Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Parker and I are in a weird phase right now. He has gone from sleeping until 9:00-9:30 am to more like, 6:30-7:30 am. This is really cutting into my sleep patterns. REALLY! So, at 7ish now when I start hearing Parker scream from his bed, (not a hurt scream, a I really want out of this bed scream) I yell back at him from my comfy bed. I yell something like, 'YES PARKER!' Then he replies with, "MAMMA!" And then I say, "PARKER." Now here is where I am seeing some major progress in his communication. He used to say, "MULK!" or "WAFFLE." Now he replies with, "WWANNASDGDOSKE MMORRWRECXEOZ MULK!" Translation: I would like a sippy cup full of cold milk please my dear mother of mine who really doesn't want to be awake."
What communication! He now knows or is beginning to understand that he needs to make a sentence. I am just glad that I was blessed with the abililty to understand this too cute language. Oh how I will miss these times. When baby girl gets here there can be no more communication 2 rooms down, because her room will be right in the middle. We must get walkie talkies to minimize the noise that could come from our morning wake up calls/conversation about breakfast.

On another note, we are remodeling an area of our house to accommodate our new addition. My office/craft room will become the nursery, so I need some craft space...and I will be doing my crafty things in the laundry room! Parker was right in the middle of it! I just have to show you!


STP, an IronMan said...

These are great times! You and Parker have such a wonderful way of communicating. I just wish i could be there to partake in it! Love you much!

jenny biz said...

What great memories!!

Beverly Ross said...

I want to see Parker!