Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas 2006

end to beginning...just follow along The after Christmas celebration. I love Emaline's expression here..."I didn't do it, all!"
I just like this picture of Park.THe grandkids in front of the loot at Honey and Buddy's. This was Christmas night.

At Honey and Buddy's house...his new computer.
Emaline showing out.
Buddy got all the guys matching coats with the Bent Tree Ranch Logo on it. Parker receiving his is a blog on its own. Let's just say he may have needed a longer nap that day.

Christmas morning at our house. Wrestling. I love how RED Stacey's face is. Santa brought the kids this kitchen, WHICH they LOVE! Parker won't stop COOKING! Emaline is right in the middle of it too!
We had Christmas brunch with my dad and Sid, and Aunt La. Emaline enjoying her new sheep that Bop and Sid gave her.

La and Parker sideways...sorry. They were having lots of fun at Mamma's house Christmas Eve with my mom.
Emaline did start the evening off wearing clothes...BUT, due to her antibiotics...TWO blowouts damaged all her clothes, so she spent Christmas eve in her diaper.
The one gift Parker told Santa and others that he wanted were gloves. He saw them in this set of painting and talked about them ever since. Thanks Nana for hunting and searching through Toys R Us for this. Parker got hot in his shirt, so we took it off. I DO dress my kids.

Playing with Aunt La. SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the laugh on Emaline.

I have lots more to share...but wanted to post these for family. Happy New Year everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos

I thought I would try this out...since I LOVE watching everyone elses videos and I really wanted to show you a kind of out dated version of Parker's dance. I am sad it only let's you upload 2 minutes, the rest of the video goes like this:

M: Parker, where did you learn that shimmy shake?

Parker: Dancing.

M: Dancing with the Stars?

P: Yes, Dancing with the Stars.

You also see Emaline who was locked in her high chair and that is why she is screaming. Sorry babe, I had to capture the moment.

The new dance...well you add in a little drumming...more shimmy shakes..the occasional John Travolta...some real instrument playing... I will try to get a more updates version soon.

Merry Christmas!!!

Not our card is our card picture!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My daughter has no fear. She is total opposite from Parker, except they look just alike.

Parker in 2 years never once climbed out of his crib.

Emaline at 11 months dismounted yesterday from the crib with NO injuries.

I actually caught her in the act in the morning: one leg hiked over the railing. As soon as I GASPED she quickly pointed down at the ground where she had dropped her blanket. I called Stacey and told him that evening he would have the job of lowering the crib mattress. At morning nap time...I thought...surely, if she doesn't drop her blanket we would be okay...

During lunch I heard her wake up from her nap. I thought I had a few minutes to finish lunch for Anne and Parker when the "I'm awake" cry turned into a heavier "I'm mad" cry. I walked into her room to find her in the middle of her room sitting straight up on the floor crying. I picked her up and moved ALL body parts and the crying stopped. Tough baby.

The afternoon nap was taken in the pack and play and last night Stacey lowered the mattress.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lots of stuff

This past Saturday began our Christmas Waxahachie with Mammy and Dee. It is amazing to me how they pull it off. Every great grandchild, grandkid, sons and daughters all get presents and we eat an amazing meal. Below are some pictures from the day.

It is so hard to believe that Emaline is almost 1 year old. These are her 11 month old pictures!!! SO BIG in Cousin Cassidie's Christmas dress. I am so happy we got these pictures before church...because Emaline managed to ruin the dress during church.

5 years later and just as cute. Today Auntie or Anne S. came over and we made our so fun mitten cookies. This is a 2 woman job. We made these for the first time 5 years ago when I lived in Arlington just a few streets away from Anne. I got the urge to make them again this year for Parker's preschool teachers, so Anne took her first day of Christmas vacation to come bake with me. I love you Anne!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Church Open house

Angie M. did a great job (of course) organizing the Christmas Open House for church! I had to include some pictures. The picture above and below are of Emaline and Emily. These girls were born 1 day apart and didn't know their friend would share such a similar name. Look how olive skinned Emily is compare to Emaline!
I LOVE this picture. Don't the Santa's helpers look so happy!!?

Parker was a little hesitant to sit with Santa, but after he saw sister was handling it okay...he was fine as long if you didn't touch his candy cane!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

13 reasons I LOVED my college job

1. I always saw the newest fashions.
2. I got to see many boyfriends purchase gifts for their love. Jenny Perkins always got charms!!! And Robyn Rye got a new Brighton purse from her MIL.
3. I got a great discount.
4. My boss always let me have summers and Christmas off since I didn't live in Abilene.
5. I worked from 12-5 or 6 either M-W-F or T-TH and Saturday depending on my classes. It worked out great, except I ate lunch in my car most days, but my evenings were free. There was that one year I worked at a kiosk in the mall...
6. My job made me 'dress', which made me NOT wear the sweats and hat that I would have liked to have worn to my 8:00 am classes, which I had every semester so that I could work. When I 'dress' I feel better about myself, do you?
7. Ms. Betty. She was an alteration lady that was so NICE to me. She took interest in all us girls that worked there.
8. The girls I worked with. Let me see if I can remember some of them... of course the 2 Marcys, Rella, Joann, Pam, Kelly, Pat, Debbie and her sister, and I couldn't forget Dave. Dave wasn't a girl :) but I worked with him too. He was the shoe manager. He was nice and had a great sense of humor to put up with all us girls.
9. Birthday Celebrations. Our boss always celebrated our birthday with a cake and a card. For a girl who didn't have any family around most of the time I worked there...this was super special. And my boss had a Feburary birthday too!
10. I liked the work. I wasn't the best salesgirl, surprise, but I did keep myself busy. I liked to reorganize the Brighton purse boxes, or polish the James Avery or dust something.
11. I liked to try on the new shoes. It was kind of sad though. 3 of us girls wore the same size, but luckily we all liked different shoes. We would take 'breaks' and go try on shoes. I knew it wasn't meant to be for those Cole Haan's to make it to my closet when I would go to try them on and they would be missing. An empty hole in the stock room. So sad.
12. I had the same job for 4 years in college.
13. My boss. Yanell and Gerald. Gerald wasn't really my boss, but was my boss' husband, so sort of. They were so nice to this young Paris girl. They held my hand through some really difficult times in my life. They were understanding. They were my family. I still keep up with them through my dad who sees them at market, however, I am sending them this link! I miss you Village Shoes and Boutique!!!! LOVE PAIGEEEEEEE (Which was my nickname there)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hello blogland

I hate that I have been such a blog slacker! We have been so busy, and I would usually blog when the kids were asleep, but now I am working when the kids are asleep, so blogging suffers. Sorry.

This past weekend was so much fun! We had a party, well, 2 parties. Our church class progressive dinner was Saturday night. Angie did another great job planning it. So fun. The other party was a reunion party for Crosstrainers. Crosstrainers was a devo (for you COC people out there) of sorts held on Wednesday nights at the Cliftons in Park Cities when we were attending Preston Road COC. SHEWW. That was a mouth full. I guess Crosstrainers isn't really a DEVO, but a group that got together and held one. The Cliftons would cook dinner every Wednesday for us college, or just out of college single people. It is a special part of our lives because that is where Stacey and I met up again. The reunion was great. I saw people I had not seen in a long time, or even thought about. There were some new people there too, who came after we got married and left the Crosstrainer group. The Barnetts and Cliftons did a great job organizing it and getting everyone together. Brad Curry led the singing (like always). By the way all you ACU people, Brad is FINALLY getting married to a Preston Road girl! Her name is Laura Pierson (no relation). I have some pictures to post later...I have been found now and must get off the computer so that I don't have help typing. Love to you!!! I hate this weather...I mean I love this weather, but not in December!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

No 13 today....

I just don't want to.

Some happy news...COUSIN JAYMIE IS HAVING TWINS!!! This is the sister to the brothers who had Avery and Roselyn on the same day just a few months ago!!! Poor Jay and GAY!!! I told Gay I bet she goes BROKE! Funny.

On another note...I think Satan is attacking mothers right now. So many have been really beaten up lately. I shouldn't even say mothers...women in general. At preschool today I found out 2 ladies have had miscarriages. One of them was in labor today to deliver the baby that had already died (I CAN'T IMAGINE). The other was still in her first trimester...barely. Throw in my neighbor Amy, my friends Kelli and Jami, another preschool coteacher from a few years ago who lost her baby, Jenny who struggles with infertility....I am just overwhelmed and reminded of the miracle a new baby is. NOW, let me say I don't know if Satan is responsible for these things and how that all works, so please don't critisize me on that. I know that as women Satan seeks us out (He approached Eve, not Adam), and mess with our womb and you are dealing with our hearts. Let's join together and pray for strength! And please pray for these families.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Prayer life

I have really been working on praying with Parker. We pray in the car almost every where we go. It sounds like this:

P (meaning Parker): Momma, let's pray
m(meaning Mommy): Okay Parker, what do we need to pray for
P: the red light and green light and orange light (yes, I know it is yellow, but he calls it orange)
m: Dear God (parker echos), thank you for red and yellow and green lights
P: and orange lights mommy
M: yes and orange lights. Thank you for keeping us safe. Amen
P: Let's say another prayer
M: what do we need to pray for this time
P: for mommy and daddy, and my sister named Emaline
M: Dear God, thank you for mommy and daddy and Parker's sister named Emaline. Please help us get well. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for Jesus. Amen
P: and the cross mommy
M: yes babe and the cross
P: Mommy, can we say another prayer
M: of course
P: Pray for the trees and the grass and our decorations
M: Dear God, thank you for making the trees and and the grass and all the animals that live in the trees and the grass, and help us remember our decorations are to remember Jesus Christ. Amen
P: Mommy can we say another prayer for our preschool and Malaya's school
M: Sure, Dear God,.......

This goes on the entire car ride. I thank God that my son is soaking it all in and is learning to be thankful. Help me to be the same.

You should have heard him retelling the Garden of Eden today as well. That silly snake was all over the place, even playing with sticks with Adam. His imagination is going CRAZY right now. SO FUN!

I just found out about an old neighbor who is pregnant. It is one of those baby stories like...we moved, and now I am 6 months pregnant!!!! She didn't even know. The baby isn't moving it's arms and legs...I will attach what I received. Please say a prayer for them. We love you AMY!!! and or course the rest of the family.

After a sonogram they sent me to a specialist because he wasn't moving his arms or legs so went to for an amnio and they thought the baby (it's a Boy! Lincoln James) wouldn't make it because it all pointed to Trisomy 18 or 12 which is fatal. the amnio came back fine all chromosones are there and now they are searching for another "problem". The Dr. said we will schedule a C-section probably a week before my due date which is Feb. 18th just in case he has any problems with his legs or arms to help out the baby. I am measuring exactly where I should at 30 weeks and his heartbeat is good - I feel him move quite a bit and all organs, spine and brain look good too.
We are very hopeful about everything and know he is a gift from above and whatever happens we will take care of him! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.
After it all has finally sunk in we are all getting ready for our "little brother" in this house full of girls - & I think Larry will be excited for some male interaction!
Thank you so much for all the Love & Prayers,
Larry, Amy, Maddi, Lanie & Lincoln

Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Thursday Thirteen

So much, but to tired. Here are some pictures to end our week. Can you tell this guy has an ear infection?

Part of the dance move...can you tell the mid section of our tree went out tonight?
Tonights medications for the kids.A good smile from Parker...

Parker playing in daddy's hat.

Emaline happy to see daddy.
Tired eyes. Can you tell she has an ear infection? Yep, that one is new today. We were back at the doctor today after a night like we have never seen before. Above are some famous dance moves...

I just thought I would include a picture that might show you how things were really going around the house.

Thanks Ms. Kim for these fabuloso drinks for Parker. I don't even want to open them!

Enjoying the holiday decorations.

Have fun! And hopefully getting out any energy that may be left!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My pediatrican loves me...

Seriously. Stacey took Parker up there on Friday because his drainage had turned colors and the cough had gotten worse and Triaminic wasn't cutting it. They thought he had a sinus infection, put him on antibiotic, and an antihistimine. So about Saturday...Emaline started with a cough...Sunday it came and went. Monday it came, and rocked the house. They fit us in. I had both kids (of course) this always happens to me. I just thought they would listen to her chest and send us on to the pharmacy for MORE antibiotic. On the way to the doctors office, Parker was playing with this Hickory Dock Clock from preschool and all of a sudden began to complain about his ear. What? I am thinking paper cut. No biggie. We get into the exam room...Emaline weighed 24 pounds by the way, and the dr. began to check out our baby girl. Parker began to throw a fit. I tell the dr. that he is fine, I just think he got a paper cut while playing in the car. So she humors him and checks his ears....first ear...looking good big guy...second ear...YIKES! INFECTION! Excuse me...aren't we on medicine already....don't we have tubes...we aren't even here for him! My copay just doubled! At his moment I had 2 children on my hips, both crying snot everywhere. The dr. gave them popsicles. Emaline hasn't even had one before, but that wasn't stopping me at that moment. Parker had a sucker in one hand, and the popsicle in the other. Back to the original reason we are there....Emaline. I begin to tell the doctor that she has been SCREAMING her head off every time she gets in the car deafening. Emaline hasn't really been herself...and all this drainage stuff with the nasty cough. Time to check her urine...seriously? Can you see I have both kids on my hips clinging to me with dear life with SNOT everywhere and a sucker stuck to my shirt? The doctor LOVES my child (of course) and takes Parker out of the room while the violate my daughter. Tests come back good! YIPPEE SKIPPEE no infection for her. Must be a virus thing. Back to my really sick boy...sinus then ear infection. A shot. Now the nurses take Emaline out of the room so I can love on my other sick one. I think he had cried for an hour straight at this point. They hold down his legs and give him 2 shots... they are taking him off the first antibiotic and putting him on another. Then they tell me I have to wait 20 minutes before I can leave the office (which I know is standard), but come on...have you heard my kids the past hour? I only have 2 hips, and they are currently aching. I actually looked at the doctor and asked her if she could prescribe something for me, something strong. I had had enough. We only watched 10 minutes of Little Mermaid in the waiting room, and then got out of there. Parker fell asleep on the way home with the sucker in his mouth...rough day.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Toilet Paper Fun

Do I need to type anything???

Parker didn't find the toilet paper until he was 1!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...A pie disaster...and some pictures

Wanna feel good about your cooking....

Yesterday, Parker and I gathered all of our supplies and began to make my FAMOUS caramel pie. Okay, this pie isn't so famous, but I love(d) it. We carefully cut out leaves and acorns to adorn the outter crust of our pie. It was a great memory of me Parker working together. Parker went down for his nap, so I began to make the caramel part of the pie. I poured in the 2 cups of sugar into the heavy skillet for it to brown and melt. Brown it got. Let's just say that I burned it. During this time Emaline woke if you get distracted a minute or two...You get burned sugar.

Pie number 3 and 4: yes 3 and 4...the recipe actually makes 2 pies. I am very careful browning my sugar this time. SO careful. Perfect. Just the way it should be. I continue on. I add in my flour...and the egg. Did you know that scrambled egg doesn't go well with pie? So, I think I have that under control and continue on with my recipe (I really should have stopped here, but thought no one would notice the scrambled egg pieces because the caramel was SO good). I was so distracted by the egg, that I read the recipe wrong and put a full cup of butter in the skillet. Well, it should have only been a fourth of a cup. So I quickly began to scoop the butter of the skillet. DISASTER! Stacey gets home during this part. I explain the egg thing. He tells me I can't serve it.

I need to go to a photo shoot, so I leave the mess. I call KQ and explain that I was planning on surprising her with my FAMOUS caramel pie for her Thanksgiving only for it become a very buttery scrambled egg mess, so I hope that she has dessert. Not sure why she wouldn't because she didn't know my pie was coming.

We eat dinner at home and Stacey takes me out for HOT caramel apple cider. My favorite. I tell him we need to stop by the store and get a bag of sugar, because I AM going to make my famous caramel pie.

Pie number 5 and 6: Going perfect. Browned sugar, eggs and milk, butter, doing great. I finally get to the meringue part of the pie. YES! It was a truly beautiful pie. I slip it into the fridge at about 1:00 am this THanksgiving morning. It was time to leave today and I go to get the beautiful meringue...I noticed was sailing. It was sailing through the caramel. Floating. WHAT!? Not sure what happened, other than I was tired and maybe didn't let the pie thicken enough. I actually tried to drain the pie. That didn't work. So...what did I take for Thanksgiving? Kellogg's chocolate rice krispie treats! Thanks Ryan! I think I shall always keep a box in the pantry.

Next year, I think I should bring brown and serve rolls! No more caramel pie for me. I think I will actually return the cook book and not even copy the recipe. A thanksgiving disaster. Feel better about your cooking? Enjoy the pictures!

I really missed you Cagle cousins. This is the first year EVER I have not been in Paris during Thanksgiving. It wasn't the same. I love you!

Monday, November 13, 2006

13 reasons I am behind on Blogging

I bet this number could be raised to ....well, in the hundreds. First...I am behind...because I started out behind. As soon as I got off the airplane from Cabo, we went to get the kids from MIL and FIL's house and then went straight to my moms. I feel as if my feet haven't hit the floor yet. Here are some Cabo pictures...
I even played golf! Yes, this was the first time I actually played. I didn't want to miss out on the scenery, the experience, and the time with Stacey. I only truly embarrassed myself a couple of times, but did learn I hit better out of sand traps than I do from the tee box. This picture of Stacey is one of my favorites from the trip.
The above picture is of Stacey (in the hat) body surfing. He had such a great time. The red flag was up trying to persuade you NOT to get into the water...but we did anyway. This might have been one of the waves I actually said a prayer for him to come back up. He got taken under a few times.
You should have to have a license to put on sun screen! If you know me AT ALL, from what ever point in my life, you know that I can NOT put on sunscreen!!!! I have a problem. I never get full coverage. I always leave hand prints places or streaks in odd places. Here is a wierd place. Do you see it? The freakish red spot on my arm. If only it stopped there! I looked so bad, that my sunburn actually determined what dress I would wear to dinner. I even had the spray kind of sunscreen. I think I should invest in a bodysuit thing for my kids. They will never be FULLY protected with me around.
2. Beauty.I had never seen such a thing. You don't even have to rent these by the hour. Just first come first serve. I actually only saw people on them a couple of times. I did think they were pretty. This has nothing to do with me being behind, only that I would like to be back there again. By the way, this bed is located right in front of the kiddy pool. Interesting.
3. I still have a suitcase to unpack from the trip.
4. Preschool this week was wild. We had a feast on Tuesday, which was so much fun. Daddy, Buddy, and Nana all came to Parker's feast to eat with him. Sorry Stacey that you got the kiddy plate! Thank you Nana for taking time out of your busy week to come to lunch.
5. Visitation was also Tuesday night for my stepdad. Many of my mom's friends came, and some Paris people came who knew Tony. A special person that came to me...was Kathy Stockdale. Kathy has 2 girls, Kara and Kristen. I fall between them. Growing up, I spent summers in Denton going to daycamp at my grandmother's church in Denton. The Stockdales are from Denton. I knew Kara and Kristen from then. A few years ago, when I transferred to the BSF in Denton, Kathy was the assistant Teaching Leader (I think that was her title), and Kristen was in my group!! How fun! Such a sweet family. Kristen got married during my time at BSF...and has had a baby just a few months before Emaline was born. I have kept up through emails with Kristen, but I thought it was nice for Kathy to come to the visitation (and Funeral!). I think she was there for my grandmother, but as far as I am concerned, she was there for me.
6. The funeral was on Wednesday. My mom did great! The boys did great! Jason (my stepbrother) spoke at the funeral and made it through. Have you ever heard cajun music at a funeral??? I hadn't, but it made the day special, and so unique to Tony.
7. GO EMMITT! After the funeral, my house packed up and headed to moms. We watched the finale on pins and needles, hoping our Cowboy would pull through, and he did!
8. Thursday morning around 3 hit. A bug that Parker refers to as 'mommy has a bug on her face.' I thought it was from all the stress. I seem to internalize my stress (and have forever) so it always takes a toll on my body. I felt better around preschool went on trucking on. Around lunch time, my body started hurting, and chills came. I couldn't wait to get come. About 5:00 I decided to take my temperature...101.0!!!! So, I apologize to my ladybug class...if you have a bug on your face too! Stacey came home, and was my knight in shining armor. He took the kids, I went straight to bed and the next thing I knew it was 4:00am. I slept again until 8:30am. Thank you Stacey for staying home this morning until I woke up so that I could rest. I feel better...but wow! I haven't been sick in a long time.
9. Emaline has a new trick! It is called, Look Mommy I can play in the toilet.

10. Laundry.
11. Stacey talked Parker into not sleeping with his beese last night! WAY TO GO HUN! WAY TO GO PARKER! He did it. We have been discussing this for a while, due to the rash around Parker's mouth and the fact he is getting close to 3 years old!!! ANd the head injury...I cannot comment due to CPS. You just can't find good sitters any more!
12. Nap time. Maybe since there is no beese...Parker doesn't think he needs to sleep. As I type, I hear shakers and tamborines going off in his room. I may give in.

13. My sweet baby girl is 10 month olds! Double digits!!! A riot this girl! She will eat anything you put in front of her. She is IN love with her daddy! I attempted to crop and enhance the above picture, but my Photoshop is not my friend right now, which is NOT good considering the number of photo sessions I have this week! Yikes!!

LOVE THIS GIRL! And her brother too, but he is truly being a stinker when my camera comes around!