Thursday, August 31, 2006

13 things I would buy or do if I had 13 kazillion dollars

1. More shoes
2. Buy a house with a playroom attached to a Creative Room for me!
3. Have a great play area outside for my kids
4. Get massages weekly
5. Pay for fertility treatments for my friend
6. Stop tutoring
7. Take the kids and hubby and go on a 3 week beach vacation, wait, I have a Kazillion dollars, I will use my jet to visit our island monthly
8. Buy my husband a baseball team of his choice
9. Buy a suite at the AAC to watch the Mavericks game, oh yeah, I am a Kazillionaire, I will buy the team and create a courtside condo
10. Add on to our church for more classrooms
11. GIVE mountains of money away for childhood illnesses
12. Start my own photography business
13. Have someone come clean my house once a week, and wash my car, and do my laundry, and unload the dishwasher, and mow the lawn, and ....

I know that 13 kazillion dollars will not make me happier than I am now, but it is fun to dream! You can't blame a girl for DREAMING!

Emaline is NOW mobile. Watch out world. She is moving along 2.5 months ahead of Parker. AND she is cutting her top 2 teeth. They haven't broken through yet...but I can see them.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blog Cloud

I saw this over on Kelly's blog...pretty cool. It searches your blog and uses the words from it. I don't think I will order the shirt that matches though. Have fun, and make sure you post yours.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Automatic Flushers...

Automatic flushers are not good during potty training....

Yesterday, with rain coming down, we went to the zoo. We parked in the best parking spot, waiting in NO line to get in, and were able to see EVERY animal with out pushing or saying excuse me. The animals were rejoicing with us and were in the best mood. We were able to walk right up to the glass and see the monkeys and apes. So cool. The lions were playing down in the cement ditch and climbing up the ladder thing, and the bears weren't asleep either, they were pacing. The white tiger was relaxing and the rhino was doing his cardio workout. We went to the usual spot for lunch, opting to eat in since it was raining, and would you guess we were the ONLY ones in there! At the end of lunch the diaper changing began, and Parker needed to go to the potty. We went in a stall, and he quickly asked me to go AWAY. He always does this when he needs to go SHEWWEE. I stepped out from the stall, and here him taking care of his business when the automatic flusher went off, I quickly opened the door to see Parker's eyes the size of baseballs and holding on for dear life! He was so scared, and started to almost cry while shewwee is shewwee is gone! I tried to explain the automatic thing...but he was done with it. It scared the...well. That brings us to this morning when Parker woke up with a SHEWWEE diaper. I think he was scared of the toilet, so he decided to go potty in the diaper for the first time in a while. Poor guy. Beware of automatic toilets!

On another note, from Parker to his friends:
Hey get better. Sorry about your party. My head hurts too! Feel better!

Hey get better. My heart hurts too. Praying for you.

Parker will climb up in my computer chair, and say:
Mommy, I check your bwog.

First sexin, and now bwog.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Women of Faith

WOF was incredible. I was remembering last year's conference, and realized I blogged about it. I FORGOT my blog birthday! I have been blogging over a year! So, Happy Birthday Parker's Mommy/Parker and Emaline's Mommy, it has been a blast.

Now, WOF. Incredible. Oh, I said that already. Friday night Sandi Patty sang and Max Lucado spoke, along with Shelia Walsh. Great night. I didn't really know Sandi Patty before, but I sure do now. Let me say, her style isn't one I could listen to often, but talk about chills!!! That lady has some pipes. One of last year's highlights was when Lisa got up and signed during an Avalon song...Lisa was there again this year and has become a regular with WOF and joins them about once a month! Lisa has downs syndrome and as it was told at the conference had heard Sandi Patty sing years ago and asked her mother if she could learn to sign. The mom said sure, so Lisa did. Then Lisa told her mom that she wanted to sign for Sandi Patty some day, and the mom said...well we will see (knowing this would probably never happen). IT DID HAPPEN, and now she uses her hands and her spirit to sign not only with Sandi Patty, but she signed many of the worship songs as well. Last year she signed Go light the World...and to this day, when I hear that song, my heart skips a beat and I can see Lisa, signing and smiling, and praising our Lord with a spirit I can't describe.
My favorite speaker is ALWAYS Patsy Clairmont. She keeps me in stitches. Marilyn also spoke to me, and so did Max. Here is a little I came away with:
I don't want to be Plutoed.
Sometimes I need to M-O-V-E.
We need to treat our bibles like cell phones.
I need to be Jesus with skin on more often.
I need to live TODAY.
Sweet Spots.
I need to take care of myself.

The last one came from Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil's wife. Although I really wasn't impressed with her speaking ability, I did like her point. Something neat did happen at the end of her speech though, she had mentioned before that Phillip wasn't there and so she was able to 'talk' freely about him. At the end of her speech during her applause, Phillip surprised her and walked to the stage. She was REALLY suprised. He said that she had walked him off the stage 734ish times, and now he was going to walk her off. He also said to watch this fall to see Robin take a larger role in the Dr.Phil show as she wants to take advantage of that platform to discuss what God is doing in their life. I may just watch Dr. Phil those days to see how it goes. Natalie Grant was also very memorable. I loved her acappella 'It is Well.' She sang it 2 years ago..and talk about chills!!! She also announced, she is pregnant with TWINS!

Women of Faith Tours around...check their website to find city near you!!!

What a fun weekend with some of my girlfriends! I look forward to this weekend all year. I am already excited about next year! I will post our picture check back.

Friday, August 25, 2006


SO, this morning Parker was giving me a very nice haircut/do when he said,

Mommy, you look SEXIN.

SEXIN!!! I think he meant SEXY! I rolled over and laughed so hard I almost...well. I guess he doesn't get to watch anymore General Hospital.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday 13

Emaline's new favorite toy! If you don't have this toy, you must get one. It is actually a dog toy that has batteries inside, it jumps and vibrates all over the floor. She goes crazy!

Parker's new backpack for preschool! He wasn't so sure. It was heavy!

Parker enjoying his rain day! Kind of a scary face.
Nana's birthday. We love you nana!

Coming home from lunch with nana we stopped to get a drink at Sonic. I took this picture while driving down 360! I thought I did pretty good holding the camera and shooting over my shoulder into the back seat. He was exhausted!

WELCOME TANNER JAMES! 9lbs and 9oz! Way to go Denise, and Jeremy. Here are the big brothers talking it over. Parker trying to give advice. He can sure give it, he is a great big brother.

Women of Faith is this weekend! I am so excited and I love this quote.

I am so sorry this post is all over the place, literally. I also know there aren't 13 things. Sorry. Here is the deal. My step dad started his chemo this week for his cancer that has spread. My grandmother had a heart attack yesterday and didn't tell us...she didn't want to be a bother...ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Finally after we couldn't get a hold of her, I called her best friend who broke the news that she was in the hospital. WHAT! Stacey's grandmother is also in the hospital. Kind of beat. I also feel Satan, which I HATE! I keep having a conversation with him...Yes I am going to WOF, Yes I am still teaching Sunday School, Yes I am going to keep tutoring right now, Yes I am going (and went) to the Ladies Dinner at church, Yes I am going to sleep, Yes I am .....

He is not winning. It has taken me a long time for me to call Satan out, and some of you from bible study know this. I will not let him ruin my weekend! Praise God! I can't wait to tell you all about WOF! I hope to see some of you there!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

White Trash Rain Parade

Did you get rain today??? We did. We even stopped eating dinner and went and stood in the front door watching it rain. We thanked God over and over for the rain. Then, we decided we must go play. Parker and I went and jumped in puddles and got real wet while Stacey talked to Emaline about the drought of 05-06. We decided we must share the fun, so we went and got our neighbors! We were so WT. No pants (I wore pants), playing in the rain, totally WT, but so much fun. We played right in the street in front of the house. When cars came by we "froze" and waved. We even had cake to celebrate the rain, and ate right on the sidewalk. DB, please don't call and make fun of us! You know you would have been dancing right with us praising God for the rain. Oh...maybe not dancing. Love you Texarkana folk, we miss you!

JM, not that I am calling you WT, but come on, we sure looked like it...right? Posted by Picasa

Just for you MDM!

I am glad you liked it! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 21, 2006

Celebrity Look A Like...not really

I stole this off of Hollee's blog, but saw it earlier on Kelly and Wade's. Please make your own...I can't wait to see yours!

Sorry it doesn't all fit. The ones you are missing are: Kelly Clarkson, Barbara Bel Geddes, and Alicia Silverstone. I don't feel like messing with all the htmlmumbojumbo!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Yesterday when I went in to get sister...this is what I found! She was sitting up! Time to lower the mattress. She is getting SO big. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

2 in one day...

I was blogging tonight (SO EXCITING ON A FRIDAY NIGHT) when I came across one of my favorites...and it really struck me. Please visit and say a prayer for this family. I can't image how this family deals with this.

Summer Fun

Parker loves his popsicles. I love this picture due to the intense look on his face. Here is one of Emaline's 7 month picture. I can't believe she is so OLD! She is really rocking like she wants to crawl. But don't let the fact she can't crawl mean she doesn't travel, because she does. She can really move it by a couple of different means. One is by sitting straight up and rocking inch by inch until she reaches her point of destination. She also spins on her bottom, and she loves to climb. The outfit she is wearing was purchased before I knew Parker was a boy. I couldn't pass up this cutie pie outfit on clearance. I found it in her closet the other day and realized it is 12 months, so she better wear it now because next summer it will be out of the question since she filled it out nicely at 7 months!
Aren't I glad I stripped him down? He wanted to switch popsicles this time and take my fudge bar. HUMMM. Will think twice next time. We looked so WT on the front porch eating our icecream and him in a diaper. I am sure I looked double WT since Parker had given me a pretend haircut hours earlier and had brushed my hair and styled it so nicely. La La had been here and given us haircuts, so he was trying out what he had learned.
Isn't blogging so much fun? I have had comments from friends I haven't seen in years! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to keeping up with everyone! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

13 of SOME of the Greatest Memories I have:
*In no particular order*

1. The day Stacey Pearson proposed! In the rain, at the place we would be married..
2. Our Wedding Day
3. The birth of Parker Gregg
4. The birth of Emaline Cagle
5. The day I gave my life to the Lord~ my sister was with me, and my dad baptized us right after each other. My grandmother was there...along with others of course, but I can vividly see her.
6. Being with my Grandfather in his last few moments...and days before praying over him and witnessing miracles... He died in 1999, a few months after I graduated from college.
7. Sharing a room with my Nanny. Now at the time, this wasn't the greatest memory, I was in middle school and she had Alzheimers(sp?)...but I can still smell her pillow if I try hard enough. She died when I was a freshman in college.
8. Having my other Nanny(Nanny Betty) tell me that my prayer (in public) was beautiful. If you know me, you know that public prayer for me is difficult, and with short notice I shot a prayer up asking for boldness and the words to say, and it was granted. She passed away last year.
9. Sherman, Texas, 1993 North Lamar vs. Paris High for the trip to state. Holding hands with my teammates on the floor, looking up into the FULL stands singing our school song after our victory. A chill I still receive.
10. Cousin Christmas as a child. Every Christmas, all of us cousins would meet at our house and Santa would visit. A tradition I would LOVE to start up again. Hint..Hint...GS!
11. Getting my first teaching job. Brentfield Elementary. I was hired late in the year and the interview process was incredible and so overwhelming. I had a gifted principal who was written up in Texas Monthly at the time. SO cool.
12. Buying our first house, Arlington, Texas. We were so proud of our improvements. It was an older home, and we pulled up carpet to reveal the hardwoods, painted all walls, added closets, put in a double oven, a flat cook top, and I can't forget our new air conditioning unit!
13. Having my babies smile at me. Such a warmth...

There may need to be a part 2. I can think of so many more things I want to share.

Monday, August 14, 2006


When Parker woke up from his nap, I quickly put him on the potty so that he could go SHHEWWEE and we could really get this potty training thing going. He quickly told me to GO AWAY, like always, the boy needs his privacy. I jumped on the computer and blogged the below entry when I heard Parker yelling, MY YELLOW BEESE! BEESE: a pacifier, either green or yellow. I ran to the bathroom to see Parker still sitting on the toilet looking down into the water holding 2 green beeses (plural form of BEESE) . I asked him if the YELLOW BEESE was in the water with the shhewee, and he confimed. So, we thought about what to do next. We agreed that I would need to go in after it. No other choice.Daddy wouldn't like to hear that I flushed it. It would probably cause some major plumbing issues. I also thought that maybe this would be the end to the BEESE era, but that didn't look good since he was holding 2 others. I even came up with a story, but he wasn't buying it. So in my hand went, and straight to the trash the BEESE went. I quickly began to scrub my hand and arm like I was going to perform brain surgery or something, then I looked over at Parker.

The funeral for the BEESE didn't go so well. And the fact that I was documenting every part of the saga wasn't helping. Please don't hate me Parker, but I just had to share this story. Posted by Picasa

I love Women of Faith and am SO excited it is just around the corner. I found these quotes on their website, and will be sharing them with you. Patsy is my absolute favorite. The muscles in my face hurt after she speaks, and my heart renewed after the two days at the Arena in Downtown Dallas, ADD for those of you ESPN listeners.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

You know what???

This is Parker's new saying..You know what?? It makes me laugh every time. He also says, Mom, let me tell you something. So cute. The not so cute one is, I will in a minute! HUMMM. Wonder where he heard that? Me of course. I am learning to watch VERY carefully what I say aloud!
Tonight we got to eat dinner with an old friend and his new wife! Good ole Jeff Pugh. I haven't seen him in 5 years! He looks the same, and his wife is so cute. His sister joined us, along with one of Jeff's friends named Jeff. We went to Joe T. Garcias. It was good, but this was the 3rd night in a row for fajitas! Thursday, we ate at a friends house and had AWESOME fajitas, thanks LL! Then Friday night we celebrated MIL's birthday at La Hacienda.

Today we went to get Parker's new back packand lunch box for preschool. He refers to it as a lunch basket.
Thank you God for the rain today. Please send more.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

13 things I need to do

1. I need to mop my kitchen floor. It is gross. Really gross.

2. I need to send out pictures of the kids to family who don't "computer."

3. I need to pay some bills.

4. I need to finish the laundry.

5. I need to fill out my Passport application :)

6. I need to make Parker a cover for a nap mat.

7. I need to finish MIL's birthday present.

8. I need to call MIL to wish her happy birthday. Must wait until kids wake up, they will make it more special

9. I need to wash bottles.

10. I need to watch Treasure Hunters from Monday and see who got knocked off. Maybe I will just check the internet.

11. I need to take a nap.

12. I need to iron. Sorry KF, but I actually like to iron.

13. I need to tell you who my ANGEL is : Steve Pence He received his jumper cables last night, plus dinner. Thank you Steve!

On another note, Parker started stuttering today. Just crazy. Very noticeable. Help!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Angel to remain nameless...for now.

Ask me how my day was, and I may just slap you. It really wasn't that bad, but give me a few more hours to cool down. So it went...

I tutored today, and my grandmother kept the kids. We ate lunch when I got home and then we went to Sam's Wholesale to do some shopping. It was good to spend time with my grandmother. She is always a hoot. We shop and shop, check out and get drinks before heading to the parking lot. With kids in tow, we walk out in the 100 degree weather to the car. I push ahead to start the car to get the car cooled off before the kids got in. I jumped in the car...only for the car NOT to start. Again...Again...Again. Nope. No car. I pull out the trusty cell phone and call Stacey, HELP! I am in Grapevine, and he is in Arlington.

Just when I look over and see an Angel. I see a man from church unloading his loot into his truck with his 3 grandkids. I tell Stacey that I see him and will call him back after I talk to him. He comes over to inspect the car. First of all, I really am no dummy, except I have never HAD to look for my hood release lever before, have you? My Angel found it though. He said it looked like the battery may need a jump. He walked over to the automotive department at Sam's, only guess what, the automotive department doesn't have jumper cables! SERIOUSLY! This nice man said he lived close and would run home and get his cables and would come back. GREAT! I called Stacey and told him to stay put. We would walk back into Sam's and wait for him to come back. I unload all our groceries into my car and head the kids and my grandmother into the air conditioning.

Then it hit me. What if someone parks next to me and he isn't able to park close enough to jump my car off. So, I went to stand guard. I opened the car doors and stood there ready to ask anyone who parked next to me to please move. A little bit later, here comes my grandmother with the baby, a very unhappy baby. Parker wanted to be with me, so he was already outside in heat, I know, but I just didn't want to leave both kids inside with my grandmother. That wasn't very fair to her. So now, all four of us are in the dead car. My Angel showed back up and started working. My grandmother and kids sat in his truck with his grandchildren while the men worked. I say men, because a complete stranger appeared and began to measure things and clean things and do things. After an hour or so, I called Stacey and asked him to start heading our way. Things didn't look so good for us. The kids were napless and beginning to get extremely cranky, and Emaline needed to eat... and of course I didn't have a bottle, because who would have thought we would have been at Sam's for 4.5 hours! Yes, 4.5 hours.

Those poor men. The man I didn't know...he came over and asked me if by chance I had another pair of cables in my car (I quickly thought to myself, if I did, I didn't know it,and if I did, they would be under a stroller and a mountain of groceries, some needing to be frozen, and I wasn't sure I was going to remove all that to look) I told him no, but I knew there was a first aid kit, and he laughed and told me that we may need it before it was over. That put a smile on my sunburned face. Yes, I said sunburned. My feet are sunburned...and face and arms are sunburned. While I was standing guard I was obviously roasting. The men worked some more.

The man I didn't know, he came and asked me (by this time I was in the airconditioned car too holding a screaming baby) if there was anything else I needed, that he was real sorry and thought that my battery just needed to charge since they cleaned it( his diagnosis was that my battery had some corrosion and wasn't able to charge by itself, so he cleaned it for me :) and rehooked everything). I thanked him over and over and he disappeared into the hot sun.

My other angel was still at work. Cranking the car, checking wires, adjusting things. Then Stacey drove up. He grabbed his cables and what do you know....POWER! My angel needs a new pair of cables. So, that is what I am getting him for helping me, new jumper cables!

We are home now. Tired and beat down. Kids are now asleep. I am getting in the shower because I am soaked in yuck! I think we will go out to eat tonight, better yet, we will order pizza and eat dinner in pajamas. I will not reveal my Angel's name until I award him with jumper cables. If you figure it out, just keep it to yourself. I will continue to call him my Angel, even though his cables didn't work, because I believe he is the reason I was able to remain calm. Knowing someone who was taking care of me and the kids and my grandmother took so much off of me. I am not sure I would have shoved my kids into a strangers car! God took care of us, he knew that I needed someone I knew.

You may all be should have blank blank blank... But at the time I was just thankful. I was thankful that my grandmother was there to help with the kids, I was thankful that my Angel was there buying groceries too, and I am thankful for Stacey who is going to have my car checked tomorrow. Thanks babe!

To add to this story...when we finally got home, my grandmother jumped into her car to head to Denton after one of her friends had called to check on her because she hadn't been home all day, only to leave her purse in my car. So, Stacey had now jumped into his truck and is now headed to Denton. Rough day. I hope tomorrow is better, maybe a little less drama.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fort Worth Cats and a little Paris

This weekend we got to go to Paris for a cousin wedding. Not that my cousins married each other, but one of my cousins got married. It was a beautiful wedding. I took my camera to Paris, but I thought I had left my card thing at home, so I didn't get any pictures in Paris. Yuck. One of my kodak moments was when Uncle Wyatt was reading to Parker, a great memory I will always have. Parker isn't around Uncle Wyatt too often because he lives in Paris, so he often acts real shy around him. It was pretty neat to see him sitting close to my brother as they read. We drove home today stopping in Anna to check in on Uncle Ed, Stacey's uncle who has been in ICU this week and had a pace maker put in on Friday. He is doing great and it was good to see cousins. Tonight a group of friends went to a Fort Worth Cats game. SO MUCH FUN. I am not a baseball fan, and don't worry, my husband knows this about me, but what a great time we had, even if my son spilled 3/4's of his Sprite into my diaper bag. It is currently in the wash. THe kids had plenty of room to run around, and the tickets were only $4 a piece. A special thanks to KP who brought the light up necklaces for the kids, they were a huge hit! We left in the 5th inning I think. I don't even know. Is that bad? It was Emaline's first baseball game, and she loved the music and clapping.
I like this picture because it holds some history. Houston and Parker were talking and playing together and their daddy's used to play ball together from a very young age, around 8 years old. They didn't really play together, but against each other. Don't they look like they are in deep conversation?
My little one also decided to cut another tooth. If you are counting..that is now 4! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 04, 2006

My son.

I have taught him well. Who needs a clock to tell us when to go nap? In the middle of the day I found my boy in bed with books. The was my bed. Where shall I nap today?

I have also taught my son how to use my camera. I am beginning to think this isn't such a good thing. He likes to take pictures of the ground. So while I was helping him raise the camera...these were the shots he got. I think he shall charge by the hour.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thirteen Things You may NOT know about ME

1. I have a freckle on the bottom of my foot.
2. I have a freckle on my eye!
3. I have never broken a bone, other than my toe.
4. I have been ejected from a basketball game.
5. I knew I was going to marry Stacey on our first date!
6. I don't like to be cold.
7. I LOVE Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes with the cream in the middle.
8. My dream car is a Land Rover.
9. I like to dance, but really have no rhythm.
10. I kiss my babies ears.
11. I haven't had a driving ticket in over 12 years. (I know I will get one tomorrow just for typing that!)
12. I cry often when hearing beautiful singing in church or WOF Conferences.
13. I don't like Lemon or Coffee anything! If you put enough sugar in Lemonade I can drink it, I like to make my own so that I can dope it up. I hate when I bite into a Lemon bar thinking it is a Chess bar. I have learned to smell it first.

So there are 13 things you probably didn't know about me. I kept thinking of more, but some weren't appropriate for the internet! ;) DON"T THINK THAT! I was joking. Maybe I will need to have a part 2 for next week.