Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New blog

I was told that I needed to update my blog, so here is an update. First and second picture is sister wearing the sweet dress that Auntie got her. Parker's picture is one from a game we played again this week called hiding. I found him as you can see. And the last picture...he calls it his fish hair, I call it cute even though I was informed that I may be leading my son in the wrong direction and next he would have tatoos and piercings, not that those things are wrong...but he is only 2!

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Good news

We received news from the doctor that Emaline does not have bladder reflux. YEAH! The tests results came back TERRIFIC. That is the exact word the doctor used with us. So, it looks like we were just dealing with an infection. I guess she will stay on the sulfa drug for a while to prevent another one. We go see the urologist this week, so I may know more then. Thank you bloggers (and secret bloggers :)) for your prayers.

Thank you God for answering our prayers and healing sister. You are the almighty God, the powerful almighty GOD!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 20, 2003

3 years ago, Greggory Owen Pearson went to be with his heavenly father. I can't believe it has been that long. It was Easter weekend, Good Friday, I was shopping in Target picking up some Easter gifts for my neice and nephew when I received a phone call that Gregg had gone into a coma. I met Stacey, we packed some bags, and off to Arlington we went. The next few days were as they should be. Gregg had so many visitors. So many family members, so many friends had heard and came to be with him. Stacey and I had come home late Saturday night to rest at our house and go to our church for Easter. Easter morning, FIL called to tell us we needed to get to the house as soon as we could. On our drive from Corinth to Arlington, Stacey and I were talking about Gregg when I looked up and saw the most amazing thing: stairs made out of clouds leading to MIL and FIL's house where Gregg was. The angels were coming, they were probably all ready there. Tears filled our eyes. We arrived in Arlington, minutes before Gregg took his last breath. It was sweet. Jim, Linda, Leslie (SIL), Stacey, and I were all in the room with him. Each breath we witnessed, we cherished as his last. Then it was over. His pain gone. His earthly body that was so different than what it was when I met him was here to stay,but his spirit had gone. His legacy...his love for his God would continue to live on.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

3 months

I couldn't resist doing this. Parker is on the left and Emaline on the right both at 3 months.
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see blog

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Happy Easter...again.

Well, I had a beautiful post written yesterday and was having difficulty posting my pictures so just left the blog up and kept trying to post pictures when we were hit with the rolling power shortage thing. Lost it. So today you get the not so beautiful written blog.

Easter was great. We went to Paris (of course, Texas). It was Emaline's first time there so we had to go to Bowden's and Taco Delight. Emaline found a pair of sunglasses she thought she looked fabulous in. I also did a miniphoto shoot with her in dad's backyard.

We went to see Mindy, my friend from high school, and her family. Parker and Dawson are 8 months apart, and the twins and Emaline are 3 months apart. Logan was asleep so Lauren is in the picture.

Easter Sunday, Parker wasn't all that into having his picture made in his outfit. But put beans on his face and pose away. Easter lunch was so much fun. Bop and Sid moved a table into the middle of their backyard and we ate outside under the east Texas trees. So Martha!

Emaline's testing went well yesterday...I guess well is a good word to use. She handled it better than I would have. We had great nurses at Cook's that took care of us. I know they were sent by prayers. We should hear something today, I hope.


Friday, April 14, 2006

here are the pictures

Cutest kids in the world! Parker loves his cowboy boots, and thinks they go with everything...Nope! I love the top picture of Emaline laughing. Parker playing with his trains amongst all the laundry. Take special note to how he has aligned his cars. He does this with his horses and cows too. I am wondering if it is a sign of what is to come. Posted by Picasa

Happy Good Friday

I haven't posted all week? You would think I had been busy...oh yeah, I have been.

Would you guys say a prayer today for Lainey Woods. She is an old neighbor from our days in Corinth, and is having a hip surgery today. Lainey is 5! SHOUT OUT TO YOU BABE!

I tried to post some pictures...I'll keep trying.

Monday, April 10, 2006

new pictures

Parker has a new game. It is called "HIDING." But, he really isn't hidden. These are the pictures from the game.

Some of his new sayings:
Come see Momma, Come see
Nice day

The last one may need some explaining. Marshmallows are his new favorite food, but he only gets them when he goes potty on the potty. Which, might I add is going well. He even went SHEWWEE on the potty, so he got a cupcake with marshmallow and sprinkles on top.

Emaline is being a trooper. I found another bad diaper today. Blisters?....I have called the doctor and am waiting for them to call me back. Waiting

Sunday, April 09, 2006

a new blog

Stacey mentioned this lady's blog in class this morning...and here is the link.

I hope you all have had a great weekend.

Friday, April 07, 2006

no real news

So we went to the pediatric urologist today. We found out the blood in the diapers is probably blisters on the bladder bursting! OUCH! Not pleasant. We scheduled our big tests and our next appointment and that is it. I did find out that if Emaline does have this reflux bladder thing, that they will need to test Parker too. That reflux runs in siblings. I really wanted answers. We will keep on our antibiotics and continue to pray. Thanks friends. Thanks for everything. The prayers, the babysitting, the calls, the emails, the coke, and the gift card! What examples of Jesus you have been to me!

On a brighter note, my oldest friend Amanda turned 30 today! Happy birthday friend. Her husband created a blog for her as a surprise.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Yesterday, I received a call from the nurse at my doctor's office and said that everything from the tests looked normal and that we were on the right antibiotic. She then told me know that stuff that contradicts what the doctor had told me the day before. I was worked up. I was confused. Stacey told me to call back. Nope. I will just internalize it and let it get the best of me. Then today, Emaline had another bloody diaper. I called. They needed to see us in the office. We went. Emaline was catheterized again. And the nurse was wrong. I should have called back just like Stacey said. We are now on our way to a Pediatric Urologist. Hopefully she can figure out what is going on with my little one.

Monday, April 03, 2006

where's my blog?

Where did it go? Why is the page white? Trying to fix it!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The story

Friday morning, while changing Emaline's diaper for the first time since we woke up, I saw a pink line down the middle of her diaper. What is this? Blood of course. I called the doctor and had to leave a message. When they called me back I was at McDonald's and I told them I was real close to their office and I had the diaper with me. (if this ever happens to you, save the diaper!) They had me bring her in. One look at the diaper and our favorite Nurse Practioner jumped into motion. She told me that there could be a few different reasons why there was blood in the diaper, but we wouldn't have that conversation until we knew the cause. She asked me if I wanted to stay in the room while they did a catheter or would I like to take Parker out of room, since he is very protective of sister. I opted to stand out in the hall with Parker since I don't do well with things like that anyway. We went in the room when they finished and held that sweet girl. Moments later, Nurse Kami came in and then told me we needed to have a conversation. She had an infection. WHAT? She gave me the run down and told me we would have a long day. Which we did. Next we needed to go have a blood culture (forgive all of my misspellings of all this medical stuff), and then come back to the office for an antibiotic shot. We needed to fill a prescription for a 10 day antibiotic. Husband met me to pick up Parker and go get the medicine. I went to have the blood thing done. Have you ever held down a 2 month old against her will while someone put a needle in her arm and warns you that if she moves any she will need to do it again? I kept telling myself not to pass out. I focused on Emaline's eyes. I made it through it and so did she, like a champ. I have asked lots of questions. The doctor has even called me for the past 2 days to check on her and to see if I have had any questions. I LOVE OUR DOCTORS! Emaline hasn't spiked any fever, Praise GOD! We did receive the news that the infection isn't in her blood, which is a good thing. We get the results of the blood culture tomorrow morning, and I will post more then. From what I understand, after that we begin a series of tests at Cook's. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. Keep praying us through this difficult stressful time.