Thursday, August 25, 2005


As it was, I was preparing homemade lasanga for tonight's birthday celebration around noon today, when my sweet Parker walked up to my leg and said, "I SHHUUWEEE." Well, convinced it was a false alarm I grabbed the back of his diaper to see if there was damage. None there. So hearing the voice of one of my beloved friends in the back of my head, "he is ready to go poop in the potty," we run into his bathroom dancing and singing a special song, "POOPOO IN THE POTTY." I had put his potty away thinking I bought it way too prematurely, so from behind a guitar of all things, I pulled his potty out of the closet. I strip my son down and sit him on the potty. We wait. He plays with the plastic red guard in front, (note he is playing with it). He stands up, I sit him back down saying, "Parker's going poop in the potty," as only a grown woman who is losing her mind would. Parker stands up again, this time when I sit him down on the toilet the nice red guard thingy comes off in his hand. I don't think much of it at the time. In his eyes, I sense is coming...I see the pushing. HE STANDS UP..."NOOOOOO!" I sit him down and again affirm that PARKER IS POOPING ON THE POTTY!!! My protection gone...the red shield being held in his left hand, luckily a shirt is there to absorb any damage that came my way. Then my sweet little boy gives me the "ALL DONE" sign in sign language and low and behold...WE HAVE POOP IN THE POTTY! I sang and I danced and Parker is now frightened that I am talking so loud and screaming POOP all around the house. I called Daddy at a business lunch to tell him there is POOP IN THE POTTY. You see, Parker is only 18 months old, I know we are way too early for this and today was probably just a freak thing, but we had a party for ourselves anyway. What a milestone we have made today, as I gagged my way back into the bathroom to disgard of the POOP and Parker thinking I am sneezing and telling me over and over, "YOU SNEEZED." We have a lot to learn, the both of us.


Jenni said...

Oh funny! I hope that it wasn't a fluke, but 18 months does sound a little young for potty training. Way to go Parker!

jenny biz said...

It will only get better!! Way to go P-man!!

Kelsie said...

Way to go Parker! He is the man!!

He is also so precious just like his mother!

Love you so much,

Joel Quile said...

That's weird because Stacey called me at the office the other day to tell me that he went poop too! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Just Kidding!

I just wanted to tell you Paige that I love you and Stacey and feel honored to get to serve in the same vineyard as you two (and Parker too!)

Keep up the good blogging and tell Parker to keep up the good ... blogging.

nana said...

The simple things in life parents(and grandparents) go nuts over. Maybe it is early but he is an advanced child! Ask his Nana