Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2010 Thursday

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I think I was just exhausted.

It was the day of the visitation. I was overwhelmed with all the people that came to the visitation. The line was out the door. I saw some old friends, even a friend I went to high school with who worships at Jenny's dad's congregation. Small world. My sister and mom even came to visitation. Lauren and Jenny had a very sweet relationship. Jenny and I would even drive to Dallas every few months just to let Lauren cut our hair. I thought it was sweet they came. I also had to find something to wear to the funeral. I walked into the Loft, my favorite store, looked around for a bit, then a girl asked if she could help me. I told her I needed a dress, a dark one, that I was a pallbearer for my best friend's funeral. They helped me find a perfect dress. Then the funeral home told me I needed to wear flat shoes so that I wouldn't sink into the ground at graveside. Not a problem. I have flat boots, too!

7:52 am Angela: Praying for everyone today. u can do this Paige
Me: Oh, I need them dear friend. You gonna watch online?

8:51 Angie: There will be a day with no more tears. Today will be hard for you just know I love you and thinking of you.
Me: Oh thank you so much! I love you Angie Merriman

9:08 Jami: Praying for strength for you today. I so long to be there. Love you friend.
Me: I know. I love you!

9:46 Stacey: We need to leave by 11. Cool?
Yes. U on ur way back? Stop and get milk.

10:40 Amy: We are having an AMAZING time. Thinking of u today. You need a trip to disney after the last several weeks. Praying for u today. I know it will be a tough day.

Of course we took some photos before we left. We have 2 sky light/windows in our living room, and at photo time, it was like a spot light coming down from heaven.
11:11 Me to Jessie: We love you so much Jessie Bebbe! You are going to do amazing today. Absoultely amazing! Jen Jen will be so proud of your strength!
Jessie: Love you too! Please pray for strength and that I will say the words that will honor Jen Jen and especially Jesus! I love yall tons!
Me: ON IT!

11:14 me to Julie: Jenny's burial will be in decatur 2 day. Stp's aunt dee will be at my house about 3 so u can take b there after school if you would like or after u love on him.
Julie: We will take him home with us for a while. The kids are excited to have him over and so am i of course. I'm thinking of you all. Don't worry at all about our little man. We will give him lots of love.

I wish that I could find the video of Emaline and Parker singing Mighty to Save on the way to the funeral. WOW! It was amazing.

We let Parker and Emaline go the children's funeral. Parker was having a very hard time. Oh how he and Ms. Jenny loved each other. Just the anticipation of the service was getting to him. They asked all parents to leave, the room was packed. My mom stayed in there because like I said, Parker wasn't handling it well... until Mr. David came to talk to him. I did have my camera on me and i just couldn't resist this photo. So, let me share it.
How tender. He understood Parker's pain. We all felt it. He seemed to comfort Parker just the way he needed. You can see Stacey in the background trying to hold back his emotion from this embrace. It was heart breaking. I love you Parker.

Before the funeral... the kids were with my mom, and Aunt Dee was coming to get them and take to eat at McDonalds and take them home since we were going to be gone the rest of the day. I sat on the very last row in the sanctuary. Just praying. A sweet old friend happen to walk in and see me. I still remember how she said my name. It was very sweet. She gave me a great hug. I always remember her voice when I think back on that day.

The funeral. It was the Holy Spirit. It was amazing. Just the way that Jenny would have wanted it. Her brothers did an amazing job. Amazing. Did you kneel? I bet you did. I would love to hear how you watched the funeral, were you there? Did you watch online? How did the Lord speak to you through it?

2:31 Kimberly Blake: Over 2000 people were watching online. It was a wonderful service. Your friend was amazing! The Glory of God has definitely been shown. Love yall!

2:35 pm Me to david: I need to know your exact name on drivers license and your birthday.
You may be wondering why I am asking this question... did you know that a very generous family sent David and Malaya on a Disney cruise during spring break??? AND THEN some other generous people sent Rick and Beverly along with them??? I was needing to get all the info for the trip to be booked. I think this was the last day it could be booked... or something like that. So I do have a few texts asking info and birth dates.

3:47 pm Amy: I just read through some FB posts about Jenny's service. I so wish I could have been there. Is there a way for me to see it when I get home? Thought about u all day. What a blessed life cut way too short. Love you.

One of the other pallbearers rode with us, Melanie. We followed the hearse. The hearse got lost. We were laughing in our car, it sure did lighten the mood. We discussed how Jenny was probably laughing her head off that the hearse with her body was lost trying to get to the cemetery. They were using their iphones as GPS and something was wrong. We got a tour of Decatur. We had about 10 cars behind us... it was funny. THEN, when we finally get going the right way, the dude driving was booking it. On the road to the cemetery there is a 'bump' of sorts. Use your imagination what a hearse looks like when it hits a bump and it is going to fast. We were laughing. I could hear Jenny's giggle the whole time.

3:53 Stephanie : R u behind the hearse?
Me: yes. R u?
4:07 Stephanie: R u stopped
Me: YEAH! The hearse is LOST
Stephanie: o my
Me: yep

We got to the cemetery, and took our places. It was cold. I remember how heavy her coffin was. Jessie had on high heels and she was sinking like crazy into the soil. We carried her. I remember my heart that day. I kept repeating to myself in my heart.. I got you. I have to share this because I don't want to forget it. I cannot recall who said it, so I do want to write it. Someone said that when they saw me carrying Jenny, that I wasn't straining at all and that they knew that I would have carried my friend anywhere. So true. So true.

I had another person that I dearly respect, grab me by the shoulders and offer some truth to me. That they had seen me spiritually grow over the past few weeks and when they looked at me during the funeral they saw the holy spirit. Oh how I wish I was there now. When I shared that with another friend, she spoke truth too! She said: They saw the holy spirit because we ALL were praying for you to be filled with it! Isn't that amazing!! The power of prayer! Please hear my heart when sharing these personal comments. I am not bragging. I am not being boastful. I want you to know that it wasn't me and I wasn't the only person who noticed!

5:10 Julie: Thank you for letting us love on your sweet boy! I just dropped him off at your house. Please let me know if you need anything. Love you all.
Me: Thank you so much Julie. Just leaving graveside
We went to eat with the family after the funeral at Rick and Beverly's church.

6:38 Kimberly H: 13 Envelopes in my mailbox today- $435
Kimberly had sent an email out to Kojies on facebook asking for money for an arrangement and as a gift to David and Malaya.

7:12 Jodi: I LOVE YOU... Sorry didn't get to say goodbye to u today... I LOVE YOU

8:39 Amy: How are you doing today? It sounds like the service was mazing. I am sure you are emotionally and physically exhausted. How is sweet Malaya holding up? My heart is hurting for her and David.

9:37 me to Jami: Could feel your presence today.
Jami: Girl- I was so there in spirit! I shut the door to my office and just worshipped!!!! And cried... How are you? Exhausted? OH and laughed. Josh did so good.

I remember typing this peptalk.

Pep Talk

Sweet girl. Absolutely beautiful! My eyes are still salty from today. I even did the whole ugly cry today, but not because I was sad for you, I AM NOT, I am just sad for me, for David, your parents, and especially your Malaya and all your other friends. The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will take care of me, and you are watching out for me now too! I can't wait to document the car ride I had with Melanie behind the hearse! We needed those laughs today. The 3 girl pawlbearers were awesome! Jessie wore her heels, so she almost sunk down to the core of the earth, but we loved honoring you. OH, the put MRS. STACEY PEARSON in the program for Stacey. Lots of laughs on that one. I love you friend forever and always!

Thank you for following this journey with me. I know I have a few more things I want to share about this time last year... some great things that happened. Thank you all for the emails, facebook messages, and comments. I truly treasure each one!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2010, Tuesday

The story doesn't stop there...

8:38 Me to Michelle L: Stacey is bringing kids to school. He should be there around 8:45
Michelle: See him then

8:39 am Jessie: How r u? I just don't even know what to do. I got up and got the girls off to school but it feels like I am a zombie in disbelief. I'm praying for u and Stacey
Me: I am praying for you Jessie> I am hysterical one moment and praising HIM in this storm I don't understand the next. I miss her so. Parker did NOT do well
Jessie: Sweet Parker. Maybe we can go to lunch in a couple of weeks and I can love on him a little. My girls did okay. I don't think they can quite digest it.
( You readers need to know that Parker has had a CRUSH on Ms. Jessie for years! She is a complete rock star in his eyes)

9:04 am Jami: Hope you were able to get a little rest last night. Thinking about u. Praying for peace for your day. Love you

9:29 Kimberly H: Thinking of you, hope you are okay.
10:37 Stacey: How are you doing?
10:42 Linda: How are you making it today?
10:58 Stephanie: How r u 2 day? How did it go last night?
11:24 Julie: You are on my mind. I love you friend!
11:30 mom: Call when u have a moment

1:16 Jodi: Do u get the feel that service will be thurs? I'm still in town but trying to make a plan of when to go home... BTW, ILY
Me: carepages says thurs., Tentative

2:11 pm David: Would u consider being a pallbearer?
Me: absolutely

2:28 me to Stacey: David asked me if I would be a pallbearer, or if I would consider it
Stacey: me too!
Me: so sweet

David: thanks

3:14 Mindy: I love you and am praying for you! Jenny was just as lucky to have you as you were to have her

3:32 Jessie: Wondering if Jenny wrote out that prayer she said about heaven at her birthday party? If she did it might be with all the things she wrote about all the women. If so that would be beautiful to share. Just an idea.

3:47 Me to David: fell my love?
David: I do. Can u email some pics to Jessie for the video? We are at Richland Hills discussing service.
Me: Oh sweet friend. Do you have what she wrote about heaven from her birthday?
David: Is that the letter she wrote on her birthday to everyone?
Me: I think it should be on her computer
David: I will find it. I will call when I start looking for it
David: Carepages was just updated with info

I mile 13:48!!!! I ran 3/4 of it! Here I go Jenny!
4:35 David: :)
4:35 David: Love you girl

4:32 KimQ: Hope u are able to have moments of delight in the midst of days of sorrow! I love u!
Me: I love you! I just ran for Jenny! 1 mile in 13:48! I told her we would run! I begin my journey. Thank you so much Kim. Today has been... better than yesterday.
KimQ: I've been praying for that! That everyone will have a spirit of conquering and not a spirit of defeat!! Jenny may be gone but we still have other blessings to delight in. I am so thrilled for your strength rising up Paige Bowden Pearson! I pray for ur moments of grief to bring u closer to a God who lost His Son 4 us. May we press into his Holy presence receiving His Holy blessings! So on with your bad self girlie!!! I am proud of you!

9:21 pm me to Kelli: Are you guys coming to visitation? I'm trying to find someone to watch my kids. Didn't know if you planned on coming to both funeral and visitation
Kelli: I can watch the kids what time do u want to bring them?
Me: First off, I hope you had a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear about it! I think around 5. I will bring their pjs. I'll know more when STP gets home.
Kelli: My trip was good. How r you? I'll be home around 2:30 tomorrow.
9:38 me to Krista: You are so sweet!! I am doing okay.. when I am not awake. You get it? I'm dealing. I started running today for jenny

9:39 pm me to AMY: I hope you are having the fun of your life! THinking about you partying with the princesses! Wish I was with you! (BTW, she was at Disney World)

So you see, my running journey started one year ago today! I remember running that .75 and finishing that mile on the treadmill. Watching every number pass waiting for it to hit 1 mile. I also remember falling off the treadmill, reaching for my phone and sending that text to Stacey and David. David has been an incredible cheerleader. We now have 180 participants in Running for Jenny and 314 members on Facebook. I never knew.... but God did! Every step of the way... He has used me to let His light shine... although MY light... doesn't always shine... sometimes it whines, it cries, and it just says NO, not tonight. I still do not like to run. Nope. BUT, I knew/know that if Jenny was still here on this earth, we would be doing this together... yes we would. My prayer is that God can use me to bring Glory to himself... As I sat at the cemetery yesterday all by myself... I realized I am NOT alone. He used my bible study to tell me about my troubles.. that I am being refined, not defined by these troubles. I am doing a study by Jennifer Rothschild. I bought it soon after Jenny died and am still not all the way through it. I did a Beth Moore study this summer, but have continued to be drawn to this one. This is what my study said yesterday (GOD IS GOOD)!
"God works through the difficult situations in our lives to discipline, nurture, and instruct us. Sometimes God is most merciful when He allows us to experience the pressures and pain of heartache because it disciplines, instructs, and nurtures us. I'm thankful God doesn't remove His hand from the clay of my life too soon, leaving me misshapen. I'm thankful He is nurturing me through patient teaching. I'm thankful He carefully positions me near His refining fire until I begin to reflect His glory."

Isn't God good?? This was the reading as I sat on the bench on her gravesite! This scripture was also in the reading
" We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed" 2 corinthians 4:8-9
Jennifer says: "When we live by faith, we are not destroyed. Endure... persevere.... stand firm... stand your ground. These words are proactive, don't give up kinds of words! They are the very pictures of faithfulness. Don't throw in the towel or faint. Crawl if you have to. Remain faithful, for a reward beyond imagination awaits you. God promises: Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him (Jas. 1:12)" That is Jenny! She received the crown of life!!

Now, I am to persevere! To reflect His glory! To lean on Him, read His word, pray.
The next part of the study is titled: Canvas for His Glory. I can't wait to start it. God's timing is perfect. Sorry for my ramble... Kind of got carried away.

I can't wait to share other things I heard yesterday during my time with the Lord. It was good. Now, go RUN, or join Running for Jenny. Would love to have you on this journey!

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 22, 2010 Monday

Oh this day... I've dreaded it since I started this blog series. I have read it, I have edited it, I have added to it, I've taken away... Please read it lovingly. Know our hearts behind each text, and remember that our worlds were crashing around us, but the Lord stood tall. Undefeated! We stood our ground circled around Jenny's bed declaring we would NOT serve another.....


My mom spoiled me on Monday's. She would come over early every Monday morning and watch the kids for me to do carpool, grocery shopping, and any other errands so I could do them alone. During Jenny's stay at the hospital, she helped out a bunch for me to go to the hospital, along with many friends. This Monday morning, mom was sick, so I chose to abort my plans of grocery and errands and would be staying home and shop later.

8:05 am Me to Jenn Ross: If you would like to bring your kids over today to play so u can go to the hospital, Emaline and Bowden would love it.

Jenn brings her kids over so she can go up to the hospital alone. We play, do a photoshoot (of course), and have a great time.

10:26 Julie: I am praying for sweet Jenny and I'm praying for you. I am here for you friend.
Me: Thank you

11:17 Wade S.: I've been asked if Malaya needs anything- rides to school, weekend activities etc. Let me know
Me: She's been going to J' aunts on the weekends in Mesquite. I will check and see what I can find out. That is so nice. Malaya has been staying at her house with aunt now.

11:51 Stephanie: Any news? What do u want 2 do 2nite?

11:55 me to Jenn: We r eating lunch take ur time

But, Jenn was almost to my house already. When she got here she had a great idea that after she got Malaya from school, and Parker was home, we could all go Chuck E Cheese with David. Love the idea. As they drove away.... I had an idea and text this:
12:19 pm: Another idea is JUMP4FUN, an inflatable place right by hospital behind QT on 1709. 2 and under kids are free and parents jump for free. They have an area for Jocelyn.

At the same time, and I mean the same time I receive a text from David at 12:20 saying :GREAT, He also called me. I thought he was wanting to discuss our activity.... oh how I wish. I could hear it in his voice....
Me: Hey
david: they just took Jenny down for an emergency CAT scan, she may not make it.
me: WHAT
David: I don't know....
Me: Okay. okay... I love you.. bye
( You may think to your self how I remember what he said to me... I had written a blog but never published it a month after she died. I still am choosing to write on here things I feel appropriate, but tell the story, leaving out some personal information).

12:21 to girls:Pray right now! Taking Jenny for emergency CAT SCAN PRAYYY!!!!

I remember crying in my kitchen. I remember screaming while texting the above standing next to my kitchen table....
I got into motion. I called my neighbor Sabrina and asked if she could watch Emaline and Bowden, that I needed to get to the hospital. I remember grabbing the kids and running next door, and I mean running. I told her I left the back door open if she needed anything. I kept trying to call Stacey, I knew he had gone to work out during his lunch break so I couldn't reach him. I remember grabbing a hat, running through my house screaming, begging the Lord. I started receiving texts:
Jami: Ok!! Let me know
Kimberly H: Already doing it!
Stephanie: I am

12:24 Carepages

So far it has been a somewhat quiet night and morning. Not much has changed since the last update. Doctors are coming in and out and we are waiting to hear from them. The seizures have continued although the duration of them is shorter.

Please continue to pray for the same things requested last night:
1. We pray for the lesions on the brain to shrink.
2. That Jenny responds to the antibiotics the doctors are giving her.
3. For the doctors to have clarity (or the God just do it for them and leave everyone with their job on the ground!)

Thanks for joining us in this!

I remember driving to the hospital... screaming on the silly loop around on 114 by Academy, calling out Satan. Next think I remember is stepping off of the elevator and receiving this text

12:46 David: She made it back to her room. We do not know anything

I quickly walked into the ICU waiting room, where I only recognized one person (ODD) although there were many there. I looked at Kim Q, and tried to show her my phone, the message from David, when another girl said:
are you Paige? go on back. Later I met this friend of Jenny's, Melanie.

You need to know that I tried to always respect the Biz/Ross families. I only went back when David, or Bev said it was okay or told me to. I walked really quick to the hand sanitizer, hit the open door thing with my sleeve pulled over my hand. I always did that. Passed Rick getting on his phone walking through ICU. David and Bev were waiting outside her room and the curtain was drawn. David saw me and said: Girl, it didn't take you long. NOPE.

1:09 Carepages
Jenny's blood pressure and heart rate dropped significantly just a few minutes ago. They immediately gave her a shot that helped her out. They are sending her downstairs for another CT scan.

1:34 Angie: how is she
Me: this is NOT good, NOT good.

The next hour is pretty much a blur, but so clear. Some of it, I want to keep private. I will treasure in my heart for ever. I heard the heart doctor telling Beverly what he read on the CAT scan, but that he wasn't the brain doctor. I heard Beverly ask about hope....

I went back out to the waiting room after talking to Jenny.

Finally got a hold of Stacey. He was on his way.

Stacey got there and went straight back to see David after I told him to go.

More family began to arrive.

I called Jessie.

Jessie got there.

I got to be involved in some extremely tender and raw moments with her family.

1:54 to the girls: Please pray for a miracle, please pray for a miracle for an absolute miracle

Of course after sending this out I got many texts saying they were praying and what did the CAT scan show....
One of my texts to a friend: The absess has grown. Waiting on brain doctor to see if they can do anything. Thinking braindead. (OH how that is so hard to type)

2:03 Kelli L.: what is happening??? we are all praying
I text Kelli to let her know... her reply: Have no words...

2:04 Me to Sabrina: Things r not good. We r waiting on dr to confirm brain dead. R the kids okay with you for a bit until I can work on something else?
Sabrina: I'm so sorry. Yes they r find here as long as you need me to watch them> Haven't napped.. but I didn't want to force it since they're in a different place
Me: It's okay

Dr. Kalipara (by the way, I know I butcher his name when I spell it, and am okay with it), arrived, which I knew he was NOT to be called because he had been up there all night. So, that scared me. Stacey came out, stood against the wall as the doctors walked back to talk to David, Rick, and Beverly. Stacey shook his head. He came to hold me. I sat. I bent over. I cried. The waiting room was so very quiet. SO VERY QUIET, except for sniffling and crying. As I bent over, others came to talk to Stacey. The family went back again from their little briefing room. Barbie came out and told me to go back.

2:49 Angela: Love you. Wish I had words. I know jenny loves u too!

A sweet friend called.. I sent to voicemail, then sent this:
3:08 me to Jodi B: Things are not good. Sorry I cannot talk. Don't put anything on Fb. Sorry.
Jodi: No sorry. I was just leaving u a msg that I know things are bad. No sorry... Just that I love u and am here if anyone needs anything. Didn't know what else to do but call u. I LUV U! I LUV JBIZ!

3:15 from Kim Q: B is here

We were gathered in her room, and were waiting on Jenny's grandmother to arrive. Jenny called her "b". I stood there, grasping hands with other family and friends and declared:


3:25 me to Lauren (my sister) and my mom: I just said goodbye to my dear friend. One of the hardest things I have ever done.

Oh the memories from that day.

I came back out and sat next to Melanie (one of Jennys's great friends from Mesquite who now lives out of state). A man came out and let us know that Jenny had gone to heaven.
A lesion on Jenny's brain had herniated, it was close to the brain stem, there was no activity.

Stacey was with David.

3:31 Jami: Heard anything from dr
Me: No brain activity. We said our goodbyes. They r going to take her off.
Jami: I am just sick. It doesn't seem real

3:33 Me to Angie, Kelli, and Stephanie: There is no brain activity. We said our goodbyes. Please wait until carepages to make this public.

4:07 pm I sent this text after David put it on Facebook: Jenny Ross Bizaillion went to heaven at 3:38 pm.
Of course, I received many texts back...
No words
I love you.
Thank u for letting me know
Oh my dear Lord

Angie: do you need me
Me: oh friend... I can't begin...

Stacey walked me to my car. He asked me if I could drive. I looked right at him and from somewhere inside me this came out: I AM NOT MAD AT GOD.

Which I wasn't. Odd. I think I was still numb. I was present, in the ROOM when my brother in law took his last breath. I was outside the door when my grandfather died. And there I was, in the room moments before my friend took her last breath, and right now, proclaiming that I wasn't mad at GOD. Honestly, I wasn't, and haven't been. Not mad. I may not understand it to the fullest extent, but I wasn't mad. Jenny's dream had come true! Her purpose.

4:12 Julie: Oh Paige! I'm so sorry. I'm here for you. What do you need/ I want to call you but I know you have a lot going on. I'm praying for all of you. I'm here for you.

4:12 Jodi B: I'm so terribly sorry. Can I do anything for you?? Do you need icecream? Can I take ur kids to chuckecheese? Just wish thee was something

4:14 Kimberly Holmes: I have no words but I love you and am hurting with you

4:14 Jami: I know from experience there is nothing ANYONE can say that helps

4:16 Kelli L: My heart is breaking. Thanks for letting me know. We r here for u and ur family as u work through this and minister to David and Malaya. I'll be back tomorrow.

4:24 Lane: Let me know if I can do anything for you guys. I will do whatever you need. Love u guys and we are heart broken

4:27 Krista: The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart: devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death Isaiah 57: 1-2. I am at a loss for words, but she was upright and has been spared our fallen world. I love you friend. What do you need? Krista

4:29 Linda: Sweet Jenny. She will be okay now

4:31 Amy: Oh my goodness Paige. I am so sorry. She is no longer in pain and she is in a beautiful peaceful place. I am so sad that I am not there to comfort you. My prayers are now for the family and you. Love you!

4:46 Angie: where are you
Me: At my house. They r bringing Malaya here to tell her so I am cleaning up a bit before they get here.
Angie: I'm headed your way call me

(Of course, I am keeping all of that time private)

4:50 Jaymie: Oh Paige. I am sorry. I love you so much

Linda: Do u need me to pickup kids or bring some food over?
Me: they are bringing Malaya to m house to tell her. P is with carpool girls. P and B are next door at Sabrinas. Everyone is okay now, may need you later

5:05 Carepages (but I think most people found out through Facebook)

Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?
But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Jenny Bizaillion passed from this world at 3:38pm.
She was the most beautiful, wonderful friend, perfect mom, devoted sister, loyal daughter, and best wife a person could ever have.

We will see her again.

5:23 Mom: I love u Paige. Wish I could take the hurt away. Mom

6:15 me to Kimberly B: We are on way to get Parker

Angie: Finished eating in Southlake, how are things at your house?
Me: we are getting Parker to tell him
Angie: do you want us to head your way, or wait
Me: Head on over, if we don't answer we will be next door at Sabrina's

(From the unpublished blog 3/10, by the way, I went back and put all the blog from March green)
We went to get Parker to tell him. He did not handle it well. After he pulled it together, he said:
Now, I need to tell Emaline. So we let him. We went next door and got her, brought her over and we let him tell her. It was one of those times I hope I never forget. He was so gentle with her.

Our neighbors had ordered a lot of pizza for us. Some close friends stopped by on their way to Austin, another friend stopped by and we just all hung out at Sabrina and Grant's house. Another friend stopped by. and it has just about been that amazing. I can't tell you how the next days messages, facebook posts, emails, and texts meant. I am almost in withdrawl. I got so attached to my phone those few weeks. I need to go through some 5 step program to step away. I have this unusual need to NOT miss anything, a message, an email, a call.

One thing that I want to mention is how cool it was that so many came to know my Jenny. I loved talking about her at dance class, who knew about her, my preschool- oh my preschool! They were so awesome. That could be a post all by itself. The parents of my preschool class were praying, and they didn't know her! THEY DIDN'T KNOW HER! That was so much of the story wasn't it friends? She reached so many!

7:18 Anne: love you and praying for you
Me: thank you Anne

9:06 Kimberly B: I have erased this text 10 times. I just couldn't go without saying how blessed I fell to call you a friend. God knew what he was doing when he placed us down the street from each other. I have been thinking about praying for you always.
Me: You are so sweet. I feel the same. BTW Parker said he wanted to tell camille that Jenny died since she was praying for her. I didn't know if you told her or not, thought that was sweet.
Kimberly: I did. I told her he may be sad and that he may want to talk about it.
Me: He took it so hard Kimberly. My heart breaks for the fact that he got it and had questions we couldn't answer. So grown up. Oh the tears. He wanted to tell E.

Peptalk of the night:

Well friend, you did great. Absolutely great! BOY did you fight, and you fought hard. Your strength has taught so many, and brought so many to their knees. You know the impact you made on earth, and you have a front row seat to see what will come. AND it will be good. I want you to dance, show off those brand new legs ...of yours. Jenny, I am so proud of you. Remember when you told me that just a few weeks ago? I will cherish those words you said to me, "I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!" Thank you, friend. Thank you! Thank you for loving me.

February 21, 2010 Sunday

Morning Peptalk:

Morning Peptalk, have I done a morning one? It is 1 am. And I just got home from the hospital. I bet you didn't know I could stay away this late! Boy did we have a moment tonight! I know things today didn't go as planned, and I just know everything is going to be great! I know it was a setback, but girl I know our GOD so mighty! He is also big and strong. Had to add those. I need you to get those KIDNEYS KICKING IT into gear! AND THE LIVER needs to LIVEN UP! I am making myself laugh at this hour! I know, I am the only one, but hey, it is late/early depending on how you look at it. BY THE WAY, the new look today is so sassy. Get some rest! LOVE YOU!

10:20 am La: We're getting to get our errands done pretty soon so I'll call you around 1:30

11:20 am Carepages

Jenny continues to have seizures this morning, after having gone quite a while without any. The infectuous disease doctor is changing to an antibiotic that has more success than penicillin at penetrating into the brain. He seemed more hopeful that she might recover than was the neurologist yesterday.

We so long for answers -- especially from YHWH-Rapha.

11:38 am Amy: Is there anything new since last night?

11:45 am Stephanie: I was able to go to the hospital yesterday she was in the mri
Me: good, but bad you didn't get to see her
Stephanie: Me 2

12:14 me to Amy: No. we were there until midnight. She tried to open her eyes for me! And turned her had and moved her shoulder for me! It was great for me! They will learn more on Monday about the brain situation. She did have more seizures this morning. Changing medicine

1:20 pm me to La: Leaving our house in 5
La: ok
I still can't remember what we did, but obviously I was with my sister during this part of the day.

7:45 Carepages:

We trust that God is still involved in this. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways.
We are so desperate for him to speak a word, because his words do not return to him empty.

This situation is very serious…worse than we could imagine. Lesions (infected abscesses) are all over Jenny’s brain. She is still a very, very sick girl. At the time, the doctors do not know the extent of damage caused.

We are calling for our prayers warriors to beat down the doors of heaven tonight because we are need of a serious Holy Spirit breakthrough.
1) Pray for the lesions to shrink with the new antibiotics.
2) Pray for the seizures to stop.
3) Pray for Jenny to wake up and respond. The reason she isn’t waking up is because of medicine issues, but we need Jenny to respond.
4) Pray that nothing has been affected by the lesions. Pray against long-term affects.
5) Continue to pray for the doctors to have wisdom and discernment because at this point the doctors are forced to think outside the box. Dr. Lester is bringing in more experts tomorrow to decide what the next step is. We need the new doctors to be able to understand this crisis.

Thank you to the 3 winners of ACU’s Sing Song for donating all their earnings to Jenny Bizaillion.

7:59 Me to girls: Jenny's brain covered with lesions. Please pray for a miracle. Read carepages if you have not. Thank you for continually going before Lord Jesus for Jenny

Jami: How are you holding up? Not good I'm sure. Dreamed about you and Jenny all night last night. It involved GH but I don't remember much. I'm just hoping God was interpreting it as a night long prayer. Thinking about you. Praying for you both. Love you! Call if you need to talk.
Me: I'm not real good today. Jami, I just want her well That simple. My prayer all along was that OUR jenny returned to us or a stronger one, but don't touch her SPIRIT! That is what makes me MAD about this brain stuff! Don't mess with Jenny! Satan is wearing us all down! We r tired, on edge, and weary. I still BELIEVE and know that GOD will be glorified! I am just tired of all this BAD news
Jami:I know... such a roller coaster, can't even BEGIN to imagine. I'm praying as fervently as ever. Ready for a miracle. Let me know if there is anything!!!!

8:18 Me to Beverly: Bevvie. I love you. I love your Jenny with my whole body. And with that whole body I ache. That whole body is praying for her and for you.
Bev: I love you!



Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2010 Saturday

6:58 am Stephanie: Rainey has a thing this morning, so maybe after that, how are u?

7:33 am Me to KimQ: David just text STP Jenny had some seizures last night and going for mri and brainwave tests this morning. This is a set back. Just sending to you KQ . Sending generic to girls...

7:34 am Me to girls: JUST 4 U! Pray for Jenny. Some set backs last night! Pray right now!
Jami: Oh no! I was actually just about to check carepages and facebook. Got up this morning with her first on my mind.
Julie: Praying

9:00 Carepages

Well, so much for the calm of yesterday. We received a call in the early morning hours that Jenny had a grand mal seizure. Since then, she has had another one, as well as a minor seizure. They are attempting to discover the cause of these. It could be a number of things, or a combination of things:
1. It could be related to her high bilirubin count.
2. It could be due to the level of her sedation -- so they are cutting back on that.
3. She is running a fever, which could be the cause.

They are going to do an MRI as soon as possible to see if it shows any problems. Dr. Lester is not expecting it to. Also, a hematologist has been called in to see what can be done about her bilirubin. She is also losing blood somewhere or somehow, but it is not showing up anywhere.

So we are calling on Jenny's prayer warriors to arm yourselves and go to battle once again.

On another note, a few days ago we had requested no visitors. We are now past that point if anyone would like to come by. Josh and his family have returned to Memphis, and Jonathan will be leaving today. So Beverly and David and I will be here at the hospital. If you do come by and there is no one in the waiting room, it will probably be because we are back with Jenny or gone for a bite to eat.

9: 07 am KimQ: Hey girlie whirlie.. praying for ur torn stormy heart! That God will give you the supernatural joy and endurance for u to enjoy the full measure of parker's birthday. Also, save me a piece of cake. I love you and am battling the enemy of Jenny and family and u!

9: 25 am Me to girls: Sure you got carepage info, please read.

10:45 am Stephanie: Well crap! Not where I can get 2 a computer. Still at Rainey's DI thing
Me: she had seizures last night. Going to do MRI and other brain tests.
Stephanie: Come on GOD!
Me: I know it!

11:43 Kayci Ross: Love ya.
Me: Oh Kayci, I am so glad I now have your number! I am so glad I have gotten to know you better over this time. If you need anything...

11:57 Kelli L: WHY LORD??? Questions but will continue my prayer!!! Hope parker is enjoying his ranch party. The girls were excited. Have you been able to speak with Jenny?
Me: The last time I went back in her room was Thursday. She was still out. Great day so far at ranch.

3:48 Kim Q: Lord please stop like u did the storm! She has had 4 seizures now.

5:08 pm me to KimQ: We just got word from David. Heading back.
KimQ: what is the word?

5:25 pm Me to 2 girls: Please pray for Jenny.. Bad news about the seizures. Pray for a miracle. Wait for carepages update to spread. Not sure how they are going to say yet.

5:30 Carepages

We have visited with a number of doctors today. Jenny has had an EEG and a MRI of her brain. It appears that some of the sepsis bacteria had clung to her heart valves, and has now released into her brain. The MRI shows a number of lesions, and the neurologist has not given us the rosiest of prognoses.

So we are asking you to pray for the cleansing power of Jesus to mend and heal Jenny's brain. They have removed her from all of her pain meds so that they can find out how cognitive she is. It may take a while for her to wake up, because her body cannot metabolize the medicines very quickly. The doctors are discussing the best anti-seizure meds right now, as some have adverse affects on the liver and others on the kidneys.

In summary: We are up against the wall. We are desperate for the healing power of our Savior to anoint Jenny's body right now.

5:37 Amy: I have been thinking about you all day. Love you
Me: We went to ranch today for Parker's party and I left my phone inside. When I got back to my phone I had 6 texts and 4 missed calls. Not a good feeling.
Amy: I am glad that P got to have his party. Just read CP. R they taking her off meds to see how she responds? I will pray for a miracle.

5:42 Jessie: Hey, do u know what all that means? What does not having the 'rosiest of prognosis' means?
Me: they will know more tonight
Jessie: K, been up there today?
Me: No we had P's birthday today in Stephenville at the ranch we got news and are heading back.
Jessie: We just got back from our get a way too. I'm so tired of this. I want Jesus to just heal her.
Me: Me too.

5:49 Me to girls: Sepsis on brain! Go to Carepages! If u can't let me know! Pray for our sweet jenny right NOW! Dear almighty Jesus, HEAL HER!
Jami: I have no words.
Julie: Oh Paige!!! I called Amy and she read carepages to me. I'm praying for sweet Jenny and her family. I'm here for you friend!
Angela: Lord cover our friend as only you can understand

8:39 Kim Q: They dedicated the production to Jenny Ross Bizaillion here at Sing Song.
Me: Oh MY WORD! Like the WHOLE production? R ya'll just now at performance
Kim: Kojies and siggies said if they win they r giving the money to Jenny
Me: are you on your way home or at a performance
Kim: Performance galaxy just went

I went to the hospital this night and got to see her for a minute. I stood beside the bed of my friend and was talking to her when she turned her head toward me and tried to open her eyes. My heart jumped. I called it 'our moment'! When I came out of the ICU, there were 2 sweet girls there. One I hadn't seen in a long time, and another, her sister, I had never met. Now, we are FB friends and encourage one another. I'm thankful for this night, for these girls gathering us up and praying for us late in the night. If I close my eyes, I can still her their voices.

11:46 Stacey: She opened her eyes

I didn't give a peptalk this night.

Oh how I miss her....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19, 2010, Friday

9:56 am Angie: (who is at my house) TAKE YOUR TIME, DO NOT RUSH BACK

10:20 am ME to JULIE: Thank you Julie. It has been avery hard week. Very hard. I'm at the hospital now. Hoping my friend had a great night.
Julie: I'm so sorry Paige. Jenny is in my thoughts and prayers constantly and so are you friend. I'm here if you need anything.

Candace: Don't feel like you have to respond. we missed you all at school yesterday. I just wanted you to know that I have really been thinking about you as well as Jenny and her family. I am still praying constantly! I pray that there is a substantial trun around soon, and for much comfort and strength for the months ahead. You are all special to us.
Me: Candace, we r going to the ranch tomorrow to celebrate parker! We would love if you could come.
Candace: I wish we could!!! Kids will be with Ryan. Thank you so much for the invitation. Please tell Parker Happy birthday from all of us. I hope you have a great time.

11:51 Carepages

Another slow day at Baylor Hospital in Grapevine. Jenny's numbers are still good. She is going through dialysis again as we type.

It has been 15 days and we are all eager to communicate with her again. We want to hug her, hold her, kiss her, and laugh with her.

Yesterday, someone brought by every episode of American Idol from this season. Jenny will be thrilled to watch it when she fully wakes up. Now if someone will bring General Hospital, GMA, Regis and Kelly, and Rachel Ray. Actually, the Rachel Ray is for David. (I'm just joking about the tv shows). We are just ready for God to lift Jenny out of this hospital.

Waiting rooms can drain people. But they are still thick with the presence of God.

Thank you all for your commitment to pray Jenny through this.


Thanks to so many of you for offering money, airline miles, and flight passes to take care of the family. We are well taken care of.

12:15 KimQ: Any news? I just bk to hospital and everyone must be BK there with Jenny... their stuff here only. U here? How is your great aunt doing?

12:28 Leslie: Reservations tonight at 6. Trail Dust. Kids must have socks.
me: Got it.

We were celebrating Parker and my nephew Cole's birthday. I remember feeling so guilty about going out. Still do. However, I danced with my birthday boy. I saw joy in his face. Some normalcy.

12:30 Angie: The kids are hungry I am going to feed them.

12:35 me to Kim: I just left.

Pep Talk 1
Feb 19th

Hey, you want to go to dinner tonight? Oh yeah, GET WELL! TELL EVERYTHING TO DO ITS THING! I'm tired of you being sick! I want us to do our Friday night dinners! Or Saturday night dinners! I don't really care friend. I just want you well. I bet today was a beast. I'm sure you handled it with grace and strength that you... have shown everyday! I love you, and this really isn't your peptalk, it is just for fun! I love you!

5:04 Kim: Hey where are u
Me: Fixing to leave my house

6:00 Carepages

enny has had a restful day today. She just finished having her hair washed. All her numbers except for her bilirubin are doing well.

The goal is to get her off the vent tomorrow, and get her a talk button put on her trach. Maybe by tomorrow we will actually get to talk to her!

The surgery is healing well. Her hands are not getting any worse -- thank the Lord! Occasionally when she does wake a bit, I (Rick again) have gotten a smile. And when Beverly told the nurses how much Jenny loved a long bath, she raised her eyebrows. Just like Jenny!

The doctors and staff are talking more about her next step -- rehab. It is music to our ears! REHAB! Until just recent days, there was no talk about tomorrow!

So please pray for:
1. Her vent to be able to be removed
2. Her bilirubbin to come down
3. Her continued improvement

God is good! And we feel SO blessed to have our precious Jenny.

6:05 me to David: How is Jenny today? How did her rehab go?

6:05 Stephanie: How r things?
Me: I just sent a text to david. They were going to wake her in a bit and start rehab
Stephanie: Do they want people to visit?
Me: I bet you could go up

8:33 Me to Stephanie: Did you go up

Peptalk 2
Feb 19th

GIRL! I just read the hot sheet and I so badly want to come read it to you! You think they would kick me out, talking about pregnancies, mobs, shootings, shady brook, Helana, GEORGIE the GHOST! Yes, you heard right. WOW, I better hold my horses, you have atleast 10 days to get caught up before you see this hotsheet! I ...don't want to ruin it for you completely. I know you have already gotten one little SMALL peptalk, but I still wanted to let you know that I love you and you are doing great. JUST GREAT! But that stinkin' liver! JENNY! How can I help? I know, I can come in and dance. If you see some of my new moves, MAYBE you will laugh, then you will be excerising your liver! SO, you WAKE up so you can watch me dance.JUST KNOW I will make you laugh. Don't you think so? Aunt Dee said her church said a lot of prayers for you on Wednesday night. Her and Mammy both asked about you tonight at Parker's birthday dinner with the Pearson clan. JENNY! Get that blood flowing! LOVE YOU! Miss me, Okay? Don't worry. I am not going anywhere, just wanted to feel the love!!! I REALLY DO!

Oh the calm... before the storm............

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Parker!

Oh sweet boy. You bring such sweet laughter into this house. You are crazy creative, and you are so artistic. You are calm and quiet and.... freckled! OH how I love your freckles. I love how YOU grabbed my hand walking through Target tonight, AND Joann's. You said it so right tonight, "Isn't God AMAZING!" while we were watching a documentary on sea animals, but I say that when I look at you! "Isn't God AMAZING!"!!!! You LOVE baked potatoes and mozzarella cheese sticks from Sonic.
You can put away 5-7 pieces of pizza at one sitting. YOU love underarmour shirts, or as you like to call them 'silkies'. I love how you corrected me while we danced the waltz at your Fairy-tale ball, pulling me this way and that- you led me. You were such a good teacher. I love how you love school. I love how you LOVE facts about animals and can remember EACH and EVERY one of them. I love that you still LOVE to play horses, either with your pretend horses, OR you are the pretend horse. I love it. I love you Parker Gregg, and so does ANYONE who has met you. You have that effect on people. You love to serve people, especially in our home. You are my rule follower, and hopefully that will keep you AND your siblings safe, because I am not so sure about.... OH, back to you... You could jump on the trampoline FOR hours, or jump rope, or ride your bicycle, you like to be outside, but you also LOVE Scooby doo! We love you 7 year old! Your day was full with your daddy being Watchdog at your school,bringing you lunch, me and brother coming up for cookies, dinner at Snuffers, then shopping at Target for movies and games. OH, and we can't forget our secret late night, or you called it "middle of the night" (it was 10:00) trip to Sonic for icecream! I can't wait to celebrate you for the next few days..... LOVE YOU! Parker P!

February 18, 2010 Thursday

7:46 am Me to Stacey: Perfect!
Not real sure what that is about.

8:33 am Me to Bev: How was the night? I know you are busy. Just had to ask. She never left my heart.
Bev: on our way to hospital
Me: great! Hope you got a good nights rest

9:50 am Me: How is it going? Are you at school or hospital?

10:41 am Kimberly Holmes: Call me when you get a second. Happy birthday to Parker!

12:04 Lindsey Wyatt: Just tried to call the house- please tell Parker I wish him a wonderful happy birthday!

12:57 am La: I was just thinking about u... i hope everyone is doing okay

1:03 carepages

t is day 14. I can't believe it has been 2 weeks.
It has been a very slow morning. Jenny is still coming off the anesthetics, because the liver is still minimally functioning.
Her numbers look good today and we continue to pray for complete healing.
A sonogram has been scheduled to look at her gallbladder to see if it is the source of a problem.

God’s goodness and favor continues to rain on us every day.

I’m not sure if Twila Paris is a member of this site, but she was contacted yesterday. A friend of Twila’s informed her of Jenny’s condition and that Jenny sang “How Beautiful” at a wedding. Twila wanted to pass on that she is praying.

2:08 Me to Stacey: I'm grabbing cake right now

2:21 Amy S: how has it been today?

3:75 Jessie: Hey girl have u heard anything today?
Me: I did go up a bit today and it was quiet. She looked a bit better I thought

5:53 pm Carepages

The Christmas carol describes the scene here well:

"All is calm; all is bright."

Father sits in the ICU waiting room for the 14th straight day. The journey has been brutal. He is doing a crossword puzzle. His sermon is finished and Lord willing, he'll get to take the pulpit for the first time in 3 weeks this Sunday.

A family friend sits quietly admiring the dedication of the father and typing away at his laptop.

This is a very different scene than the past 13 days.

It is a welcomed, holy moment.

A few thoughts in the middle of this holy moment...

In the middle of the storm, the Bizaillion and Ross family still praised the Lord...

They still believe that God is Mighty to Save...

They have been overwhelmed by God's faithfulness and everyone's goodness...


On a final note, if anyone is willing to donate some money towards 3 tickets on Southwest Airlines to fly family back home, email me and we'll make it happen. We need about $600.


Keep praying for Jenny. This has been a remarkable journey and we are not done.

I believe God has been so pleased with the response of His people to the suffering and pain of Jenny and her family. I'll close with the beautiful words from Isaiah 58:6-9. May we hear the "well done" of heaven daily as we serve.

"This is the kind of fast day I'm after:
to break the chains of injustice,
get rid of exploitation in the workplace,
free the oppressed,
cancel debts.
What I'm interested in seeing you do is:
sharing your food with the hungry,
inviting the homeless poor into your homes,
putting clothes on the shivering ill-clad,
being available to your own families.
Do this and the lights will turn on,
and your lives will turn around at once.
Your righteousness will pave your way.
The God of glory will secure your passage.
Then when you pray, God will answer.
You'll call out for help and I'll say, 'Here I am.'

You know, it was a quiet day. It was a strange day. It was my oldest child's birthday. We had postponed his party earlier in the month... we were all over the place. This night our great friends the Merriman's were staying with us and we all went to Rainforest Cafe for Parker's birthday. We were trying to make things as normal as possible. I'll leave you with the peptalk.

2 weeks my friend! 2 Weeks! You surely have shown so many just how
strong you are. I overheard a nurse today, that had you on that crazy
Monday, remember that Monday that almost turned all my hair silver, not gray, but silver? WELL, she was telling David that she hasn't seen you since then, but keeps up with you, and that fact, THE entire hospital is keeping up with you. If anyone sees an ICU nurse, they ask for updates on YOU! I know, blotches. Just get over it. We need you to kick the pnemonia, KICK IT TO THE CURB! We need your liver to decide to work, and BOY I know 2 boys who can't wait to get you to exercise it!
YOU should have heard your brothers talking in the waiting room today about tickling you and chasing you around the house. They were so funny. They are SOOOO ready for you to get better. We all are. DID You tell your blood to circulate through your fingers? I am not sure you did. PLEASE! You can do it, tell the blood to CIRCULATE!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 17, 2010, Wednesday

6:35 am Jessie: I'm sorry girl! I missed ur call and txt til this morning. Saw carepages. I'm gonna go up at nine. God can still do a miracle but even if doesn't we and jenny will praise him forever!
7:13 am me: I'll be there about 10. Yes, we will praise him forever.

8:03 am Anne: Love you thinking of you and praying for jenny.
Me: Thank you

8:13 am Me to Michelle: Michelle, it is paige. I will need a sub tomorrow unless a miracle is performed in the next hour! Our God is that mighty!

8:18 am Me to Beverly: HE is with YOU! i love you!
8:27 am Bev: I will call u soon she is better. I am in w dr.

8:29 Amy: Thinking about all of u this morning. no worries about tomorrow. I completely understand. Praying that jenny does ok during surgery.

8:43 am Mom: Here

8:45 am Stacey: Did you get the text from David?
Me: no
Stacey: Doctors were very surprised. Jenny's white blood count was down to 16. She is doing much better. It looks like they r going to postpone surgery again.
Me: Can I send that out?
Stacey: No not yet

Mom: call about tv when you can
(Mom sometimes had difficulties with my tv)

9:05 Carepages

We thank you for all your prayers and joining us on this journey. Jenny rested well during the night. We will meet with the doctors at 8:30 and surgery currently is scheduled for 9:30 (though we believe God can still do something miraculous between now and then).

The family has asked for no visitors today please. We will try our best to keep everyone updated as much as we possibly can on these pages.

Again, thank you for standing in the gap for us; praying for us; and loving us. The Spirit moving through the body of Christ is one of the only thing that has sustained us!

9:34 am Kim Q: Any news?
9:35 am Me: NO! I'm dying here! No really! I can't take much more of this up and down. Can't.
9:36 am Kim: from josh- surgery is happening
Me: no

I remember FIGHTING with Satan in the car on the way to the hospital this morning. I remember making that 26 loop around by Academy, just praying out loud to Lord Jesus, screaming at the top of my lungs for Satan to GET OUT!

Michelle L: We will take care of work u take care of your friend continuously praying

10:00 Carepages:

As I type this post, they are preparing to take Jenny into the O.R. It is going to be a 4-hour procedure.
The doctor asked us to pray specifically for:
-Them to find strong tissue in the leg below the knee.
-For her liver to withstand the surgery.
-For their hands to move in rhythm with God.

There are risks with this procedure, but the doctors feel confident (over 5 opinions were given by docs) that this is needed for Jenny to turn the corner.

We are all hurting today, but we continue to trust that God is in this. He is moving. He is healing. He is the Lord of all of life, which means He is the Lord over medicine and science.

We know many of you are eager to see us today, but we are asking for no visitors. We feel your love.

We will keep you updated as we are informed by nurses and doctors throughout the procedure.

10:39 me to Jessie: U in ICU

Me to Stacey: 11:27: David looks rough. Just got call they r in the middle of surgery now. One leg done. Jenny is doing good.
Stacey: OK
Me: Real rough. I know u r at lunch. But could use you
Stacey: I'll be on my way in 10 minutes
Me: ok
Stacey: Do u want me to bring you something to eat or just come
Me: where are you coming from, yes bring something for me and Jessie

11:47 Kim Q: u still up there?
Me: Yes
11:51 Kim Q: Will u still be there like 12:15 ish?
11:52 Me: yes

Stacey: Ya'll on third floor

12:30 Carepages

Jenny is halfway through surgery. So far everything is going well.

1:20 pm: Me to everyone: The surgery is over. My friends legs are gone. THey are putting in a trach now. Please begin to pray right now for Jenny's recovery. Her attitude and DAVID!

Peptalk 1

Well, girl I am so proud of you. I couldn't wait until our night time pep talk. I had to tell you right now! You did it! You husband is so strong, you 2 are a great match. Your love is so evident. I know the next few months are going to be very different, but you are going to have realize something....YOU NEED HELP!...Don't get all blotchy, or red, just allow us to help you. That is what we want to do. Have I told you lately how amazing you are? I think I have, just wanted to tell you again. And I will bring you lots of dinners, but you will need to find someone else to fix your fish. You know I don't like fish, or the smell of fish, but I like to fish. I know you know. I love you.

1:21 pm Kimberly Holmes: Was there good tissue below her knee? Why the trach? I thought they were going to take the vent out?
Me: Yes, vent out trach in. Easier recovery they say. Don't know about the tissue. The nurses have been calling him on his cell

1:23 Julie B: Oh Paige... I am so sorry. They are all in my prayers. Are you okay. I am here if you want to talk.
1:23 Kelli L: Thanks for update. I'm so very sad. Will keep praying... can't think about much else. Any word on when she will come to and be aware?

1:25 Kimberly Holmes: How is David?
Me: wow. Don't know to answer that it has been a very tough day.
Kimberly Holmes: I hurt for him. Hurt for all of them. My feet hurt for no reason.
Me: I know. jessie and I were discussing possible new wardrobe options. David is discussing driving
Kimberly Holmes: I know> i thought about driving. Shara's husband Rick works for a medical supply company. One of their vendors make prosthetics. Good ones. Shara is already working on that.
Me: Great. We have been researching! This is so hard. The costs!!!
Kimberly: It's only money. There will be an answer for that. It's only money. God will provide.
Me: We keep telling him, but of course it is on his mind.
Kimberly: Money is nothing. Legs are something. Your mom is something. Your spouse is everything. Money is nothing. If the 6386 people on carepages gave only $10- we would have $63,860.
Me: U r so funny. U r so right. But it is on his mind. I think he just wants the best for her.
Kimberly: He should worry about Jenny. Malaya and himself. We will find a financial counselor to counsel him through the bills. Her therapy doctors will guide him through the options of driving and swimming and getting a new sense of normal. We will raise money. Every year for as long as it takes. It's only money. That is the least of all of this.

2:13 pm Me to the girls: Family just went back to see her. Dr. said she did good. Even is peeing good today! Sshh! Keep that between us. Trach in. She should be more alert in about 4 hrs.

Kimberly Holmes: What about her liver
2:13 Jami: Wow. My heart has been soooo heavy today! I lost it on the way back from Atlanta. Does Malaya know anything?
Kim Q: PRAISE THE LORD!!! Hey, what's the deal with her hands
Me: not worried at this time


Jenny made it out of surgery! The doctor said that it went great (that is a relative term these days but was still received as good news!) and is back in her room. The doctors felt really positive about everything related to her surgery and the family made a B-line back into her room, relieved and ready to see their Jenny.

Please continue to pray for a good post-op recovery, for peace for the family, and for the doctors to continue to have wisdom.

Please remember to respect the family's wishes and refrain from visiting the hospital until further notice.

This is a very emotional time for the family and thus a great time for all of us to leave a message of encouragement below!

Consider these words from Isaiah 61...

1 The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners, [a]

2 to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor
and the day of vengeance of our God,
to comfort all who mourn,

3 and provide for those who grieve in Zion—
to bestow on them a crown of beauty
instead of ashes,
the oil of gladness
instead of mourning,
and a garment of praise
instead of a spirit of despair.

3:03 Jami H: So I just checked my twitter for the first time since noon. Tell Jenny that Sheila Walsh posted a link to her website and told people to pray for her!!!!

3:03 Kimberly Holmes: A lesson from Presley: P: Mommy- can you put on Cinderella's dress? Kim: Where are her legs? (They were missing) P: Mommy- she doesn't need legs to be beautiful
Sometimes it takes a 4 year old to make you see things the right way.
3:11 Kimberly Holmes: Our elder Charlie who has been updating the church about Jenny asked when it was okay to update them on the condition. He is trying to be sensitive to Malaya. Will you let me know when it is okay to pass on her current status? Does Malaya know yet?
3:14 Me: No, Malaya does not know and was kept home from school today and the rest of the week just to be safe. Her status is on carepages. Joel said if it is on carepages it's safe.

4:05 Angie: How r u doing
Me: I'm still at hospital. Have had a very hard day.
Angie: Thinking of you
Me: getting to see her was tough

It was real tough. Like I posted yesterday, I knew she was going to make it, but this was HUGE! I just knew that Jenny would hold a speaking platform and tell her story to thousands, millions over time. It would be a sold out event with Beverly, Jenny, and Malaya telling each their own story. As I had played it in my head... she would walk on that stage, now she wouldn't be on her own legs, but in a wheel chair or prosthetics, and Malaya! Sweet Jesus... AND, what about our running!!! We were suppose to run together. Now I had a head start as she would run, but now on prosthetics.

I remember when Bev gave me and Jessie the go ahead to go back. I remember walking into her room and seeing her. We told her she did good. Real good. I remember the feeling in my throat. I remember the feeling in my stomach. I remember walking out of her room, walking through the ICU doors and NOT taking the door to the right that would take me to the waiting room, but just walking straight, straight to the wall in front of me. I remember crying my eyes out. I remember Jessie hugging on me and then going to get Stacey. I just wept. My friend. I prayed her attitude would be positive, and that when she woke up she wouldn't be mad or angry, but ready to show everyone how to do it! Blaze a trail for handicap, disabled women!

5:54 Carepages

Jenny is resting very peacefully right now following surgery. The family just met with the doctors and they are pleased with how she handled the surgery and how her vitals are now. They are beginning to talk about the future (which we have not her much about yet). We are very blessed to have the doctors that we have here. They have been great and the Lord has moved through them. They believe Jenny will rest through the night due to the anesthesia.

For me personally (Jonathan) I viewed this day similar to that of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I believe that God could heal her feet, but even if He did not, we will not bow down to any other god. He is good! He is faithful!

Here are the things that the doctors have told us we need to be in prayer for:

1. For her hands. The doctors are very hopeful that she will not lose much of her hands (probably only fingertips) but we want to pray against infection setting into her hands.
2. For her liver to begin fully functioning.
3. For the pneumonia to be healed.
4. For no other infection to be allowed into Jenny’s body.
5. For Malaya as she receives the news about her mommy.

David is planning to tell Malaya tonight. If you are friends with Malaya or know Malaya, please be sensitive to her as she begins this transition.

Thank you once again for joining us in prayer and walking with us through this road of suffering.

He is mighty to save!

6:08 Jessie: U still there? U Okay? I have a feeling we r feeling the same types of emotions. I'm so sad for Jenny and sorta at a loss and numb
Me: No. We took B home to Decatur. We r eating here. I am so sad for her. I KNOW she will overcome ALL of this, but I don't want her to have to. I feel for her and Malaya. David. Work. Financial. Just everything for them. I want to get to the good stuff!
Jessie: ME TOO!
7:47 pm Jessie: Do you know if David told Malaya yet?
8:19 Me: I think so

8:55 Kimberly Blake: Just thinking and praying for you and Jenny. I am praying for you to sleep good. Do you want me to take in the morning?

8:19 Me to Bev: How is she doing tonight?
Bev: In pain, but they not upped her pain med since before surgery. They have now and they plan on her sleeping well tonight.
Me: good. Thx
Bev: Love you girlfriend
Me: U too, we love yall.

Peptalk 2

Friend, it has been a long day. I am sure you are laughing deep inside that sweet body. You are probably thinking, "YOU THINK YOUR DAY WAS LONG!" Well, I know it was for you. Lots of changes today, but Jenny, 'greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city!' To quote Chris Tomlin, or a...tleast I think that is who sings that song. Stacey put it on my phone so that I can listen to it all the time. I mostly just sing that part, but you know who sings louder than me...Emaline and Parker. OH, I know you have been very busy, but guess who has a birthday tomorrow? YEP! PARKER! Can you believe he will be 6? Okay, back to your peptalk. Jenny, FOCUS ON THE LIVER! WE need that liver to do exactly what it is made to do! You tell it to get with the program! We need everything to work the right way NOW! And your hands. BLOOD to the fingers! Just, you know...get well. We all miss you.

Oh yeah, the quote from Chris Tomlin, I do think you have greater things to be done! I can't wait to be in your audience! I love you. Have I told you that today? YES I HAVE, in your ear! Did you hear me? It was kind of soft, I didn't want to wake you. Emaline told me today that she doesn't like you in the hospital. ME EITHER! SO GET OUT! TELL THOSE LUNGS, LIVER, and FINGERS to get to moving! IS there an 'L' word that means finger? That would have been perfect. Okay, I need to rest too. HHHHUUUUGGGGS!