Thursday, September 30, 2010


Check out this smile of sorts! Boy this thing had been loose for a long time. She wasn't able to eat her favorite foods, so we knew it was time to get it out!

WELL, you see, it was our 10 year anniversary and it JUST SO HAPPENED that one of my students brought me this box of cupcakes for a JUST BECAUSE gift, but we used it as our celebration treat after dinner. E loved that she could finally bite without it hurting again! Anniversary post coming at some point!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bara Church Luau

This was our second year to celebrate with Bara on a luau for our town. Wyatt came and did his thing! Angie was his assistant. They did amazing.

We had been there 5 minutes, no lie when Bowden got carried away on a slide and busted his head! He still had a great time!

I have LOTS of video from this night because my speed light went dead! bummer.

What we found

We found this little jewel in Bowden's little red car! HOW SCARY! A tv show we like to watch showed us what to look for and when I spotted the signs.... I investigated! We had such a teaching moment!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lil' E's Muffin Tin Lunch

I have loved making the kids Muffin Tin lunches this summer. It makes lunch fun. I would love to jump on the Bento bandwagon, but I just don't have the time. LOVE THE IDEA, and steal little things along the way... but most of the time I just fill the 6 cups with different foods. WELL, one day E decided she would make lunch for her and Bowden. (Parker was already a 1st grader).

This is what lunch looked like! She did a great job filling the spots, and next time we will talk about WHY I put what I do into the cups. She was so proud though.AND BOWDEN LOVED IT! Now, do you see a small problem with Bowden's muffin tin?

You see this smile, well, it can change in an instant!Check out the floor! See the problem now with Emaline's muffin tin for Bowden? B got a Sunny D but no straw! Oh, he was upset. This caused such a mess. I am still finding red sticky spots in my kitchen, AND we have to paint the chairs! That red drink under his booster did some major damage!

Have you tried muffin tin lunches? The kids will love the variety, and I hope you find some fun in putting it together!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Soccer season began today. Parker was amazing as a goalie. I will post photos soon, but here is a video for E's first goal!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A fun day at the RANCH

We went to the ranch for part of Labor Day weekend. We had a blast, and of course I took the camera. What I didn't get a photo of was the tent the big kids and daddy slept in. They did great! Slept all night. I got to sleep inside with B :).
My favorite picture of the day!

Parker practicing his bow! He did so good!

I cropped out the thumbs up!
Love this photo!
Bowden riding the oldest ride at the Ranch. This was Cole's. It only lasted down the hill. It even has a hole in the tire. Like, a literal HOLE with rocks inside of it!
Parker being a COWBOY!

Did someone say, thumbs up?
Cole got in on the thumbs up!

Look at this little doll!
Okay, so the thumbs up is something that B started doing in his photos a few weeks ago. I cannot lift my camera without him giving me one. AND most of them also include the stance on the left!

She loved seeing her shadow!!
WHAT! I hope Stacey has a BIG STICK!
We also made s'mores! Bowden really loved just catching the marshmallows on fire! There was a burn ban, so we had to roast in the grill.

We had a great time at the ranch!