Thursday, September 29, 2005

Greetings from Colorado

This morning we left Dallas for Colorado, just me and my husband , for work and play. Tomorrow is our 5 year wedding anniversary. We left Parker for the first time with my dad and stepmom, not just the first time with them, but for the first time ever. It was really hard. I cried last night, I didn't sleep, and this morning I snuck into his nursery and stared at him this morning saying a prayer for us both. I then stood outside of his room crying before I had to leave. It really was a difficult time for me. However, I have only called twice...yeah me! Or should I say they have only answered the phone twice. Parker had a great day! I really was relieved to hear it. If I would have heard he had cried or thrown a fit when we weren't there to greet him when he woke up...that would have been the hardest. So, now that I know he is enjoying us away, I can enjoy myself. Today while Stacey worked I needlepointed on Parker's Christmas stocking and watched my favorite daytime story. It was nice to not have laundry or dinner to worry about, just some really needed down time. Tomorrow we leave Denver and head to Colorado Springs for 2 nights. I get to have a massage and Stacey gets to play golf.

5 years. Wow. It really has flown by. Before we left Keller, Stacey surprised me with a traditional gift. He did the research to find out what the 5 year gift is wood. Last night I received a WOODEN basket full of very festive pumpkins and acorns and candles. He picked out each cute pumpkin to fill the basket. He has always been very thoughtful husband, for which I am so thankful. God has truly blessed me with an amazing mate. Thank you Love, for 5 wonderful years, and many more to come.


jenny biz said...

I love it, "favorite daytime story". The "story" was very interesting yesterday!!
Glad you are enjoying your time there. Enjoy the cooler weather! I am sure Parker is having a great time!

Jenni said...

Happy Anniversary, Stacey & Paige!!

Kelli said...

Sounds like Parker is doing great and having a good time. Hopefully your Dad has no allergies and can hold off on the sneezing! Scott saw them all at the park yesterday at Matthew's soccer practice and talked for awhile. He said everyone was happy and Parker was having fun! Have a happy relaxing massage. What a treat!