Friday, June 29, 2007


Tonight we celebrated Buddy's birthday! It was actually yesterday, but the concert was tonight...THE concert! My MIL has had this planned for quite a while and it was so nice. My mom, grandmother, and aunt all came over to hold down the fort, while MIL and FIL, SIL and BIL and me and stace got to go eat at Del Friscos and to the Bass Hall for the Selah Concert! It was grand! I love old hymns, and those guys can rock them out! I also have a special place for that piano player. He reminds me so much of my dad, other than the talent of playing of the piano, not really, but I remember those Sunday mornings or late Saturday nights just laying on the couch listening to him play. Some of the best memories for me.

On another note...VBS is one week away...please pray that all comes together as planned!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


For the past few weeks we have been watching Bullriding on Versus channel every weekend. We DVR'd a few of the shows and would let Parker watch a few bulls every night. One night he yelled...stay on cowboy! SO CUTE! When I saw the PBR was coming to Dallas, we called Buddy right away and asked if we could go. He agreed and got us tickets. I was the only girl who wanted to go and had a great time. Like I said before, Parker was telling everyone we were going to AA! Flicka came with us! His horse.
Soaking in the AA!

Showing off his PBR shirt Buddy got him.
The cowboys!
Cole went down to sail his paper airplane. His plane didn't win, bummer.
Parker was SCARED during the opening, even crying. I must say it was very loud and the fireworks shook the building.
Some of the fireworks!

The end when Justin McBride won. That is him sitting in the chair in the red.
More loud noises.

The cowboy on the horse was one of Parker's favorites parts.

I finally figured out a great way to get dinner cooked: PLAYDO!

Now these are priceless! I walked in to check on Parker during naptime the other day and found Parker had fallen asleep while talking on the phone.
in his chair!

We made dinner tonight for some friends who have just had babies and are delivering it tomorrow night. We made them cakes! Pina Colada!!! Emaline helped me cook!

Emaline has a new obsession: Parker's underwear! She loves to put them on. Here are a few pictures of my little diva who dumped the clean clothes out of the basket so she could play in Parker's undies. LOVE HER!

Monday, June 25, 2007

What a weekend!

Friday, Denise planned a wonderful lunch out to a local airport! We were up close and personal!
Emaline LOVED the planes. The next few pictures are of her cheering the plane on!

I LOVE how serious she was in the above picture.
We made some friends with the guys who flew in for lunch in the first picture. When they left they did a special fly by for us.

When we arrived at lunch, the Mrs. Bairds Man was there delivering....and handed over bags and bags of powdered donuts! Can you tell?

Parker and Rylan flying a plane!

The kids were having fun, even though they look SO serious in the below pictures.
That was Friday. Saturday morning I had a photoshoot (check them out on my other blog) and then a special birthday lunch for some friends. We went swimming as a family and then over to the Biz's for a great dinner. Sunday was a special day! We had church, then I got to tag along with 4 cowboys to the PBR Championships! Yep, we had so much fun! Wait for those pictures tomorrow. My watch now says 12:03am, so you have to WAIT until tomorrow to see Parker at AA, which he has called it and told everyone that we were going to AA. I DO NOT have a drinking problem, but I am sure some have been wondering. I will leave you with....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Super Blogger

I know have already blogged once today, but I must reblog. Parker has kept me in stitches today and I just have to share.


We were leaving Wal-mart today when I treated us to a bag of M&M's. This is a treat. I let Parker hold them on the way to the car. He continued to ask me when he could eat them. I told him (over and over) when we get to the car.

As we got to the car, I opened the back of my car- and Parker THREW the bag of M&MS into my car and asked, NOW can I eat the M&M's?


We had errands to run today, so we got home later than usual. Ate a quick lunch and I put Emaline down. Parker went to his room and I heard the usual sounds: lots of horses and cows and cowboy talk. I thought any minute he would go to sleep, like USUAL. It has been 2 hours. 2 HOURS! I thought I would go see what was going on in the Land of Cows. This is what I saw!
The entire Pearson herd lined from door to wall, all the way across the room. No wonder he didn't go to sleep. He had to keep an eye on the horses. AND this wasn't even all the horses.This is Parker galloping that little horse all over the place. If you have seen him with a horse, you know what he is doing with his animal.So we went to check on Emaline. She was awake and had thrown everything out of her bed and toy bag into the floor. I think my kids will go to bed early tonight!
Here he is galloping that horse again in sister's room.As I was taking Parker's picture, Emaline began to get my attention! I turned and got this right in the lens!

Some pictures

Here is Stace playing with his new Father's Day toy!
I love this picture of my cowboy!

And Parker driving the four wheeler. Emaline and Cassidie were on the gator, but I am not thrilled with any of the pics I got of them. I am still working on them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Horse Saves the Day

Stacey will kill me if I don't get this up here. On Saturday, we were on our way home from celebrating father's day with Stacey at the Ranch (kind of, you see, Stacey received a bow and arrow thing for Father's day and he needed to go shoot it) so the cousins, their mommy and daddy, and Buddy all went to the ranch. Honey had a garage sale to facilitate so she was missed. ANYWAY, on the way home Parker was watching a CUTE little movie called Horse Crazy on the portable DVD when he yells out,


It was so cute. Stacey and I were laughing out loud when he looks over at me and says, " you must blog about this!" So there you have it.

Pictures will have to come later...blogger is having some problems.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Swim TIme

Swim Day at Honey's with the cousin! Cole couldn't make it this day.

He actually said he need to rest! He got out of the pool and laid down just like this!
Little miss HOT STUFF!
And Stylish Parker! I asked him to get put on his tennis shoes, and this is what he came back into my room wearing! He was so proud of himself! He was rebelling because I told him he couldn't wear his flip flops.