Thursday, December 15, 2005

The picture says it all

This is what I found after nap time today. Before I begin with the story, YES he is still in his pajamas, sometimes we HAVE pajama day. Now to the story. I would like to point out the distance between the bed and the crib on the right. That is the space I try to maneuver in when I try to sneak out after Parker has fallen asleep (see earlier blog about being worth it). I have blogged many times about my son telling me he is "SHEWWEEE!" Well his most recent POOP time is nap time. Earlier this week, Parker woke up and banged on his door to let Mommy know he was awake. As I opened the door Parker handed me his changing pad along with a diaper and said,"CHANGE!" What a smart boy! In the picture, if you look to the top you will see the changing pad on the floor along with the diaper that he put there for me to find when I came in. He was ready for me to change his SHEWWEE! My boy makes me laugh.

The crib is up in baby girls room and the bedding Stacey's grandmother made is almost on. My husband has a unique gift to tying perfect bows! I am truly impressed. I will post pictures as the nursery begins to finally take shape. Doctor said everything looks good with one month to go. Just big! Baby girl's head is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule just like her brothers! Parker's head statistic is always off the chart. The nurses always look at me strangely while they remeasure his head for check ups. I have to explain it has always been that way, off the charts!


jenny biz said...

Cracks me up!! I love these stories! I am getting a better visual of your problem with getting out of that space:)
Can't wait to see the finished nursery!!

Phillips' Family said...

Wow! What a smart boy! Can't wait to see the nursery!