Sunday, October 30, 2005

More Charlie

I just had to share this picture from tonight's Trunk or Treat/Harvest Festival. My Charlie had so much fun! He really got in the spirit of holding up his spider bucket to collect all the sweets that I probably won't let him eat (so...who will?). One of Stacey's coworkers gave Parker the Charlie doll, which he carries with him everywhere right now. Thanks Amy! And also a big thanks to Uncle Wyatt, who I know doesn't read this, but the shirt looks great. Kindergarten Mommy, you did a great job putting tonight together! It was a huge the way, I will be washing egg out of Stacey's shirt tonight, along with his shoes and pants! He had a blast.
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Pumpkin Patch Part II

You may be thinking you didn't see a Pumpkin Patch Part I, and you are right. The first pumpkin patch experience this year was a disaster for the 2 of us. Parker wasn't feeling great and it was hot and CROWDED at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch a few weeks ago. Last year I got some great pictures of him there and was SO looking forward to our trip this year! Parker cried, wanted to be held, wanted to throw pumpkins out of baskets, hide in pretend jail and monitor the door. I still took many pictures, which tell the story of the day, but aren't even 'okay.' See below picture:

Today we went to The Pumpkin Farm in Colleyville. The weather was nice and I thought Parker might be a little cooperative since he slept in. And was I right! I got a few great shots of my pumpkin man! He loved the hay house, and the rusty old tractor. I loved the fairy tale pumpkins...I had never seen them before. The Farm wasn't as crowded by FAR and Parker just loved to roam. We didn't ride the hay ride, but it sure looked fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Doctor Visit

Today I had my 27 week check up at the OB's office today. Things went okay. You see, I think putting on 8lbs in one month didn't sound so bad since I have been on a cruise and a vacation to Colorado since the last time I saw the doctor. It is also Halloween season, so I have put away my share of Baby Ruths, Sweet Tarts, Sprees, Brownies, Cookies, Butterfingers, well, just about anything that contains sugar! I am always hungry right now. He didn't saw anything really bad about my weight gain, but before when he would see me he would say, "Your weight looks good." Today he said, "Your weight is okay." I know the difference in GOOD and OKAY! So, I will limit my sugar intake and hope for the best.

I got to see baby girl on the sonogram again today. I get one every time to monitor the baby's size. Today baby girl really showed us her face, then her femur. The doctor commented on how long the femur looked, and by the way, I am not sure if I am spelling femur right. It sure looks weird. He said the baby looked like she was going to have long legs. So I asked the question that dwells inside me daily, "So, is she going to be big?" He then measured the femur. I am at 27 weeks, and the femur measured the end of 29 weeks. He then looked at me and said, "You are probably going to have a big baby, just going by past history, so stop asking me crazy girl!" Okay, so he didn't really say that at the end, but that is what it felt like. So, a basketball player I am hosting! Stacey said he was sad, he wanted a dainty little girl! I told him, there is nothing about me dainty so he didn't need to get his hopes up! All joking aside, I don't know what I would do with a small baby. I had trouble holding Mindy's twins a few weeks ago because I thought I was going to break them.

Overall, a great report. I did take the Gluclose?Spelling? test today, so I will wait for those results. Thank you God for a healthy pregnancy so far. We will set the c-section date the next visit. YEAH!!

Monday, October 24, 2005


This year for Halloween we took everyone's suggestions from last year and this and Parker is going to be Charlie Brown. He looks so much like him. My brother made his shirt and I turned black sweat pants into shorts, although in the picture he is wearing pair #2 I bought just in case I messed up on pair #1. It was cold here last night when we had our first Halloween event so Parker wore his pants. He loves his Snoopy dog. He isn't familiar with the Peanuts gang, so I am glad he is bonding with his costume.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Mam...we have a suspicious package...!!!!

Today Albertson's started their Triple coupon sale, so of course Parker and I were there. As we drove up, we noticed a fire truck and a police car. I thought maybe there had been a fire, heart attack or even shoplifting. We got in our cart and shimmied our way through stocking up on things that ended up being free or almost free. As we were checking out, one checker asked another checker what was up with all of the police. I looked outside where the police and fire presence had been multiplied by many. The other checker said that they have a suspicious package outside and are waiting on a bomb squad! BOMB SQUAD! All I wanted was my free Spray and Wash. After saving over $35.00 we went to leave. Only we couldn't leave out the door closest to our car, it was blocked. So I headed out the other door where we were met by a really nice officer and an Albertson's employee. They nicely told me that the Albertson's employee would help me to my car. I was directed out of the way, in fact, away from my car. I nicely told the man that my car was over there by the fire men parked by itself, obviously in the wrong area. He nicely took me the long way to my car. I told him that I heard there had been a "package." He said yes, but probably somebody left some trash or something, but to be safe they had called in the authorities. He loaded all of my groceries to my car and then a fire man came over and told me that I could not reverse. I would need to pull forward and exit straight out of the shopping center. Can you believe that!? What fun we have had and it isn't even noon! I never even saw the package, but had great service out to my car by a friendly employee. I sure know how to find the excitement! Who knows, the story might even make the news.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

God is so good. Period!

When my faith is low, or I begin to doubt or worry God always provides.
Thank you Lord for providing today.
Forgive me for not coming to you first.
You are my provider.
You know the desires of my heart.
Thank you.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Home from Paris

Well, finally no other trips on the calendar until Thanksgiving. We (me and Parker) returned home form Paris today after a very eventful weekend. Check out this picture I took yesterday after the wedding in my dad's backyard. Parker 20 months!

On Friday, Parker got a haircut, we took his Halloween shirt to be made by uncle Wyatt, and went to visit Bop and Sid at the store. Saturday morning we had breakfast together and played. Bop and Sid were off to work. They came back to get us around 2:00 for my cousins wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful in Clarksville, Texas. Parker was...okay during the wedding. This was an old church, with very old air conditioning. We were all sweating. When the minister asked us to be seated after the bride had made it to the alter, Parker yelled back at him, "NO!" That was funny. Then Parker decided to throw his pacifiers over pews. That was not so funny. When the minister was doing his talk, he mentioned peace in the heart, well Parker thought he was meaning, "PEACE OUT" like on the Jack in the Box commercial. His wonderful Aunt and Uncle taught him that on our Destin vacation. So, Parker starts holding up his fingers and reciting, "PEACE!" After the wedding and lots of CAKE, we went back to Paris to rest and change before we went out to dinner later that evening. At this point...Parker is beginning to show signs of not feeling so good. His nose is running and he is extremely cranky. Only momma would do. He went right to sleep, but that was short lived by a 5:45 am wake up. He was up! No more night night. He was having trouble breathing. I was trying to blame a temperature last week on his 2 year molars. Now, I am not so sure. The gums are definitely bulging, but this congestion is new. I think I will call the doctor tomorrow.

We decided to skip church this morning due to Parker being sick. Bop and Sid watched him so that I didn't have to take his germs with me to visit my new friends Logan and Lauren. They were born on last Sunday to my high school friend Mindy. Their birth weights were both over 5 lbs! When I was holding Logan today, all I could think about was Parker was double her size when he came out. They both are doing great, and so is their mother.

I am off to bed after watching a wonderful episode of Extreme Home Makeover. I love that show. It makes me cry every time. Hopefully Parker will sleep well tonight. It is glad to be home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


For my 30th birthday, my mother in law took me and my sister in law on a cruise. I decided to take the trip early because baby girl is coming in January and I turn 30 in February so I didn't want to leave the newborn. Our trip on the ship was great. We docked or ported or whatever in Ft. Lauderdale, then headed to Key West and then on to Cozumel. I didn't get sick, except one night I just didn't feel quite right while eating dinner in the dining room. The room overlooked the back of the ship which was glass and you could see the beautiful water. Something about it just made me quite...uneasy. From then on I took my meds before dinner so I would be okay. I love to say that I had an affair on the trip, but I am quoting a guy on the ship who was making fun of the cramped quarters in the bathroom. I had an affair with the shower curtain! The shower is about 2'x2' if that. As soon as you turn on the water, the shower curtain attaches itself to your body, like press and seal saran wrap. No joke.

I loved the critters the statesroom attendant made every night for us.

We had fun shopping at the ports, however, I didn't find my below border prices anywhere. We ate at Margaritaville in Key West. I had a cheeseburger in paradise. We mostly sat by the pool and enjoyed watching the people and trying to figure out their stories. My mother in law and sister in law read books, I read a few pages of a book. I mostly slept. How peaceful to hear the ocean breeze until the cruise entertainment girl screams over the speakers, "Men's belly flop at main pool!" Also, a warning to those who like to sleep in the sun...just because you fall asleep in the shade, doesn't mean you will be in the shade when you wake up! Just ask my legs!

Like I said, then trip was for my birthday, and I stated to my traveling companions, that under no circumstance was there to be a song and a cake like we had heard in the dining room night after night. Well, guess what? They didn't listen to me. So, I showed them, I stuck my face in my cake! Really! I have tried to upload the picture like 4 times, and nothing is coming up, so you don't get to see it right now. But trust me, it happened.

The waters were beautiful and went on forever. It was such a reminder of God's creation.

Some great memories from the trip: 11:30 pm chocolate buffet, great weather, beautiful sunset, topaz waters, food, Randy and Sonja (our waiters), virgin peach daiquiris (or course), food, devils mint body scrub and massage (even though mine was lemon and something due to being with child, it was wonderful), food, spending time with family, sleeping, food. I am sure I could come up with something else, but those are some highlights.

Yesterday, Parker was running a fever. I think it is gone now, but he still isn't acting like himself. We think he is cutting his 2 year molars. That is all he is missing in the teeth category. I am so glad that Jami finally made her blog and that Kim updated hers! Jodi, I will help you later. I am trying to clean the house, because I leave this weekend for Paris (Texas) for a wedding and want to come home to a clean house. Oh yeah, my BF from Paris had her twins last weekend, Logan Elise and Lauren Olivia, both weighing over 5lbs each! WEIGH to go Mindy! I will hopefully get some pictures of them this weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I was...TAGGED!

Before I blog on my 30th birthday cruise (which was early due to January baby coming), I found myself tagged! So here I go...

First Memory: our garden in Clarksville.
First Kiss: It must not have been very memorable.
First Concert: Michael Jackson, Jackson Five Tour
First Love: My dad
First thing I think in the Morning: How long can he call 'Mamma' before I answer.
First Book I remember loving: book? If you know me...
First Pet: Miss Piggy, the goat.
First Question when I get to Heaven: explain the light before the sun. I just don't understand. And many other, I am sure deep questions
First word I think of for Vacation: not now...I just got home
First Best Friend: Amanda LaRue
Last Time I dressed up: Friday night at our Formal night on the cruise
Last thing I ate: sweet tarts.
Last CD I bought: Veggie Tales
Last time I cried: Looking at a video of Noah Whaley on
Last time I told someone I loved them: 8:45 to Parker and Stacey
Last really fun thing I did: Cruised the Caribbean
Last thing I watched on TV: some news show on the boat as we were waiting to unboard. First I had heard of the earthquake.
Last Halloween Costume: don't know
Last Concert- Third Day, Women of Faith Nicole Nordeman and Avalon
I think I am suppose to "TAG" someone I tag JAMI HENDERSON and Jodi, who really needs to update her blog!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Anniversary Trip

We had a wonderful time in Colorado. I left off on Friday before we headed down to Colorado Springs. We stopped at Focus on the Family headquarters and visited their welcome center. It was a cool place to visit and we highly recommend it. After doing some shopping there, we headed to the Broadmoor. As we entered our room, we were in awe of its beauty! We also liked the note and bottle of liquid they left for us with a flower. The note was from the vice president of the hotel congratulating us on 5 years of marriage. I, of course could not drink the liquid in the fancy bottle, but I did take a picture of it. We went to dinner at Charles Court and had a wonderful dinner. I even sampled eggplant caviar! While I took a trip to the ladies room, Stacey asked our waiter if he could get 5 flowers delivered to the table, and the waiter told him anything was possible. So, I got 5 flowers!! Stacey's highlight was dessert! We had blueberry cobbler, but it wasn't any blueberry cobbler, it had orange in it and a special glaze. It was truly delicious. After dinner we went and sat outside at one of their outdoor fire places. It was so peaceful, until we met the people across the way from us. They were so much fun! His name was even Paul Pearson!

Saturday morning was so relaxing. We went for breakfast, then I went to massage, and Stacey went to play golf. I met up with him on hole 10, and introduced myself to golf courses. I had gone to driving ranges before, but not graduated to the actual course. What a course to start on! Stacey had borrowed a few clubs from his dad for me, since I couldn't use my left handed husbands clubs. I joined Stacey and his group of 3 other men, who were so nice to let me join them. I hit a few holes, and must say that I impressed the men!

That afternoon we sat outside in some lounge chairs and just enjoyed the weather and time there. For dinner we decided to introduce ourselves to the Golden Bee. It is a sing along tavern, and your waitress comes along and slings bees on you! No kidding, just look at the picture! We enjoyed the singing, but I have to say, we had a bum crowd.

Parker had a great time with his Bop and Sid. They went to the park numerous times a day and enjoyed grocery trips to Albertson's. I think he ate better in those 4 days then ever with me! He also now enjoys playing in BUBBLES at the kitchen sink. Parker is so blessed to have wonderful grandparents who take great care of him. I can't wait to continue to hear the stories. I missed Parker so much and am sad to leave him again in 4 days on a cruise. I am trying to get in all these trips before baby girl gets here!