Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's a GIRL!

Today we had our official half way sonogram where we found out that I am carrying a little girl. I was shocked because I thought I am better suited for boys...however, God must know differently. I love this picture of Parker. He is sitting in front of 2 blankets. These blankets are special because I bought them about 3 years ago. My mom and I used to visit Hot Springs before out school years began to get the baths and spas. There was the cutest little children's store across the street from our hotel. I fell in love with these 2 blankets. My mother told me that I should buy them if I liked them, so I did and put them away. Of course the camo one came out of of hiding about 18 months ago, and now the very bright color block one gets to come out.

This photo is pretty special too. When we found out we were having a little boy, we went straight from the doctor's office to Baby Gap to buy his first outfit. Today we went to Gymboree, my favorite store for little girl clothes. I love all of their coordinating outfits. Stacey got to pick this outfit out and he did a great job. I just had to put back about 4 other of the pieces that also matched this outfit...he was a little out of control.
Now I have to start thinking girl...pinks and purples I suppose.


jenny biz said...

Matching socks, clips, bows, ribbons, hose, bracelets, handbands!!!So much fun!! You are going to love it!! Princess Pearson is on her way to take control of the Pearson household:)

MDM said...

Too cute. That is a fun way to let others know the sex of a new baby.

Jenni said...

Congrats!! I know you'll be great being mommy to a precious little girl too!!

nana said...

Now you will know what it felt like when I had you. You are in a way lucky to know the sex ahead of time for planning, but that wonderful news to hear "it is a girl" when you were born and how you continue to make my heart happy in the way you live your everyday life and have given me Parker and now a "rose bud" to make my heart and life even fuller