Thursday, November 20, 2008

just some stuff

SO, Parker had some privacy yesterday...and later I found this! The boy is almost 5!!! NOT 1!!! AND not 51! The fragrance coming from the bathroom was ...interesting. LOTS of airfreshening! and JUST look at that toilet paper! It was a new roll!Parker told me he didn't understand why I was taking this picture, I already had a HUGE one in the hallway that was black and white. I just love it!
AND my almost 5 month old! I can't believe it! We have an appointment tomorrow with an allergist! YIIPPEEEE!

Monday, November 17, 2008

So, how is that working for ya?

Last weekend, B and E had some time with just Mommy. We had a great time. On Friday night, I braved both kids to Chili's (Emaline's choice). When we arrived, it was packed. I was scared. We walked in, put our name on the list, which was 20-25 minutes, and  went to visit the bathroom. I thought we would get that out of the way. We headed back to the front, asked if someone would move over so I could rest the car seat (that thing is getting SO heavy), and they called our name! I guess we took a long time in the restroom. Emaline and I had a great time at dinner. We talked. She colored. I rocked Bowden in his carseat. She chose a cheeseburger and fries. Good choice. Then I asked the question: What do you want to be when you grow up? The answer: jump out of swings. My sweet darling wants to jump out of swings. Sweet! Bowden starts getting fussy. Our teenage waiter asks if B would like some crackers. I explain that he is too young, and he asks how old B is. When I say 4.5 months, the guy says: So, how is that working for ya? Nice. I didn't even begin to tell that guy I had another babe at a camp out.

Another moment I don't want to forget is Emaline counting in Spanish. The kids are getting spanish at preschool and it is just priceless. I hope to get a video on here soon of them singing one of their songs. When Emaline counts in spanish she says:


Also, thanks to everyone for your prayers. I wish I could say b is better, but he isn't. Looks like we will be heading to an allergist soon. I am learning my new computer. Tough time to learn something new with the business. Pictures later!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, the past few days have just been that! CRAZY! Let me start by say I kind of threw out my back! Yep, crazy. So last week I went to the witch doctor to help. She also noticed that B was still congested (going on 2.5 months). His cure lasted longer than mine. By the time I walked to my car from her office, my back was out of whack again. Bowden's cure....well it lasted  24 hours. Then all the congestion came back. My back is still HURTING and B is still having trouble breathing. He isn't breathing well, which makes his eating irregular, causing HARD nights. On Saturday, I was working on my computer when it restarted on it's own! OH NO! I ran to get my external drive to start backing everything up...I just had an idea something was wrong. After the computer restarted...the screen went black and just kept kind of revving up. It was shot. BACK HURT, NO COMPUTER, CRANKY 4 month old= NO GOOD! My back did well during a session on Sunday, actually was pretty good. Sunday night was AWFUL! Bowden cried ALL night long. Stacey and I were exhausted. I took Bowden to the doctor, and Stacey took my computer to the doctor on Monday. The doctors are stumped. They don't know what is going on with Bowden. They called it chronic congestion, but really, they don't know what is wrong. The congestion isn't in his lungs. It is high, and unreachable! Trust me! I have suctioned that little guys brain out! Nothing. SO, they are going to treat him for reflux for 2 weeks and if that isn't the cure...then they will refer us on to an allergist. Really frustrating. We just want him to feel better. My back still isn't great. computer, GONE. Don't worry all of you who might have had photos on my computer! I have them. I have them on my new MAC! Yep! I have a brand new computer because the other one is a shot. My windows operating system...kind of blew up! Way to go VISTA! SO, thanks to my husband, I am learning how to operate this new machine. I am sure I will love it, but right now...not really. SO bare with me as I battle through my new machine! 

The photos are from today. My sweet congested little guy!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

some photos

Gas on Halloween night in Denton!!! It was a madhouse! Trunk or treat at Mamma's church.
We went to visit Aunt Martha, the day after her birthday...She is the youngest Cagle, the baby.

Emaline was quite the ham.

This is from preschool. Bowden helped pass out the candy! He did a great job, but ended up going to sleep! The baby on the right was a SKUNK and her shirt said 'little stinker'! SO cute.

My guys at preschool.

gotta jet... I really am trying to be a better blogger...I promise. This is my busy season with photography...and with the added addition to my family who needs me every 3 hours...well, things are a little crazy right now.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trunk Or Treat

Some photos from our Trunk or Treat at church. I was a SUPER MOM and P was a police SWAT man, Emaline an angel, and B a pumpkin/honorary police man.

B's lips look a little swollen...not sure what was up with that!

Bowden tried cereal for the first time this week and LOVED it!