Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bowden napping in chair

Don't you nap this way?

Son mom date

This is actually from over a month ago! We had a Mother Son movie night! Parker has begged our children's minister for years for something like this and Susan finally came through. I mention years and some of you may be wondering how Susan can be our minister if we have only been at this church for over a year... well, she has been at the church where I have taught preschool for 8 years. ANywhoooo,  Parker asked me to wear a skirt, so I did. We went to dinner at Subway, BUT on the way to Subway we encountered a conversation that I was hoping we would have with Stacey, and in a couple of years, but no such luck! This is how it went down!

"Mom, you know how roosters fertilize hen's eggs, well, how do boys to that to girls?"


Yep, good ol' Animal Planet and NatGEO Wild.... and there I am talking about fertilization and roosters and lions and babies. I tried to dance a bit around it, but I really would rather him hear it from me than someone else, right? So, using the same examples he gave me, I told him. He 'got it' when watching tv and how babies were made, but the human part just didn't sync. It does now. 

We ate our Subway, then headed to the church building where my date opened the door for me and served me my favorite candy and popcorn! If he even thought I needed something, up he went to make sure I had what my heart desired. It was a great night! Birds and the bees, and hens and all!

Parker's BIG Family

Parker wants 5 kids- Austin a boy, twin girls Aubrey and Audrey, Blake  and lastly a girl named Cassie. If you have a daughter close in age and she agrees to these condition, just let me know and we can arrange something!


I don't want to forget this morning as I climbed into the recliner with this sweet boy he told me:

"Mom, I love your comfiness. I like your skin."

Oh how I love him! I love how he makes code words daily to mean different things. Like 'cockle doodle squirrel' means I'm ready for you to wipe my bottom. Or (insert weird squishy sound with mouth) means to please come turn on the TV. He keeps me on my toes. He does it with the kids as well. If they want out of the car at the door which he sits- they must give him the password: rocks pearsons Bowden. Sometimes it is just Bowden Rocks, other times not. The kids play along very well. We love the gift from God he is!