Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you!

For all of your prayers! My mom is home, on a new diet and trying figure out how to start her new life. If this weren't enough, Emaline caught some nasty virus on Wednesday! NASTY! She is better now, but I am exhausted. I feel bad that I have posted now twice without pictures, so if I get a chance at naptime (if I am not napping) I will post some.

A special thanks fo FIL and Stacey for our first step at making our backyard beautiful!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh Lord, our Lord

how excellent is your name! This song is in my head. I am not sure of its direct meaning yet.

I received a call today around 3:00 that went like this:

Your mom is in the hospital.

My mom went to work (at a hospital) this morning around 6:30. About 11:00 she wasn't feeling so great so she going outside for some air. She saw one of her friends (a coworker) coming in, and mom expressed her pain in her chest. We will praise your name forever excellent thy glorious name! They quickly got a wheel chair. Mom's blood pressure was off the charts crazy! They ran some test and found she had 90% blockage in an artery! The doctor put in 2 stints. He told my sister that if she would have been any where else, she would have died! DIED! She is recovering tonight from a crazy day. Today was my first day of preschool. Last year on my first day of preschool, my grandmother had a heart attack. Odd.

So tonight as I left the hospital the song...We will praise your name for ever excellent they glorious name. We will praise thy name forever more, how excellent thy glorious name Oh Lord, our Lord... just came into my head. I sang it out loud all the way to my car. I felt warmth and I be my mom did too.

Monday, August 27, 2007


down to see my Women of Faith post. I started it on Sunday, so that is where blogger plugged it in! I mean, you don't have to read it if you don't want to. But if you want to you will just need to scroll down a little. Just a little. My last post really wasn't that long. How could a blog about broccoli be that long!

What is that SMELL?!

This morning I made my way into the kitchen to ask myself what is that smell! I didn't really try to investigate, but went on my way to make P's breakfast. I began working on a few picture orders, and needed my purse, went back into the kitchen to get it, again asking myself what is that smell!? I unzipped my camera bag for my purse, when I FIND THE SMELL! A bag of broccoli from yesterday's birthday celebration for Stacey's grandmother who turns 93 today, sitting right on top of my purse! GREAT! Now I have a kitchen, Coach bag, camera bag, and who knows what else smells like broccoli! Today is trash day, so I wasn't going to put the ziplock of broccoli into the trash can that is empty because Stacey put all the trash out last night(thanks babe). I opened the front door, and tossed the bag of broccoli on the front porch (which Parker thought was HILARIOUS) because I don't have pants on! I can't take it down to the street without pants on the first day of school when ALL the parents are driving their young kids to school today. So, I sit here typing this blog, smelling broccoli because Parker keeps smelling my purse, he thinks it is funny. I am beginning to laugh about it. I wonder how long the smell will linger? This broccoli blog has trumped my Women of Faith blog. I will try to finish it during nap time. Have a great broccoli smelling day!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


No, that isn't the sound a dog makes :), instead it is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I look forward to this weekend for 51 weeks. I think I even teared up at the end because I didn't want it to end. This was my 4th year to experience Women of Faith, and this year had the theme, Experience Freedom! THE spirit was moving throughout! I also don't like change, and you know what, they changed ALL of the worship team! HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME just didn't sound the same. Patsy didn't let me down! A new favorite was Anita Renfro, a christian comedian. Lindsay and I even bought her DVD's if you want to buy them.

My weekend was extra special due to the women that I spent it with. My sweet friend Jami and her sister, Sandy (along with some family of theirs from Arkansas), came into town for the weekend! I miss Jami and Sandy! They moved to Texarkana months back...and I have MISSED seeing her belly grow! Rylee will be joining us in just a few weeks and I AM so excited for Jami! She will be an incredible mom.I am totally aware of this big green bar in the picture. Sorry.

Lindsay also was able to STAY ALMOST the entire time this year! Last year she had a NEW baby with her and caused her to leave early. We had great girl bonding time! Snuffers after 10:00 pm and bed time around 1:30 am...well, let's just say, I'm not 20 something anymore!
And as we sat down, I looked over the edge and saw a group wearing these shirts! SMALL WORLD! You see that little star on the bottom of the shirt...WELL, that is where my brother used to work before his new business venture! It isn't my home church and I had to ask them where in Paris their church was, but STILL!
Like I said before...Spirit was MOVING! I hope to share soon, but truly, I must head towards my bed!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I don't think so. We went to Arlington today for lunch with my mom (happy birthday nana) and the kids fell asleep on the way home in the car. The transfer wasn't smooth. Both kids were alert and BOTH claiming they needed to visit the restroom. BOTH were successful. I decided that we would attempt a nap on the nap mat I made for Emaline. Since Parker was awake too, we all 3 attempted to sleep in Emaline's floor. Sleep...oh, I meant play...
I just wanted to show off her piggy tails! Parker requested that I do a pony tail on her, but since her last hair cut, there wasn't that much there. We did the double pony, and he LOVED it!
Can you tell Parker is SO posing! You can see all 3 of our 'nap mats' in the picture.
And you may be wondering how the boo boos are doing...

Emaline's scab came off today, so we needed to add some medicine and a bandaid. Doesn't she look happy?AND the shiner. I took pictures all morning trying to capture the TRUE color of his eye. This one that I used my flash still doesn't do it justice! When asked what happened, he tells people Ben has a strong arm! He sure does!

GOOD NEWS! I found my card, so maybe tomorrow I will get some more pictures up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Has anyone seen ....

a kid, about so high, that weighs a few melons, fashioning red hair, holding a deadly weapon...a softball? Well, last night at daddy's softball game Parker's face got in the way of one of Ben's famous fastballs! I waver on calling the doctor. I know it is just a black eye, but the swelling is moving around his eye and the blackness is definitely sliding down his face. When Ben makes it big, we can say....We knew him when!
NOW don't call CPS, but this week has been rough on my little ones. Sunday night we were playing out at Christ Haven when Emaline fell off a small little wall straight on her sweet little face. Ants got Parker's hand! Rough week and it is only TUESDAY!
I have some pictures I want to share, but you know what...I have lost that sweet little card that goes into my camera and saves my pictures, pictures that are so special! So if some of you from out of town keep looking for some pictures, keep checking back.

I had these on another card from my trip to Paris.

This is my Buddy! Parker has a Buddy, and I have a Buddy...we had to discuss that. My buddy lives in Clarksville and we went to visit while we were in Paris last week. Parker and Emaline LOVED our visit. I have about 10 pictures like the one below. Buddy is my great aunt and I think I enjoyed our visit as much as she did.

And Buddy, if you found a camo flip flop on the street...that would belong to my Superman!

Emaline loved this chair and would scoot down to the bottom so her feet would reach the foot rest and read Buddy's books.Parker took this picture of Uncle Wyatt sitting in his new store that will open in October! We are so excited for him!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

one more

We had a grand time yesterday at hurricane harbor! The hottest day of the YEAR! I even think we set a record. We went with aunt lala and AZ and his son Elijah. Nana joined us after work. The kids had so much fun sliding and splashing. Emaline was wonderful. I like this one too!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My baby girl

Today was a special day. I started off with an early morning photoshoot, (my second for the weekend, YEAH) and came home to my hubby and daughter. Parker had gone to the ranch with Buddy and Cole (FIL and nephew to me) so it was just the 3 of us. Stace and Emaline had a lazy morning and when I got home she was all giggles. We had the most fun tickling and rolling in the floor. I was still in the photo I threw up a backdrop and set up my camera with my remote and hoped to capture some of Miss Thing. Well, Miss Thang was more interested in her daddy that had now gone outside to do some yard work. The only thing that made her really happy was her new pink boots, marshmallows, and holding the remote herself. We had a great day soaking up E! We missed Parker terribly, but cherished the time we had with her alone.

I have more pictures of her pink boots and will post them. Special note on the photos: indoor really isn't what I have been working on. These photos are grainy and kind of a mess. SARAH HELP! I still love them! They are so her!

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You better be glad

I am too lazy to take my scanner to the other room and scan in OLD ACU photos! They will be posted, but for are some great friends in the present!

Good ol' jenise! I found some real winners of us back in the ACU days, but like I said, my computer and VISTA=not compatable with scanner. It was great to be reunited with her. She was in town for concert/business and we grabbed lunch and went to play at her sister's house REAL close to me. Close enough we better see each other more than every 5 years! As I was looking through pictures I was reminded to a trip to Wichita Falls together, and Jenise getting jaundice and some wierd rash while we were Kojie Officers . I don't want to ruin all the surprises of pictures that WILL be posted at some point! It was fun friend!AND Auntie! LOVE HER! Parker took this fantastic picture of us in my car today! We got to do lunch and spend time together today. FUN! Anne and I have been friends for 12 years. We have laughed together, cried together, shopped together, shared a room together, shared a neighborhood together, a scrapbook convention together, and OPRAH together!

Love you sweet friends!

Oh, Parker took the picture of me and Jenise as well. You go guy!

WARNING: the scanner will be hooked up soon!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hello Mandisa!

She was wonderful! So personal. She talked about her time on Idol, and THAT was very interesting. I haven't read her book Idol Eyes, but it made me want to. I hope she does well. And yes, Laura, it was at that church! We had a great weekend! We spent it on the water. SO FUN! Don't judge the photography on these pics please. I was doing good to take a few here and there.

Look closely at the below picture...closely...
I cut my hair off! (And Parker is doing a great job tubing.) I am getting use to it again, it is cut very much like I wore it around the time we got married. It isn't quite like GH's Kate Howard (or Jami's)...but a little like Posh Spice, but without the Posh and the spice.

We found cousin Cassidie's fourth of july bow in our folding chair. Emaline wore it most of the night!Emaline found a mud hole! She sunk in to her knees poor girl.

She is doing good 'pooing'. Parker is still into MOOing.

I took this class at my gym last week and LOVED IT! I went again today and was so excited. I even invited a friend (WHO DIDN'T COME) and boy am I glad! My Zumba class was not a Zumba class was Cardo KICK something! I should have just walked out...quickly! As soon as I saw the steps and weights....I should have aborted the class...ABORT ABORT! But, they had already seen me walk into the room. I stuck it out! When I get face turns BRIGHT RED! My grandmother used to want to come rescue me from basketball games because she thought I was going to pass out. My body hurts. I checked the schedule, and now I know exactly when MY class is. AND, how am I suppose to loose weight when as soon as I get Parker out of there, he asks to go to Sonic! SERIOUSLY! I am trying a new dinner tomorrow: sweet and sour chicken meatballs! I will post it on our Whatcha Got Cooking Blog later in the week, that is, if it is good! I feel there was much more to post, but I think I must go to bed! My body hurts...

Thursday, August 02, 2007


yes, that is poo in my title. I have waited to blog about this, but since it has happened again, I thought I would share.

Two weeks ago, Emaline wanted to sit on the potty. SURE! I took her diaper off and sat her on the potty (which had happened before, per our request not hers). We sat. We sang. SHE POOPED! WHOOO! Freak thing.

Last week, right before bath Emaline wanted to sit on potty again, and she was saying POO and grabbing the back of her pants. I sat her on the potty, and guess what?! Yep, POO!

On Saturday, my mom bought her some princess undies, just for fun since she likes to try on Parker's. We have been putting them on over her clothes or diaper. She really likes them.

On Monday, she came up to me while I was washing sippy cups. She was saying POO and doing the grabbing thing. I thought I had some time because although this sounds so bam bam bam, there have been lots of false alarms or just sitting! Well, she went in her diaper. I learned my lesson.

Today, Emaline approached me and said her new favorite word POO and took off to the bathroom. I quickly followed and guess what? POO! I gave the girl some marshmallows (they worked for Parker) and let her wear her princess underpants without a diaper! No accidents! Okay, I only let her wear the undies for 15 minutes! BUT STILL! She went in the potty again before bath time.

So, I am not getting too excited...I think I potty trained Parker for over a year or longer, but I think we are off to a great start! At least I had one less poopy diaper to change.

Went to see Mandisa tonight! SO COOL! Pictures tomorrow.