Saturday, December 31, 2005


What a year!
Parker turned 1
Parker had tubes in his years
My last year in the twenties
Found out Parker was going to be a big brother
VBS at church
Went to Florida with Mom and family
Nanny Betty Passed away
Got to stay home another year with Parker
Celebrated 5 WONDERFUL years with Stacey
Anniversary trip to Colorado
Early birthday trip on a Cruise with MIL and SIL
God making me stronger
Incredible friends and a great bible study
Adding a room in our house
Charlie Brown
Thanksgiving of thanksgiving
A warm Christmas
A healthy pregnancy
I know this should be so much longer, but I am thankful for a wonderful year!
I can't wait for 2006 and all of it's blessings in all forms.
Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2005

No More DDD!

My precious son has an addiction. Seriously. I have contacted Betty Ford, but they do not treat this kind of addiction. I have really been cautious of how much TT (TV) my son watches. I would turn the TV on around 10:00 to channel 13 and all of you mothers know that it the dreaded purple monster. He also gets to watch Barney during his breathing treatments. Before I had children I always told myself that my kids would not watch Barney. Don't know why I didn't like him very much, just didn't. Not so. I like the purple monster. He teaches great skills and captures my son's attention. From a previous post you know that my son brought Christmas to a halt when he demanded to watch Barney while we opened presents. It isn't like he watches it A LOT! Why does he think he should watch it hourly? Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to chunk the TT out the door. My son found the DDD (DVD) that he received for Christmas (not from me). It wasn't quite 10:00 so I thought why not, I can shower and get my shopping list ready and then we can go to the store. So, when I was ready, or course my child wasn't. I saw the biggest fit from Parker that I have ever seen! He kicked, screamed, pulled, and hyperventilated for about 20 minutes. His face was blotchy, and wet! Stuff oozed out of every opening. I worked up a sweat trying to change his clothes all because I turned off the TT. Spanking wasn't working. Didn't phase him. Didn't make him mad, or even change his expression. I finally carried him to the car, buckled him in, and came back inside the house to breathe. So today, NO DDD. In fact, no Barney. My son even pulled out the breathing machine as a hint. So he got his daily treatment, but with Maya and Miguel. What has happened to my child? What powers does the purple monster hold? I laugh and say that Parker is grounded from TT. Is he too young? I can kind of laugh about yesterday today, but not easily.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Great Balls of FIRE!

If you have seen TV lately, you know there was a HUGE fire in Kennedale, Texas. This fire was in my sister in laws back yard, literally. I received a call around 3:00 that my husband was on his way over to help out. I had been asleep and was a little out of it and just said be careful. Call after call the details became so scary and I found the live coverage on TV.

My SIL and family were cleaning up Christmas when they decided to take a family nap. Kids upstairs, and SIL and BIL downstairs. They hadn't been laying down long when they heard a knock on the door. BIL wasn't going to answer the door, he was resting, then BANGING on the door got his attention. He went to the door to be met by a police man telling him to GET OUT! Looking out their back windows they saw the flames. SIL ran upstairs, grabbed the kids and went to safety. BIL, FIL (father in law) and husband all helped the firefighters. They were very short handed. They used water hoses to protect their house. They lost their fence and yard. It truly is by the grace of God their house was spared. There is smoke damage and a back door was on fire for a very short time thanks to FIL who saw it and put it out. Husband is sending more pictures, but this shows some of the damage.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005!

The 3 of us. The last Christmas with just the 3 of us. It was wonderfully exhausting. We had a Christmas lunch on Christmas eve with Stacey's grandmother, grandmommy. Then Christmas Eve night we went to my mother's for Christmas. Parker loves his new dancing clucking Elmo. It even tells jokes. Then we went home to go to bed for Santa to come. Parker woke up exta early on Christmas Day. Not what we had expected since he had gond 2 days with out a nap the days before. Parker loved his new table and chairs and bath paints that Santa left. The 3 of us ate Christmas breakfast at his new table. I made French toast and a cinnamon bread thing. Then off to Stacey's parents for Christmas lunch. Parker fell asleep on our way over to their house, but of course was wide awake by the time we got to the front door. Parker wasn't really into the Christmas spirit there. By the time we ate, all Parker wanted to do was go upstairs and watch the purple monster. He threw fit after fit. The only way we got the picture above is to let him eat a chip while we took the picture. He really needed a nap, but wasn't about to miss any excitement. He wouldn't open gifts and really wouldn't do anything we asked. Finally we put the purple monster on downstairs and he was content enough for us to open gifts. He has been playing farm with his new John Deere items ever since. I really feel sorry for the guy. We haven't let him rest to recover from his illness. He is still coughing and has a runny nose. His treatments are going much better. This morning he even WORE the mask of the neb while watching the purple monster. That purple monster has such magical powers. Just this morning he is beginning to act like himself. There seems to be so much to blog about. I guess I should have new blogs everyday for a while.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Have a Jolly Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Get well my child!

My child has been on every antibiotic since he was 8 months old! Seriously. I thought that after we had tubes put into his ear on his 1 year birthday we would be done with this sickness stuff. Not true. Since then, the ears have always been clear, but we have been infected with other illnesses. From strep to bronchitis. Parker has been nursing a bad cough from about last Thursday. His snot was clear (sorry for the details) so I thought we were okay. This week snot turned colors and cough wasn't better. I decided yesterday to call the nurse and see if they would like to see him. She asked how close we lived to the office. This I am learning is a good thing to live so close to your doctor. They got us right in. My poor guy has bronchitis and probably has asthma, although they wouldn't actually diagnose him yet. We had to do a breathing treatment at the doctor's office, NOT FUN! Picture an 8 month pregnant woman and a nurse holding down a 31 pound 22 month old. Parker and I were both crying and sweating like pigs, and the nurse was trying to convince me that he was doing a good job. As my favorite Nurse Kami discussed that the breathing machine would be coming home with us, and tears rolled down my face for I could only imagine all that my sister had gone through as a child with her asthma and didn't want this for my child, I cherished holding Parker. His next breathing treatment was at home in the comforts of his daddy's arms, mommy holding the mask over his face, and his favorite purple monster singing to him from the TV, things were a little better. A little. We will continue with our next antibiotic, steroid, and breathing treatments for the next few days in hope he can breath without labor.

This morning as I check through blogs, I am thankful for Parker's health. Although we have struggled with colds, virus', ear infections, we haven't had to deal with such agony as others with sick children. Please pray for all the sick children out there.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy weekend and 1 month away!

WOW! Let me take a breath!

On Friday, we had Hunter's 2nd birthday party which was so much fun. Hunter is into trains right now, so Denise got him a ride along train for their house. Hunter won't touch it, but Parker sure did love it. Maybe a little too much. Parker had a hard time sharing.

After the party, off to the grocery store to purchase baking goods. For some reason I got this itch to bake, and to bake for my baby shower hostesses. So Parker and I baked strawberry bread, pound cake, snickerdoodles, and pecan tassies. Then decided we needed to eat dinner at home, so I made a casserole. I was whipped after a long day!

Saturday morning our church had breakfast with Santa. Parker again didn't want to be held by a strange man dressed in all red and we have a picture to prove it!

Saturday lunch, I had the privilege of helping throw my friend Anne a 30th birthday party. We held it at the Rosegarden Tea room in Arlington, well, actually Pantego. We had 12 of her friends there, ate tea room food and cake. She is so loved.

Saturday night we had our church class Christmas party progressive dinner. We met at the Ladewigs for appetizer, then to the Edmondson's for BABE'S fried chicken, then to the church to play games and dessert. We had so much fun, but again was so tired.

Sunday morning church and lunch, followed by my baby shower. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The hostesses did a great job making sure my day was full of fun and good cake. You can't have a great party without cake. Baby girl and I sure were spoiled! I was overwhelmed with all the generous women who came to shower us. It was a busy weekend for lots of other people too, not just me, but these women made time to help us celebrate this child of God.

Sunday night we had Christmas with my dad and Sidney, Wyatt and Lauren. I knew this Christmas would be different because Parker would be older, but WOW was it fun. I loved watching Parker open each present and be amazed of what was inside. Some highlights: a blue slinky, a dancing monkey, light up frog, frog chair/sleeping bag, big brother shirt, bathtub light, a harmonica, an accordion, a kazoo, a blue tube, clothes, and light up shoes! He loved handing each piece of trash to Lauren for her to put into the trash sack. He is really consumed right now with trash. When I opened a great gift, new pots and pans which are RED, I hugged the box out of exhaustion and excitement, Parker came over and helped me. His words were different though, he said "OH NO!" and would hug the box. I am not sure what that meant. Some other gifts I loved, due to my love of my home town, was a throw blanket with the Paris, Texas logo along with landmarks on it, hot chocolate mugs with the place Stacey and I were married on it, a Paris, Texas key chain, and those to die for Pecan Pralines I blogged about previously! I love Paris, but don't worry, as of now baby girl's name is NOT Paris!

Today, I shall rest. I was kind of hoping all the hustle and bustle would bring baby girl a little early, but it only brought heart burn, I think. Parker and I are chilling playing with our new monkey and harmonica. I think I may try to fit into the tube today, but maybe I should wait until Stacey gets home! I can't believe it is one month from yesterday that baby girl should bless us with her presence. I thank God for this healthy pregnancy and for the many friends I was able to spend with weekend with!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The picture says it all

This is what I found after nap time today. Before I begin with the story, YES he is still in his pajamas, sometimes we HAVE pajama day. Now to the story. I would like to point out the distance between the bed and the crib on the right. That is the space I try to maneuver in when I try to sneak out after Parker has fallen asleep (see earlier blog about being worth it). I have blogged many times about my son telling me he is "SHEWWEEE!" Well his most recent POOP time is nap time. Earlier this week, Parker woke up and banged on his door to let Mommy know he was awake. As I opened the door Parker handed me his changing pad along with a diaper and said,"CHANGE!" What a smart boy! In the picture, if you look to the top you will see the changing pad on the floor along with the diaper that he put there for me to find when I came in. He was ready for me to change his SHEWWEE! My boy makes me laugh.

The crib is up in baby girls room and the bedding Stacey's grandmother made is almost on. My husband has a unique gift to tying perfect bows! I am truly impressed. I will post pictures as the nursery begins to finally take shape. Doctor said everything looks good with one month to go. Just big! Baby girl's head is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule just like her brothers! Parker's head statistic is always off the chart. The nurses always look at me strangely while they remeasure his head for check ups. I have to explain it has always been that way, off the charts!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What to write about...

I wasn't sure what to write about, but knew I needed to update my blog, so when I found this on Jenni's blog, that it was my answer.

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate with marshmallows
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Wraps
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? WHITE, but no offense to those who choose the colored ones
4. Do you hang mistletoe? Nope
5. When do you put your decorations up? Right after Thanksgiving, but his year before because I wanted the house decorated when we returned from Paris
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Broccoli casserole...I think
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? Clarksville, Texas Cousin Family Christmas'
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? WHAT????
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? No
10. What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for him? The burnt ones
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? LOVE IT
12. Can you ice skate? YES!
13. Do you remember your favorite gift?, but I really liked the Yankee Candle of the Month Club my sister gave me a few years ago. LOVED IT!
14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Right now, it is enjoying Parker enjoying Christmas, he loves lights.
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? I will not choose just one!
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? I love looking at Christmas lights
17. What tops your tree? Stars springing from my tree, and above them are my snowflakes that hang from the ceiling.
18. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving? giving
19. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? 'YES, we need a little Christmas, right this very minute, we need a little Christmas NOW! ' Always has been my favorite!!!
20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? I like the ones that don't taste like peppermint, it is striped other colors and has a more delightful taste

So, now you must respond. I tag you all.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Worth it?

Parker has been doing great with is big boy bed, most of the time. It does take work though. In his crib, I would just lay that sweet head of his down and out of the room I ran. Not a cry or whimper. Now when we lay him down for nap or bed time, it has become a work out for dear old mom. You see, we got him a trundle bed so that he could start sleeping on the trundle then move up to the higher, much larger bed. At nap time, we say our good byes to any toy we were playing then move into his bed with a ritual like this:
pull out trundle, breathe breathe, (mommy is 8 month pregnant)
get all lovable toys (CHE CHE, dog dog x2)
tuck Christmas quilt into trundle to prevent any damage to the head if he rolled into the side board
lay down Parker
lay down mommy, difficult, but not impossible and sometimes taken advantage of
Parker stroking mommy's hair
Parker patting mommy on the back
Parker laughing at mommy's hair
mommy laying Parker back down
mommy stroking Parker's face
Parker getting really tired
Parker falling asleep
Mommy adoring her sweet child's face then remembering all the stuff she needs to do
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Parker waking up
Mommy half on bed half off bed pretending to be asleep
Parker back asleep
Mommy managing to get on all fours in floor and crawl out of room!

This work out has become a daily nap time event, and does require a medal.

Night time is very similar, but daddy does the workout then. I KNOW it isn't as entertaining to watch, so sometimes I am called in to tag team. This morning called for an extra workout as my child woke up at 6:00 am, Stacey usually takes any nighttime hour, but had bible study this morning and was in the shower already and didn't hear the cries for entertainment. So off I went. This morning's workout was a little different because I couldn't coarse my child back onto the bed. He would reach out for me(I was already laid out on trundle) and try to pull me off the bed and would use the word "OUT!" I am not sure if he wanted me out of his bed because I was taking up too much room, or he wanted to embarrass me by pulling me into the men's bible study. I managed to get my sweet child back into bed and asleep by following the above mentioned routine. Now I am AWAKE! Looks like I will get an early start on my day.

Stacey got both coats of paint on the nursery yesterday! LOTS OF PINK! Too much pink. I know it will tone down after I add my chocolate brown accents on the wall and the black crib with dark bedding, but now it is PINK! Again, maybe pregnant women shouldn't pick out paint colors. The last color I chose was named FUNKY YELLOW! And yes, it was funky. We were going to pain the entire utility room that color, but after seeing it on one wall, one wall it was!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I always have a hard time deciding on what to do for Christmas Cards. Last year's card was a hit with Santa Baby! Parker wore his Santa hat and made this face, that was just priceless. My scanner is not hooked up right now, or I would attach it. Last year at Christmas time, Parker was still stationary. He didn't crawl, and sure didn't walk. He didn't like hats (not much has changed) but he kept it on just long enough to get a picture. So yesterday when I tried to reenact last years photo, because I thought that would be cute, well, it just didn't work out. Parker wouldn't sit in front of the tree, and he wouldn't keep the Santa hat on. I turned on Barney to try to keep him still, which worked, but then he wouldn't look at the camera, only the TV or would say CHEESE. So, here are a few of the ones that Daddy loves, but mommy said 'aren't card quality.' You may be asking why he isn't clothed, well, last years picture he wasn't, but maybe I should try to put some clothes on him so that when we are doing card pictures 10 years from now he won't be trying to show off his pecks in tradition!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Parker slept the night in his big boy bed. He did wake up at 3:00 am with a cry, but after some cosoling from dada he went right back to sleep, but didn't get up from the bed( he slept on the trundle part of his new bed). Last night as the 3.5 of us laid on his bed to assure him he was safe, I was thinking of everything I needed to do, like shut all the doors and maybe put up the gate, but then thought that he can't open his bedroom door so we should be fine.

This morning as Stacey was getting ready and I had just turned on GMA, I heard a noise. Stacey started towards the room and I told him he had to wait on my pregnant self. I rolled myself out of bed and guess who met us in the hallway, yep, PARKER and CHE CHE (CHARLIE BROWN DOLL). He was so happy. He was yelling, "Where is momma?" and doing his monkey dance.

So now that I know he can open his door, tonight the gate will be up and all doors will be closed and locked to divert him from any exploring. I don't think I like him getting so big!