Monday, November 16, 2009

UPDATE! See post below!

WHY! So, we don't have stitches, but now we have scratches ALLLLLL over his left cheek! We are suppose to go cheer on a sweet friend play basketball tonight but worried about all the looks we will get! In this photo: KNOT on head, BLACK EYE, SCRATCHES ON FACE! Just click on the will see!

You should see the other guy!

What? You are probably asking yourself...check out B's eye!

Yes, in color, that is much better. Bowden was quite the helper yesterday at Bara Church. He was helping his daddy move a rolling rack...when a ratchet strap fell off the top shelf and attacked him. We are very blessed that it missed his eye. He recovered nicely and went about his day as usual. Excuse the debris on his face. Strapping him in at lunch seems to be one of the only ways to keep him still!Just my sweet E!
These photos were taken before church. Notice the nice lump on his forehead? That is from a fall last week into the fireplace. I bet we have stitches before he turns 2.
I had to document this outfit. He was head to toe Parker 2004! Parker's sweater, Parker's jean's, Parker's shoes, I love him.
These 2 guys are my Monday running buddies. I love the connection they have and how Emaline has really stepped up to be helpful. We still have our litle struggles, but that girl can be so sweet. hum. most of the time.
Oh, I almost published without scrolling down and you would be wondering what in the world is this! Well, this was Cassidie's birthday present from us. I took some photos a few weeks ago at her game and created this little piece of art for her. I do like digital scrapbooking, just wish I could spread all my stuff out to see what all I have accumulated. I had my lab mount it and I got her this easel and sprayed it black and tied the bow. I think it turned out real cute.

Now I can publish. Oops. Can I do a post with out Parker....well, scroll down a post and check out his turkey!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Turkey

NO, I am not talking about my P, I am talking about this cute little turkey!
We had a family project to decorate this sweet turkey, and I let him have free reign. I pulled out lots of craft objects and we created a plan. I think he did a great job! NOW, excuse the blue trash can! My grandmother bought me that trashcan when I moved into my first apartment in 1999! I just can't get rid of it! I know it is time to maybe replace it in the kitchen...
Love you turkeys!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Sitting here

Making out my grocery list/menu for the week. This week's menu will have some new additions due to a new cookbook I received at preschool last week. It is the Ko Jo Kai cookbook from HARDING, a gift from a fellow Kojie/mom of giraffe/coworker. This cookbook is red and white, not the pink and green I would have preferred! HA! AND it has ladybugs on it, are they the club mascot? I am off to see what treasures it holds! Have a great Monday!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween 2009

A view from the back...

And one from the front...sort of...

Meet a very happy Charlie Brown!

And Ms. Stephanie saved the day with THE bat costume tears were shed about when we found out it had been sold out! SHE MADE THIS! HAND CUT HIS NAME and BAT!

This one was from the sing along at his school.
My coteacher and I dressed as Christmas trees for a costume.

The pumpkin.

I took Stacey's camera with us trick or treating in Denton, so I don't have a photo of my kids with the MECHANICAL BULL! Yes, Parker and Emaline both rode the bull!