Wednesday, January 30, 2008


23 comments! And all I had to do was announce the s*x of my baby!!! I wonder what other announcements I can make... Emaline's tongue hurts! Will you comment about that? I think she has one of those white ulcer bumps on it, but she really won't show me, but has been consistantly complaining now for 2 days! do I call the doctor? Will they think I am totally crazy!? It wouldn't even let her sleep last night. For the first time in her life, I think she spent more time in our bed than her own. All about a tongue! We are both exhausted, and don't let me forget daddy! He held that sweet baby most of the night and is totally sleep deprived. I had some photos to post, not of her tongue, but once I got them uploaded, I didn't like them any more...maybe later.

Friday, January 25, 2008

It is a ....


We took the kids to the appointment with us today! The doctor was running a little late, which caused a little stress in the exam room! When the doctor finally arrived, we waited on pins and needles...this little baby was stubborn. The doctor had to jiggle that little one trying to get it to move it's little feet, which were crossed right in the area where we needed to look. All of a sudden, the doctor kind of yelled out: there it is....a boy! Parker yelled out: YES! A BROTHER! How do you like our mini photosession? Emaline wouldn't cooperate. She just wanted to use the remote control! Oh well, maybe next time.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random post of birthday pictures

4 generations of Pearsons. I love Emaline's face! It is like she is saying: It is my birthday, and I don't want my picture taken!
Now, this isn't a great photo, as many of these I am posting aren't, but I just love her bedhead the morning after her party!

Parker poising!
Aunt Leslie stealing kisses.
Check out her giraffe boots from LaLa and AZ.
Speaking of LaLa. Sorry this is so tilted!
3 Generations.
Cousin Lindsay.

On the way to the stockshow!
Thank you Camille and Malaya for her jewels!
This one. MY FAVORITE! I love her hair flip. I love her jewels. I love how her turtle neck isn't snapped between her legs, and I LOVE HER STANCE! She was playing tackle with daddy!
Dancing in a hulahoop!
And siblings! SHEWWW! They may charge me double for this post! Just kidding. I pay by the year..YUCK!
We should have some important news tomorrow! Don't forget to check back!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some party pictures

Stacey wasn't thrilled that Parker pulled daddy's head back during the photo! And forgive Parker's eyes. I will work on them later.

A little dancing!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Said at dinner tonight

P: Shut UP!

MOMMY: What did you say (my really not thinking he said it)?

P: Shut UP!

M: Who were you saying that to?

P: My heart. It was not being very nice.

M: What did it say?

P: It was saying my name!

M: It was saying Parker?

P: Yes, but it wasn't being nice.

So I spent the next few minutes discussing how we don't say this to anyone. I don't say it to him, and he doesn't repeat it to anyone. ALTHOUGH I do say this when someone tells me something that I can't believe, in an acceptable funny tone, which I will NOT be saying again. I did ask him where he heard it, and of course he said TV.

E's birthday weekend was so much fun! We had an E party for her! I totally stole the idea from Martha Stewart, but we decorated with all pink and had E's everywhere. Thank you Auntie for the help! We had E cookies, an E cake, and cupcakes in the shape of an E. We had pink marshmallows, pink pretzels, and pink strawberry Whoppers. She wore a pink E shirt made by Mammy. Below was the invitation I sent out, minus my personal info. Party pictures to come!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday E!

Happy birthday Emaline, a girl who has style!Today at preschool the zoo came and brought some animals. My coteacher informed them it was E's birthday, so they called all the birthday kids up on stage to help hold a special animal!
Yes, that is a snake around that lady's neck!
Can you see me hiding behind behind E? As soon as they stretched that snake out, Emaline got a little scared. All it took was me putting my hands under that snake and she was all over it. She even rubbed the snake! MIL is not reading this blog because she is terrified of snakes and CAN'T believe I let E do this!
I made cupcakes for her class!
Today started with me and Parker waking her up singing to her. Nana called early to wish her happy birthday, followed by Daddy, Buddy, and Honey. She has had a great day, and it isn't over yet! She has used it to her advantage! When we got home from preschool, I told her that it was time for naps, and she said: NO, NOT ME! Happy bthdAAAA to oooo, happy bthdAAAA to oooo.....
I brought her down a little and tucked her in tight! Love that girl!

Our 2 favorite boys at the stockshow parade. I will post those pictures later, but today is all E!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

what am I doing?

Yep, that was my thought today about bringing a third child into this world! I mean seriously, I will never leave the house. Today, we met up with MIL to get Parker after BSF at McDonald's, last week was Chickfila, and that story will follow, but as we were eating, Emaline yells, IT'S COMING OUT! You ask what? Well, I won't tell you specifics, but just know that we ran to the bathroom. MIL stayed back with P. After a good 5 minutes of answering every question Emaline had while taking care of business, I hear MIL tell me now Parker is in the room and he needs to go. I quickly get E cleaned up and hands washed and out the door to MIL and now I on POOP duty with P. As I leaned against the door, over and over pondering if I will ever leave my house again, Parker starts asking me how big my baby is. I continued to encourage him to HURRY I would like to eat my lunch. He finished up, AND by the way, any help on teaching a kid how to wipe himself would be greatly appreciated!!! Just think, what would I have done of MIL would not have been there, or if a 3rd baby would have? I plan to loose my weight quickly after this baby, because I will NOT be eating at fast food restaurants! Or any restaurants for that matter!

Now to Chickfila. I am not a mom to go into the play area with my kids, or I wasn't. I sit where I can see them, and be accessible. Last week MIL and I were chatting while the kids were playing, and out comes a 5-6 year old girl running out of the play area with tears streaming and TOTALLY upset. I quickly jumped to my feet and ran to the play area where I could hear Emaline screaming. I climbed the play equipment like I was on American Gladiators! When I got to the top I saw Parker (also crying) telling E it was okay, just follow him down the slide. He repeated this over and over, AND he could see me. He was in shock. I grabbed Emaline and started rocking her and asking Parker if he could tell me what happened. He explained that a boy with black hair basically help him hostage in the helicopter! That boy with black hair was pulling that girl's hair and being so mean! He and Emaline couldn't escape. I got Emaline calm and slid her down the slide behind Parker. I couldn't see a boy with black hair. I SLOWLY made my exit from the play equipment and met my children at the bottom. Another mom was there waiting and asked me if I knew what happened. I retold Parker's words and grabbed our shoes and we went to sit with MIL to calm the kids down, who were still extremely upset. I needed to go to the restroom, after all my climbing (personal I know!) and ran into the girl and her mom. I asked if she was okay, and she was able to tell me some more of what had happened, but her mom was quick to tell me that the boy had come to apologize! My first thought...WHAT ABOUT MY KIDS! As I made my way back to the table, MIL explained the boy with black hair did come by our table with his mom and did apologize to my children. I have relived rushing up those twist and turns to see my son with tears rolling down his face yelling for his sister to follow him. He was truly scared. I just want to take that from him. Even today, Parker asked MIL if the boy with black hair was going to be where we ate lunch. I have used our Chickfila experience as an incredible teaching moment, and still do. I have learned from this experience as well, and will do my best to monitor the playground for bullies, with a baby strapped to me somewhere, IF I ever eat in public after the next 5 months!
And, I need to post a Happy Birthday Mamma! She turned 80 and we celebrated with an outing to Babe's and back to my house for cake!

Mamma with grandchildren (minus Wyatt) and great grandchildren!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Great Weather=Trip to the Ranch with Friends

We had a ranch day last Saturday! Some great friends were able to come and enjoy the weather with us! Enjoy some of the pictures!

We had a grand time! Thanks Buddy for letting us come and ride horses, drive battery powered cars, throw rocks in the pond, and ride in the tractor!

Monday, January 07, 2008


Just felt like I needed to get rid of that other blog! Thank you all for the encouragement and knowing I am not all alone in this feeling. We have done some fun things the past few days, so I will post again later with pictures! Just wanted you to know the kids can hear me this morning! HA!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

do you ever feel

as if no one can hear you? That is the small place I am right now. I did talk to God, and feel He has never left, but as a mommy, I feel almost a desperation. I ask the kids to do something, it could be something fun, and they just sit there. I change my tone to a more upbeat 'don't you want to do this' and still nothing. Then comes the NOW. From picking up toys, to playing games, to eating lunch, to getting on coats, to getting in the car, to walking across a parking lot! I mean, it is only 1:15 and I'm pooped. I know it is the day, and in an hour things could be different after nap time. We are to go to the movies today, and even with that dangling above them...selective hearing. I try to not be a downer on the blog, but just felt like sharing today.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

but my heart says it

That is what Parker explained to me the other night. We were taking down our holiday decorations and he started to get sad. He then went on to tell me he was sad. So of course I asked him why....he told me because his heart said it was suppose to snow, and it had not, so we couldn't take down our decorations. He is saying the sweetest things! He asked me if my baby was going to come out before LaLa's. I told him no, that LaLa's is coming out first, and he asked when his baby was going to come out. He has asked me how babies come out of mommy's tummies...and I have until the end of June to answer all these questions!

Emaline is really into praying. She sings a little song and we all sing along, but last night she wanted to pray again during our New Year's dinner. She closed her eyes, blinking tightly all the way through her prayer as we were able to pick out words in her sweet soft voice that was extremely touching. She is loving being Mommy with her new babies she received for Christmas.

We had a great family New Years. I cooked dinner and served it on our china and Waterford! Even the kids! After dinner, we all put on our pj's and made a huge pallet in the living room and did the Video on Demand thing to see Ratatouille. Emaline was tired and lost attention about half way through. It was a great way to celebrate the New Year. The kids went to bed and we stayed up to watch Dick Clark and the BIG D NYE thing. Dick Clark was looking rough. I kept wishing that Ryan Seacrest would stop asking him questions, because the more talked the more he was out of breath. Dale Hansen and Pete Delkus and that other guy were hilarious. I hope you all had a great and SAFE New Year Celebration.

Speaking of safe, I haven't talked much about the accident almost a month ago, and will later on, but Parker has been so funny about it. He asks everyone if they knew my new car crashed. I went with out a car for about a week, borrowing friends cars, aunts cars, and so on waiting on insurance stuff. Then I borrowed Stacey's grandmothers 1995 cutlass! Mammy is usually with Aunt Dee, but drives her car to and from the grocery store. BOY did we laugh! We appreciate Mammy so much for allowing us to borrow her car that she drives to WalMart and back! It only has 55,000 miles on it! Parker would always ask if we were going to take the Cutlass places! One night Stacey and I met for dinner somewhere, and afterward he offered me to drive his truck home and he would take the cutlass! I gladly accepted...but Parker YELLED...MOM, is dad taking the CUTLASS? It was so funny! I am now driving a rental car since the estimate is now up to 45-70 days to get my car back! The car that I drove for 10 days!!! I was driving the rental car and Parker said from the backseat...MOM, I sure like this white car better than the Cutlass! Oh the fun we had with the cutlass!

I will post pictures later, but I am tired tonight. I also need to post about Christmas!

" Mom, some days when you don't pick your nose, and you wait all day, then you pick it!"
this was just said to me while running my spell check! I love my PMAN!