Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So Sorry blogland

I have really fallen down on my job. I can't believe it has been one week since I blogged. I have thought many times through the week~ I MUST blog about this. However, if I made it to my computer, the internet was down, or I had a co-typer, or someone was attempting to climb the chair! Some updates you missed out on:
Should I go ahead and make this my 13 for tomorrow....YES!
1. Friday night Emaline attended her first High School Football game. She had a blast. We went to the Fossil Ridge and Marcus game. It was FR's homecoming, so Emaline LOVED looking at all the mums and action.
2. Mums. I really did think these went out of style in the 90's. NOT SO! They have gotten larger and brighter and OBVIOUSLY more expensive and intensive. I think intensive would be a great word. These things were huge. They light up, the hang from pearls and feathers and adorn sashes creating 1 large ornament for the body. The largest we saw was 6 full mums. 3 on the front, and 3 on the back, think Ms. America. The garters were just as large.
3. Did you know they have guys on the flag corp dancing association at half time? I get boy cheerleaders. I do NOT get dancing guys wearing skirts on a football field.
4. Parker LOVED the football game, but he was more interested in the blow up animals the football teams ran through.
5. We actually made it through half time before we had to make our exit. We met some really nice people who put up with knees in their backs, trips to the potty, Emaline pulling hair, stepping on garter ribbons, borrowing pompons, standing on seats, and a little yelling here or there not relating to the game.
6. Saturday morning was very fun, and wet. A huge step in my new business as we went to the bank. During our bank visit, the flood gates opened and we were stuck there a little while. Water was rushing into the bank and lightening kept switching the bank alarm off and so the alarm company kept calling. I thought that was interesting.
7. Sunday we went to lunch with MIL and SIL and niece. We were eating at a local restaurant when a strange lady behind us asked if we lived close. Then she pointed to a young lady at her table and said that the girl was a GREAT babysitter. Sure. Like I was going to let a complete stranger babysit my kids. No thanks. When they got up to leave, they stopped by our table again and began to talk to us. Nice people. Then I read the other young lady's top. It said Camp Deer Run! YIPPEE! She was so excited I had heard of it. Heard of it, girl! I worked there. NO WAY! Yes way. When...blah, blah, blah, then said something about Paris! WHAT! Okay get this. This girl I was talking to, her mom(the lady who asked if we lived close) married a guy who went to my home church back in Paris. He was a single dad raising 2 girls when I was little. He then moved to Abilene, went to Riuduso(sp) at a single parent retreat, met this lady and they married and blended their family. So, the babysitter girl was talking to Stacey, come to find out, Stacey knows her dad. He is the president of a children's home around here and Stacey has met with him for lunch a few times. 2 women, sisters, 2 girls cousins. Strange girl, really isn't so strange now. Kind of cool, huh!?
8. Sunday night we went to a local park with some church friends. Had a blast enjoying this weather.
9. Emaline is doing something so cute right now. She will begin to crawl towards me. I will walk towards her. When we get close to each other, she stops, sits straight up, and raises her hands in the air for me to pick her up. So cute!
10. She has cut 2 more teeth. That is 8 if you are counting. She is now biting us! Not fun.
11. Parker today decided he would play a DDD all by himself. This was after he picked up my cell phone and called a friend and told them he couldn't find me. Scary! I was just in the next room. I will be hiding my cell phone from now on. And remote controls. It took me a few minutes to change everything back to where it should be.
12. I made a tutu! It is orange! It is SO cute. I am planning on using it during pumpkin patch pictures!
13. The most disturbing. Today, Parker was getting his hair cut today when he was telling LaLa all about preschool. He said he didn't like his teachers (not true) then he said " My teachers don't like me." My heart hurt for him. Neither of these comments were true! I know his teachers, they love him. I don't know where he heard this. I don't know if he really knows what it means. His voice even got sad. Maybe on a cartoon there was a lesson on making friends or something. I hope he doesn't REALLY think his teachers don't like him. Any ideas??????

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Parker does to make me laugh...
1. When he gets in trouble, he now asks if Daddy is funny. This puzzles me. I think he tries to change the subject...
2. Last night at church, he had his spagetti ALL over his face, his face was stained orange.
3. Ever since Waxahachie, he now asks for a snack every 15 minutes. (He just held up the Mini Nilla wafer box and told me he was going to eat a snack)
4. Mama, who was the first man? I know all bout him.~ This makes me almost double over, because he ALWAYS says Moses. Then he makes eye contact with me and smiles...and says NOOOOOO, Mama you know the first man? I then tell him Adam and then he tells me again...I know all about him.
5. Parker just told me the Nilla Wafers are his favorite snack. That is too funny, because I thought the fruit snacks were his favorite, or the grapes, or the peanut butter, or the strawberries, or the chocolate cake.....
6. He is addicted to Baa Baa Black sheep from the preschool CD. He only wants to hear that song. I know...I will play it again. We aren't even studying black, we have been studying yellow! I don't know how he knows the song.
7. From the preschool cd Twinkle Twinkle Boom Boom. This song is hilarious, and I always laugh out loud when I see Parker perform it! Yes, it is a performance! The first part...Twinkle Twinkle little played very pretty~then it goes into the this guy yelling...ROLLING ROLLING DON'T BE LAZY, ROLLING ROLLING LET'S GO CRAZY, then it goes right back into the soft song again. During the yelling party, we DO go crazy. I even thought I threw my neck out.
8. Letting Parker help me with laundry. He loves to play clothes a mimute. I have to watch him closely because he just dumps STUFF into the washer. It really doesn't matter if it is in the right color family or even clothes. He is trying to help.
9. How he helps himself to the grapes. He can now open the fridge all by himself and pulls out the drawer with the grapes and helps himself. I sometimes don't even notice until I hear the bell going off letting me know the door has been open too long.
10. Shopping with Parker is always interesting. When our grocery cart gets too full I let him walk beside me. When he starts dragging behind, I will say, Parker are you there...and he follows with I'm right behind you mom. It makes me smile everytime.
11. After nap time today he heard the TV in the living room...and asked if I was watching Dancing! Nope dude, we watched it last night remember! We are trying to get him to chant for Emmitt.
12. During bath time last night he bit himself. I don't think he thought it would hurt. He all of a sudden started screaming and I couldn't figure out why...then he showed me his had really DEEP teeth marks. It must have really hurt. It made me laugh...I am a bad mom.
13. Bible Bird flies into chapel every Tuesday and Thursday, and must be there 20 seconds. It is Parker's highlight of preschool. He brings in the bible verse for us. (He is a puppet) Today during chapel, Parker kept looking at me and YELLING~ Mama, bible bird is coming today, he is coming today. Through every song...the video clip...the reading of God's word.... I just laughed, because the other teachers and kids kept looking at him like we were crazy, but they understood. This crazy bird has a spell on all of the kids!

Thanks Parker for the laughs the past few days. I must go bake a cake... just want one!

Does anyone else get excited when they get a jury notice!? I received my VERY FIRST one today and honestly, was a little giddy! I don't even want to be excused. YES!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

8 months and tired...

For a number of reasons.
Look at the pretty little girl. Who would have known that she was fighting one mean bug! Ecoli is our bug this time. 2nd time for this bug to visit Emaline, and she didn't even eat spinach! This infection is twice the size of the 1st infection by number count and if you are keeping count, this is infection #3. We have made our appointment with our second opinion doctor so we can find out what is going on in her body.

8 months, 22.8 lbs. She is loving to move it. Move it while dancing, move it while standing, move it while holding her. She really doesn't like to be held these days, unless she isn't feeling well, which is right now. When she gets tired, move out of the way, she doesn't want you to touch her. She wants to be laid down in her bed. She loves to hold onto your fingers and walk around. Parker didn't walk until he was 14 months. I think Emaline will be walking before brother did.

Parker is still loving preschool. The only picture I had of him this time was him sleeping in his car seat, so I will try to get a good one soon. He is really into using my camera to take pictures, and actually took some good ones today. He took the black and white one above (some cropping was needed). He is into music right now. Especially the twinkle twinkle boom boom.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

13 thoughts...

1. I LOVE dancing with the stars and hope that Emmitt WILL GO ALL THE WAY!

2. Winter Park was very beautiful, but I really don't think I could live in Colorado.

3. Why has Parker cried at Preschool this week and acted out when he saw me?

4. Why does Emaline have another infection!!! Still waiting on the final call from the Pediatrician. We have an appointment with our second opinion in a few weeks.

5. I can't wait to cook 2 new recipes tonight and tomorrow night. Pork Chops and Apples and taco stack things from Kraft Foods!

6. Why can't I sleep at night, and then when I get to sleep I don't sleep long, or the days I CAN sleep in the kids are up, and the morning we need to get up for preschool the kids sleep in?

7. I have some great friends. Friends who look at nasty diapers, friends who open the door for me at 10:00 at night, friends who call to check on the baby, friends who read my blog and email me or call that I haven't heard from in years.

8. Why do young girls dress like they are 20!? And at church? Such a sticky subject. You kind of want to ask the parents about it, and see if they saw their daughter leave the house dressed like that. I understand the need to fit in, and to be fashionable. I would rather see someone who totally didn't match, than butt cheeks hanging out of a skirt. What happened to modesty??? Is it any of my business at all....I have a daughter....I liked what this lady had to say....

9. I used to be so excited for fall tv. I remember waiting to see the new beginning (theme song thing) with all the new pictures and hair styles. I don't get that excited about tv anymore. Now, I love DWTS, American Idol, and Project Runway, but other than those, I am not hooked on any drama. I do want to see Brad Garrett's new show.

10. Last night our church honored our Preacher and his family for his first year of service. It was so nice to have that many people on a Wednesday, and to hear all of the comments. The Quile's are great people who have touched my family in many ways. If you live in the area, you should really meet this family! Come visit us at Lake Cities Church of Christ.

11. I don't like my hair right now. Do you ever feel that way? I am trying to decide to let it grow or not. I have been wearing it curly for a few weeks now, because it is easy and I don't like my hair straight in the cut it is in right now without pulling it up somehow. Oh the dilema...

12. I want to start running. I have wanted to for a while now, and can't really seem to find the time. I think I will need to go in the morning before the kids wake up and Stacey leaves for work. I just am not sure I want to give up the sleep. I am too exhausted at night.

13. Paige Pearson Photography (p3)is almost a go!! Check back for more details....

Monday, September 11, 2006

5 years ago today I was teaching 3rd grade at Atherton Elementary in Arlington, Texas. We were beginning our day with DOL and crazy stuff like that, when Stacey called me on my cell phone to tell me what had happened. I stepped out of my classroom and went to a friends room, and fellow believer to tell her. A few minutes later one of her kids brought me a note that said, "a plane has also hit the pentagon. What is going on?"
What is going on was right!
Our school chose not to discuss it at all. There was 1 tv in the library closet that worked (we didn't have a TV in our classroom) , and at any time during a break there would be 5-6 teachers gathered around it. Stacey called when he could. I had one student whose parent came to get her. I remember crying behind a book during reading time. As soon as school was out, I went to Pearson Mechancial (it was closer than home) to watch tv with Stace and get caught up on everything. Remember...our school didn't discuss it. I only knew what I had seen in the library closet or gotten from Stacey on the phone. We went home together and sat on the couch watching the 24/7 coverage. I remember crying and wondering if I was safe.

I hate meaness. That was one of a few rules in my classroom~
There is so much meanness in this crazy world. It scares me to think of what Parker and Emaline will see in their life time. I do feel safe. I flew yesterday and LOVED seeing guys being patted down before they got on the plane. I pray before every take off and landing. I think this world makes God sad. As a country, God has been removed from schools, courtrooms, weddings... It makes me sad.

God protect us.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Winter Park

Have you missed me?

We left last Wednesday and arrived home tonight from a great trip to Winter Park. We went with MIL and FIL for business and pleasure. FIL and Stacey did some work, and got to play. MIL and I shopped and rested. SO FUN! We did meet up with the guys after golf and hit a few balls at the golf course Pole Creek, I think it was in the town of Frazier. It looks like I just took a baseball swing! Not sure if TIGER would approve, but the ball did go far!

The true reason for the trip was a wedding of Randy Ellis. He works at the Denver office of Pearson Mechanical. The wedding was supposed to be outside, but it rained on and off all day, so they moved it inside. This wedding was a first for me. I have never been to a sit down was so fun! We sat with people we have never met and ate some really good food.

On Saturday, Stace and I went for a hike. We found this old broken down ski resort. I am sure it wasn't really hidden, but we didn't know it was there. We hiked up this HUGE moutain, where the ski run used to be. We got really high and turned around to see how far we had climbed when we noticed a storm rolling in. It came in really fast. We were stuck on top of the moutain. You can see from the picture, we were standing in the sun and within minutes we were getting rained on. We ran into a geologist guy who was quickly exiting the moutain due to lightening. He directed us to the lava rock side. We had so much fun looking at all the rocks. There were also really pretty aspen trees everywhere and some were beginning to change colors. This one was bright red.

I have tried to upload pictures 4 times, SO this is what you get for now. I may try to repost tomorrow with more. We sure missed the kids! It was so good to see them tonight. Mammy and Dee did some spoiling and Parker loved WAKAHACHIE!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First REAL day of Preschool

Today was Parker's first day at preschool. You may remember a previous post about preschool, but today was his real day. Since I teach at preschool, the other times have been more about babysitting so that the teachers can prepare, but TODAY Parker was a BEE! He really wasn't into having his picture taken this morning before school, as you can tell!

Here we are at school, and he is beginning to warm up to the idea.
And his teacher, Ms. Gina. Ms. Beth was busy with some of his classmates.

He did great! The teachers bragged on his dancing ability! We do love to MOVE IT around the house. I got to see him at Chapel, and it really didn't phase him to see me. He just kept on dancing and jumping to the music. He was a little alarmed by Bible Bird and wanted him to come back so that he could check him out again. Overall, a great day! He is growing up so FAST! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006

Some Labor Day pictures

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Thank you God for the rain! We went to the ranch this weekend and had a great time in the rain. We might would have rather been outside than cleaning out the barn, but we still had a great time. Buddy and boys had a great time. Emaline and I were the only girls this time, and had some bonding time. There is a reason there is only one picture of her...see the stripe on her forehead? She did it to herself with the diaper bag wipe box! The bruise has gone from bad to worse over the past few days. I made it black and white so that CPS wouldn't be called. I won't name any names who she was with when it happened, but if I get investigated, your name is coming out!!!

Parker rode Junie, the horse, all by himself. He looks so big. I love the blk and white pictures of Parker, it shows a side of his personality... one that reminds me too much of myself.

At the ranch, Parker and Cole slept side by side on cots. Parker's first time on a cot. At 4:00am I heard Parker say, Cole Cole Wakeup! It was clear as day, not mumbling. It stopped, so I went back to sleep. During breakfast Cole broke it to us that Parker did it 4 or 5 times during the night. Poor Cole! No wonder Parker took his nap from 11:00-2! One milestone we met this holiday was Parker now likes to go PEE in the grass. Maybe this will help encourage him to NOT go in the diaper. Please, no WT comments on this one.


I have great pictures to post from the weekend, but I am so upset about Steve Erwin!!! What a freak accident. Like, 3 people EVER have been killed by a sting ray! I love to watch his shows, and so does Parker. I also immediately thought about his family. He has 2 young kids. Why has this made such an impression on me? It isn't like it really effects isn't like I wrestle crocodiles or race after venomous snakes, but it feels like we were friends or something...crazy.