Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One of those days

Do you have those mommy days like this:

You are doing the laundry, it needs to be folded. You take the laundry to be folded and realize you need to get hangers from the kids room. You go to kid 1 room and see many shirts that need to be ironed. So you get the shirts and bring to kitchen. You begin to get the ironing board out and see an invitation to a birthday party on the counter. You then walk calendar to write birthday and see a box top on the counter. You stop and gather all the box tops and glue down on paper. Getting the glue you see a card your sister gave you and it brings you to tears. Next to the card are some stamps and miscellanious things that need to be sorted through. I sort. I find olf pictures that need to be put into a photo album. I go through 4 photo scrapbooks thinking how old I am. Don't get side tracked! Back to counter that is now destroyed with coupons, business cards, notes.... You find old check book receipts. You begin organizing and looking through the duplicates. That gets you thinking about your taxes! Don't get side tracked I tell myself. On the same shelf with stamps are 2 old cameras I've been meaning to charge so I can carry 1 in my purse when I don't have my big momma jomma cameras with me. So I go get the cord to charge the camera and plug into my computer. Now I am blogging because now my computer is up and.... why not! My house is now destroyed.

Ever have one of these days.... OH yeah... the LAUNDRY!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just thinking about 6 years ago...

I had to repost this old blog, and make sure you see who the first comment is from....

Emaline Cagle Pearson

Emaline Cagle Pearson was born January 17th at 1:26 am! She weighed in at 8 lbs 13 ozs and was 21.25 inches long. Emaline decided that she didn't want to wait until the 18th to make her appearance, she sent me into labor on Monday having contractions every 12, then 10, on down to 4 minutes apart by the time we made to the hospital, where after being checked I was already at a 5!!!! (Special shout out to our middle of the night baby sitter!) My doctor got my c-section rolling fast and we had a birth day. She is absolutely beautiful with a full head of hair. Her name is a family name tracing back into the 1840's on my dad's side, then her middle name was my grandmother's maiden name. Parker is adjusting well, except when she cries. My brother made him a shirt for Christmas that said, "I was FIRST" so he wore it up to the hospital. Emaline gave Parker a stuffed lion because when we were first teaching Parker sister's name, he would roar like a lion because the end of the her names does sound like LION. Parker picked out a teddy bear and gave it to sister...I mean Emaline.


jenny biz said...

SOOOOOO beautiful!! My heart has been jumping for joy for you guys! I can't wait to hold her again!! I am so glad Parker is jumping in there with big brother role!! Love you guys!!

jettybetty said...

Congratulations to you all!
She is beautiful!

Phillips' Family said...

She is beautiful!!!! We are so excited about Isaac's new friend. I am going to try and pop by the hospital today once the husband is home--i have a sick baby and don't want to infect Miss Emaline! I love the name--we were all trying to guess what her name would be at Birthday Club on Monday night!

Jami said...

Ok, tears in the eyes. She is so beautiful!!! I will see you guys this afternoon after work! Love you all!!!

Kelli said...

Congratulations. She is really beautiful!

Jenni said...

Yay!! I'm so glad that she is here! She's beautiful!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Emaline is beautiful! I'm glad everything went well. Congrats!


Summer said...

What a precious baby girl! She is perfect! Congratulations!

Beverly Ross said...

Congrats! She is beautiful! How big Parker looks! Can't wait to see her!

MDM said...

Love the name!! She is a little piece of heaven. Eat her up!!

Maria said...

Where did you get the name Emaline?
I have a 4 year old daughter named Emaline. 1 week befor I found out I was expecting I recieved a photograph of my grear-great grandmother Emaline Martin from 1889 and I decided that that was to be my little girls name. I thinkn it is one of the most beautiful names.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moments to not forget

Tonight after church, I had these 2 in my car. Bowden decided to ride with his daddy since we had met there. I asked Parker first-- Parker, what do you love about me? I was just curious about what he would say. well his response: Your vocabulary.

That was a shocker. I will be the first to say, that is an area to really need to work on, and now I will since my almost 8 year old thinks I have a good one.

I asked the same question to Emaline. Her response-- EVERYTHING. So, I tried to trick her, and that girl is SMART! I reminded her that EVERYTHING included me cooking corn. She doesn't like corn. Her response-- I LOVE the way you cook the corn, I just don't like to eat it.

oooooh. I'll have to be on my toes with her.

Now, not to leave Bowden out, usually he keeps me in stitches, but today... he was being sassy! TOO SASSY! I pulled a pot of Taco soup from last week out of the fridge to throw away. We just haven't been home. This happened at the same time the kids were coming into the kitchen for their dinner of chicken nuggets and mac and cheese (I forgot that the dinner on my menu had to bake for an hour... and I didn't have time to bake it and eat before church, so I resorted to NUGGETS). My sweet, precious, adorable 3 year old said this:
I KNOW I am not eating Taco Soup, that is for sure.

He and I had a little talk in the next room.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today, January 10th- not as one would have planned

Today, 2 different families spent the day much different as they would have planned.

Today, a young mother got up, got her 2 girls up, joined hundreds to say good bye to her 41 year old husband.

Today, a woman woke up, joined her children, grandchildren, and family to say goodbye to her 69 year old husband.

One woman I work with and have known for 7 years, and the other is my aunt-in-law that I have known for 11.

I can't imagine they would have planned today this way, would you? One man, tragic death. Another man, a battle of cancer.

Stacey and I have spent a LOT of time in the car lately, and a LOT of it alone, without children, something we don't get often. These losses in our life have opened up so many different avenues of discussion of our own lives, and our own deaths. It has us talking about doctors appointments we need to make. It has us talking about what we would do with our children if something happened to both of us at the same time. It has us talking about cremation or burial. It has us talking about songs we would like at our funeral and what we would like for our funerals to be like. So many things. We want to take care of a lot of this so that the ones we love don't have to. One of the things we are certain.... heaven is going to be an amazing place! Our God is mighty! We have hope! WE have GRACE! We know... we know.... WE KNOW who our savior is! And that gives us such peace about all of the above.

Have you talked to your husband or family about your wishes? What are some other things we need to consider? I know there are a bunch of things I left off that list above that we actually talked about... but help me make a list that Stacey and I need to make sure we have covered.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tough Day

Today started off as a great day. I mean great! What wouldn't be great about a Q and U wedding in a 4's preschool classroom? And there was cake! I mean great! Then we found a snake at the playground. I felt all Billy the Exterminator or someone from NatGeo Wild as I tried to determine what kind it was, and if it was poisonous. That is a post all by itself.

Until after school. Stacey sent me a text that his uncle Bobby has been given 24 hours to live, winning the battle of eternal life, but loosing the battle to cancer.

I get home and see a rat eating out of my bird feeder. Nice.

Then I get an email. Another of our preschool teachers lost their husband suddenly. THAT IS ONLY 13 WEEKS since the last one! REALLY!? REALLY? Tonight as I just spent some time staring at my computer, I was led to an old blog post from February 27, 2010. Just 5 days after Jenny died. This is what is says:

This morning, as I clean up my kitchen from the hurricane that has been left behind from the week, although sweet Aunt Dee did her best to find my kitchen cabinets, I looked up and saw a book on the shelf that I was drawn to. I have started this book about 5 times, and never get far (I don't like to read), but this morning I took it off the shelf and opened it where my bookmark was. The first title that I saw at the top of the page was:

WHY does GOD say no?

So, I will share a few lines from Get Off Your Knees and Pray from Shelia Walsh

One of the greatest mysteries- and challenges-of our relationship with God in prayer is knowing he is both loving and powerful. If God were just loving, then when our prayers were unanswered we'd make peace with it- telling ourselves if he were powerful he would have intervened. If he were powerful but not loving, we would assume him indifferent to our pain.

But that is not who God is. Not only does he love us with a passion that exceeds our understanding, but God is also powerful enough to intervene at any moment and change our circumstances. And sometimes he does that. But more often, he does not. The question is why?

How do you continue to love and worship the one who could have saved the life of your child and did not?

Christ also lived through his father saying no.

Our Savior was fully man, and he suffered as a man would (although without sinning).

But Jesus also knew that even when God was telling him no, he was still with him.

Why does God sometimes say no to our prayers? As I'm sure you realize, I don't have the answer to that question. No one does. BUT WHAT WE DO HAVE IS THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WHEN WE KEEP PRAYING---WHEN WE MOVE BEYOND "WHY?" TO "BE WITH ME, LORD"-- we begin to learn more about our faith and our strength in our Father. Confronting God with our why becomes being with God in our need. He is there when we need him. Always. He might not answer our prayers as we would like, but he will be there to HOLD US IN OUR TRIALS!

capitalization by me, not Shelia Walsh.

Thank you Lord for speaking to me this morning, as our husbands, David and Stacey, just finished running a 10k for Jenny that had been on the calendar for over a month. Before any sickness, before any death. "Be with me, Lord" as we start another day without our Jenny and see the bright sun overhead. Be with me, Lord as I strive to be the best mommy and wife today, a day that I would really like to just crawl back into the covers and sleep until I awake from this nightmare. Be with me, Lord, as I learn my new role as a loving friend to a family who is so full of sorrow and hope. Be with me, Lord, as you show me to be BOLD in my walk of faith.

I hope this old blog repost speaks to you as the it did to me. BE WITH ME LORD!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Not ready...

I'm not ready for kids to go back to school tomorrow! I think Bowden will have withdrawals! This Christmas break has been so much fun. We all seem to really enjoy each others company, most of the time, well, sometimes, well, when they don't wake me until the sun is up.... and if it isn't to put on an American Girl doll shoe, or something like that.

My kids are growing up too fast. TOO FAST!

Bowden keeps us in stitches most of the time. I love the way he crinkles his nose when he talks to me to add emphasis. His love for dinosaurs, and the guitar.

Parker is so stinkin' smart it amazes me. He can't get enough of NatGeoWild and has decided he wants to be a vet when he grows up. He loves to read and has about 3 books going at one time.

And Ms. E, well, this girl.... she is a thinker. I love how she puts everything together and then explains it to you. She has such a sweet heart as well, and OH how I will always remember her singing with me at church on Sunday. She also likes to help me in the kitchen and never wants anyone to be alone, she is sensitive.

So, I quickly threw together a new blog header to try to encourage me to blog more.... we will see, I sure hope I do. I miss it.