Friday, March 30, 2007

Keep up the hark work CUZ!

My cousin is doing great today. He is breathing well, and taking his mother's milk through a tube. I am not sure I can explain how this experience has rocked my world. I think about it all day long. When I try to forget, I am shifted right back into it. It really makes you hold onto your babies tighter, kiss them more, tell everyone you love them and just how much you appreciate them. I am going to see my cousins next week. I can't wait to hug them and tell them ALL just how much they mean to me and what examples they have been to me. My cousin Marianne said it best on the cousins blog...she wished she could take away their burden for a moment...but God is already doing that for them. Well said.

I have been playing with my camera today. The kids and I had lots of intentional time together today...playdo, pancakes, pajamas, popcorn picnic (my new favorite thing), lots of P things. That was NOT intentional (today). At one point Parker said to take his picture so I did. Over and over as I played with different settings. These look great in black and white, which is what I thought I uploaded and I am too tired to redo it, so you get to see them in color!

I love the above picture, even if it makes Parker's head look like a balloon and you can see his superhero underwear. A picture of a picture...and it was taken a little over a year ago!
I will remember this picture for MONTHS maybe even years to come. It is the first authenic smile I have photographed of Parker in a long time with out him being silly, or using his JAZZ hands or something like that. I think I captured his spirit today and I LOVE IT!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Angels. The image I have in my head right NannyBetty rocking away. Singing sweet songs. Nibbling the ear of sweet Jayde. I am so jealous.

I wrote this last night about 2:00 am when I found out that Jayde had gone to heaven. I removed my blog to allow Rachel to blog about it first.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I wish

I could update the sweet pictures of my kids I took this past weekend.

I wish I could post about Dancing with the Stars.

I wish I could tell you all the cute things Parker has said in the past few days.

I wish I could tell you how Emaline almost dislocated my jaw earlier.

I wish I could tell you about a VBS training I went to this past weekend (at a spanish church)!

I wish I could make you laugh.

I wish I could hold my baby cousins.

I wish I could tell their mommy and daddy they will be okay.


Let them know you are praying!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Twins Website!

Click here to go the twins new website!

Monday, March 26, 2007


My cousin Jaymie and her husband Kory had her twins last night or should I say this morning. I am lacking details, but these babies weren't due until July! They weighed 1 12 and 1 9. They are stable! Please keep this family of 4 in your prayers!

We HAVE NAMES: Jayde Spencer and Kanyon Luke! I can't wait to meet you guys!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hi there COUSIN!

It finally happened! I met my cousin Roselyn!!! Such a brave to put up with 2 rowdy cousins. I will need to keep these photos in a safe place to pull out in 16 years! Poor Emaline. She wouldn't stop hugging this cute baby! She would also grunt and lunge at Roselyn. It was funny, but a little scary for Roselyn. Not sure where she learned that behavior, I mean, Stace and I don't walk around grunting at people!

The meeting!!!Parker being a good big cousin! Which is funny. When we walked into Rachel's parents house, the next thing I knew Parker had his shoes and socks off! I guess he felt at home.
Good friends! Emaline looks like a giant here!
Let the hugging begin!! Look at Emaline's face, she was so happy!

You can see my hand in this picture. I was trying my best to keep Emaline from hurting her. Roselyn looks as if she is trying to find a way out. Did I mention that Emaline wouldn't stop hugging her?Seriously, the girl would not let go!
And here is one of Cousin Rachel and Roselyn. I am so glad it worked out even for a little bit! I can't wait to see the Godly woman she will become...She is apart of a very special family to me, who influenced me a great deal. I hope to spend LOTs more time with her and Avery and the twins coming this summer...I will do my best to calm Emaline's hugging obsession down a little.
And, wedding pictures are on the website UNLOCKED now that the bride has seen them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SOme wedding photos

I felt it was not so nice to post the wedding pictures before the bride sees them! So, I posted some pictures I took at the wedding of my family. The wedding was Stacey's uncle, Jerry and his new wife Vicky. She was right, it was a laid back kind of event. Since the kids were dressed up...and I was holding the camera (most of the time) I snuck in a couple of my fam! Getting a picture of BOTH my kids HARD! Above you see Emaline racing from the picture. I took it anyway...thinking...I want to remember this!
The picture below shows off Emaline walking...waddling! She usually walks with this same look on her face, joy!

These are my new favorite Parker pictures. I don't just get a smile, I usually always get some kind of hand movement to match!
I made it into some pictures!!! I wish my new hairdo would have already been in effect! Got it done today...and like being totally blonde again!

I like the above picture of Emaline. I think her hair looks weird, but you can see her jewelry. Vicky (bride) gave Emaline that necklace when she was born and the bracelet came from Aunt Leslie as a gift.
Parker is getting so big, so grown up. This morning, I took the kids out of the bath and went to get Emaline dressed in her room. When I came back into my room, there was Parker, standing on a stool, with his hair brushed so nicely in my bathroom and he was putting toothpaste on his toothbrush. My heart stopped a minute. I just stared. Where has the past 3 years gone?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ranch Day

Friday we went out to Morgan Mill for a family day at the ranch. Just a relaxing day! It was so nice. The kids played, Emaline slept, we rode 4wheelers, and fed the cows. The wind brought a little chill, so of course I didn't think about sun screen! Parker's face is a little crisp and my forehead got some nice sun! FIL took the below picture of the 2 of us. I don't make it into too many pictures these days.
I love this picture of Stacey.
Parker looks as if he is looking right through me!
Emaline is starting early...

Isn't this picture sweet?

Can you believe I got some smiles out of this dude?!
On Saturday I photographed my first and last wedding! Yes, I know I said I would never do it, but when family asks and says it won't be a big deal...I gave in. I will post pictures after I finishing touching them up. I have a week before the bride and groom come home from their honeymoon, so I am taking my time going through the 500+ pictures I took!!! I have already gone through and deleted some of them...bad lighting or just didn't like the picture, just about 300 more to go! I will post some of them on here later in the week! Who knows, maybe today!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Have you seen this girl?

She doesn't show herself often...but when this side comes out....WATCH OUT! This picture is of Emaline throwing a fit. She enjoys throwing herself down onto the ground of any surface and laying there while screaming to show us she is unhappy with something we have done.
Maybe it has something to do with the 3 molars she is cutting or has cut in the past week. You see, we were watching the lower left one make it's way through, only to find that the top 2 had already broken through!!! I guess she might have needed some pain relief during that time, but I had no idea with all the sickness she has had...these snuck in. That makes 11.5 teeth!!
So, say a little prayer for us as we learn to deal with this new way of showing some personality~ we need it!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some pictures

My sick dude. This week was awful for him. He finally broke his fever, but then got this rash all over his stomach and back. We ate lunch outside to get a break on Thursday. This weather is just delightful. Delightful- I like that word.
The rug. Nana got Parker this horse/farm/ranch rug to play his cows and horses on. It is so much fun. Thanks Nana!
Sister likes it too!

Maybe sister likes it too much!Banana hair! She loves to play in hair when her hands are messy.
And with this nice weather...of course I will strip my son down, give him a homemade popsicle, place him in the front yard, make him wear a hat, and take a picture! I think this made the...'you know you are a redneck if' book!We were working in the yard today (of course) so these pictures are the before pictures. I just love these pictures of Parker. The reason for the pullup for those of you wondering---he has been having some bowel issues. This guy just can't get a break.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

What a week!

First, I must say a VERY late happy birthday to Stacey. I love you! It was last Saturday! I think he understands the delay, but let me explain to everyone else.

Saturday, on his birthday, I scheduled 2 photoshoots with his permission. I was whipped, but not as much as him since he was home alone with 2 kiddos. One who couldn't control her bowels!!! Emaline was having her usual reaction to her antibiotic (so we thought) so Stacey called his mom to come rescue Parker from the poop. That night we went to dinner with his family at Charlestons in Fort Worth. Parker didn't look so good and wasn't his normal self at dinner, and Emaline, well she couldn't sit down because her bottom was a war zone.

Sunday, we prepared for church as usual, did I say usual? Emaline and Parker had a morning bath, which is not the norm in our house, but the nurse had us putting her in baking soda bath 4 times a day. She pooped in their bath, so off to the shower with both kids. Clean up mode is in full effect. We get that little doll all dressed for church in her pink and black number and are loading the car when we notice....poop running down her tights. So we quickly get that cleaned up-and headed off to church. That antibiotic is really doing a number on her little system we were thinking. That is until Stacey got ready to board a plane to Colorado for 4 days when he was hit with a MAJOR bug. Sunday night my sister came to sleep over so that I could still go workout in the early morning~ that didn't happen because guess who else got the bug??? that would be me! I even called Stacey at 2:00 am and guess what, he was up too! So, to all of you at church and dinner and who else we exposed Emaline too, we are sorry. We thought it was her usual reaction, which it probably was with a bug on top of it.

Monday morning rolled around and Parker dear only wanted to be held~ hold you, hold you. Thank goodness La La was still asleep on the couch, an extra set of arms really helped. Then I took Parker's temp...102.something. We started on the Motrin/Tylenol switch off and lots of fluid. He was so lethargic. I called the doctor and told the nurse what was going on the Parker (he had also been complaining about his back hurting and his drainage was green) and they made an appointment for us. I got myself together ( I was still not back to 100%) and woke up Lauren and told her that she needed to listen for Emaline, I was going to wake up Parker from his nap and go straight to the appointment. When I went in to wake him up...we was burning up! We have one of those forehead thermometers that you just run over the forehead, so I ran to get it. Parker's temp read 105.2! Now, I know he was asleep on the pillow and it was warm in his room, but a 105 got this mom to moving, even if she wasn't feeling good. Thank goodness we don't live far from the doctor. I started giving him cool liquids and turned the car airconditioner on FULL BLAST! It turned out that both tubes had come out of his ears, and he has an ear infection. A lymphnode was swollen ( you could see it sticking out of his neck) and he was wheezing on the right side. He failed the flu test, and the UTI screen (these were done at the beginning of dr. visit) , so they wanted us to go in for a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, but we would have to wait until Tuesday because the place we needed to go was now closed. Home we went, after I stopped by Sonic (his favorite place he tells me) for him an icecream. Now I must go photography 13 homeschooled seniors for their senior pictures. YIKES! My mom came over to help La with the kids. I could have rescheduled, but I thought that would be a nightmare getting so may different schedules to work. The shoot went okay, the kids were great, I just know it wasn't my best work by FAR!

Tuesday: Stacey is feeling better in Colorado (YEAH), I am feeling better in Texas, but Parker isn't feeling better in his room. AND Emaline woke up in a bed of poop. This is continuing to happen even if I don't mention it. Parker is still having fever. We called in to preschool for a sub and to let them know Parker wouldn't be there. Ms. Jenny still kept Emaline for him, so that I could concentrate on Pman and take him for his xrays. I get all of Parker's meds ready for him to take...and he had a melt down. My child has ALWAYS taken medicine, rather well. Not today. I promised him everything. I even try to force it once, and he threw it back up. Nice. So, with passy in hand (I gave up) and fruit juice in the other I finally got him to take his medicine, 'just a little' as he would tell me. He did great at the xray place even if he did crawl into a chair while I was filling out paperwork and go to sleep :(. He was pretty emotional during the "picture taking" but was so brave I kept telling him. The fever continued, his back still hurt and occasionally his feet would too. The dr called and said no pneumonia, must be a viral thing. My mom came to stay the night so I could try to go work out in the morning.

Wednesday: I did go work out, and when I came home both kids were up! This is very unusual. Emaline had~ you guessed it~ pooped all over her bed, and Parker was up 'not feeling berry good' as he tells it. His fever is up again, around 102 now. We opted out of a playdate(ya think?) with friends and stayed home to nurse these kids back to health. Which hasn't happened yet, but DADDY CAME HOME! I was so happy to see him, even if I didn't look it. Remember I had been up since 4:40 am withOUT a nap since pretty girl Emaline didn't feel like an afternoon nap. Parker woke up from his afternoon nap still running fever. AND this is with the every 3 hour medicine dose. With Parker running fever, I called in anther day at preschool and went to bed early. However, Parker was up at 2:00am with fever.

Thursday: No fever this morning, YEAH! I am glad I called in a sub...Parker may now have the bug that me and Stacey had. That has yet to be confimed, but sure glad we aren't in preschool.

If you made it through that entire mess, you deserve to look at a few pictures:
My cousin Lyneil started a Tupperware business, so I offered to host a catalog party since she lives so far away! Look at all the good stuff I earned or got half price! What do i love the most...I think it will be the cake carriers, especially the cupcake option on the rectangle one. As you can see, I had to pull the Mickey Mouse popsicle things out of the freezer for the picture.
Does he look sick to you?

And...the queen of poop! I wish I would have kept track of how many times I changed her sheet or clothes! She has been in a great mood considering!