Sunday, September 18, 2005

Who Needs Sleep...

I do. I always have. My mother used to call me her pumpkin, not due to size, but I would put myself to bed around 8:00 always, even if it was Christmas or I had a friend over. I needed my sleep. In college I heard of staying up all night studying, but not me. I would convince myself if I didn't know it by then, it was too late. Plus, I worked through college, so NAP time was out for me. I am currently having sleep deprivation! I cannot get comfortable through the entire night. I might catch an hour here or there, but I am awake the rest of the time, wondering if...There will be another full moon tomorrow night? Am I eating right for the baby? Is there something wrong with the baby? Does Parker have a concussion? When was the last time I changed his crib sheet? What will our Christmas cards look like this year? What will I fix for dinner on Monday night? Is Wyatt really coming in town tonight? Will Parker quit throwing his body around in tantrums? How early should I start reading our new bible study? Have I already forgotten what I read last week? Should I reread the pages I already read? These are just a few items that ran through my head just last night. I also use that time to pray. I have been guilty many times before to use prayer as a night time sleep agent. One of my college professors said that if we do fall asleep in prayer it is usually one of best nights of sleep. Well, not last night. My prayer kept getting longer, and the more awake I became. A new strategy I must find. I think it is way too early to begin to blame this on baby girl. Now I must get ready for church before Parker wakes up. Stacey has already left this morning to go pick up our friends from LA to bring them to church, so it is just me and Parker this morning. I have gotten us both ready in record time the past 2 weeks and made it to church on time. I tell Stacey he must be the kink in our system!

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jenny biz said...

Nightime is one of my favorite times to pray too. Though I agree you must find a better time b/c you need your rest! :)
I am very impressed you were already blogging before church!! WOW!!