Friday, December 09, 2005

Worth it?

Parker has been doing great with is big boy bed, most of the time. It does take work though. In his crib, I would just lay that sweet head of his down and out of the room I ran. Not a cry or whimper. Now when we lay him down for nap or bed time, it has become a work out for dear old mom. You see, we got him a trundle bed so that he could start sleeping on the trundle then move up to the higher, much larger bed. At nap time, we say our good byes to any toy we were playing then move into his bed with a ritual like this:
pull out trundle, breathe breathe, (mommy is 8 month pregnant)
get all lovable toys (CHE CHE, dog dog x2)
tuck Christmas quilt into trundle to prevent any damage to the head if he rolled into the side board
lay down Parker
lay down mommy, difficult, but not impossible and sometimes taken advantage of
Parker stroking mommy's hair
Parker patting mommy on the back
Parker laughing at mommy's hair
mommy laying Parker back down
mommy stroking Parker's face
Parker getting really tired
Parker falling asleep
Mommy adoring her sweet child's face then remembering all the stuff she needs to do
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Mommy trying to move off of trundle without waking Parker
Parker waking up
Mommy half on bed half off bed pretending to be asleep
Parker back asleep
Mommy managing to get on all fours in floor and crawl out of room!

This work out has become a daily nap time event, and does require a medal.

Night time is very similar, but daddy does the workout then. I KNOW it isn't as entertaining to watch, so sometimes I am called in to tag team. This morning called for an extra workout as my child woke up at 6:00 am, Stacey usually takes any nighttime hour, but had bible study this morning and was in the shower already and didn't hear the cries for entertainment. So off I went. This morning's workout was a little different because I couldn't coarse my child back onto the bed. He would reach out for me(I was already laid out on trundle) and try to pull me off the bed and would use the word "OUT!" I am not sure if he wanted me out of his bed because I was taking up too much room, or he wanted to embarrass me by pulling me into the men's bible study. I managed to get my sweet child back into bed and asleep by following the above mentioned routine. Now I am AWAKE! Looks like I will get an early start on my day.

Stacey got both coats of paint on the nursery yesterday! LOTS OF PINK! Too much pink. I know it will tone down after I add my chocolate brown accents on the wall and the black crib with dark bedding, but now it is PINK! Again, maybe pregnant women shouldn't pick out paint colors. The last color I chose was named FUNKY YELLOW! And yes, it was funky. We were going to pain the entire utility room that color, but after seeing it on one wall, one wall it was!


Phillips' Family said...

I am laughing at the image of you crawling on all fours out of Parker's room. There must be something in the air or a full moon because Isaac woke at 6:15am, which he never does. Hope you get a nap today!

jenny biz said...

Still laughing!! I really wish you video this scene sometime so that we could all have a visual of this:)
Enjoy your nap today!!

Summer said...

I feel your pain. Teething has ruined Ethan's great sleeping patterns. He was up every 2 hours last night. I guess I should just be thankful I'm not great with child AND trying to deal with the night time chaos. Bless you.