Friday, December 21, 2012

It's December 21st!

How did that happen!? AND you know what... my CHRISTMAS CARDS ARE NOT IN THE MAIL! It's a long story, but let's just say I received my cards from the printer, addressed ALL of them. Decided I didn't like my card. Recycled all of them. Reordered and have just finished REaddressing Christmas cards. I received about 10 cards in the mail today that I didn't have on my list from previous years, so I am addressing more. I've stamped, and will be dropping in a box somewhere tonight because when I hurried myself to the mailbox, mail had already run. Cards just haven't been my thing this year!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I took the big kids lunch on December 12th, it was a Wednesday. Emaline was a bit quiet, but I really didn't think much about it. She ate her lunch, and was a bit rosy cheeked, but I thought she was chapped. It had been cold. After she ate with me, she went and sat down with her class. A teacher in the cafeteria walked by her and checked her for fever. I was seriously 10 feet away. I was a bit offended by it. But oh well- she was rosy cheeked. Picture on left was taken AT LUNCH.

By the time my sweet dear friend brought her home I knew something was not quite right. Her cheeks were BRIGHT RED! They were very warm to the touch. Nothing else was wrong. Nothing. She looked horrible though. I sent a text to my boss and my co worker that I didn't know what I was dealing with and may not be at work on Thursday. We would just have to wait and see what she looked like.

Then we found it on her legs! OH NO! I sent pictures to my mom and to a few friends asking if it was chicken pox!  They all said it didn't look it.

In the middle of the night, she crawled into our bed, and was burning up! We got her some fever medicine and went back to bed agreeing school wasn't happening. Once we actually got up and turned on the light, we saw this!

HER FACE WAS GLOWING!  GLOWING RED! We decided to take her to the doctor and have this checked out! This is what she looked like at the doctor. We got in at 8:30. As we walked down the hallway at the doctor, everyone stopped and looked at her. I felt horrible for her. HORRIBLE. Our favorite doctor that we didn't get into on this visit, saw her and actually volcalized, OH WOW, what is going on here?

The doctors decided they really didn't know what it was. They went ahead and checked for strep and just about anything else they could think of. They said probably it was a virus, that we were seeing the end of. Kind of like hand foot mouth. She could have gone to school even THAT day. Uh, NO. Do you see her? I would have gotten called every time a new teacher saw her. The doctors told us that it would get worse before it got better. I did ask at what point do I decide enough is enough and was given details when I would need to have her seen again.

 When we took Bowden to preschool we ran into SANTA! Santa was not scared of her.

When we got home she wanted to soak her feet.  NO PROBLEM sweet girl.
I started documenting the rash daily. This picture was her feet on Thursday night.

And her legs.
We decided we would see what she looked like on Friday before we decided about school. This is what she looked like!

SO, we kept her home again on Friday, I mean, check out her arm at the bottom of the picture, as well as her face! Daddy brought us some Hot chocolate!
Her legs on Friday morning.

Arms on Friday.
Legs Friday afternoon.

Legs Saturday morning.
Back Saturday morning.

Legs Saturday night. I thought it was getting better but then I realized the redness had just engulfed her entire leg, the only un-rashed part is at the top by her shorts.

It did start getting better. It seemed to last 2 weeks. Poor girl. She never complained OR ITCHED! It didn't ITCH thank the Lord!

Here we are singing Christmas Carols through our elf snow village.