Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, just a little over an hour and 2011 is gone. Bye bye.

I'm ready.

The end of 2010 went out with an event that I didn't blog about, I didn't share with many, but it was a life shattering event. Shattering. I have lived 2011 facing it almost daily as I relive the event. It has been difficult. Satan had tackled me, wrestled continuously, but has NOT WON! NOPE.

I haven't let him steal my JOY. Joy was my WORD for 2011. It was suppose to be. I really fought hard to not let him steal it. I had to remind myself to LIVE. That my life goes on, I have 4 others that rely on me. That 3 little ones look at me daily, watch me minute by minute, and when they are grown and we discuss (if it comes up) this event, that we discuss how the Lord led me, held my hand, spoke in my ear, and I still called HIM Lord! I faced satan. I cried. I screamed. I chose Jesus.

Loosing my sister friend was shattering. I had almost lived 1 year without her, when another baseball bat to my knees hit. With those same knees, I pray. I get back up. The Lord shows me...this is painful Paige. BUT, but, BUT!!!! Through my wounds, YOU ARE HEALED! And just wait.... just wait!!! So I wait. I wait with open arms. Ready to embrace what the Lord has for me in 2012. My word for 2012 is LIGHT! Through the troubles of this world, I pray that LIGHT will ooze from me! That I will not be able to keep it to myself, all that the Lord has done.

I pray that for you!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Emaline's Santa Questions

Emaline has these questions for Santa: 1. Who is the oldest reindeer? 2. Does Santa get presents 3. How did you get so fat? 4. How does he get into our chimney without being loud? If you can help us with these answers, we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Emaline.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I know it has been a while

I'm sorry. We have had so much going on. So much. We all do, I know. Here are a few thoughts:

I shared my story in class at church. In front of LOTS of people. LIKE A FULL CLASS, and I mean like 80 people. LIKE A LOT. The Holy Spirit was amazing that day, and although I didn't stick to all my notes, I feel like I shared what needed to be shared and God was glorified! Maybe I will summarize on here someday.

We had Jenny's Run for Hope on October 22. I have many photos and thank you's coming. It was an amazing day out of a dream.

I've been struggling as a mommy. Emaline has had 3 instances where she was bullied at school and ONE TIME it was from a mommy. Lord, forgive me for wanting to drive to that woman's house and burn it down, I mean talk.

Parker and Emaline have both played soccer. Stacey assistant coached Parker and I assistant coached Emaline.

Photography has been amazing. I have a few spots available, and I mean FEW! I had to open another day of mini's to make room for some amazing people.

I have seen Satan stomping all over the place. I MEAN ALL OVER! I am tired of it and you should be too!

I am sick of people using Facebook to 'talk' about people. You know what I am talking about. People hashing out fights, and taking digs at people over Facebook. I AM TIRED OF IT! It just makes you look bad. It really does. Oh, there are things that I would love to put out there. Things, people who just keep amazing me by their actions, but it just isn't the place. I don't feel bad putting here in BLOG world. You have CHOSEN to come read my blog, my online journal. Facebook isn't that! It is a place for you to connect with friends= connect, not bash or cut at. I have laughed, I have cried... but I don't like feeling the emotion of 'mad' when reading the feed. I mean, do you defriend?

Bowden keeps me in stitches, like ALL THE TIME. I truly wish I could freeze time on this guy.

Emaline is becoming such a beautiful young girl, inside and out. I love this girl.

Parker is a sponge. He is such a smart whip. His favorite channel is NatGeoWild, and confession... I LOVE IT TOO!

I backed into Stacey's parked truck, in the fog, with his tailgate down, when he usually isn't home that time in the morning, and we were running behind, not late, for school. Really messed up the mini, did nothing to his bumper and tailgate.

Well, I must go start dinner for my crew. Hope you all are doing well out here in the BLOG world.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


This morning before 7, as usually a little bug appeared on my side of the bed. As usual, I wrap my arm around that little body and pull him into my bed. This time as I wrapped my arm around him, I noticed something different. He was pant-less. He was sleeping diaper-less. Really? His words:

Mom, I neeeeeed you.

M: What is wrong?

I have poop on my bottom.

M: WHAT???!!!!

Daddy's attention has been gotten now. He says he will take care of it. Cool. He's my man girls! Don't fight!

Well, bug now reappears on my bedside wearing superhero underroos. I asked him if he had gone poop in his diaper. His answer:

yes, just a lilllll bit. And it looks like a dinosaur.


M: Where is your diaper?

B: in the dirty clothes.


Daddy: Uh, I'll go investigate.

Upon returning, Daddy confirmed diaper was in dirty clothes, and poop was found, but it didn't resemble a t-rex. And it was 'jus a lil bit.' The rest of the poop was in the potty.

I love this boy. Even if when he returned to my bed, had cold feet. AND, he continued to punch me in the chin. I asked him to stop punching me in the chin, but his response was: I trying to get closwer to you. AND GIRLS, he is mine too!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Lord's Hand

BOY, if you have doubted it, ASK ME! His hand has been seen in my life in the past week. He has been working on me. Molding me. Creating. Preparing me for what was coming... and it has started. I'm not sure what this all means in my life, and you probably think I am crazy because this doesn't make sense.... but the LORD'S hand is at WORK!

ALSO, as I have seen the LORD's hand, I have also seen SATAN! BOY is he hard at work! He is working hard on our marriages! Lean in towards the LORD ladies, and men (if I have any men readers!). Seek guidance. Seen wisdom! HEAVY spiritual warfare is happening around me! I'm arming myself, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? If you don't see it, open your eyes! I ASSURE YOU!!!

Lord, don't let us sit around NOT preparing ourselves! Prompt us LORD to see urgency in this! Show us ways, people, books, speakers we need to be filling our lives with! THIS IS BIG STUFF and we can't DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Twas the first DAY OF SCHOOL!

Well, my alarm went off at 6:15. As I laid in bed, Parker and Bowden came bouncing in announcing they were dressed, hair and teeth brushed, and that Parker had dressed Bowden. He said he woke up at 6:00 am.

I woke Emaline up closer to 7. This was here after I said: Good morning Kindergirl!!!

B had to carry his lunch that I made him. He even took it into the kids school. He wanted to eat his lunch about 9 am!

Both kids had good days. Emaline was upset when I picked her up from school. She finally told me that it was because she didn't get to do anything. She said she didn't get to go to PE, she didn't get to go to Art. I asked her if she got to go to Music, and she said yes, but that wasn't good enough. She is funny. She is also upset that I signed her up to bring her lunch all week. She told me that Ms. Peters explained to her how to use the cafeteria and that she was ready! I assured her I knew she was, but I also expect the lines to be longer and I wanted her to have time to eat her lunch. I know, I am mean.

Parker had a great day! Not much on the details, but his class has 4 new students, and he said he made friends with them. This year he isn't with any of his good 'buddies'. That was heartbreaking at meet the teacher. Heartbreaking for me. He seems to be dealing very well with it. I love him and his confidence. I know he will have a great year!

B and I also had a great day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Don't like your story?

I keep being in awe of the lessons I am learning from Rick Atchley at the Hills church, and from Chris Hatchett.

Today, in class, begins a time where we will share our story. Chris started out the series by giving part of his story. He also quoted a book about 'stories' and basically said- if you don't like your story, then change it! I love that idea. It does help mentally to think, YES, I can change it.

What if other people are writing chapters in your book?

How does that work?

Chris also spoke about about conflict, about even though we don't like it, it's an important part of our story, it makes up our story.

Yes it does! As I think back over my 'story' it is full of conflict. I have always said- I have a choice. I can choose to be a better wife, a better mother, a better sister, a better daughter. I have a choice of what examples in my life I will choose to follow.

We watched Chronicles of Narnia for the first time this weekend. We watched the last one. Still haven't seen first ones, but I was meant to watch this one. It spoke to me a few different times.

I thank the Lord for loving me. For being enough! He is who fills me! He is whom I aim to please. He can fill me with JOY! I will be stronger. I know that. He has walked me through some of these same struggles over and over in my life. He is always there, again and again. He NEVER lets me down. HE never hurts me. Oh HOLY Father, fill me with your SPIRIT!

.... and hopefully my next post will be full of laughter and goodness.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

For real REAL.

I posted that yesterday, and really today mostly was a day where satan just started poking me. Just an annoying poking. MOST OF THE DAY! I prayed against it. I prayed for help. Got some relief, then tonight it has hit so hard that I almost can't breathe. The anxiousness is overwhelming.

Here is a small spit up: So, I look forward to Women of Faith like all year. ALL YEAR! I was looking forward to it beyond belief. I needed to hear what these women were going to say. NEED it! Tomorrow is Meet the Teacher at the kids school. I had a plan. Husband was going to meet me there and I would go to both teachers and one of my WOF companions would pick me up from school and we would head straight there. We would join our 3rd party and eat afterwards this time. Sounds great! It's been on my calendar for months. It has been the weekend before school starts for years. Guess what I just found out? IT ISN'T THIS WEEKEND!!!

It's next weekend.

Next weekend. You mean, the weekend where my kids begin soccer games!! Did I mention I am the assistant coach?? Oh, and Stacey's mom's side of the family is having a fish fry on Saturday out in East Texas!!! Did I mention I was beginning to pack? No wonder WOF companion coming in from out of town hasn't told me where we were staying! I'm not meeting her there TOMORROW, it's NEXT WEEKEND.

Oh, I just want to SCREAM! It would alarm my husband who is now asleep beside me. Oh, and we had a difference of opinion on something. Nothing major, you know, just one of those things and it hit right after I found all this WOF stuff out. He was super supportive about missing E's FIRST GAME, and about missing the family cook out. He understands. It is just ALL MY FAULT that I wrote the wrong date on my calendar MONTHS ago! MONTHS!

CALGON! Oh yeah, my bathtub doesn't work.

Let me wipe my mouth now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's get real

I mean it, let's get real. How are you doing? How do you usually answer? Do you give the 'Fine' answer or do you tell it? Do you choose who you 'tell' it to, and give the 'fine' answer to 99% of the other people?

Well, I'm tired. Things in my life have been tough. I mean tough. AND I AM TIRED.

I don't want to use the 'fine' word, but I also don't always want to be the 'throw up' person. Do you know a 'throw up' person? Well, I am that person if you are the 1% person I 'tell it' to! You know, you ask a friend how it is going and they throw up all their problems all over you. Lately, that is me, because I have been stretching my 1% of confidants to anyone who will listen, it seems. I don't want to be the 'throw up' person. I want to spread kindness and cheer, really I DO! But satan is real. I MEAN REAL! And let me tell you, the past year and a half have been... well, the hardest of my life.

I am tired. Tired of hearing that yet?

Recently someone I love said that church is such a hard place to visit because everyone looks so nice, and sit in their perfect pews, and seem perfectly perfect. I assured her that no, NO, some of those perfectly looking people are HURTING inside. They are STRUGGLING just like you are. They are praying their heart out to take the pain away, to show them the way to go, the words to say, the steps to take, and aren't so perfectly perfect.

Our story. I'm not going to 'throw up' on blogger tonight, but OUR STORY, YOUR STORY is important! THE stories do bless others and doesn't allow satan to hold onto that darkness. I believe that satan LOVES those little secrets, the-it's not your business- secrets. Rick Atchley mentioned this a bit in his sermon last week. I grew up with the -it's not your business- attitude. I grew up being told not to trust. Oh, how satan loved that dark side of our life. I do think you need to be careful who you tell, I'm not telling you to call up US magazine and take out an article of your deepest darkest secret that you haven't even told your BFF, but it is freeing- maybe 'throwing up' just a little just might help someone else. There may be a connection with that person that they just may know the exact words to pray! It may be they know someone who has walked a similar path and can help encourage you.

So be careful asking me how I am doing, you may need to duck- sometimes it comes out projectile! I am trying to spread more positive, uplifting messages of hope and bring others joy. I don't think I succeeded tonight. Did I mention I am tired?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

More birds!

Our baby birds

Oh yes we did! We had the cutest baby birds outside our window. RIGHT OUTSIDE! The birds had created a next in our bush, right outside our window, and even created the entrance for our viewing. We sat up our video camera on a tripod and captured HOURS of their activity. Not sure when we will watch it, but we have it!

I've got LOTS more pictures... I'll post a few more.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Please pray for sweet Kanyon and family. Many of you prayed for Kanyon 4 years ago when he and his sister were born. You mourned the death of Jayde. You begged for Kanyon, pleaded. You rejoiced!

It's time again.

Kanyon and his family need us. You can click on his name at the top to get to his blog, or here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Emaline getting her ears pierced!

She has been asking for a while. I always thought we would make her wait until she was 10. WHY RUSH IT? Well, I don't think letting her get her ears pierced took away her childhood. She earned it. She has worked hard and shown responsibility.
In the parking lot before we got to Sweet and Sassy.
OH, she jumped her little self right in this chair and picked out the earrings she will be wearing for the next 8 weeks.
They dotted her ears with a marker... and we are still good.
Uh oh, do you see the fear? Hasn't been present AT ALL! Even talking to Parker on the way in.. no fear!
Here she wanted my camera to see the dots on her ear, but don't let that smile fool you.
A face at her brothers.

All you girls out there... you know what she is feeling, right?

Yep, you are probably reading this right now making the same face she is.

Yes, baby girl. You did it, and it is okay for you to make this face.

And the twisting. Not so sure if she is still thinking this was a good idea.

SHE LOVES THEM! Don't let all these faces fool you. AND she picked out the cross earrings all by herself. I was hinting towards a diamond'ish stud. NOPE. And she takes the cleaning very seriously. Don't even think about touching her ears without washing your hands. She and little brother had words earlier when he attempted. I am proud of you Emaline. I am not just proud of you piercing your ears, but of the responsibility you have shown us over the months. You are truly growing up right before our eyes!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Doing some catch up

I posted some new blogs from May. Make sure you scroll down, or click on the tab on the right to get to may Posts. I am really behind!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

He says the cutest things

If Bowden likes something he is eating or drinking- he will usually make a slurping sound then say this:


Have you eaten anything SHURELICIOUS lately?

Saturday, July 09, 2011

So, I have to know...

Have you been prompted to bless someone this week? Something small. Some little gift or act of kindness?

You can click over to Katherine Marie and see some of her acts of kindness, and see the other ubber creative ideas she has!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Child Like Faith.

The last few months have been a bit different in our home. After prayer and lots of consideration, we have left Bara Church. It's good. Bara is good. WE are good.

This post is about Parker. Parker's faith has leaped. AND I mean leaped! I am not sure if it really is connected to the leave, but it is worth mentioning. Stacey and I have both mentioned that his faith is so much more mature than ours was at that age. In fact, not sure when I had that kind of faith, but I WILL tell you, I was MUCH OLDER. I think I would be embarrassed if you knew the age I am thinking.

Parker has accepted Christ as his SAVIOR! The story, of course, is amazing. Parker has been asking us about baptism and and having very mature conversation with both of us for a while. Even before we left Bara. Stacey and I would discuss if he was ready. He sure is much younger than we were when we were baptized. I think we worried about it. Stacey met with a few respected men discussing it as well. Conclusion: Parker is an amazing kid, he reads his bible, he says amazing prayers, and let's study this more with him. WE will know when he is ready, he will let us know.

It was May 24th, and our calendars were packed. Things fell apart at the last minute and Parker and I were able to go to a KidSTAND Showcase in Grapevine. Jenny loved KIDSTAND! She volunteered and was the behind the scene Queen. Parker also loves KidSTAND having a crush on the main girlie Ms. Jessie. We got dressed up and headed out in the STORM! We sat behind some friends in the Opry House. Jessie talked to us about what KidSTAND is and what it does. Then, they stopped the show. A STORM WAS COMING. In fact, a tornado. We needed to leave the room and go to a safer room. This happened twice. When we were in our lock down room, the real star of the show took the stage, our sweet Malaya. Jessie got up and talked about Jenny, and then Malaya sang for us. OH HOW SHE SANG!

On the way home, when they finally released us from the room, telling us in which directions we could go safely, Parker was chatty. REALLY CHATTY. Lightning was still all around us, and a few heavy rain drops. Parker started asking me about going to heaven. About Jenny. About Uncle Gregg. I was praying for the right words to tell him. I feel God gave me those words. By the time we got home, honestly, I was exhausted. I knew we were talking deep stuff. I was trying to choose my words so carefully, and I kept asking myself WHY is Stacey not here!!!??? God had given me the right words. He asked when he would know when it is time to accept Christ. LUCKILY, we had just driven in the drive away. We gave Stacey the low down, our conversation, all of it. How beautifully Malaya sang, how we really missed Ms. Jenny, and how he would really like to meet Uncle Gregg. How he loved Jesus and wants to go to heaven and wants to be a soldier. We decided we would push the studying up a notch. Parker went to get ready for bed. He was gone for a while. He walked into the kitchen and asked us: Do you guys know where I have been? What took me so long?- Of course we didn't. His response.- I prayed Jesus into my heart. I believe HE is the son of God.

I think for us, life stood still. My sweet 7 year old had done it, all by himself. He knew.

Since then, we have continued to study and were given a great book for us to read with him and he keeps asking when we can organize his baptism.

All of that brings us to today.

First, let's go to last year. Last year we were following and praying for a boy named Skyler. His mom asked us, for HER birthday to do random acts of kindness and comment on their facebook page. I read through what some of the people were doing and it was amazing and creative what these people were doing. So, last July 4th, Stacey and I stood in the Walmart check out line, I grabbed a gift card from the aisle, the cashier scanned it, and as we were leaving our check out, we gifted that card to our cashier. She told us she couldn't accept it, it was a gift card to Chili's, but we insisted and I think we actually ran out of the store. That is what the people on Skyler's facebook page did, so we did it. We didn't tell anyone what we did. We agreed. Fast forward. This morning, the whole family walked into Wal-Mart. I grabbed Parker's hand, and we walked together into the store. I told him we were going to bless someone today. I told him what we did last year, and that we wanted to do it this year. I asked him to pray for someone, the right person for us to bless. As we held hands and walked down the main aisle, Stacey pushing the other 2 kids in the cart behind us, he says: Mom, I want to help someone riding in one of those cars. (We had just passed a woman, a bit heavy, bald- as if going through chemo, riding on one of those electric carts). My response: no babe, we are going to bless a cashier, you know the ladies who check us out every Monday, that had to work on July 4th, we are going to bless them. He told me that he had prayed about it!

WELL, we get to check out, same thing. He picked out a gift card, this time to Pizza Hut. Our cashier rang up all our groceries, and as she handed me the receipt, we handed her the GC. ONLY this time, she wasn't, and I mean WASN'T taking it. She kept telling us she COULD NOT take it. Chasing us giving us back the card. Our get away wasn't quick enough with the kids. Oops. She said it was policy. Stink. I was frustrated. Parker and Emaline kept asking who we were going to give it to now. We walked out of the store, holding our Pizza Hut gift card. WHO? As we walked a LONG way to get to our car, because we exited the wrong set of doors the farthest away from our car, I saw her. The person who was suppose to receive the card. She was in a pink shirt. She was a bit heavy. She was bald. She was driving a motorized cart. She was parked in the handicap spot and had assistance from Wal-Mart with her groceries. She was the person Parker picked out from the very beginning. I told him, there she is! I told him and Stacey to go! Go give it to her. They kind of took off quickly to give it to her. Me and the other 2 watched from a distance as Stacey and Parker blessed this woman. I heard Stacey use the words- My son wanted to give you this gift. I saw her stand in amazement. I think you could have blown her over! She just stared at him. Like I said, we watched from a few car lengths away. 4- 20 somethings walked by, they looked like young marrieds, ready to cook out for the 4th. You could tell, as they walked by me that they heard what was going on, but kept walking with their groceries. Parker, Stacey, and the lady talked some more, but I had a curious 5 year old in my cart who spoke up and said- WELL, I want to meet her! So we marched over and shook her hand. As we walked away, Stacey's words were- DIVINE APPOINTMENT! The lady told Parker that her son died when he was 18 and that what Parker did was amazing. It touched her. We told her that Jesus loved her, and walked away.

As we walked to our car, a man from the young couples was returning his cart and looked right at Parker and said: I saw what you did, and I want to shake your hand. (my heart was melting)

I am sure you see this, right? Here I was, thinking we were going to walk in, buy a GC and bless a cashier just like last year. BUT, this time, I asked my 7 year old to pray for who we were to bless. He did, he told me who to, but I DID NOT LISTEN! Our cashier even REFUSED THE GIFT! Part of God's plan, and then there she was- the person who was suppose to receive the gift all along, our lady in the pink shirt. Thank you Lord Jesus. We made her day. As we drove our car away, we passed the lady in the pink shirt. She was sitting in her car. She was sobbing. Wiping away tears. She felt Jesus' love today, through my son.

You may be thinking Parker is too young to make such an important decision, but I am sorry, HE GETS IT! I need to move my agenda out of the way, and be a better listener to God, his plan. My guy is going to move mountains.

I've thought most of the day about that young guy, the guy who shook Parker's hand. Do you think he did something awesome today for someone else? I think he did. IF HE DIDN'T, I bet he does soon. We have also discussed the lady in the pink shirt, whose hair was starting to grow back in and was sparse and spiky, we discussed who she was going to invite to go eat with her, we hope she takes someone and tells them that a little boy blessed her with the love of Jesus.

Can I get an AMEN?

Friday, July 01, 2011

I did it!

I finally paid google SO I can start posting photos again! Sorry about that, my few and faithful readers!

I have lots to catch up on too! Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Emaline's prayer

As a family, we sit around our hexagon yellow table to eat dinner. Before we eat, we take turns praying. Bowden usually prays each night because he wants to. If we choose someone else to pray, he always says, and me? And you, and you, and you and you. Every night. This is just routine. His prayer:

"Tank yousor dis day, tank you for da cows, for Oakley (Ladewig's dog), tank you for baseball, tank you for sheeesus (Jesus). AMEN."

Parker's prayers have grown so much over the past year as he has grown in his faith. He usually prays for people in wheelchairs to get out of wheelchairs, for sick people to get well, and for each one of his family members. He has really been praying some heart felt prayers that make my heart jump for joy! JOY!

Tonight, I picked Emaline to pray. I was ready for her prayer for her brother, and brother, and mommy and daddy. For our food, and for Jesus. That isn't what we heard. I hope I can put this into her words so that I won't forget.

Dear God, thank you for my family. Thank you for Jesus who died on the cross and did what no one else could do. Not mommy, not daddy, not me, not Parker, and not Bowden. Only Jesus could die on the cross for our sins. Thank you that mommy got to cook our food. Help grandmommy get to feeling better. Amen.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? She is 5! Praise Jesus! I think in the middle of her prayer I looked up to just look at her. When she was done, Stacey and I just looked at each other. Where did that come from? Her heart. Thank you Lord Jesus for moving in my children!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Photography Giveaway!

Did you know that over on the P3 BLOG you can enter a photoshoot with your beautiful GIRLFRIENDS??


You can enter once a day and LOVE P3 on FACEBOOK! You spread the love and you can enter twice a day!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thomas the Train

Lauren told me about Thomas the Train coming to the Nokia theater and that the boys would love it! SO, we got tickets and off we went. Getting there was the easy part!

Leaving was miserable! Little did we know we would be stuck on 30W with about 200 million other cars. The thing we didn't know is that a local radio station had postponed their Cinco De Mayo celebration, and we were STUCK in the middle of all the traffic. It horrific! WE SAT STILL FOR 1 HOUR! We only needed to go 1 mile. 1 MILE! It took us 2 hours to go 1 MILE! We saw people getting out of the car and taking care of bathroom emergencies on the side of the road. Thankfully we didn't have to do that.. and the boys didn't have to do it. I did miss Parker's first indoor soccer game though. I made him a video of all the traffic we were sitting in and sent it to Stacey so he could see we weren't just out partying with Thomas! WE WERE STUCK!

End of Preschool

Today was the end of the 2010-2011 preschool year. WE MADE IT! It was a bit sad knowing it was E's last year, but I am very excited to see how she blooms in kindergarten next year. Bowden, well, he is Bowden and will be joining me again next year. I should be praying for his teachers.

I love my preschool. I love the women who work there. I love that I work with friends.

Love. Love brings me JOY! AND that is my word. JOY!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Oh sweet Emaline... maybe this is second child syndrome, or only girl complex, or maybe because we are paying for Stacey's raising (HA), but this girl challenges me. CHALLENGES ME!

I do want to document one of her E'isms from yesterday.

We were taking communion... and I should say we were at a church that we don't usually attend. At our church the children aren't in the worship when we take communion, so she was seeing something she doesn't see often.

I take of the bread when she tells me she wants some, no please, no may I, but I want some. I quietly tell her..... no Emaline, you will need to wait until you are baptized.

Her reply::::::

MOM! I have jumped in water before!

straight face. her's not mine. Mine, smiling from ear to ear, stroking her hair.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

The night before Mother's Day, we let all the kids sleep together. I walked in around 11:00 and this is what I found. Then we moved them around to hopefully allow them to sleep a bit better without cramps!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Last day of Preschool 2010-2011

We had a great year this year at school. Here is my little ladybug! Not so little anymore!

Check out his curls!
Sibling love!
NO! She can't be this old! She will be in Kinder next year! Say it ain't so!
Parker made bread this day at big school. He brought it home and couldn't wait to spread the love, I mean butter all over it!

And, Ms. E. A crash after a long day.