Thursday, September 22, 2005

Spring Creek

Spring Creek just opened a new restaurant really close to my house. I am not much on barbeque, however, my husband loves it. I called him on Monday to tell him that it had finally opened, and we already had our first meal there last night. We met some friends there...but I wasn't sure what to order, since I am not huge on the menu. I ordered a baked potato loaded and I have to say, it was good. The real story here is Parker. I wasn't sure about the menu for him either. I ordered him a kids plate with ham, and got him some green beans and beans. Of course we also got him "COKE," he refers to anything besides his milk and juice to "COKE." It really was lemonade. We put the cute bib on him and gave him a fork...and he was gone. He ate the entire time we were there. He had beans from armpit to nostril. He also liked their high chairs. He could "PUSH" off from the table and really move across their floor. Stacey had to rearrange the seating arrangement because Parker kept entering the walk way with his "PUSH." He was so cute putting 5-6 beans on his fork and making it to his mouth without losing one! We still brought some of his food home because we needed to leave for church, which he finished at lunch. How do beans get into the nostril anyway? It happened again at lunch.


jenny biz said...

Here, here to Spring Creek!! Parker was in heaven with his meal:)

STP, an IronMan said...

See, i knew you would grow to love it as much as i do. We can make this a regular Wednesday occurance!