Friday, December 30, 2005

No More DDD!

My precious son has an addiction. Seriously. I have contacted Betty Ford, but they do not treat this kind of addiction. I have really been cautious of how much TT (TV) my son watches. I would turn the TV on around 10:00 to channel 13 and all of you mothers know that it the dreaded purple monster. He also gets to watch Barney during his breathing treatments. Before I had children I always told myself that my kids would not watch Barney. Don't know why I didn't like him very much, just didn't. Not so. I like the purple monster. He teaches great skills and captures my son's attention. From a previous post you know that my son brought Christmas to a halt when he demanded to watch Barney while we opened presents. It isn't like he watches it A LOT! Why does he think he should watch it hourly? Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to chunk the TT out the door. My son found the DDD (DVD) that he received for Christmas (not from me). It wasn't quite 10:00 so I thought why not, I can shower and get my shopping list ready and then we can go to the store. So, when I was ready, or course my child wasn't. I saw the biggest fit from Parker that I have ever seen! He kicked, screamed, pulled, and hyperventilated for about 20 minutes. His face was blotchy, and wet! Stuff oozed out of every opening. I worked up a sweat trying to change his clothes all because I turned off the TT. Spanking wasn't working. Didn't phase him. Didn't make him mad, or even change his expression. I finally carried him to the car, buckled him in, and came back inside the house to breathe. So today, NO DDD. In fact, no Barney. My son even pulled out the breathing machine as a hint. So he got his daily treatment, but with Maya and Miguel. What has happened to my child? What powers does the purple monster hold? I laugh and say that Parker is grounded from TT. Is he too young? I can kind of laugh about yesterday today, but not easily.

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Kelli said...

Think of it this way... Parker has started to think independently and wants his ideas recognized! Isn't that what we all want for our kids?