Friday, November 11, 2005

Major Savings!

Today began Albertson's Super Double coupon days! For those of you who are not on the in...that means Albertson's will double any coupon up to $2.00! I also love Triple coupon days, where they triple all the way to .75. Parker and I had a play date this morning and then off to shop. I had collected my coupons and made my list. I began on the opposite side of the grocery than I usually do, the pharmacy/dry goods side, which could have been my problem. Parker began screaming then, and didn't stop until reached the entire other side of the store where he then could turn and reach the .99 lb seedless purple grapes that was now on top of all of my other loot. I got some major bargains. Their pork tenderloin was buy one get one! That was a 10 dollar savings! 12 packs of Cokes, 3 for $8.88. Diapers that were already on sale, I got another 4.00 off. Some of my purchases we to stock up, like tooth paste and hair products. I normally would never buy these item from the grocery store, but with $2 off, I am buying things for 1.00 or less. I love the check out process. I love to watch my total grow and grow. The cashier asking me if I have a preferred card, and my answer is yes, but I don't give it to her. I let her sweat. I want to wait until the very end. I see my total. Lump in throat. Hand over card. Hand over coupons. SEE $51.40 in SAVINGS!! Now that is savings. Let me know about your savings this weekend. I know many of you are playing!


Jami said...

Just spent $71 and saved $66! I love it!!!

jenny biz said...

I sooo need to start playing!! That is unbelievable!! You go girls!

dan said...

I love super double coupons.