Monday, November 14, 2005

My little POOPER!

I know that I shouldn't really be posting this...but I just can't resist ( but you really aren't surprised because I have posted about this before). Parker went POOP in the potty for the 2nd time! He goes teetee almost every night in his potty before bath time, but this morning we were playing farm and blocks in the living room when he grabbed his diaper and said SHEWWEEE! His code word for poop, since poo poo seems to mean tee tee for him. I asked him if he wanted to go in his potty and his response, no surprise to anyone who knows him, was NOOOOOO, which means yes! So we took off to the bathroom, I stripped him down and he sat down on his seat. Seconds later, we have tee tee (or poo poo), then he stood up ready to streak through the house. I sat him back down and began to sing our favorite song about a bus and wheels and babies. He stood back up clutching my knees, which meant something was fixing to happen. I sat him back down and SHEWWEEEE! I better stop the story right there, because things got messy. Really messy. All of our excitement (Stacey was working from home this morning and came into the bathroom to join in the festivities) caused Parker to be frightened and loose bodily control and we won't even talk about what happened to mommy. Let's just say showers and a load of laundry later he finally has his poop reward of a carbonated beverage, COKE! YEAH PARKER! YOU ARE GETTING SO BIG!

The picture below is one of the ones I tried to post last night.


Kelli said...

Yeah for Parker! What a big boy. I think we are going to forego potty training for Ethan and instead train Ethan to use the toilet for throwing up. Twice this morning in the carseat and all over the car while sitting in the Ft. Worth Zoo parking lot. I think now I should belong to the Parent Hall of Fame for most barf clean-ups in a 7 day period.

jenny biz said...

Way to go Parker!!