Tuesday, February 28, 2006


For Parker's birthday, Honey (MIL) gave Parker a zoo membership to Fort Worth Zoo. We went today for our first trip. He had a blast! We did have a hard time getting there though. There was a wreck on 35 and it took us about an hour to get there. YIKES! I had calculated the time to the minute around Emaline's feeding! I was starting to panic, but my little girl slept the entire time and even is still asleep. I am about to bust, but thought I would post some pictures from today before she decided she was hungry. The hippo came right up to the fence...one dad even grabbed his daughter to protect her from it. Parker loves the elephants and giraffes! We took our lunch and found a great picnic table in the shade. I got a great workout pushing the sit and stand stroller, but Parker did great riding on the back. He never once tried to get off by himself and it sure was easy to let him see the animals while Emaline wasn't bothered. The weather was perfect, a little on the warm side. I just didn't dress us right. Now I know while all the other mommys were wearing shorts and tank tops. Parker wants all of his friends to get Zoo passes too so we can all go together! Thanks Honey for a great present!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Ranch Party

Parker's birthday celebrations are now over. We had a great time at Bent Tree Ranch in Morgan Mill, Texas celebrating Cole (cousin) and Parker's day. They share the same birthdate. Parker loves cows and horses, so he was in heaven. Oh yeah, he loves cake! I will attach pictures... And even in February on a slightly windy, kind of chilled day, 2 year olds need sunscreen!!! Yes, his face and neck are bright red!

Happy birthday Kelsie and Cousin Andrea!

Friday, February 24, 2006


I ruined the Olympics for my husband last night. We had waited all day to watch the figure skating, and by the way, has become an expert on the sport recalling moves and personal stories of skaters. Anyway, last night I was checking blogs when I came across Save the Phillips blog where she stated she checked ESPN for the results of the ice skating. So, I checked the results just as my husband glanced at the computer! YIKES! The headline read= SILVER BELLE with a picture of Sasha. He was devastated and I really hurt for him. He made me switch all night between Mavericks, American Idol and the Olympics for me to give him the results just as Sasha began to skate. Sorry honey.

Have you seen Parker walk like a Penguin? Well, he can. And did you know that hoodie sweatshirts with pockets on the front can be multifunctional? Parker had a pacifier in one side and a pickle on the other...way to go Pman for thinking ahead.

And Emaline. You may say gas, I say smile!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Busy times

Parker's first year in review...

Parker's second year in review...

This past weekend was so busy with birthday parties, a baby shower, a scary Saturday morning, and a trip to Chuck E Cheese! So busy, that I am still recovering. Parker had 2 birthday parties this weekend, one with church playmates and one with my family. We celebrate with Stacey's family this coming weekend. So many parties for a little one. It is funny to see him open cards and already know to look for money. He got many great gifts, but is still warming up to his gift from mommy and daddy, a tricycle. He likes to stand on the back and let daddy push him through the kitchen. Maybe he will like it when it gets warmer and he can ride outside.

Our dogs have been staying in the garage because it has been so cold. Saturday morning husband opened the garage door to the let the dogs out to take care of their business, and they ran away. This didn't use to happen until they started building an elementary school across the street and the workers began to feed them. Shortly after their disappearance, we got a call. Kelli had been hit by a car, our chocolate lab. Husband left to get them at the lady's house who found her. The call had not come from the person who hit her! This was really upsetting. Kelli has a crushed hip, but the vet said that she will learn to adapt and be okay! You have no idea what this meant to husband. Kelli has been his girl for over 10 years. I was worried about our other lab who has always had Kelli around.

Saturday lunch Emaline and I were honored at a Sip and See with husband's family. Emaline got some beautiful clothes and gifts.

Saturday night we took Parker to Chuck E Cheese. Parker had so much fun. Emaline slept through the entire thing. Next time we go we will not eat the pizza and won't buy tokens. Parker doesn't know the games need the tokens, he just runs up to them and pretends he is playing anyway.

Monday was Emaline's 1 month check up. She weighed 13.3 oz!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Say it ain't so!

Yesterday Emaline was 1 month old! I can't believe the time has passed so quickly. In this month she has overcome Jaundice and made it to 1 feeding a night! YIPPEE! My girl is good or she already knows what makes her mommy happy. I get all her stats on Monday, so will update on her growth then. I am anticipating a jump in her height, due to her outgrowing her clothes with feet in them. In the picture, Emaline is showcasing her gifts from mommy's friends Nikki and Stephanie, her teacher friends from Richardson. I love the binky blanket! SO CUTE! Thanks girls!

AND TODAY is Parker's 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday Cutie! Below is a picture of P man before his dog dog party (more party pictures later). In this year, Parker got tubes in his ear, learned to walk, went to the beach, grew hair:), learned to talk, sing, dance, run, jump (still perfecting this skill), went to big boy bed, and became a brother. Parker, I know that God will continue to bless your life and teach you how to become more like Jesus. I pray that you stay healthy and continue to bring smiles to mommy and daddy. He will also help you learn to share...

Happy birthday kids!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

Can I just say that I love my husband? He is so creative. For Valentine's day, my man took me out to dinner and surprised me with a gift (which he wasn't suppose to do). My gift was a magazine that I wouldn't splurge for myself, some candy, and a sheet of paper. This sheet of paper wasn't plain, it had lots of words on it and even a graphic. On this piece of paper was a note to me inspired by Max Lucado called Cloak of Love. On this paper he made 10 promises to me which means the world to me. They are promises of his love, his faith, his commitment, and his protection. I am so thankful for my husband, who puts God first and his family a close second. Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's day. I love you!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

3:24 am Breaking News

I truly believe I was one of the first to know that Michelle Kwan (sp?) had pulled out of the Olympics. I mean, who else was awake at 3:24 am? It was during Emaline's feeding and Lester and Scott were discussing the decision on NBC. I even woke up Stacey to let him know about the breaking news. I also got to see Stevie Wonder on Cosby, good times.

Here is a new picture of Emaline...after her first church service!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


For my thirtieth birthday, my MIL gave me a great gift (yes, she also gave me a gift even though she took me on cruise back in October, big thanks MIL). Last night I had tickets to the Junie B. Jones play A Little Monkey Business at the Dallas Children's' Theater. I was escorted by some serious Junie B. fans: Emily, Kim, and Anne. We had a fun evening starting at the Cheesecake Factory, with a 3 course meal and lots of Junie B. talk. Then off to the theater. The characters were played by adults, which for some reason I thought Children's theater would be played by children,not so. In fact, some of the actors played up to 3 roles. It was too funny! We laughed out loud being the Junie B. fans we are. I miss Junie B. Jones, but a special thanks to her dedicated fans who keep me updated with her latest books. If you love Stinky Cheese Man, the DCT is performing it in May I believe.

WOWIE WOW WOW it was a great evening!

( If you have never heard of Miss Jones before, be aware that her language isn't CHILD proof. She says: darn, stupid, and calls Meanie Jim fat. I have always skipped over these words or substituted when I read aloud. Still a super fun read, if you like to read or don't like to read.)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

He said IT!

Yes, today is a day I have waited for my entire life. A day where my child tells me he loves me, and it happened today. For the past few months if you asked Parker to say I love you, he would do this humming thing, but today was different. I was in the laundry room and I could hear Parker coming towards me, then I heard him say something unfamiliar. I stuck my head out the door and looked at him, he looked at me and then said- WUV OOO Mamma. Heart leaping for joy...arms extended...big hug. Parker is growing up so fast, repeating so many words and have I told you he can count to 10 by himself? If your child has been doing this since he was 1, please keep it to yourself. I love Parker so much. He has such a sweet spirit, a joyful spirit, who likes to read about SHEESUUUS (Jesus). WUV OOO. I hope to hear it every day, every hour if I can. I love being a mommy.

On another note. Thanks husband for all of your help with sister and Parker. I couldn't do this without you. You are a great daddy! WUV OOO.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I can't believe I did it!

Okay, for the first time ever I watched the beloved Bachelor! I love that I am getting in on it at the end. I have no prior history with the final girls. From what I saw last night, I like the Tennessee girl. The CA girl was way too much, then the one he likes seems to have another agenda. Tennessee girl was a teacher and just seemed more real, who cares about the mountain issue. It won't last that long anyway.

Have you ever watched TV around 2 am? During this nursing thing, I like to turn on the TV to keep me awake. I have seen so much. Did you know that you can add jewels to your own clothing with some gadget that I wish I could remember the name of? You don't even have to take them off to do it. Did you know there is a web site for men who want to meet and hang out with other men? At the early hour in the morning, it took some processing time to realize that it was more than just friendship these men were looking for. I have watched Sixteen Candles, Say Anything (that I missed the ending), Full House, and lots of CNN and MSN. In the hospital I liked to watch the baby channel during those middle of the night feedings. It kept my interest and was educational at the same time.

30 and some change. Emaline is 3 weeks today. Parker will be 2 next week. Husband will be 30 next month. So much going on. Have a great Tuesday.
(If I mispelled on this post, forgive me, the spell check isn't showing!

Friday, February 03, 2006


I am thirty today. My husband skipped his early morning workout to be here when I woke up and to corral any kids who woke up before me. Which was 2! He then fixed me breakfast right down to the chocolate milk (KAYA MULK per Parker). Husband taught Parker to say Happy Birthday, which is TOO cute. I then taught him to say MOMMY'S OLD. I will probably regret that at some point. So. Thirty years ago today I was born. I thought I might reflect on the past 30 years:
Lived in Clarksville, Texas, met my friend MALW in kindergarten, sibling of 2, loved Miss Piggy, sprained my ankle, loved wrestling, lost my grandfather, my dad's birthday cakes, moved to Paris, hated 5th grade, made the basketball and volleyball teams, started liking school, met my friend MNDD, got a boyfriend, was baptized, played softball, went skiing, made junior varsity, got my first car (Chevrolet Celebrity), played on state floor in Austin, graduated high school with some great friends, went to ACU not knowing anyone, worked retail, grandmother died, divorce, spring break campaign TO NYC with a great leader:), pledged a club, graduated, my grandfather died, started teaching in Richardson, got my very own apartment in Dallas, annual Hot Springs trip with mom, found a church home, found Husband, got engaged, married in Paris (TEXAS), went to Disney World, bought first home in Arlington,taught 1 year in Arlington, went to NYC with SIL and MIL, moved to Corinth, my mom got sick, taught in Coppell, found new church home, BIL died of cancer, went with AES to Chicago and went to Oprah Show, got pregnant, had Parker Gregg Pearson, quit teaching, love staying home, got pregnant, went to Colorado for 5 year anniversary, went on cruise to Caribbean, had Emaline Cagle Pearson, TURNED 30!

I know that I left out so much, but had so much fun and sadness remembering all of these memories. God has blessed me in my life, even in ways I wasn't aware of at the time. So, Mommy's old. I can't wait for the next 30 years.

By the way, doorbell just rang...and I got FLOWERS! Thanks Husband, Parker and Emaline.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2 weeks

Yes, it has been 2 weeks since our family grew from 3 to 4! And oh how that changes things. My heart has grown to love 2 babies, when I didn't know how I would love another like I love Parker. I don't get to sleep at night and have become a milk producer. My milk must be pretty fatty due to Emaline going from 8 lbs 11 oz one week and the next 10 lbs!! The doctor just kind of laughed and said she must be a good eater. Emaline has done a great job sleeping the past 2 nights. Which is truly an answer to prayer.
I love how Parker loves on ILINE, translation, Emaline. He even shared a stuffed animal moments ago, but shared it on her face. We will have to work on that. We have been so spoiled to the many dinners that we have received, and homemade bread! It sure has helped to not have to worry about what to fix for dinner. My recovery has been amazing compared to last time. I highly recommend the C-section. I must go, the one who can walk and talk wants to hold my hand and take me somewhere. So, no pictures today, maybe later.