Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Thanksgiving!

So today, blooger is my friend.

Parker and Emaline LOVED watching out my dad's windows for squirrels! Emaline would say, "I SEE ONE!" even if she didn't.

Bop and Sid gave Emaline that little doll, and I guess she was talking to daddy!
Wednesday before Thanksgiving we had a cousin playdate for all in town, and were able to come. We missed Kanyon and Avery, maybe next year!

This Rocket is probably as old as me! I was always scared to go all the way to the top, but Parker wasn't scared. I was so proud of him, even prouder that he came down all by himself!

All of the cousins swinging!

Cousin Roselyn and mommy Rachel coming down the slide.

And I will leave you with one more Kanyon picture! I love this one!

On a DWTS note!!! I was so happy about the outcome. I think Helio was terrific, and his smile is just contagious! I loved his excitement and just that he seemed like he was a good ol' boy!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, half of our Thanksgiving! My sweet friend, blooger isn't allowing me at the moment or the past hour add any more photos, and since you all know I now PAY to add pictures, I am not really in the holiday spirit. Moving on!!!

Our family photo!Cousin Susan and I took pictures of each other! You can see me on her blog!

Some cousin pictures. Parker is above in a mask and gun. Kind of scary! Most of the Spencer toy chest was full of guns. Something we currently don't have at our house, so this was fun for Parker.
This is Faith. I know her mommy takes LOTS of pictures of her, so I just jazzed the color up a bit!Check out how Braxton eats pie!
Drum Roll Please!!!!

Meet Grand Kanyon!! I know many of you have followed his story on his blog, but I got to meet him for the first time on Thanksgiving!!! I have to say, he is grand. When I saw him for the first time, can I say, my heart just warmed, my eyes teared up, I was reminded of the power of Jesus, and the power of prayer!

There were rules! I told my kids that there was NO touching their sweet cousin. To stay their distance. Here is Emaline attempting to break the rules! Jaymie was right there though.
Here is Parker being a rule follower! Look how far he is staying back.
Kanyon's aunt, Gwen Ann got to hold that sweet baby.

Like I said, many more to share, but another day pull of patience. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and stayed warm. We didn't have any snow in Paris, but the leaves were beautiful!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some pictures

This one was taken at Lauren's reception. Could we look any more different?? The cake picture.
The next one is from Parker's Thanksgiving feast at preschool. I some how didn't get a whole bunch of pictures of my kids! Here is one turkey dude though!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WOuld you like a cold one?

Our house sits on a corner, of a slightly busy street. A few years ago, I sat on my couch feeding a bottle to someone and watching TV when I heard a peculiar sound coming from behind me. It sounded as if someone had turned on my water from outside. You know that sound like running water coming from the wall where the outside faucet is located. I had to go investigate. With child in arm, I walked out my front door and crossed my front lawn to meet our meter reader helping himself to some water from my faucet. I just looked at him. He looked at me. He said, "I didn't know anyone was home." SHOULD IT MATTER! I told him, in my surprised voice, "What you are doing is wrong, you are stealing my water." He proceeded to tell me it was a hot day and he was thirsty. I just walked away and asked him to stop. I sat down on my couch and called my husband to VENT that this man was STEALING my water! Stacey calmed me down and I really can't remember what all we discussed other than he thought I was crazy trying to meet the person stealing my water. Since that time, that stranger has been in my mind off and on. How could I have handled it differently? Did he misread our meter to get even!? Present day. We arrive home from a busy morning and I begin to fix lunch, when I HEAR the same noise. Kids sitting at kitchen table, I open the front door, walk across the lawn, to meet a man who goes door to door hanging those advertising things for a job. He was surprised to see me, and honestly, I was a little intimidated as well. He was filling up his water bottle. I looked at him and said this: Would you like a cold one? He looked at me with huge eyes and said, "Yes Ma'am." I asked him to wait, (while I shut and locked our front door) went into the garage and brought him 2 water bottles. He was waiting for me, at a comfortable distance from my front door, which I noticed. He thanked me. I didn't get on to him. I didn't accuse him of stealing. I haven't called Stacey, yet. I take this as change. A lesson from God. He gave me a second chance, like he does over and over, this one, I wanted to share with you. I was able to go back to the kitchen table and discuss it with Parker and Emaline. I hope that the stranger, who has a long day ahead of him in the wind, will remember the kindness, and pass it on.

NOW! Onto a FUNNY story. These things were said from my Parker's mouth just hours ago!

EMALINE! I am disappointing with you!

MOMMY! GO put her in her room!

MOMMY! I am disapointing with her.

(here parker goes and tries to spank her)


I had to discuss with Parker that he NEVER spanks his sister! But it was funny! Emaline was trying to steal a piece of ART Parker had made. NOW, my escapee is doing just that from her room! I must go stop this! Pictures later!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


You hear me little girl! STOP GROWING! My heart aches that my little one has now moved into her big girl bed. 4 nights down, and doing great. She loves it. When Parker transitioned it was tough. I was pregnant, and lying down with him at every nap and attempting to sneak out. Of course, a 7 month girl can't gracefully go from laying down on a trundle, to the upright position with out waking one little boy up! This sweet baby has done amazing. Mommy and Daddy at different occasions have layed down with her, but not because we needed to make sure she didn't get up, but because we wanted to snuggle with her. One thing that has changed since the Big Girl Bed, is her waking up time!!! Chalk some of it to Daylight savings, but COME ONE! This little one could sleep until 10:00am if I would let, it is 6:45am!!! I need those extra hours! I guess she would wake up in her crib and play and go back to sleep kind of like a morning nap. That has been a huge change! My baby is getting closer to 2. She loves to jump. She loves chocolate milk. She loves pancakes for breakfast. She loves her daddy. She loves Phil Joel's Good Morning song! (YOU MUST get this cd if you have children, warning, you will listen to Deliberate Kids even if the kids aren't in the car! Parker can resite the Lord's Prayer because of this cd and ALMOST knows all the books in the new testament!) Back to baby. She doesn't like TV. She likes babies, LOVES babies! She likes to brush her teeth. She is one sweet thing! First night in big girl bed.
Parker showing us that there is enough room for him. She has a full size bed.
And the first morning picture!!! She didn't even try to get out. She just called for me. It isn't quite like P who used to knock on the door to let me know he was awake.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just a little late...

But first, WADE, I was posting that answer, when I received your answer!! You did win, but I had already posted, so you do win! Way to venture into PBR...only 15 minutes...did you record it and replay it over and over like we do here?

Now, for our Halloween adventure. Parker was a PONY. I tried to tell him that he was actually the cowboy, but he insisted that he was the Pony. He was a great one.

When the pony meets a pixie fairy! These were taken at the costume parade at preschool. Daddy carried the camera around while I trick or treated with my class. He captured this!

Now, this is from Halloween night! I painted up E's face a little. She liked it, and Parker LOVED Emaline's paint. She was a great fairy!

Some how I didn't get a picture of Parker from Halloween night. Oops. Sorry babe!

Below are a couple of the 3D cookies we made. I think I posted pictures of making the cookies, but now the actual cookie.

Monday, November 05, 2007


NO ONE!? I really thought AmyC would get it!!


Those are all bull names! Chicken on a Chain was leading as Champion, but I didn't hear if it won. We watched it on NBC, but missed our regular VS team. NBC added their own commentator guy, and he kind of tripped up our regulars. Justin McBride was the winner!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Can You Guess?

Chicken on a chain
Scene of the crash
Reindeer Dippin
Big Bucks
Can you guess what these are???

Thursday, November 01, 2007

More pumpkin patch

Just not Halloween yet!!

Emaline cockadoodooledooing!
One of the MANY jumps off the hay.

My pumpkins!