Friday, October 27, 2006

Emaline at 9months.23.5lbs, 30 inches long, and a head circumference of 19! That's my girl! Above 97% in all categories.

Parker said he wanted in the picture...not so sure.

I was referring to these pictures during last blog about parker rearranging his sock drawer. I heard him playing during nap time so I went in to access the damage. I found his room a wreck, and him standing at his sock drawer informing me that he had changed his socks. Yep. He sure had. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006

13 of my favorite people

1. My husband. really. I am not just sucking up. He really is one of my favorites. He gave up a golf game today so that I could enjoy the night out with the girls. He puts up with me, loves me, and encourages me.

2. Parker and Emaline. They put smiles on my face every day. The way Emaline gets so excited that she falls out of chairs or rocks up and down up and down. The way Parker rearranges his room or his sock drawer during nap time. Favorite.

3. Nanny Betty. This week with the births of her first Great Grand Children, I can't help but think of her. I know she is so proud in heaven. I miss her sense of humor and looking forward to seeing her when I come to Paris.

4. My Mom. She is really going through so much right now, I don't know how she is doing it. She is working full time, working on her thesis, and taking care of her husband who has cancer. And my grandmother has to have these spells of alarm. Way to go mom. I love you.

5. Anne or Auntie. Favorite people. She makes me smile. She makes me feel important. She has overcome so much. A great friend.

6. Kim Q. Now, I know I can't list all of my friends, but Kim has become a quick Fave. I love how she proclaims her Savior to all that will listen. I admire her prayer life and can only hope I learn to battle the way she does with the Dark.

7. JennyB. Talk about a walk of faith. Thank you friend for being an example. Thank you for always encouraging me. Thank you for not taking it deep and letting me talk about GH like they were our friends some times. You are an example of a great wife, mother, daughter, and sister. Thank you the loving my kids.

8. Doc Eads. Now, some you may know him. He was a HS teacher, but he took a special interest in the lives of others. During my basketball career, he was a HUGE encouragement. He would come to every home game, even some out of towners. Of course, not just to see me, to see his other students play as well, but it meant a lot. Sure miss him.

9. Gay. I have written about this sweet Cousin many times in my blog career. My junior and Senior year of HS was a tough one for me. My mom didn't live in Paris. Gay was that encouragement and example I needed. I remember her and Jaymie making me a cake in the shape of a jersey with my number on it. In college, when she would come visit Clay, she always made time for me. She has always made time for me. I feel a rush of love when I think of her. Favorite people.

10. Vida Mae. My sweet grandmother who had Alzheimers. I love to hear stories of her. Quite a beauty and a lady. I never saw her in pants. I love the many stories of crawldeads and mothballs and her shewing the cattle over fences. I can hear her saying: home again home again jiggity jog, or ain't that a sight. I have some really fond memories of her--my nanny.

11. Neva. Yep, she is my crazy grandmother that many of your hear about. No, she really isn't crazy, but really funny at times. She cracks me up most of the time. I love how she loves my kids, and keeps asking her doctor when she can come over and keep them again, a highlight in her life and the kids too.

12. A.E., that was my grandfather that I wrote about back at father's day. One of my favorite people of all time. Talk about making you feel special. Every time he came to Abilene when I was in college, he always wanted to take me around to introduce me to his friends and family. I met old national guard buddies, and distant cousins every time he came. Oh he was a proud man of his family.

13. Now, I know that I may leave someone out, so I apologize, and know that you are just as important, I may just be too tired to remember right now: JH, AM, JM, MD, AW, DP, KF, KL, LH, MK, AC- these girls are great friends, whom I am not sure life would be any more fun without, who will listen, invite, endure, pray, and love. Thanks girls.

I know this is a pretty stinky list, but I have had to go back and continue to add and delete because I continued to try include everyone. I will have to continue this list another time. 13 just isn't enough. I thought HS, College, now, and it was hard to narrow it down.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I am proud to announce in the blog world that I have 2 new COUSINS!

Cousin CLAY and Maurine had Avery Maurine at 12:20 pm at HEB 7lbs 14.5 oz and 20.5 inches long.

His brother CLINT and Rachel gave birth to Roselyn Jo in PARIS, Texas at 6:30 pm and she weighed 8.85lbs and was 21 inches long.

Gay and Jay have to be worn out today putting many miles on the car and trying to make it to both births! Both girls went into labor on their own. Which is crazy! These girls wanted to make it extra memorable for Gay!

By the way, Roselyn's middle name is for my great aunt Nanny Betty Jo (Clint and Clay's grandmother). I bet she had something to do with this today just to torture Gay. She is laughing her head off with the angels tonight!

Praise God for healthy babies and for the mommys to be doing well.
I can't wait to SEE these babies and hug and kiss them.

Friday, October 20, 2006
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

There are 28,497 people in the U.S. with the first name Paige.
Statistically the 1073rd most popular first name. (tied with 35 other first names)
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Paige are female.

There are 125,987 people in the U.S. with the last name Pearson.
Statistically the 249th most popular last name. (tied with 8 other last names)
Famous people with the last name Pearson:
Drew Pearson

Thanks Lyneil for sharing! Pretty interesting. I can't wait to search for Emaline!
None for Emaline, 4 for Parker, 147 for Kathryn, 71 for Stacey:

(90.18 percent of people with the first name Stacey are female.)

13 reasons I loved the state fair

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13 reasons I loved the state fair

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13 Reasons I loved the State Fair

The dance! This is part of Parker's new dance that I may try to upload to youtube or something so everyone can smile. He danced for a good 10 minutes, even drawing a crowd in front of BIG TEX! Posted by Picasa

13 Reasons I loved the state fair!

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Weekend

Fun times. This weekend Emaline and I had some girl time while the boys bonded. The girls headed to Paris for the twins birthday...Logan and Lindsay. I can't believe it has been 1 year since they were born to my HS friend Mindy. On our way to Paris, we stopped off at the McKinney Target and picked up some bling. I had not seen these pacifiers...she HAD to have it. I also had to buy her some new pants due to the fact she had an accident in the car! I am gald that I changed her diaper at the beginning of our Target shopping trip. Friday night we headed to cousin Gay's house to hang out because dad had a party at the store. We had a great time playing at Gay Gays. Saturday morning, the morning I could sleep in due to not having my 7:15 alarm clock with me, my dad's house was getting shown at 9:00am! So we had to be up and out by 9. And wouldn't you know that I had to wake Emaline up at 8:50! Since we had to be out and about, I thought I would take Emaline and take some pictures. This didn't work so well. As soon as I put her down, she would take off crawling, so these are my pictures from Paris. I wish I would have taken pictures at the party. It was so much fun.
While I was in Paris, the boys went to HS football with friends and had a grand time. They also went to see Grandmommy. Grandmommy is Stacey's grandmother, who is 92. Parker has been asking for her. It has been so sweet. He will say something like this: Mommy, my heart hurts. I need to see my grandmommy. So, Stacey and Parker went to take her to lunch. She wanted Luby's. I am glad that Parker got his Grandmommy fix. We have let him call her to talk, but he gets kind of shy and won't talk on the phone. They played in her back yard and really spent some fun time together. The thing on Parker's face is a Tatoo from the football game. He keeps asking where his Texas went.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I have my own website now for my photography...

So cool! I will continue to upload the albums so keep checking back!

13 things to make you wonder

1.Why is it that my Kraft Macaroni and Cheese never tastes like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese you order in a resturaunt? Not that I order it, but I always eat Parker's and it never tastes like mine.
2. Why is it that Emaline's hair is growing faster on the sides than any where else?

3. Why hasn't the private investigator come back? This is a great story...that I don't think I should share on the internet, at least not yet. But really, he has left me hanging. And for those of you who know this story, he never emailed Stacey. Crazy. I am staying clear of that side of the street.

4. Why do the costumes on Dancing with the Stars look smaller and smaller each week? Seriously, how much skin needs to show? Some are really bad.

5. Why do I not want to go out to eat? This is pure stupidity! I love to eat, I love to go out to eat, but when I think---where do I want to go eat, I can't think of any place.

6. Why don't I move the table on the back porch AWAY from the window by our bed? Sugar, our yellow lab, wakes me up EVERY morning by playing king of the mountain on this table with Kelli, our chocolate lab. In fact, as I type, they are playing this game.

7. Where are the ants coming from on our kitchen counter?

8. Why is it that gas prices change so often? I think it is crazy that in Lewisville, gas is 1.97 and in Keller it is 2.11 or 2.02. Why?

9. Why do we have Netflix? We have had the same 2 movies for over a month. I think I should cancel it. Wait! It was Stacey's birthday present. Oops.

10. Why don't I like any of my old jewelry? I have lots of rings and bracelets that I never wear any more, either they are too small, or way too out of style. Any suggestions? I have thought before that I would melt them down and make something else.

11. Why can't I get Parker potty trained? This is gone on long enough.

12. Why can't people that start blogs keep them up!? COme on friends. It is very disappointing when I keep checking your blog and it hasn't been updated for days, weeks, or months. I won't name names today....but you better watch out!

13. Why does Parker knock when he wakes up from his nap and say, Come in? I think it is cute, but am not sure where he got it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through this T13. I need some new ideas.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pumpkin Patch Round1

Last year it took 2 trips to get a picture of Parker. This year we may just continue going for the fun of it! The Ladewigs went with us to get some pumpkin princess pictures made(you can see some more over on my photography blog), and we had a blast as you can see from the pictures. We joke about Parker and Rylan, but check out this picture and then click HERE to see that this girl is calling the shots!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Let me say that my internet right now is NOT my friend. I only get access about 5 minutes at a this is now my 2nd time to post this blog. I just hope blogger lets me type and upload fast! Here goes a very fast T13.

1. Paige Pearson Photography is steam rolling ahead. So much fun! Again, click over there to go to my site.

2. Stacey has been out of town for a few days! COME HOME QUICKLY! Plane arrive...plane arrive... I need to tag...someone else to change a few diapers. Thanks Angie for helping last night.

3. Referring to number 2, Emaline's antibiotic is giving her some serious POOP! On Tuesday, I think she had 3 sheet changes. It just feels like my laundry never ends since everything needs to be washed right away. Even the bumper pads! I took them off to wash them, and they aren't going back on until this crap stops. Yes, I just used the word crap. I think I did it for shock value. Did it work? She will be on the antibiotic for 6 months to try to prevent another infection. Got stock in TIDE? Help a sister out!
(just saved as draft just in case internet goes down)

4. We rode the Trinity Train yesterday with friends. SO MUCH FUN! It was our first time. Parker loved it, and so did Emaline. Thanks Angie for putting it together.

5. Emmitt made it one more week. Please people quit voting for Jerry Springer. Isn't it hard to picture him as a family man! I have to admit that I teared up watching him hug his daughter, BUT come on!

6. For some reason, business being one, I have decided I was going to learn to make tutus. So tutus I am making. I made an orange one for Emaline to wear to the pumpkin patch. Look for pictures soon. So much fluff!

7. Parker is truly keeping me in stitches. He likes a song that spells out Christian. I think Stacey learned it in school, but I had never heard it before. It goes...I am a C, I am a CH, I am a la la. Have you heard it? Well, our version is pretty up beat. So the other day, Parker requested this CHRISTIAN song, and I pushed for number 6 to come on, and we actually had an argument whether it was the correct song or not. So at the end of the song I proudly said....TOLD YOU! Guess what? Now, everytime he hears this song, he ends it with TOld you.

Save as draft.

8. He also helped me hang our fall flag outside the other day. I called it our DECORATION. Now, every time we pull into our drive way, he says, LOOK MOM, OUR DECORATION! We did put some more fall things in the house, and he calls it all decorations. TOO FUNNY!

9. My bladder needs serious work. That is it. I cannot tell any more or I breech that TMI thing.

10. Parker and Emaline have started wrestling. Now. I should say that Parker has started this. Emaline just screams and pulls Parker's hair. It is kind of funny to watch. I let it roll for a few minutes before I break them up. Maybe Stacey should have moved up his flight.

11. I need some new recipes. Got any, send them my way. I love my Kraft magazine, and cookbooks, but I just need something new.

12. I get to go scrapbook tomorrow with Anne and I AM so EXCITED. I am SO far behind. I think I take too many pictures to ever be caught up. Anne and I don't get to see each other as much as we used to. SO I really need some Anne time.

13. I think I must decline Jury Duty...I Know, I know. I just have too much going on, and baby sitting is an issue. So, Tarrant County, please ask again. I really really want to serve.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Anniversary Baby!

It is so hard to believe that 6 years have past! What a fun road it has been! I remember the day you proposed, all the planning, and the big day like it was yesterday. Stace and I began to date in January 2000. It began like a fairy tale. We got engaged in June, and September 30th brought us beautiful weather, wonderful friends, and lots of family to witness us pledge our love for each other. In the past 6 years, we have moved 4 times, had 6 different cars (don't ask), had 2 kids, lost a brother, a cat, almost a dog, and most importantly, watched each other grow closer to God.

We take turns planning anniversaries, and couldn't really remember whose turn it was, so Stacey took the reigns. I received 6 roses on Friday! We ate a great dinner at Charleston's and then went to Sun Dance Square to catch a movie. We went to see Facing the Giants. GREAT STORY, and worth the money. I heard it was rated PG due to strong Spiritual Content. If you go see it, just remember it is obviously low budget...but how refreshing to see scripture read and prayer on the big screen.

Happy Anniversary!