Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Okay, I thought why not just POST lots OF PICTURES! I did buy more space :(, I can't let me 7 followers down!!!

My dad and sid bought my kids these 3D cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma for Halloween. Let's say, they are cute, but not truly kid friendly, unless your kids are teenagers! They were time consuming!
Here are a few of the finished products!
Half of the house, it was suppose to have a whole other house behind it, double, but we kept breaking them

and Emaline's pumpkin.
We did venture out to the pumpkin patch this year, spur of the moment when I realized that we were running out of time!! Here are a few, more may come when BLOOGER gives me my SPACE that I PAID for!

Check out my sweet little thang above.
Other news of the week: Emaline FELL out of her bed this week. SO, onto the big girl bed, soon!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


That is my total number of Parker and Emaline's Mommy blogs I have put into cyberspace since 2005. I guess that is too much for them to handle, especially when you add in:

29 Whatcha got Cooking
50 Paige Pearson Photography
13 Parker's Picture Blog

Blogger realized I have almost met my quota and now they want me to pay if I want to continue to blog with pictures. I don't think I use as much space when blogging without pictures. Now I need to discuss with my finance department if I should make such a deal.

On another note, my dog sugar escaped today. Not sure when, she broke through their doggy fence and dug out of the real fence and is now gone. I hope she decides to come home.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Okay, Okay

I know! More pictures. You see, me and Blogger aren't getting along now. I like to blog with pictures, lots of them and blogger is now wanting me to pay to put pictures on my blog. I have reached my quota. I have to decide if I want to BUY more space. It starts at $20.00. So before I COMPLETELY lose my picture priviledge! ME! Here are my moviestars on the shuttle to the airport.
Parker showing off his trays, well the one you see is Emaline's. You know those metal trays!! I had one when I was growing up. They are sold on the check out aisle at walmart. A girl from my preschool suggested these for the kids on the airplane. It is hard for the kids to reach the tray on the seat and the metal has a raised edge all the way around so it keeps the crayons together. I printed out these 'homework' sheets for Parker for him to work on the plane. He liked it.

AND here is the REQUESTED bride picture. Isn't she beautiful!? I have the other pictures in an online album. If you would like to see them, email me and I will give you the info.
AND the other question I have been asked..did we or didn't we take the carseat? We took it! We didn't use it, but we had it. It was nice to have the bag we carry our carseat in, because we stashed in LOTS of stuff.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Well, as many of you have probably guessed, we were off to Las Vegas this past weekend! My sister, Lauren got married there! Here are just a few pictures. I am totally exhausted, and I must sleep but wanted to tell my sister that I love her, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Donkeys, Animal Planet, and hopefully some pictures...

hopefully because BLOOGER (I think I will call it that now) won't allow me to upload right I will start with donkeys.

FIL got a new horse and we went down to see Princess on Sunday. A neighbor rancher has bought a donkey named Horace and is residing with FIL's cows. Horace is a people person. He mosied right up to us at the gate and let us pet him. Emaline and Parker were standing on the gate as FIL MIL and I were talking and Cassidie was standing on the ground behind us WHEN a donkey from a few pastures over decided to communicate with Horace. We continued to pet Horace and THEN he decided it wouldn't be polite if he didn't answer the neighbor donkey! He HEEHAWed and HEEHAWed until literally his lunch came up. Emaline came flying off that gate as fast as she could. Parker dropped down as well. And Cassidie, well she started crying!!! It was LOUD! So now Parker asks, "Mom, what is for dinner...HEEHAW HEEHAW!" And Emaline loves to make the same sound. It really is cute.

Monday night I was cooking dinner and Parker was watching the Crocodile Hunter. We sat down at the table for dinner and Parker wanted to pray. His prayer went like this:

Dear God, thank you for my family, thank you for TV, and thank you for Animal Planet...

and this is the only picture that would load. I took this before church on Sunday.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Watch out!

check out my guy! This bike was cousin Cole's and we have had a hard time finding the correct training wheels for it. We finally tracked down the right ones, and this guy is NOW on the street!
Emaline cheered him on. I have LOTS of pictures of little E wearing her new pj's that nana got her for pajama day at preschool (what she has on), but blogger has stopped uploading my pictures. Emaline and I raced Parker throughout the neighborhood this evening. SHE loved it and so did I! So if you saw my biker dude, and a girl in pajama pants pushing a sweetie in her little red car, that was us!

A question for all of my blog readers... let's say a couple is going to VEGAS for a wedding and taking their kids, the couple isn't getting a rental car, but taking a shuttle to the hotel and taking a stroller to make it to MOST of their destinations, but not the wedding! So, they may have to take a taxi. The question the couple has is...CARSEATS! They think they need to take them, ...just not sure.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today... it went this way:

Parker: BUT mommy I don't want to wear my cowboy pajamas to preschool tomorrow, I want to wear my dinosaur ones, they are COZY!

Mommy: (? where did he learn the word COZY?) Okay babe.

Emaline: AGAIN
Mommy: Okay
Emaline: AGAIN!
Mommy: Okay
Emaline: AGAIN!
(this conversation occurs everytime we do something fun and exciting with E, like letting her climb on our backs and play horsey, or jump on the bed with her, or tickle her)

P: Mommy did you get some sparkles when you got your hair cut?

I am not sure exactly how this came about, but I think it has something to do with me explaining to my sister Lauren what Sweet and Sassy is.

No conversations here. I just want to tell you a short story, and say thank you to someone who probably doesn't read my blog. I do the secret sister thing at church, and tonight I received a VERY special gift. I collect pitchers, beverage pitchers, and I have them around my kitchen, so when I had to fill out the paper about my interests, I put pitchers. Tonight I received a pitcher from my secret sister, one that belonged to HER mother! It is a beautiful crystal pitcher with a unique handle. I am very honored to have received it, and can't wait until April to meet my secret sister, who shared such a special gift with me.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

When your 3 year old

asks for you to get out that big black curtain, AGAIN, you just do! And I got to use my new lens!

I love this black and white one. He was doing all this acting and dancing. Emaline really didn't want to have her picture taken!
but I got this one!

She is feeling a little better. Stacey took off work on Thursday to keep her and take her to the doctor's office. She started running fever again Wednesday night so we thought she may need to be looked at by our pediatrician. I am glad we took her in. They changed up her meds and the fever is now gone, but poor thing, she isn't herself! Today, my mom and I went shopping with E, it was a hard time, for all of us! She didn't want to ride in her stroller. She didn't really want to do anything but try on shoes and be held. That was tough to do while I was trying on dresses! I only lost it big once when she through a HUGE fit in the bathroom when she was trying to convince me that she needed to wash her hands. I am tired. I am tired of her not feeling good. It makes me not be a good mom. I can't fix her. I really can't even make her feel better. She is waking up EARLY. She is my 9:30am girl, and the past few days it has been more like 6:00am. Exhausting. I am finding myself praying often. I know it isn't about me, it is about E, but as a mommy, it is tough on both of us, daddy feels the pain as well. So, please say a little prayer for us, and quick recovery!

***A special thank you to Clarksville! We received a camo flip flop in the mail this week!****

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

a little better...and my scanner works!

It was a beautiful day in Paris, Texas that last day of September! It was kind of warm, but dreamy.

The below picture is one of my favorites! I love how Stacey is looking at me.

I can't wait to tell Parker and Emaline about our union. About the times we prayed together and for each other. I can't wait to tell them how God put us together. How God made us best friends. How we have been there for each other through extremely difficult times and wonderful times. LOTS went ...not as planned on our day, just like our anniversary. hair never got 'done.' The musicians didn't get there when we wanted them to. I kind of got stuck (my dress) in the bathroom at the home I dressed, literally! AND that was a problem because we were shuttled to the park in the car and it was MY time to walk down the aisle. At the reception, I came out of my dress while throwing the bouquet. I never thought to have people to cut the cake! We ran out of plates, so MANY of my sweet family members were in the kitchen washing dishes and busing tables. My top cake layer was thrown in the trash! OH WELL! Freezer burn cake probably wouldn't taste the best, but still! All of these things can make me laugh now, or at least smile. I love you Stace! It has been so much fun...Disney World, Cabo, Colorado, Florida, Dallas, Arlington, Corinth, and Keller.

NOW, that my scanner is working. I wanted to post some pictures that I found and LOVE!

Below is my sweet Nanny Betty. Both of these pictures were taken at Thanksgivings, a few years apart. Notice how she doesn't look at the camera. I miss her.

Auntie! Of course graduation time December '98!
I just had to put these on as well. Jaymie and Julie with their family of girls.
MORE Thanksgiving pictures. The one below is Cagle cousin picture. Just pretend the black blob isn't in the picture. Can you find Daughter of the King, or Blessed Assurance, or Krawl and Anra, or Beck Boys, or The Phillips Phamily, or Julie's Space .
I love these girls and love we share.

I pulled out a bunch of pictures from scrapbooks months back when I first said I was going to put them on here, but NOW I can't find them. So look forward more pictures from the past.
DWTS! I haven't watched tonight's episode, but I know that Mark made it one more night! I am rooting for him, not to win, but just do good. I am a MFFL (Way to go Lynley for remembering), but haven't always been a Cuban fan. I do like to see this side of him. NOW, to the pretty boy had got to go home tonight, YES! I thought he was annoying! He thought he was way too funny. I really didn't want to see his shirt off, that isn't dancing, that is called stripping. Sorry for the long post! E is feeling better, I hope. We stayed home from preschool today trying to gain our strength back, yes, OUR.