Thursday, November 10, 2005

Such Fun!

I have spent the past 2 days with Stacey's grandmother and aunt preparing for baby girl's arrival. Mammy (Stacey's grandmother) is a seamstress. She has a gift with fabric and machine. She made Parker's bedding and as I left Waxahachie today, baby girl's bedding is almost finished. I am not sure I was much help, I cut fabric to the dimensions she requested and tried to keep Parker from pushing the sewing machine pedal. It is becoming so fast. Probably a little over 2 months and she will be here. There is still so much to do to prepare. Finish the utility room, pick a name, move in all my craft stuff, pick a name, paint nursery, put up Parker's big boy bed, set up nursery, pick a name, celebrate Thanksging, and Christmas, and New Year's! Where has all of my time gone?

On another note, those of you who were praying, yesterday was successful. Thank you for your prayers.

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Phillips' Family said...

There are some distant relatives in my family who did not have names for years. They were twins (a boy and a girl) and like the 9th and 10th child. I guess there were no more names left. Anyway, these twins were referred to as "boy" and "girl" for the first few years of life. The boy eventually got a name, but the girl's name remained "girl." Can you tell I am from Arkansas?
All of that to say: don't feel bad about the name thing!