Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Doctor Visit

Today I had my 27 week check up at the OB's office today. Things went okay. You see, I think putting on 8lbs in one month didn't sound so bad since I have been on a cruise and a vacation to Colorado since the last time I saw the doctor. It is also Halloween season, so I have put away my share of Baby Ruths, Sweet Tarts, Sprees, Brownies, Cookies, Butterfingers, well, just about anything that contains sugar! I am always hungry right now. He didn't saw anything really bad about my weight gain, but before when he would see me he would say, "Your weight looks good." Today he said, "Your weight is okay." I know the difference in GOOD and OKAY! So, I will limit my sugar intake and hope for the best.

I got to see baby girl on the sonogram again today. I get one every time to monitor the baby's size. Today baby girl really showed us her face, then her femur. The doctor commented on how long the femur looked, and by the way, I am not sure if I am spelling femur right. It sure looks weird. He said the baby looked like she was going to have long legs. So I asked the question that dwells inside me daily, "So, is she going to be big?" He then measured the femur. I am at 27 weeks, and the femur measured the end of 29 weeks. He then looked at me and said, "You are probably going to have a big baby, just going by past history, so stop asking me crazy girl!" Okay, so he didn't really say that at the end, but that is what it felt like. So, a basketball player I am hosting! Stacey said he was sad, he wanted a dainty little girl! I told him, there is nothing about me dainty so he didn't need to get his hopes up! All joking aside, I don't know what I would do with a small baby. I had trouble holding Mindy's twins a few weeks ago because I thought I was going to break them.

Overall, a great report. I did take the Gluclose?Spelling? test today, so I will wait for those results. Thank you God for a healthy pregnancy so far. We will set the c-section date the next visit. YEAH!!


Phillips' Family said...

Just keep reminding yourself that you have to have those "maternal stores" to provide a nourishing home for your precious baby these nine months. That is what I told myself everytime I ate chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream while pregnant---it was all for the good of my baby :)
Hope the glucose test turns out okay!

STP, an IronMan said...

Hey, i am going to be thrilled no matter what baby girl looks like or what size she is. I will just be happy when we figure out a name! Love you!

jenny biz said...

A basketball player just like her momma! How fun!! I can't wait to see her!!

Kelli said...

I had some of those same "your weight looks... okay" comments. I can still hear Dr. New saying it! That's what happens when you have big babies though! Although Ethan was smaller than expected so maybe baby girl will be too. I still sitting in my car calling Scott and telling him to program the Guinness Book of World Record's number in his cell phone because according to his sonogram, Ethan was on his way to being 13lbs (just like my Uncle!)