Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just pictures

I can't decide what to write about, so here are some of my favorite pictures...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Has it been 1 Week?

I can't believe it has been 1 week since Emaline was born, and since I posted! So much to blog about. Husband said my blog needed to be updated so I just need to decide where to start.

We had so many friends and family join with us at the hospital to celebrate Emaline. The picture includes great grandmothers, grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins. God is so good to have blessed us with amazing people in our lives who hurt when we hurt, and rejoice when we rejoice. We had wonderful nurses who cared for us and were so patient with us.

We came home on Friday after learning that Emaline had jaundice. Her count wasn't very high so we didn't have to have the lights or blanket. We just had to supplement with some formula and lay her in indirect sunlight. I loved dressing her to come home from the hospital. She looked so different in clothes rather than the white shirt the hospital keeps her in. Her ride home was silent. We were met at home by Nana and big brother, but he was asleep at our arrival. When he woke up all he could talk about was Emaline. I can't believe how well he is adjusting. He wants to hold her, help change her, alert us if she moving in her sleep, and stick her passy in her mouth. In this picture he is sharing his cows.

Emaline is sleeping okay... (I was just hugged by a naked 23 month old who was so proud of himself for pee peeing in the potty) sometimes she sleeps all day and night, other times she wakes almost every hour. She can sleep through anything. Blessing. We have received 4 meals so far from families from church. People are so generous. Another blessing is the help we have had the past week. My mom stayed with us a few days, followed by Husband's grandmother and aunt, Stacey's mom, and now my mom is back. Laundry and ironing is caught up (until Emaline pooped everywhere while Mammy was changing a diaper today), floors are clean, and kitchen is organized. I just might hire Mammy and Dee to come once a week to help organize my house and decorate (for another post).

Parker. He is incredible. He is learning new things and words every day. One of his new phrases is 'OH GOSH!' I was really feeling guilty that I had taught him this unacceptable phrase when I heard some character on Clifford say it this morning.

A special thank you to my husband for being an incredible man of God! Thank you for being my encourager, and helper. I know that I am so fortunate that you help me so much with the kids (yes kids!). I love you.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

More pictures

Today has been a great day. Emaline is eating great and mommy and daddy have been able to get some rest. She really likes to sleep...really likes to sleep. We miss seeing her eyes. I love her faces. Big brother came into the room today asking for baby. He wanted to hold her, but only by himself. It looks like we get to go home tomorrow. I can't wait! Emaline wanted me to say hello to her new friend born on Wednesday, Emily Rose. What fun they will have!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Emaline Cagle Pearson

Emaline Cagle Pearson was born January 17th at 1:26 am! She weighed in at 8 lbs 13 ozs and was 21.25 inches long. Emaline decided that she didn't want to wait until the 18th to make her appearance, she sent me into labor on Monday having contractions every 12, then 10, on down to 4 minutes apart by the time we made to the hospital, where after being checked I was already at a 5!!!! (Special shout out to our middle of the night baby sitter!) My doctor got my c-section rolling fast and we had a birth day. She is absolutely beautiful with a full head of hair. Her name is a family name tracing back into the 1840's on my dad's side, then her middle name was my grandmother's maiden name. Parker is adjusting well, except when she cries. My brother made him a shirt for Christmas that said, "I was FIRST" so he wore it up to the hospital. Emaline gave Parker a stuffed lion because when we were first teaching Parker sister's name, he would roar like a lion because the end of the her names does sound like LION. Parker picked out a teddy bear and gave it to sister...I mean Emaline.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sister's Room and Science Museum

Save the Phillips has been asking for pictures of the nursery, so here are 2.

Today we took Parker to the Fort Worth Science Museum today for his special day. He had a blast. He loved the different exhibits, especially the Kid Zone Water Exhibit. He played there for about 30 minutes. He also loved the choo choo train. He would only pretend to drive the car if he held onto Mommy's keys. The museum wasn't very crowded so he kind of had full reign. We had a great time enjoying him today, trying to cherish every minute before he has to SHARE his time. Sharing is not one of his gifts as of now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One Week and other thoughts!

One week from today is the day! The doctor visit today was pretty uneventful (although I got to see baby girl) and we go back on Monday to do some pre-op stuff. I am starting to feel the pressure of not having everything ready. Ready. Can you really be ready? I have had some contractions here and there, just enough for me to add things to a bag or hang things on the wall or wash the dishes in the sink, but nothing serious. Every time I call husband he asks if my water broke. I carried Parker full term and don't think baby girl will come early. One thing different from this pregnancy to Parker's is I am hungry all the time right now! Seriously, hide the twinkie box or the danishes husband brought back from West last night. I am eating everything in sight. I am still 7 lbs lighter now than I was when Parker was born.

I am trying to cherish this time with Parker-Man! He is so cute about 'sista.' He will kiss my belly or rub it and say 'soft.' I just wish I had more energy to really play with him or chase him around the park, but I am whipped. I know baby girl's arrival will be a huge adjustment for us all, especially him. We have tried to set some special things up to help with the adjustment.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Kelli, Happy Birthday to you!
I am really excited about being home for the next few weeks. Yes, I am looking forward to bonding with my children, but I am also looking forward to some new TV shows. I love American Idol, and last season I didn't miss Dancing with the Stars (Parker even danced around the living room and loved the music), but I am more excited (I think) about Love Monkey. My favorite TV series was cancelled a few years ago and Ed is making his comeback on Love Monkey. I LOVED ED! We wouldn't miss an episode. Husband loved Carol Vessie and I would laugh out loud at Shirley and the $10 dollar bets. I tried to get everyone I know to email NBC to keep it going, but NBC didn't listen to little ol' us. Carol is now on Boston Legal, and Doctor Mike is on some new show with Darma, and now Ed is on Love Monkey. I loved Stuckeyville. I keep waiting to see if they release Ed on DVD, but no such luck.
Some of you might be surprised by what I will blog about next, others of you won't. When I was younger I was really into wrestling. I mean REALLY into wrestling. I would tape Saturday night events from the Sportatorium with Mark Lawrence and watch them on Sunday because they came on after my bed time. My brother and I would reenact many of the moves and sequences to the point of blood or even my head being thrown into a real turn buckle when World Class Wrestling came to Clarksville, Texas. I sat on the square and sold tickets to the event. I had a T-Shirt with the words- Property of Kerry Von Erich on it. I know some of your jaws are on the key board. The Von Erich family was my favorite. Kerry and I shared the same birth date, and my grandmother went to David's funeral because it was at the church where she was the secretary. All of this to say I love Netflix! On our Queue next is an entire DVD on the Von Erichs. Don't call and ask if you can borrow it! I will sell tickets and provide popcorn and we all can watch the 8 matches and many moves set to music together.

Monday, January 09, 2006


I couldn't resist! Parker received this jogging suit outfit for Christmas, and I was a little scared of it. It has been so stinking hot that I haven't put it on him yet...until this week. He didn't like the hood at first, that is until I showed him what he looked like in it. Then he didn't want to take it off. He WAS Nemo! I just love the picture, especially his smile.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Okay, I made it! Thanks guys for all of your prayers, meditation, and yoga chants to my health!

Parker just amazes me. Maybe I am trying to soak in all of his wonder while it is just the 2 of us during the day for only12 more days, but the kid makes me smile. He is putting words together and making real adult sentences that I understand. Today it was, "No No Mamma!" or he says, "all done mamma." I love to translate for him to grandparents and great grandparents. ELMO and NEMO sounds just alike which can be really confusing. Are we talking about a fish, or a red puppet? I love how he can put his shoes away or his dirty clothes in the right basket or rearrange his closet during nap time. He loves to put on shoes and is obsessed with our shoes. Stacey tells me stories that after his workout at the gym he finds treasures in his shoes from Parker. Keys, pacifiers, his shoes, just about anything. He also likes to carry his shoes into sister's room and hide in the corner to put them on.

Today as we swept the kitchen he was so helpful with the dust buster. He loves to help me make the bed adding pillows, which he pronounces very well. If I ask him where sister is, he rubs my belly, even kissing it this week with some guidance from daddy. I love how a certain grandma tries to get the baby name out of him. I was actually worried he may remember, or attempt it (yes, we have a first name). No luck for her. Instead, grandma taught him to say, HI PAIGE! It was cute the first 50 times. I love his phonics. He got the Leap Frog magnetic set for Christmas and LOVES the letter K. He dances around the kitchen making the K sound and can find the K from all the other letters on the refrigerator. Now, don't change the letter to another, he won't perform. Only K gets the special attention. He even attempts the ABC's with the song from the fridge. I love how he messes my hair even in Target when I least expect it. Parker has such a kind spirit and a great sense of humor. I love that he looks forward to church. Any time I am changing his clothes and mention we are going somewhere in the car, he says, "Church?" I may need to start taking him up for field trips.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sickness Continued

I did sleep on the couch, not just one night but 2! I heard it on Tuesday morning from the couch. A cry, then MOMMA, then MESS! Literally. Those were the words Parker used, MESS. I ran into Parkers room at 4:30 am to find him covered in unmentionable fluid. I got him cleaned up, sheets changed when I heard a familiar sound coming from our room. Stacey was still at it as well. YIKES! I took Parker into the living room with me and made a pallet on the couch. He vomited 2 more times before 7:00 am. I called in the recruits. My grandmother was here in about an hour to help out. Parker was zombied, Stacey was crashed, and I waited. Waited for it to hit me. I had a scheduled doctor visit for yesterday, so I went begging for something that would keep me healthy. No such luck. He said there wasn't anything in form of magic that would save me. If I made it through today (Thursday) then I would probably be safe. MIL AND FIL came last night to help with Parker as I was exhausted. And what do you know, this morning I wake up queasy! A better word may be uneasy. Things just don't seem right. So, Stacey worked from home this morning to make sure that I got through the busy part of our day with out sickness. So far so good. I still don't feel great, but all the prayers protecting me from this OUTRAGEOUS bug seems to be working. Keep it up though, I am not through the day yet!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More sickness

So instead of our fun filled day yesterday that I couldn't wait to post about, Parker woke up sick and we had to cancel our family outing. We were first going to ride the TRE into Dallas to the Farmer's Market. Then we decided that we would ride it into Fort Worth and take the trolley into the Stockyards. I was so excited for Parker to ride the train and see the livestock. Then we heard the cries. Then we found the surprise all over his bed. For the next few ours our little one was sick. We decided to cancel the trip and rest the day away. By around 2 Parker was a new guy. He was full of energy wanting to go outside and play. He woke up in a great mood today and we ran some errands. He wasn't real hungry at lunch, not like my boy, so I put him down for his nap. He slept 3 good hours only for me to find a bed full of fun this afternoon. This time the other end. My mom got here to babysit right as I needed to leave for my tutoring session. By the time I got home, I had a new sick one. Husband now has what Parker had. I am not a good nurse when it comes to bodily functions. Husband has been asleep now for a few hours and I am waiting for the bug to hit me. I think I will sleep on the couch tonight!