Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday, December 28, 2007


Today, a group of us went to the airport to welcome home soldiers back from Iraq! We went yesterday to buy posterboard and flags. We have been discussing why we were going for a couple of days. I know Parker doesn't completely understand, but last night why he was painting his sign he asked me if the soldiers kill people. That got a little deep, but I think I recovered nicely. I am not sure how much he got out of it today, but it meant a lot to me, and hopefully the soldiers we were there to see! By the way, he told me exactly what his sign should say. RR was behind Emaline's sign, I ended up ripping into so that RR and Emaline could both hold a piece.
The group we went with was with our church. We collected money for phone cards and water bottles to hand out.

I love this picture. I know it has Parker's head right in the middle of it, but just look at that soldier's smile! I think she was happy to see us.

Emaline showing Emily Q her sign.

Emaline clapping for the soldiers. She loved the music the airport played as the soldiers walked through. She danced and jumped and waved her flag!
Another picture I love! Emaline is trying her best to get that soldiers attention. I like the movement of the flag and how she is leaning forward.
This was sweet. RR wanted to have her picture made with a girl soldier. And there were some, but we had to track one down. The soldier was so sweet, even picking her up for the picture.Proof Emaline painted her sign!

Today, my eyes teared up watching the many soldiers come through. Seeing family members with signs that read, welcome home dad! Mom's with anticipation to see their loved one. Veteran's who shook every soldier's hand and time the soldiers took to shake it back. The soldiers who felt like they were royalty and came through with tears in their eyes giving high fives or the soldiers who looked lost, looking for possible loved ones who may have been in the crowd. I know this wasn't eliquently written, and I am sorry. Just know if you have some time, please go! You will get more than you think you will.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I just tucked my last little angel right into bed, and as I was saying my prayer with P, he interuppted me to tell me he had a prayer to say. it went like this:

Dear God, thank you for mommy's baby in her belly and thank your for Jesus, Gregg, and God who are in heaven all alone. Amen.

I think I need help teaching the heaven concept, but the prayer was sweet.

Things here have been a little crazy. I apologize for being a blog slacker or even a friend slacker. Hopefully things will slow a little! Also, be watching the photoblog in the next few weeks for some specials!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some pictures...

Trying to get back to normal, I attemped a few pics of the kids this week. Just a few!

Thanks again for all the help! A special thanks to my lurker Aunt Dee who came and did all my laundry, and sorted all my clutter! The top of my dryer hasn't looked this good since the last time you were here!!!Thank you to all our babysitters! We love you!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thank you

for all of your thoughts and prayers. I wanted to give you guys an update and clarify... The driver that hit me was a 37 year old male (I picked up the police report today), and was arrested AT THE SCENE for DUI. We are unsure at this point if he has prior arrests. Today my body is truly feeling the crash. I was driven past the crash three times today. Stacey drove me by it tonight showing me all of the skid marks and talking me through where his car ended up and where my car was. I am thanking GOD for my aching body. I am here! I rejoice in that! Thank you for all for the text messages, calls, visits, flowers. I am sorry I don't answer all the calls, but please leave me a message or text. My voice is GONE! You wouldn't be able to hear me on the phone if I answered. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better! Parker is still upset about my car (and so am I)! He told everyone at preschool today about it! So funny. I am off to rest. I hurt ALL over!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

God's hands

were all over me last night. I have waivered on blogging this for the morning, but thought I would give just a few details. I was hit last night by a driver that has been arrested for DUI! I am okay, baby is okay, but it was the ONE of the scariest times of my life. I am thankful for so many things today. It happened on 1709 and Pearson. I was alone! Praise GOD! I can't wait to share all of the places God's finger prints were last night! I am thankful for my husband who I was on the phone with when the accident occured, talk about scary, he heard the whole thing. I am thankful for a friend who happened to call seconds after the accident and lives moments away and was there before I even got out of my car. I am thankful for friends who come over in the middle of the night! I am thankful for friends who come and sit with you at the hospital to take your mind off of the back ache and the slight pressure in your 9 week pregnant belly! I am doing great, just sore! Parker is upset about my NEW CAR! I had only had it a week, but was so glad that I was in my new larger car than my smaller one! I don't want to think about that. I am thankful for my family! I couldn't wait to wrap my arms around my little ones this morning! God is so good. I also pray that God will be with the guy that hit me and help heal the emptiness or whatever was troubling him last night. If you happen to call, and don't recognize the voice that answers, it is me, just SUPER hoarse from all of the screaming I did last night. I am sorry I scared you so bad last night husband! I love you!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I thought I would post a collage of some of my favorite ornaments! Not all are this year's ornaments, but just some I wanted to share. Look very closely at that last ornament...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

I went in the other night to say my prayer over Parker, and I found him like this! He went to sleep with his Santa Hat on, so of course I took a picture! His hair was hilarious the next morning, and I just went with it! AND I can't leave out ms. piggy tails. She requests them in the mornings as we are getting ready. I only have 2 sets of double bows! Red and orange, so most of the time she goes with rubber bands only.