have rolled up to a pick up window and had to yell my name at a 16 year old, sign a paper, and give some money. I liked the TLC I had received before and I love their bottles with the stopper tops. So, for now Target, we will work on our communcation. I will not be so kind in my surveys, and you will try to be a little more sensitive.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Don't Make me Break up with you!

You are probably thinking I am referring to Blogger and it's need to fix it self while I tried and tried to log on to vent. Maybe it was God's way of telling me to calm down. I am not talking about Blogger, I am talking about Target Pharmacy. Yes, my beloved Target Pharmacy. The one that I have referred many of my friends and have raved and bragged many times about the service I have received. It failed me today.

This morning after giving Emaline her medicine, I realized that I am going to run out in the next week or so, so I jumped on the phone and refilled it. The animated pharmacy told me her meds would be ready at 11:00 am. Great. I have other errands and then I would swing by. Skip ahead to 1:00. I did all of my Target shopping (diapers are on sale girls! 2 packages at 17 each then get a 5 dollar gift card and then I used some coupons!). I ran by and grabbed milk, last on my list and then headed to Pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions. By this time my passengers were NOT enjoying our outing. Emaline is screaming. SCREAMING. Parker also finds the need to tell me that she is crying all the while I am trying to tell the lady why I am there. She can't find the prescription. I tell her I called it in and the computer said it would be ready at 11:00. She gets on the computer and is having an issue. She tells me she is printing a label. Screaming. I rearrange the cart so that Emaline is now up high thinking this will calm her. Not so. Other people are beginning to look at me funny. The pharmacy lady tells me she will need 15 minutes to fill the prescription. WHAT! I didn't say it, but I know she read my face. Okay. Does she know that I have planned my entire shopping experience around this prescription that was suppose to be ready at 11:00. So I went around the corner to add some not needed items into my cart out of frustration when the pharmacy lady comes around the corner and tells me that I am trying to refill the prescription too early and that I can come back tomorrow to pick it up. EXCUSE ME! I have been standing at your counter for...15 minutes with a screaming child, then told to shop for 15 more for you to tell me to come back tomorrow! ONE DAY! TWELVE HOURS! Then, the lady gets sassy with me. She tells me it isn't Target's fault, it is my insurance. The nerve. All I said to her was, tomorrow? and she gets sassy. Does she not know how many customers I have sent there? Has she not heard my child scream me to a sweat? I probably have 4-5 more days of medicine for her left. 4-5 MORE DAYS and they are telling me it is too early! Stacey told me to blog about it so that I would get over it. I really don't feel better. I now have relived the experience again. Not fun. I will show them, Stacey will come pick it up, TOMORROW! Thanks for listening. Maybe I feel a little better!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Some recipes

I have had a few requests on recipes.

Original Ranch Pork Chops
1 packet/1 oz.
Hidden Valley® The Original Ranch® Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix

1/4 teaspoon
Black pepper

6 (about 3/4 inch thick)
Pork chops

Dash of paprika

Prep Time: 15 min.
Bake Time: 25 min.

Combine seasoning & salad dressing mix with pepper. Rub mixture on both sides of pork chops. Arrange pork chops in a single layer on baking pan or broiler rack. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake at 450°F. for 20 to 25 minutes, or until cooked through.

Makes 4 to 6 servings.

This recipe comes from the Hidden Valley Ranch website! Great recipes.

Monterrey Jack Chicken
5-6 (I usually just buy 2 packages) of boneless chicken breasts
lime juice
olive oil
7 oz can of pineapple juice
7oz can of coke
2 boxes of wild rice
1 chopped tomato
i choppen green onion
fresh mushroom slices
1 package of grated monterrey jack cheese

Marinate chicken in large pan with pineapple juice/coke/ 3 tbs lime juice for a couple of hours, however, I have done it all day before!
Prepare rice as package

Cook chicken in skillet with 3tbs lime juice and olive oil. I just add juice and oil as needed.

Put rice in 13x9 and place chicken on top. Cover with cheese, onion, and mushroom. Bake 375 until cheese melts.

A special thanks to Marsha Ridgell for this dish. One of my absolute favorites to eat and cook!

I am glad that others of you feel 'old.' Being a mom is wonderful, I wasn't complaining at all, just meaning I don't like to be called mom right now. I like mommy or mamma.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Old Mom

I am old for many reasons. I hit the big 3-0 this year. Nice. I have 2 kids. I have gray hair (although nicely highlighted around), standing next to my sister, I look 4-0, I don't speed, I always use my turn signal, I like to watch the news, I love to cook. Why am I writing this? How have times changed so much? I don't like going out to see the new summer fashions. I don't like seeing thongs, bra straps, fat roll mid-driffs or really any mid-driffs, butt cheeks hanging out of skirts etc. I don't like reading cuss words on websites. I like to go to bed at a decent hour. I get mad when a girl jumps off her bike and leaves it in the middle of the road to hug another bicycle passerby while I am behind her. Not cool.

I am a Mom. Yes, you know. But did you know that my 2 year old is now calling me that? Like this: okay mom, mom!, sure mom sure. I want mamma back.

So I am old and mom.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today was the GOP Golf Tournament. GOP stands for Greggory Owen Pearson. After the golf, there was a picnic all the way in Rowlett. Well, tip off came and went. My husband wouldn't even let me listen to the game on the way home. He had to wait and watch it on our DVR, thanks to me I recorded it for him, and the time slot after in case it went over. I don't care to 'catch up.' I will see the good stuff on the highlights on ESPN, I just want to know the score. As we drove up in the drive way, husband asked me to run in and turn down the volume so he wouldn't hear the score. I pouted the entire way I was running to the tv. Yep, I saw the last 44 seconds. That is all I needed to see. I celebrated quietly as Stacey and Parker got the nightly routine done. Then I acted somewhat solemn to fake Stacey out. He is right now watching the game. I have heard some groaning, some 'come on's ' coming from the living room as I type. I hate that he has to suffer through the entire game to know that WE ARE GOING TO THE FINALS BABY! Pour Stacey. He is probably in the 2nd quarter... I will close my eyes now, ready to sleep, dreaming of the trophy! MFFL!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I like to Cook!
1. Homemade Chicken and Dumplings (Mamma’s recipe)
2. Chocolate Chip cookie dough chocolate Cup cakes (thank you cake doctor)
3. Monterrey Jack Chicken (thank you Ridgell family!)
4. Carmel Pie (from Mammy’s 1960 cook book)
5. Chicken Fried Steak (because Stacey likes it so much)
6. Green bean bundles
7. Fruit Salad with homemade whip cream (not really cooking, but I still like it)
8. Corn bread (nothing special just Jiffy)
9. Hidden Valley Ranch Pork Chops
10. Chicken Spaghetti (Meme’s recipe)
11. Egg Custard Pie (Stacey doesn’t like it, so I eat the whole thing!)
12. Lasagna (homemade sister!)
13. Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

If you like 13 Thursdays, think about Thankful Thursdays as an idea.

So tonight is GO MAVS again. I hope they can pull it out. Parker is going through this phase of, "I DON'T LIKE IT!" Hummmm. He quickly follows with, "I DO LIKE IT MOMMY!" Yes son, I knew you did.