Monday, May 28, 2007

A trip to Paris and a WHOLE LOT OF PICTURES!

Please be careful while reading...may cause danger to eye sight. I thought I would play around with my upload of pics by changing the alignment and the size, I will never do it again! We went to Paris for the weekend! We had a fabulous time. The reason...the see some highschool friends, but we got a whole lot more! We were able to stay at the Spencers because my dad's house is in shambles right now due to remodel. We felt right at home and Parker keeps asking when we cann go back! Gay, thank you for making us feel right at home and tell Jay that Parker talked about that dog getting that hair cut by that man most of the way home!

The spencer boys had this outdoor challenge thing that Stacey got to participate in. They camped out Friday night at the land and we went out on Saturday after a photoshoot to check it out! Parker didn't like to hear the guns! Can you tell?

My favorite picture of the weekend. I think Gay looks so pretty in this picture.
I shot my first bow and I am hooked. It was so much fun. I couldn't pull it back all byselft so Jay and Stacey helped me out. I shot 3 times hitting the paper turkey all 3 times and the last of the 3 RIGHT IN THE NECK! The picture is us celebrating!!!!

The horse doesn't belong to my cousin, but was in a pasture we had to cross. Parker LOVED that he joined our ride!

Saturday night we had our 2nd annual mini high school reunion. The boys were busy with the golf tournament that ran very late and Kelly had to stay home with her new baby. We missed them all. This year we met at Elisha and Andy's new house. It is so fun seeing our kids play together!

Parker was so tired! I took this picture just for Jaymie (if she has the time to see)! Can you see your turtle in his hand? He cleaned off your shelf and slept with every single one! This one was still being clutched when I finally came to bed.

After church on Sunday we went to see Bop and Sid's new house and all the remodeling they have done. I got some got pictures of Emaline too, but I think that I have exceeded the limit of photos or something and when I try to upload more my computer freezes or something. Do you like my something? Parker uses the word like crazy and I have learned he listens to me.

Sunday afternoon we finally got to play with Avery! Such a cutie pie! Emaline would bump heads with her and just laugh!
I hope your head doesn't hurt...and I hope you stuck with me. I hope to post more organized next time!

Friday, May 25, 2007

And so it was

the morning of May 25th that my 3 year old stated at 9:14am that we was going to bed and that he needed a TV in his room. I am so puzzled.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I asked Parker to lay down next to the horses, and sister stormed the pasture almost causing a pasture war until she did this...she just wanted to be right beside her favorite cowboy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sad Day!

I wish I would have taken a picture...but it seems that we left Emaline's cute Kitty glasses out side the day we played in the sprinkler and they have been destroyed! We assume the dogs got a hold of them. It is a sad day in the Pearson house. I am glad I have pictures to always remember how cute she was. SO, now I am on the lookout for some cutie pie glasses.

Some pictures to remember!

But THEY WON'T LOAD! So maybe later.

Monday, May 21, 2007

An Amazing Weekend

It has been an incredibly long weekend, but AMAZING! This weekend Stacey's longtime friend, (I have just now lived with Stacey longer than he did!) got married! The rehearsal dinner was Friday and was held in the Historic Dallas Red Courthouse. What happened after that I am sworn to secrecy, well, not really. I came home..alone! Stacey did come home around 6:30am just in time for us to leave for the CF Great Strides!Stacey (and me) has/have a friend who works for CF and she asked me if I would like to photograph the Great Strides walk in downtown Dallas. It was a highlight of my life...really! I have never really participated in something like that. Stacey came along as my assisstant. He did a great job rounding up teams and 'assissting' me. The walk was moving all around. There were moments of tears, moments of laughter, and moments of confusion.
The Alli's Angels team raised $30,000 alone!!! INCREDIBLE! I can't remember the grand total!

The above team was Strolling for Nicole. Nicole is the second from the left. She flew up from San Antonio for the walk. This is TEAM DUFF! This team touched our hearts as well. There were more than just 3 people, but I just wanted to share this picture. Ryan, the guy on the shoulders is in his 20's and his wife put their team together. They got the most spirited award.
The confusion came during the middle of the walk. As the hundreds of walkers (I'm actually not sure exactly how many walked, but there were a lot!) walked down a street from Trulucks, there was a demonstration in front of an abortion clinic. I have never seen an anti-abortion protest. The signs they were holding are still haunting me as I type. The protestors showing those pictures on the signs as babies, children walked by them was a little much. They obviously accomplished a shock value! We were walking for a good cause, trying to save lives, and so were they. I get that.
Another groomsmen came and picked up Stacey to take him to the wedding venue for pictures.
I left the walk and met up with a blushing bride! I can't show those pictures yet, not until after the wedding!
Then I went home to shower and get dressed to head to back to Dallas for the wedding. It was fun seeing old friends (a special shout out to J.T., K.G., A.V.) and have a great time at the reception. I got to spend some time with a crazy cousin as well. It was fun to see her and her kids because THEY ARE GETTING SO BIG! Making me feel as old as I am. There was lots of dancing, fun for a COC wedding!
I think we got home around 1:00 am. My poor husband. He is so tired. He was a great looking groomsmen though!
A special THANK YOU to the grandparents that took care of the kids all weekend!
Today I had Emaline at the doctors office. She had a fever yesterday afternoon and this morning it was 102.7! The doctor couldn't find anything to cause the fever, even after a catheter (sp). No UTI which is a good thing, but I just can't help but feel that something is causing her to not feel good.
I must rest now! I hope to post some more pics later.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Baby it's hot outside!

Every quarter when I receive my Kraft Foods magazine, I go through all the pages looking for dinner ideas. This quarter they gave lots of burger ideas. I don't really like burgers, especially homecooked ones. I know, I am a wierd one. I prefer a fast food burger to one from the home grill. That in mind, I thought I would try a burger recipe. Crazy! I tried the Ceasar burger for all of you who get the magazine. It was actually pretty good. I was proud of myself. I knew that if I was grilling the kids would need to play outside. I hooked up the trusty ELMO sprinkler, although it is on it's last leg. It was Emaline's first time to play in the sprinkler, and she loved it. When she first got to the water, she just let the water pound her in the belly. It was cute. She does have a bathing suit, but I was thinking...why not, we are in the backyard. And don't look at the yard...we were out of town on mowing day. Stacey does a great job on keeping our yard looking great!water pounding belly below

Parker said he liked the water hitting his back. I think it looks like he is stretching or doing aerobics.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

So proud

I am proud to be a mom of 2 wonderful children, a wife to an incredible husband, but this past weekend I must recognize my mom. This weekend, my little family of 4 loaded up the car on Thursday night and headed to Kansas to my mom's graduation with her masters. We drove to Witchita first and arrived about 1:30am when the kids got their second wind. Emailne loved the hotel beds.

I think we got to sleep around 2:30 and up again at 6:30 because that is Parker's internal alarm clock time! We had a good breakfast at the hotel and headed to Hays, Kansas.

When we got to Hays, we met up with my mom, sister, and grandmother. It was a fun time with family. We headed to a nurse recognition ceremony.
Parker was a little tired after the ceremony.
My kids ADORE aunt la, we just don't see her that much. She is extra trendy and stylish. Parker thinks so too!Parker also got a MUCH needed hair cut!Here he is starting a new fashion trend. These are really some of my favorite!
We put the kids in mom's hat. Parker really liked the tassel.
All of our hotel rooms were right beside each other, so the kids enjoyed going between the rooms.

Have you heard of Fort Hays State University? Well, it was in the news this past weekend because the oldest lady in the WORLD graduated with her bachelors. She is 95 years old and even graduated with her grandaughter. The Govenor was there, and People magazine. CRAZY!
The green dress is the Govenor of Kansas. I think Nola's grandaughter even helped by giving her something. It was hard to see. I took this photo by holding up my camera and hoped for the best. This lady got a LONG standing ovation, which was very moving.

Here is mom coming into the ceremony.

It was even crazier to think that my kids were going to sit through 2000 graduates! I took lots of toys and crayons, but in an arena with NO AIR CONDITIONING, we headed outside! I hope mom didn't mind, but she graduated in the first 20 minutes and we had 1.5 hours to go. AUnt La picked up some CHEEZY Doritos, and Stacey found an orange Gatorade and outside we went to find some shade. It was so hot!I grabbed some great pictures of stylin' Emaline and Cheezy Parker.
The next 2 photos are precious. Can you guess what dance he is doing in the middle of the pasture parking lot?

All the marathon photos to say, Mom, we are all proud of you and were glad we were your PEOPLE at your program. We love you! I know Pappa was smiling.

Happy Mother's day everyone, and thanks Stacey, Parker and Emaline for making this one special for me.