Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Great Balls of FIRE!

If you have seen TV lately, you know there was a HUGE fire in Kennedale, Texas. This fire was in my sister in laws back yard, literally. I received a call around 3:00 that my husband was on his way over to help out. I had been asleep and was a little out of it and just said be careful. Call after call the details became so scary and I found the live coverage on TV.

My SIL and family were cleaning up Christmas when they decided to take a family nap. Kids upstairs, and SIL and BIL downstairs. They hadn't been laying down long when they heard a knock on the door. BIL wasn't going to answer the door, he was resting, then BANGING on the door got his attention. He went to the door to be met by a police man telling him to GET OUT! Looking out their back windows they saw the flames. SIL ran upstairs, grabbed the kids and went to safety. BIL, FIL (father in law) and husband all helped the firefighters. They were very short handed. They used water hoses to protect their house. They lost their fence and yard. It truly is by the grace of God their house was spared. There is smoke damage and a back door was on fire for a very short time thanks to FIL who saw it and put it out. Husband is sending more pictures, but this shows some of the damage.

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jenny biz said...

MAN!! So glad that it wasn't any worse and that they are all safe!! We need some rain!!