Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Boy ain't FAT!

Have you ever had a stranger insult you or your child? It happened to me tonight. Parker and I were shopping at Wal-Mart when we are almost run over by an elderly woman shopping wrecklessly. As I lifted my eyes to give her a gaze, I see her lean over into Parker's face and say, "Ain't you a FAT one!" Then she pushed her cart away. I was frozen. She didn't say, big or hefty, even chunky, but FAT! Who was this lady? Did she feel a calling to stop childhood obesity? I really wanted to say some words to her that can't be found in the old or new testament. My boy, my precious boy does weigh in at 29 lbs and can I comment on the size of his 'knowledge.' His head alone must make up most of his body mass. I let this old lady get to me. I sunk my head and kissed Parker's knowledge and finished our shopping trip, but that old lady's voice has stuck in my head all night. Does she know what record weight he entered this world, and that we have slowed down tremendously. I put my rather thick boy to bed moments ago, and I am right behind him after I eat the rest of the Nutter Butter package of cookies, hey, I have a reason to be FAT!


Joel Quile said...


You could have said this which is found in the OT (Proverbs)

"Even a fool is thought wise if they remain silent."

Just a suggestion.

Parker is a stud!

STP, an IronMan said...

Where is she? What is here name? I will find here! I bet she was not much of an "hour glass" herself.

jenny biz said...

He certainly is NOT! You are right, she would not have been so quick to say that if she had known Parker's birth stats:)