Monday, December 27, 2010

Ranch Birthday 2010

Linda planned this years Ranch party just a few days after Christmas.... and look! The kids are in short sleeves! The kids had a great time playing, riding, jumping, screaming.....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at Honey and Buddy's

After Santa visited, and Bop and Sid arrived and we had Christmas with them, Bowden went down for a nap, and as soon as he woke up.... we headed to Honey and Buddy's house. Lots of fun and SMILES!

Love Parker's face in this one. I don't even know what had been opened, but he must have thought it was amazing.

Some new rollerblades, why yes!
AND new golf clubs.

Double stroller.



Christmas morning, the kids wandered into our room... EARLY!
Santa left the kids a note...
That took them outside to the greatest Christmas gift EVER!

Bowden loved his new football.
Parker got a drawing/drafting table. Which he LOVES!

Emaline got a new bicycle.
The standard poise!
The kids all got WARM and FUN hats from Santa preparing them for the trampline!

We had a great CHRISTMAS!

Christmas with BOP and SID

Christmas morning Bop and Sid arrived after Santa had been here. We always eat real NICE when they come. Sid always plans out the menu and we are never disappointed. We were also thankful that they made it safely this year. Last year they slid off of 635 in the ice! No injuries though, except a little car
I love how he is showing off his goods!Bop and Sid gave all the kids these velvet coloring pages. They love them and I love how pretty/vibrant the colors are.
OH, and every girl needs a REAL fur muff, right?
They got Bowden this train set. He decided he fit better in the middle.

Bop and Sid had this painted for us. WE LOVE IT! He hung it immediately! It captures all of us so well.

Dad gave Parker all of his old books, even the Hardy Boys books. He loved it!
AND check out his face for his horse calendar!

Such a FUN morning!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with Nana

We had a fun time in Dallas at LaLa's and Nanas house.

Isaiah showing off his new hat we got him.
Parker getting a new DS.
Emaline got a Leapster.

Sweet Aunt LaLa!

Mamma in her festive shirt.
Bowden received a TAG, all 3 kids got an electronic of some sort.

Parker had the biggest stocking! He was so proud.

A fun Christmas EVE!